Wenger must move fast to stop Man United hijacking striker deal

It is understood that the Arsenal manager and chief executive traveled to France in order to meet Lyon’s President, Jean-Michel Aulas, who has a luxury villa in Cap Ferrat, a coastal area just a half-hour away from Nice, where the picture was taken. With Manchester United also said to be interested in the French international, it appears Arsenal did not want to wait too long to negotiate terms with Ligue 1 side. We all know that Mourinho would love to stop Wenger getting his man.

With Lacazette himself claiming that a move to England would be ‘interesting’ and that a lack of Champions League football would not be a deal-breaker in his decision, it makes sense that Gazidis and Wenger travelled to France to hold further talks. Furthermore, at around £40 million, the Lyon hitman represents a cheaper and more proven alternative to Mbappe. Besides, it is no secret that Wenger is a huge admirer of the player and has tried to sign him on numerous occasions in the recent past.

So in my opinion, this story makes complete sense as a £40 million swoop for Lacazette would leave Arsenal with more money to finance moves for the rest of their summer targets. Personally, I would be elated if Lacazette were to join. But with Manchester United also in the fold, Wenger better live up to his promise of acting quickly in this transfer window if he wants to land his man.

Get him signed quickly Arsene!



  1. Alexandre Lacazette, 26 years old (soon to be 27) french striker has score 20+ league goals in the past 3 seasons and 20+ goals in all competition in the past 4 seasons

    1. He just turned 26 2 weeks ago. He’s no Benzema, Higuain or Aguerro but it will be such a relief having a real finisher!

  2. I heard the purpose of the trip was a booze cruise for Wenger’s annual summer BBQ

  3. For years words such as miser and scrooge have been used to describe the manager,and now that he’s ready to remind the football word that arsenal is a force to be reckoned with, most fans want him to penny pinch smh.

    Some of us arsenal fans just don’t seem to get it that, the capture of mbappe if it happens, is more than just strengthening of the team but also a seismic shift on a psychological level in the football market.. Not often if any at all you see anyone goes toe to toe with Madrid on transfer and come out the victor, and it’ll also show other potential targets that it’s the beginning of a new dawn at arsenal and we’re really serious about turning the proverbial corner and start winning trophies again.

    The fact that we’re bidding also means there must have been some positive feedback from the player himself about joining us else it would be nonsensical and a waste of time making those bids.

    1. Spot on, and mbappe is the real deal build a team around him and we have “henry” I would pay to watch this kid trust me

      And those who are shouting Lacazzette score 20 goals x 3 remember he’s scored quite a few pens each year and top managers prefer Giroud to him

      I think we are going for Seri, Mbappe and Kolasnic and I’m extatic if we do get them.
      If will be a kick in the nurse to some of the big teams saying we are Arsenal and we are back signing top players

      1. I think u are spot on and I will go further to say that lacazette, will only be signed if alexis leaves, whilst mahrez or turan are the contingency for ozil leaving. I believe if bellerin departs we will go for sidibe, whilst we may also go for a keeper if both szczesney and ospina depart. In my mind this is wengers first x1 for next season
        Mustafi Mertesacker Koscielny
        Bellerin Seri Xhaka Kolasinac
        ________Ozil Alexis

        2nd x1
        ______Holding Gabriel Monreal
        Chamberlain Coquelin Cazorla Gibbs
        ___________Wilshire Ramsey

        Chambers Elneny Walcott Giroud
        Macey Bielik Bramall Niles Adelaide Iwobi

        Ospina, Martinez, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Kamara, Toral, Campbell, Asano, Lucas, Akpom, Sanogo,

        1. Wilshire is prone and waste of space. How many games will Wilshire and Welbeck play in a season ? We need fit player if we want to compete

  4. This whole Lacazette story reminds me when Arsenal when favourites to sign Ribery years back, we all know how that went – eternal regrets, as I believe Ribery + RVP, Cesc, Hleb, Eduardo, Denilson, Adebayor, etc could’ve won us the league back then. I hope we don’t regret missing out on Lacazette.

    1. Wenger is not usually keen on shortish players for the striking department. He can still buy the player but end up playing him second fiddle to other strikers that have similar height to himself. He thinks tall strikers have more advantage. That was the basic problem that Perez had with him despite being good.

