Wenger must stop gambling with Arsenal’s success

Wenger must stop gambling – by Jansen.

Wenger is a very good manager, It is hard to doubt that, but his huge downfall is his lack of ambition. He seems to prefer gambling over improving the odds.

It was a gamble having not bought a quality striker for several years in my opinion. It was arguably an even bigger gamble to not buy an outfield player this summer.

A manager of his calibre should not have been afraid to manage two quality players for one position. He should definitely have bought Schneiderlin. Even if this would have meant bringing in competition for Coquelin.

This might be our best chance in a long while to win the Premier League, but not if he does not address the squads defensive midfield weakness. Flamini and Arteta are not long term solutions (long term being more than 1 or 2 games a season).

If it were manager, I would go out and buy William Carvalho, who is young at 23 and a good passer of the ball, in addition to being a promising DM and is already better than both Arteta or Flamini. Second choice would be Wanyama from Southampton, who is proven in the PL and a beast of a DM, although perhaps not the greatest passer of the ball. Coquelin also lacks in the same department.

Do nothing in this transfer market this winter and falling out of the top 4 is as likely or more then winning the English top division.

Flamini would likely be Wenger’s first-choice to step up for Coq, but he is not good enough and with the fixture list we will face it is likely he will get injured also. Ramsey would be a second choice or perhaps preferred. He is not as good as the two Frenchman defensively but has the engine to cover the ground necessary for 90 minutes. He is also injury-prone as we all know and there is no telling how long we can keep him fit for either.

Wenger must stop gambling on our future and increase the odds of us winning the league title by buying a quality holding midfielder this winter. It is not like we don’t need one even if Coquelin is healthy.

We have all been saying this for many seasons, so what is the chance that Wenger will finally buy such a quality player? 0% or there about? Or should we expect another half-hearted effort in the form of a Kim Kallstrom?

Wenger, if you are going to do something this transfer window, then please, please don’t wait until the last day of the window, we might be in fifth place or worse by then. If you are going to spend the money make it count ASAP and identify your target now and buy on the first day. None of us care if you pay over the odds. With the money going around in football these days you practically have to pay over the odds to get quality players. But go onto win the league and it will have been a well worth investment.

Am I alone in my thoughts? Would Carvalho or Wanyama and a top striker be enough to battle for this season’s title?

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  1. Really, I’m a huge Wenger fan, but I can’t grasp the reason why he didn’t get a backup DM. Even though I don’t agree with it, I can see why he didn’t buy a striker, since we have some decent alternatives to Giroud (although they are injured).

    Just 1 solid DM for 50+ games was never gonna work. If we don’t buy a replacement, we can kiss our title chances goodbye.

    1. Back up DM is the least of our problems if you had a ruthless striker. A striker with most of the attributes.
      We pose to threat on the counter with Giroud.
      We literally have to walk the ball into the net for him to score his usual tap-ins.
      West – brom were pushing high up, we had ozil but guess who is upfront?
      Apart from our Kolcieny, ozil, sanchez, bellerin, cazorla, nacho, the rest cannot hold the ball under pressure.

      1. Back up DM the least of our problems? I would say that’s one of the two problems that we have. The other being what you mentioned.

        1. A matter of opinion so, depends which one you reckon would add more value. Least of our problems sounds like a long way off but not if you only got two.

          For me though the problem is losing Coq ..not a hypothetical WC striker which was never for sale.

      2. False, even with RVP we failed to challenge because our midfield lacked resilience. Before leCoq arrived we always conceded stupid goals, just like this Saturday when he was injured. DM is probably the most important position along with a top GK which we finally got after god knows how long.

        1. Yeah right.. Our DM song was the one creating our chances because Ramsey and Wilshere did absolutely **** all

          1. Is right, we never had much difficulties in the attacking areas. Def mid was the problem along with every other midfielder not putting a shift in defensively. The problem was midfielders shirking their defensive duties and the biggest culprit was Song who thought he was Bergkamp for a spell.

            GoonerLads with the money on that one, no resilience.

