Wenger may not see out Arsenal contract?

Arsene Wenger signed a new two-year Arsenal contract this week, but that does not mean he will refuse to leave before 2019 according to reports.

The Frenchman has been with the club since 1996, and has just suffered his worst league finishing position since joining the club, and has become the subject of strong criticism due to that.

Sections of Gunners fans were strongly urging Wenger to quit the club this summer, but their wishes were ignored, and he signed a new deal regardless.

Those #WengerOut fans should not be too disheartened if the latest speculation is true however, with Arsene supposedly having promised to leave should he fail to mount a serious title challenge this term.

The manager is believed to have agreed to step-down from his position if he cannot steer the club to meet their expectations for the coming season, with the two-year deal simply in place so that the saga which incurred for this term doesn’t occur once again this year.

Wenger is believed to have been told he must wrap up his transfer dealings early this summer, after a long drawn-out window in the close-season last year, and we are currently linked with untold numbers of top targets.

Much of our transfer business this summer will likely evolve around our negotiations with Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ramsey, all of whom are entering the final 12 months of their contract at present.

Our manager has claimed that the superstar duo will stay beyond the coming window, but until the players return for pre-season, question marks and speculation will continue to rise.

Would Wenger really step-down next summer? Is this purely speculation? If this was proven to be a fact, would the protests have reason to calm?

Pat J

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    Wenger always finish his contract…but where or who is making this claim???
    There is no quote whatsoever,this is surprising…even if there is a quote, it will still be unbelievable
    This is a baseless speculation imo

  2. Arsenal FC says:

    Absolute nonsense, Wenger has always honored his contracts and he will this time too(unless death comes or any other incident/s happen which force him to step aside.).Wenger will never leave on his own accord before his contract expires NEVER.

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      You are absolutely correct to point out that Wenger always honours his contracts but one reason for that is because he is contracted to Arsenal. Ask yourself if he’d get away with under achieving at Chelsea, UTD, City or even West Ham (to name a few). Last season, for the first time fans got under his skin, and although he has stubbornly clung on to secure yet another two year extension to his contract, you can tell from his frank post season interview that the protest did affect him. Who is to say if the protests were ramped up a notch next season that they wouldn’t finally unseat the previously unflappable manager?

  3. Nathan says:

    ? I wasted minutes of my life reading someone’s wishful thinking.

  4. AsburtonGrove says:

    Wenger won’t leave on his own accord he’s too stubborn. He has to be pushed out.
    I don’t believe a single ounce that comes out of his mouth any more. It’s all lies.
    Stop pouring your hard-earned money into Kroenke and Wenger’s pockets. Soon enough the board will have to act and bring in someone who can propel us back to being a world beating club.

    Wenger out!

  5. Raoh says:

    Well he should definitely step down if he fails to mount a title challenge and even if he doesn’t want to step down this is where the club should be taking the matter upon themselves to man up and take action.
    This summer will be crucial for Wenger. He will probably be the most under pressure manager going into next season if we take out manager from Barcelona and Real Madrid out of the equation who are expected to win EVERY trophy and play the BEST football EVERY game.
    He will have to spend no doubt more than he ever has because of today’s market, the lack of champions league to convince a world class player to take his talents to the emirates with the assumption that the year after we get back into it.
    That will be the first step in convincing Sanchez and Özil to stay and potentially extend there contract and get the money they want (close to 300K/week). Because money not being the issue both are probably holding out to see if Wenger and the club change there strategy in the current window and put there money where there mouths are. And if they extend it is probable that they will want a clause in there in case no major trophy is achieve to go where they want.
    Snatching big names coveted around is start, selling a few players (3-5) that should not be here next season to add to the rumoured “war chest” is another…
    Let’s wait and see…he knows and so does the club that the fan’s patience towards the lack of trophy is paper thin as well that missteps will likely not be forgiven.

  6. Eric says:

    Wenger is taking too long he will get stuck in the mud.Giving promises of success in the coming season wont help the old man.If he delivers,well and good,we will give him a standing ovation.What if he doesnt?Coz other teams are also gearing up for that same season he is wishing to unwrite the wrongs of the previos season.
    Teams like chelsea,tot,man untd,liverpool dont have that much patching to do,jst buyn 2 or 3 players and they are well to go.Arsenal still have issues with senior players wishing to leave,then those that may come,some will flop,others will need time to adapt and so forth.
    I wish him well though,but he may find it much harder next season and he may end up loosn the faith from his fans and retire a looser.Not even his unbeaten recod will help him from the wrath of arsenal fans
    He should just have left when time was right,like Fergie did.Fergie knew there would be tough times ahead so he left early when there was still much love.You cant make a promise on this game of football more so in the EPL.Wenger has put his foot on a sinking mud and he’s still not realising he is sinking….

  7. GoonerKev84 says:

    Arsene Wenger will never leave Arsenal during a contract I don’t think he’d leave even if there was no contract the man is like human crazy glue us fans will be seeing the infamous zip pulling for years to come yet

  8. Lugdush says:

    “Arsene will never leave under a contract” it is not about the contract!! Wenger will never leave by his owon!! In his mind he will allways be the men capapable to guide the club to the success…what is a “serious challenge” by the way?? In wengers mind: 4th spot, 10 points behind the liders, with an awesome run at the lestest games to get there….this is not an a show of ambission…is the same old arsenal, selling the tickets…we could buy mahrez and turan AND LACAZZET!! Is thwt and advance if ozil and alexis leave?? Not for me…we will advance only if alexys stays…

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