  5. Diego costa is available in the transfer market. Wenger please go for Lacazzette or Mahrez and DIEGO COSTA.

  6. Arsenal players are as arrogant as wenger.Even Giroud is saying he wants to leave for lack of game time. This happens after Giriod dragging our striking department for more than 4years to his mediocre level.Who will miss
    the lamppost at Arsenal

    1. I will miss his Scorpion kick which we might not see anyone in the next half-a-century !!!!

  7. If Wenger misses out on LACAZETTE especially at a time when its seems ALEXIS is nearing the exit door, it will be clear to all Arsenal fans that WENGER is truly a Specialist In Failure and that things Might get worse next season.

    * With Arsenal not going to champions league
    * No true grit to fight for the Epl
    * we’ll only huff & puff for the first two opening months of the new season then the Wenger Time begins and we end the season fighting for the Fourth place.

    1. Stupid comment really, but there you go

      Why not say man utd who are the worlds most valuable team and man city who are 4th can’t win the league against Leicester and Chelsea and they have supposedly the 2 best managers in the world. At least we have a good excuse as we have too much whining fans who hasn’t got a clue how to set up a team, as you say, calling sir arsene doesn’t make your uninformed opinion any less uninformed. If you’re willing to degrade yourself for useless fans that’s your business but it doesn’t take a genius to see why anyone with any self-worth would not.


    1. With the refrees’ eyes on us the way they do, Costa can’t get away with any of the slightest tantrums, and we will always end up playing 10 men against 11 in any match he featured.

  8. Wenger was visibly hurt by the backlash he felt last season from fans. Hes a proud man as we know and he will go all out to sign big this summer. He will not want to leave under a cloud of failure. He has done an amazing job of building the club during his time at Arsenal and I believe he will tear up his rule book this summer, spend big and make us challengers this forthcoming season with only the europa to worry about. Once the first marquee signing is confirmed the entire atmosphere around the club will change and those, like Lineker, who said Arsenal are falling behind, will say they are a renewed force. We all know 3 big signings and our squad will be immense.

  9. Arsenal to sign Mbappe? You are living in dreamland!
    Mbappe will eventually go to Real and the price will be more than Arsenal have ever spent and as for Arsene Wenger, you ‘Gooners’ fans are again dreaming if you think he will change from the cautious, not risking man he is!
    Remember, Wenger may have won the FA Cup BUT 1 match does not make a season and until/unless he wins the PL over the full season, Arsenal and Wenger will continue to be a ‘nearly’ team and for how much longer will you fans put up with that?

    1. West Londoner, how is it from up there?
      Chelski fan I expect, bored of gloating on Chelski

    2. Who said FA is a one match? Arsenal played a series games to eventually getting to finals and beating Chelsea. Get your facts right!

  10. The transfer market is here again.. and our dreams are highly rated, when ditched slating etc starts.

    Big dreams continue with the faithfuls after a whooping 12 Years.

  11. @ Jembot Arsene its deluded fans like you that is killing Arsenal fc, if you can’t see how bad Wenger’s philosophy has ridiculed this great club then you are of all men most miserable.

    *You say Spending Big don’t win the Epl Man City & Chelski proofed you wrong.

    *You say Wenger’s managing a meagre finances ever since the EMIRATES was built has been the reason for our mediocre performances since 2004, now how do you explain Leicester Epl Triumph 2 seasons ago?

    Stop hiding under Wenger’s delusion and wake up and see the Light!
    Zidane became a Manager few years ago and has already won the Ucl 2 times. You may say that’s under a different mgt, but I doubt If Wenger were Real Madrid’s manager the result will been the same. I highly doubt it!

    1. Amen WengerOutBot absolutely spot-on!

      Wenger out, Jembut out! Sing with me lol – twat!

  12. I prefer Mbappe to Lacazzette. Even if he’s costly, get him at all cost. And don’t forget that even if Lacazzette has a good goals tally, a bunch of them were scored from the penalty spot and so don’t count IMHO.

    1. Of 37 goals this year 10 where penalties buddy. That is still 27 goals scored from open play and a better return than any off our strikers since RVP left. Go to youtube and watch his 37 goals this year.

      1. You’re correct, but if you do a comparative analysis based on per minutes score, you’ll find that he’s not better than others.

  13. Arsene wenger is so slogish like cameleon, allpw him with out any comment and see how these supersters will slio off his grip.I mean leon superb Alexender, mahrez and the likes of south American superster Rodrigues and mbappe.

    1. Dont really understand what you are trying to say mate. Check your English please or turn on your spell check and re-post. I can usually get the general jist but not this one

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