      3. Which one of our last 5 goals was a tap on? Please remind me because I fail to see any. Name one tap in. Hell, I give you the last 10 goals we scored. Name one tap in so that I can see you are a follower.
        What the fsck is the matter with you people? One loss a you run like chickens. Reminds me of childhood when kids doing the hard talk were running once the fight started leaving you alone for the beating. But these moments are also good, you learn who is going to stay by your side and see which you should not rely on.

        1. Budd if you would not be so deep inside WENGERS mind you would see that is not the lost against WBA that worries, is the loss of our only DM leaving us completely exposed on the defensive department, proof of it was in fact the loss against WBA…..can imagine with Flamini holding the line what will be the outcome playing a top tier team, same results we had before Le Coq joined the first team…..5 – 1 / 8-3 you do the math for just once admit that the old man failed by not buying and reinforcing the team.

          1. Yes if Budd take his face out of Wenger’s A$$ then he would have seen or smell it that the whole season and one DM, the whole season with only Giroud the lamp post? Arteta came and 2 goals went in first he fouled and set piece went in then he was where he should not be and own goal. Of course the wind shield wiper Flamini came in and did nothing.
            Shame on you Wenger.

            1. Harsh words from someone not knowing me but OK, I take the criticism. However, I am not at all agreeing with club policy but unlike you I do realize I can do nothing about it. Talking about being deluded, the big fan Ezat, Pfffff.

          2. That does not answer my question though. We have three more DMs, probably not as good as Coquelin but you lot came to worship him only after he was recalled. Until then you already sold him and buy Kongdobia, Wanyama, Carvalho and so on. So stop being hypocrite. Mkey?

        2. Jesus listening to you is like being stuck in a padded sell on a deserted island in the middle if the Pacific Ocean with the best of Kylie as the only contact with the outside world and believing this must be the pinnacle of music culture….

      4. He has scored on numerous set pieces his year. Why discredit him with the usual tap ins. Let Sanchez and the RW whoever that might be. Walcott for me run onto balls.

      5. Scoring goals don’t guarantee titles if you cant defend! Look at liverpool a couple of seasons ago, most goals score in the league but yet finished second. Chelsea last season didnt score as many goals but won the league due to a top defence… Every top coach will tell you, you build from the back first

    2. i was watching our past videos and honestly it make me ask if Arsene is d same person.
      at one time we had Dennis Henry Suker nd Kano all scoring up front.
      Wiltord lungberg overmars …
      Viera Gilberto Parlour Edu….

      but now Wenger seem ok up front with Giroud nd Walcot?.
      now that is a mystery to me

      1. Money changes people. … (so they say! )
        They become tighter with it, There’s millionaires walking around with holes in the soul of their shoes!

      2. Weren’t you lot licking his ar$e after 3-0 with Manure? Walcott MOTM. Wenger destroys Van Gaal. What’s wrong now? Tree is shakin’, eh? Bunch of pu$$ies. Pansies.

          1. Simple, I just have to open this site and see people like you. I don’t even have to look far. Keep going with insults, it just makes me right.

    3. Trust me… It’s not an easy thing giving up a bad habit! ……. And consider his age in the process

    4. @galaxygooner……. The midfield is where the battle is won!……don’t under-estimate/neglect the neccessity of that area

    5. Many of us were ridiculed for claiming that DM was the real weakness and a backup DM was essential.

      When Coq is out there is NO real replacement. Flamini is past his prime and seems to just want to go forward and attack recently. Arteta is well past his prime and is NOT a DM anyway.

      Wenger gambled that Coq would stay healthy and Arteta/Flamini could fill in reliably. He now must accept responsibility for his failures in this regard.

      1. Campbell and Cazorla are just as much to blame for the latest dropped points than anyone, until Arteta comes in and blows our chances people should stop talking like he already has.

        The truth is I expect us to keep pace in the league and don’t see us just collapsing like the lot of you expect. Not sure what to expect in the CL but I expect us to be right up there in the table come jan, after that we’ll talk again.

  2. He always gambles and we fail. It was injury that brought back Le Coq and yet he had only him without thinking of injury when we were in four competitions.

    1. Remember the beginning of the season when Arsene and his ***lickers said we had every position covered? Well, how about now? So bad that Gibbs has to play as a winger and Flamini as an AMF.

