Wenger must change his rigid tactics to revive Arsenal


Arsenal started the new season on a wrong footing by losing to Liverpool. However, what came out is that Wenger’s rigid ideologies lost the day for Arsenal. He insisted on having Xhaka and Carzola staring from the bench. He failed to read the mood of Oxlade Chamberlain to take responsibility this season and cash on it. He failed to read the danger of playing two young centre backs in Chambers and Holding together. However, he got one thing right, Walcott can actually get the goals this season.

The 3 BEST things Wenger can do in order to return Arsenal to winning ways are as follows:

Set up the side like this:

Monreal, Mustafi, Holding, Bellerin

Clearly, Arsenal need to score goals and Walcott supported by a Rampant Ox on the left and Sanchez moving to the right would have Arsenal playing at their most efficient attacking balance. A second side of this trio could have Walcott replaced by Giroud, and Campbell can play some role and even the likes of Akpom, Gnabry and Campbell can form the basis of these trio effectively. The trio can bury any side they face in Europe with an avalanche of goals. It was a similar attacking trio that has Man City clearly second bested. Such side is only comparable to Barcelona. And this will set up a super lightening attacking side. Iwobi plays in the Ozil role until Ozil is match fit to take back his place. There is no-brainer in having Cazorla and Xhaka paired up in the Defensive Midfield positions. It is also no-brainer that Chambers should be replaced by an experienced Centre back.

Buy Mustafi, Replace Debuchy and Sell Ramsey.

Obviously the first part of this statement is also no brainer that Arsenal need to sign an experienced Centre back. Selling Ramsey may elicit lots of noise, however, in my view he is one reason Wenger line ups are ineffective and he will never fully realize his potential in Arsenal.

Rotate When Necessary
Arsenal have an uncanny behaviour of losing key players during important sections of the Premier league. The formation allows the squad to relieve each other with little compromise to efficiency and effectiveness. For Instance, Coquelin and Elneny can replace either Cazorla and Xhaka in some games very adequately, Gibbs and the new signing should be able to come in for the Monreal and Bellerin in other matches. The Centre back will be boosted by the return of Gabriel. However, Chambers can come in for Holding and Monreal, or even Coquelin should be able to relieve Mustafi. Ospina should get some games too.

What do you think of these line-ups?



  1. I think you must have missed the match yesterday, and that your proposed line-up fails to address the main problem, we have had for so many years. We are too easy to score against. It is partly because of a weak defence, but the main problem lies in our midfielders ad offensive players, who simply don’t defend aggressively, when the opponent has the ball. Some of them can’t defend at all (Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Ozil, Cazorla), and those who can, are not told do so by the manager. We may get away with playing one midfielder/attacker, who doesn’t defend (which typically should be Ozil), but playing 3-4 of them is not viable in modern football. This is our main problem, and it will not be solved by Wenger, because he still thinks we can play with only half the team defeding.

    1. You’re absolutely right, I’ve lost count of the number of games where arsenal are outworked and outfought off the ball by the opposition. I think after 10 years of seeing the same issues go unaddressed or unresolved we have to accept that nothing is going to change now at least not with wenger in charge.

    1. Repeated Articles every season…..

      Then we go on to see repeated B.Ss

      Rinse & repeat…. Cycle continues without end

  2. I don’t think rotating Walcott will make him that much of a better player
    He is what he is and his finishing isn’t that great
    Giroud is a better striker. Hope he comes back soon

  3. it’s the same every year. I’ve said it many many times before, Arsenal are not going to win relying on Ramsey, Jack, Theo, Oxlade-Chamberlain…Giroud…….and any time Chambers is in the squad. Theo and the Ox either don’t perform consistently, or when they do and we start to count on them for goals they get hurt. Ramsey as a CM is not better than Santi; as a 10 is nowhere near Mesut (or any no. 10 for a top 6 team for that matter); and as a winger, laughable tactical discipline. Jack could be great, but can’t stay healthy, therefore always average teetering on above average…before getting hurt again.

    I hate to say it, but Pep, Mourinho, Klopp, would’ve moved on from these guys seasons ago. Arsene’s insistence on not purchasing talent, in order to not take opportunities away from these 4 guys, is for me the reason we cannot get over the hump.

    Chambers needs to be loaned out to someone that will play him one position and let him either play and improve, or continue to be average and get sold. He’s error prone when in possession, and defensively he’s slow and handsy, a perfect recipe for needless yellows.

      1. Marca now claim that transfer talks between Arsenal and the La Liga outfit have ground to a halt, because the Gunners’ final bid for the 6 foot centre-half is yet to arrive.

        Valencia recently rejected a £15.2million transfer bid from the north Londoners and seemingly expected them to return with an improved offer as talks progressed.

        But the Gunners are yet to table such a bid and until they do, Valencia will not enter further negotiations over a transfer deal for the 24-year-old.

    1. Maybe he wants to play for a club with ambition not one whose strategy is to do as little as possible to keep the money flowing.

