Wenger must show ambition to win the Arsenal fans back

Well Gooners it the last game of the season at Home versus a relegated Aston Villa, and then its on to silly season regarding Arsenal being linked to every player in the transfer window as per every year. A win here is near undoubtable for Arsenal and also, hopefully, a relegated Newcastle playing for pride, who already won at WHL this season, can do us a favour and beat Spurs, so we can at least have something to cheer us up because this season was an absolute disappointment…

Firstly the League, we started really well looking good, then our annual downward spiral happened and we were right back in the fight for top 4.

Even though we were top just after the new year, it showed that there has been no progression. I well believe Arsene knows this as In his last few interviews he has apologised and acknowledged he has made mistakes, and i have to agree that injuries to Danny, Jack, Santi and Francis hurt us real bad but this tends to happen every season, so whats the problem here with injuries or are we just unlucky?

And, how the hell did we not win the title this year or even be challenging to the last few games is beyond me. 12years now folks, no better chance than this season!

Fair play to Leicester but that should’ve been Arsenal lifting that Trophy!

Thats just the League, on to the Champions League and tbh that was an utter shambles in my opinion! Losing games right off the bat didn’t help in a group we should have topped in all honesty. We should never have been in the position of scrapping at game 6 to qualify for last 16 but it made no difference as we were shown up once again by Barcelona and put out again for 5th year in a row at the 1st hurdle of KO stages! No progression here either i’m afraid, so why are we incapable of doing the business in Europe?

FA CUP, I’m sure most of us were not too fussed about this cup or CAPITAL ONE CUP but the way we went out of both was a bit of an embarrassment, but winning them just covers up the cracks as it has those 2 times we won the FA Cup.

Lastly, Transfers and Overpaid Deadwood! No outfield player bought sums it all up… we needed a DM & ST 2 seasons ago! This needs to be rectified by Wenger this summer with a CB, DM, LW, ST & LB all of quality. There are players that are overpaid, overrated and outdated in this squad and need to go;

Theo on 140k sums up OVERPAID, Ox/Deb/Aaron/Giroud/Gibbs OVERRATED, Flame/Per/TR7/Arteta OUTDATED. All need to be shown the door and imagine the wages & fee (did an article before on that subject on here) freed up for new players and contract extensions! Looks like Wenger is staying so he needs to show the fans and our main players that we are being ambitious and building on top of what we have to challenge. A few things to do but can Arsene do it? That is the question?

1 – Get rid of the deadwood!

2 – Go get Xhaka & Higuain before Euros!

3 – Enquire about Gotze (LW), hes available!

4 – Get Mesut & Alexis Signed up to new deals!

5 – Get a CB & LB  – Who??

If this sort of activity happened I could guarantee the Emirates would be rocking next year regardless of what happens, as we are showing ambition and will earn the trust back of the star players and most of all the fans, as they deserve this sort of push in this direction!

As he’s staying lets hope Arsene Wenger gets it right this summer, then i have no problem if he signs this imaginary 2 year contract the media is going on about to stay until 2019. Just show that we all on the same page and want the same thing for Arsenal Football Club. That’s showing ambition to succeed to win at the highest level on par the other big clubs, we are not far away from having that!

Just have to sit back and see what happens have a good summer gooners!!

Koss the Boss

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  1. He is not winning me back, ever!

    Counting the days until he has gone. Perhaps then the club I love can move on and up..‎

  2. Wenger should go for his own sake, not just for the fans. He’s already damaged his legacy, and he’s destroying what’s left of it, almost on a weekly basis!

    Even though I loath him now, it’s quite sad seeing the evolution of Wenger go from a revolutionary, successful, and much loved manager, to what we have now – a disrespectful, delusional old man, who has become a specialist in failure.

    1. 3rd place in the most competitive league in the world is a failure???? Especially as he has done it with (as everyone keeps saying) an absolutely useless bunch of players! !
      If that’s failure you’re a China man! (You’re not are you?)

      1. Asian american is the preferred nomenclature please dude

        No one is saying an absolutely useless bunch of players just not enough top quality players to win stuff … For the club which is the 5th richest in the world getting to CL should not be the metric of success …winning it should be …and we haven’t come remotely close to doing that in a decade

      2. Who bought and brought the useless players we currently have? Who brought all the deadwood we’ve already managed to move on? Who kept useless Diaby’s spot in the squad for years without any contribution to the team?

        Who penny pinched on players who would’ve made significant impact on our cause? (Manolas, Hazard, Mata, Suarez, even Higuain etc.)

      3. @Admin

        12yrs without a major trophy
        11yrs since we even finished in the top 2 in the league
        6yrs since we even saw a QF in Europe
        2 trophies in 11yrs

        Yeah I’d say that is a failure, especially when you consider that every player at Arsenal is a Wenger signing. Like you say, we have a lot of useless players, but can you not remember who signed them? Can you not remember who keeps them at the club for many years, despite these players rarely performing?

        But then again, one must use perspective. I guess from your perspective, never winning or even challenging for a major trophy, at the one of the biggest and richest clubs in the world, IS the sign of a good manager. I would have to disagree on that.

        If a striker consistently hardly ever scores, he isn’t a good striker. Like Sanogo for example or Walcott. I hope that simple analogy explains everything.

    2. As useless as Top 4……10yrs and still counting….always in the Top 4, yet the Trophy feels like a million miles away


      That’s the annoying part!

  3. Wenger is unpredictable.

    Its better we don’t raise our hopes yet and then get wounded again during the transfer window or after the window.

    All’ I’m saying is we should just be watching what happens but don’t raise your hopes so high or be optimistic just yet. As time goes, we know if Wenger is serious with Arsenal and the fans especially next season.

    I don’t wanna be wounded again after raising my hopes so high.

  4. Article says “Just show that we all on the same page and want the same thing for Arsenal Football Club”.

    1. Owner is not “involved” to win championships
    2. Jack wiltshire on arsenal.com said that aim was top four in PL

    For fans that are happy with top four then they are on the same page as the club. Fans that want to win the PL and get beyond last sixteen in CL are on a different page than the club.

    Depressing isn’t it but Arsenal only seem to show fight and determination when top four in PL and getting to knockout stage in CL is threatened. Words and actions of the club tie up.

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