      1. So, was it covered or not? I see he scored against the Spuds. You have seen otherwise? Hasn’t Flamini scored as AMF? Your lack of brain would be funny if you wouldn’t be serious. Your condition must be checked I am afraid. Run to the doc until is too late.

        1. i love it when gibbs and flam scored. i just dont want to RELY on it. there’s a difference between profiting from good luck versus planning with backups. all people are saying that we want to see evidence that wenger plans. that he REALLY wants to win. and that his actions reflect those words. given that 33% of our 24 or so players are going to be injured every season, if we get 2 really good players at the start of the season, one of them will only be sitting/moaning on the bench for 6-12 weeks at the start of the season. then one will get injured and the other will fill in for 12 weeks. then he’ll get injured and #1 will be back from injury. plus when we have 2 WC at each position, we can play 1 in midweek w/o causing the the other to have to play 3 games in 8 days: thats how it should work.

      2. Few clubs have the depth to cover the number of injuries Arsenal has suffered in the midfield. That is just bad luck.

        But the DM spot was NEVER covered at all. Arteta/Flamini are not able to do the job at the highest level. DM cover is Wenger’s real failing here.

        1. its not bad luck, i happens EVERY year. we need to PLAN for it. lots of people have been saying that on justarsenal for many years. wenger is becoming deluded, comfortable, slow and very rich.

    2. @Budd……. Thought u were off to New zealand…..away from all arsenal problems as u stated…….


      But wait a sec….Do u really believe Arsenal has a problem?

      1. Never said New Zealand but who knows. Arsenal has more than one problem. And unfortunately one person will have to solve them while the whole justarsenal site is moaning, bitching and cry the end of the world.

  3. But in keeping Wenger, one as to accept that the same problems will just keeping repeating themselves year after year. Every season we have an injury crisis, every season we’re two or three players short, every season we do nothing in Europe and in the league.

    I agree with the writer, Carvalho or Wanyama would have been a huge upgrade on Arteta and Flamini. Will Wenger do anything about this in January…very unlikely. We’ve got a lot of players returning in and around the transfer window (including Coquelin end of Jan, beginning of Feb), so that’s lots of “new signings!”. Also think of Kim Kallstrom, as the writer referred too. We had our best chance in years to win the league, top of the league for a long time, but we had mounting injury problems. We badly needed pace injected into the side and another striker. Instead, Wenger strengthened the one area on the pitch that didn’t strengthening, CM position, and in Kallstrom we had a very average player with no pace and to top it all off…he couldn’t even play for about 6 weeks due to injury. Wenger actually looked at the market place, and the best he could do was an injured, rubbish player! I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a more delusional piece of transfer activity.

    Wenger will always gamble on Arsenal’s success because of his blind faith in his crooked average players. Until the board have the balls to either sack him or at the very least, force him to make specific signings, we’ll always be in this mess. Even if Wenger some how manages to win the league or in Europe, it’ll be done the hard way.

    1. How would Carvalho be an upgrade to Arteta when he did not played absolutely no game? Do you hear yourself talking? Wtf, we are two points from the top, players are coming back from injury one by one. Wouldn’t you have faith in your own children?

      1. Hahaha

        First of all, you’re not an Arsenal fan Budd, just a troll. You attack anyone who says anything negative and more to the point, FACTUAL, about Wenger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a constructive comment from you.

        I am completely aware Carvalho is injured mate, the general point is that there is a huge amount of better options on the market, despite Wenger and his followers constantly saying there’s nothing out there better than what we have. The other point is that now we’re in a mess, because of Wenger’s inactivity in the transfer window. How you cannot see that is just unbelievable! I also love all your belief and faith talk. Where’s that got you for the last decade? Next you’ll be telling me Gods exist and evolution is lie!

        1. i agree with every other thing you said, ThirdMan. except the very last bit – God does exist! & we most certainly need Him at The Emirates!!

        2. Problem is that you have no point. Moaning like a pansy does not count as a point. Well, for pansies it does.

    2. If you believe that Coq is coming back by the end of January, then there’s a bridge I’ll like to sell you. Look When Wenger says “it’s a severe damage” or he’s afraid of what the scan will say, tells me its much longer than 3 months. Gutted, but not surprised, this is typical.