  4. walcott should be rotated with one of the real whippets from white city stadium to see if anyone notices the difference … wenger lost the plot 5 or 6 years ago and no longer has any real understanding of what it takes to be at the top of football which is why 4th place is a trophy was the ideal pitch for him and his nasty american paymaster

  5. I thought that in the first half we played decent. We pressed well and it seemed to make Liverpool uncomfortable. We didn’t give them a lot of time on the ball. The FK was unfortunate; especially since it was right before the half. The foul too was well sold by Coutinho. Holding grabbed him lightly but Coutinho went down easily and sold it well.
    First and foremost we need a CB. I’ve personally said CB is our most pressing need (above striker) and even before these injuries to Mert and Gab. Scoring does you no good if you continue to concede. Mustafi is solid; pacey, good in the air, good vision. I hope we finalize this ASAP.
    Also, it makes no sense to me why Ozil Kos and Giroud had to be rested this game. They’re on massive wages and it’s ludicrous that Arsenal Football Club has to bow to their knees. They’ve had over a month to recoup from the Euros. As someone on ArsenalFanTV pointed out which I didn’t realize, Sagna played for City yesterday the full 90. Cedric played for Soton the full 90 as well and so did Rami yesterday for Sevilla. Makes no sense why our guys need added rest, especially in a big game like.
    Regarding tactics, Xhaka, Cazorla and Ox all had good preseasons. Granted that doesn’t mean too much, but I still don’t understand why they didn’t start. When these guys came on we scored 2 goals quick. Added some structure to our midfield which we severely lacked.
    Praying for a win at Leicester come the weekend. Dropping 6 points like that already would be quite depressing.

  6. I think he should buy 3 top quality players, whatever it costs ( CF, CB, AM), and play all players in their position that they can excel at. Then 4-2-3-1 would work fine.

  7. If it is true that Mustafi has pulled out of a scheduled medical at Arsenal, I will not hesitate to request that another medical be scheduled to examine Wenger. We need to be sure that the man is okay.

  8. There is no way we are ever gonna move foward if we keep on having the players in the calibre if those that we saw yesterday.
    Sanchez is a great winger but a sunday league striker.
    Walcott is not a footballer.
    Ramsey is the boy who never grows up
    Chambers and holding are far away from being first team members.
    Monreal coquelin elneny ox iwobi are only good squad players.
    Bellerin still has rawness in him.He is a good player but not yet barca material as people think and tbh neither of our players are

    We have no physicallity width and directness.
    Liverpool had a way too easy game.
    Dont think they are ever gonna get such an easy match all season.

  9. It is not much about tactics but more about players & injuries.
    1) We already have 7 injuries and we are only at game 1!! Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi, Gabriel, BFG, Welbeck & Jenkinson…That is way too much & really when is that going to be fixed as they are all 1st team player or in the rotation.

    2) Failing to address yet again our weaknesses in the market. You field a pair of inexperienced CBs, gamble on it and take 4 goals. You come out in your post game pointing just that. You knew before hand & your senior injured defenders were a known issue not the day before but a good 10-15 days.
    Instead on focusing all your network into identifying a genuine CB your talking rubbish about working hard in getting 1 or 2 players of “quality” that make sense. Last time I check Mustafi is a better defender than both Holding who never played at that level and was unfairly put in that situation and Chambers who you didn’t trust last season yet played him sunday.
    To add insult to injury he is keen on us (like Mikhitaryan & Suarez before) but your dragging the deal based on fee AGAIN. With not a lot of time left (you had all summer) an already inflated price will be even more because the other club will have little to no time in finding a replacement. He might also not feel wanted & even another club might come and take him.

    3) We failed yet AGAIN to get a striker. Sanchez is clearly not comfortable playing up top and apart from Giroud well there’s no one. Walcott can’t do the job either. Lacazette seems keen and has just scored a hat trick yesterday. You’ll never know how good he can be until you try and if they’re really asking for 60m and you don’t want to pay go for Mahrez and that’s it.

    4) Lack of readiness. What excuse is that you had a full and bright pre-season you lose and all of a sudden we are not ready? Ridiculous excuse. On top of that you made the call to rest Koscielny, Ozil, Giroud. It wasn’t necessary to play them from the start but maybe having them on the bench and being able to call on them in a dire situation like the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half would’ve made a difference.

    I thought moving to a new stadium (2nd biggest in England) was supposed to make us stronger and allow us to compete on the market against the very best bare a few. We have loads of commercial deals, highest ticket price in the kingdom, 7th in revenue worldwide. We’re not a big club in terms of trophies but we’re definitely a big one in terms of money so don’t come out and change your model from Bayern Munich (reason of building a new stadium initially) to Leicester (a one off because they won the chip). Are you afraid to have an actual squad that can contend for all the trophies because if you fail it’s on you?

    1. Not much about tactics??
      It is mainly about tactics in our case!!
      Midfielders and offensive players must defend from the front these days. Ours are obviously not required to do so, and unless that is changed, you can buy us a team of the 11 best players in the world, and we would still loose out.

  10. I don’t think Mustafi has pulled out
    Mustafi seems very enthusiastic and agreed 5 year deal
    I think clubs haven’t agreed on a deal
    I may be wrong though

      1. LOL 🙂
        I want a new Manager but don’t hate Wenger THAT much lol
        He did help us get a few trophies

        1. Maybe! ? But who knows, we may have had a better manager in his place, who might have won more trophies, including the champions league ?

          *I was just kidding Sir ?

  11. When you are chasing a premiership title the most important match of the season is the first. The reasons are obvious. Chelsea, Man United, Man City and Liverpool have all achieved this except Arsenal. Admittedly Wenger was short in defence (his fault) yet there was enough creative fire power sitting on the bench to take the points. Bad move Wenger. (again)

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