  4. William Carvalho was injured at the start of the season. I remember a lot of people saying we shouldn’t go for him because his injury could recur in the future. And I’m really tired of people coming here and stating the obvious about how Arsene should’ve signed someone. Please move on. I’m glad Arsene didn’t sign Benzema and co. We have the squad to win the league. If we go on a 10 match winning run after January, which we’ve done before, we will be there in the end.

    1. benzema an co??
      an co?
      dont put overated , immature bell end benzema with our other targets.

      so your glad we didnt get imbula? kondogbia? schneiderlin? even sissoko?
      mate beg u shoosh

      your moaning about ppl moaning- amazing – now that really is wizadry 🙂

      arrogance u show- considering we havent been near title in a decade-
      jeeze arsenal fans are quite incredible

      1. @muffdiver It isn’t arrogance. You make it seem like we are 8 points behind the top. We have the same points as City who seem lost without silva. It’s only fair that we’d struggle without Jack Wilshere, Aaron ramsey, and theo. We have gibbs playing as a winger and we lost because we missed a penalty.
        With so many injuries, I believe we’ve become predictable. We currently don’t have a plan B. That’s why we lost against Bayern.

    2. @Wizardry, plz do not be offended, who sold you that stuff? I’d like to get some for myself too.


    3. Who is the “co” in Benzema and “co”????

      I was not in favor of getting Benzema only because his valuation was so ridiculously high.

      But Arsenal still could have secured a reliable DM – something that is now clearly missing. And please don’t tell me Flamini/Arteta are able to get Arsenal a league title. No way.

  5. Flamini needs to come to the party, as we now running on empty in the DM position. Poor judgement not to have signed a striker and DM in the last window, as if what we had were good enough to last. Maybe Gabriel can do the DM role for us, as I think Flamini can be unreliable.

  6. Wenger actually needs help. Arsenal fans are the most moderate and understanding of all top European teams I have seen. They are not asking for mega money players, they only ask for decent replacements or backups to Giroud and Coqs. Until the board start holding Wenger accountable for his actions and inactions, we will never reach the zenith of football under Wenger. At this point, Wenger needs to justify his inaction in the summer transfer window and go ahead to win the EPL despite the injury crisis. How he achieves that is his headache, I already had mine in the summer.

    1. “Arsenal fans are the most moderate and understanding of all top European teams I have seen”, I agree with you wholeheartedly, and that’s why we have often been taken for granted.

      1. I see you exit the toilet were you hiding until now. Ride the success and hide in tough times. Now is your time to shine when there’s mud all over the place. Will see how things pan out later. I’ll be around reading though.

  7. Wenger said his team can win games without God. Terrible, terrible mistake. I fear for Arsenal ‘s season.

    Hoping for a miracle based on the favour from us believing fans…..

    Up Gunners

  8. I’m actually tired of moaning ?… for now ?

    I would actually like to see how wenger would do,
    at a club like Real Madrid…. They are interested in him.
    Probably more for his ability to make money rather than his non-existent tactical ones!
    Yes, Real Madrid are in financial difficulties, They need to cash in on Ronaldo and Bale.

    It’s funny how everytime that Wenger comes under pressure, another club becomes interested in him.

    Take the offer then Wenger… You blagger! ?

    Pep is ready to lead Arsenal fc back to greatness!

    1. @fatboy gooney
      LMFAO @ “Pep is ready to lead AFC back to greatness” Pep is a damn busted flush who only takes on teams with at least a half billion in their budget to buy up opposing teams best players…

          1. Hahaha
            he started his career at the richest Portuguese club,,
            Went to Chelsea when they first started to ? £££ out for fun.
            then to the richest team in italy… at that time. Inter ya nan
            then to the richest Spanish club.. Real Madrid
            and then back to Chelsea!

            So which one of them clubs cost next to nothing?
            He has spent and wasted hundreds of millions on player’s in total…
            He paid 25mil for Kevin de brian and sold him for 2mil.
            and there were a few more like that.

  9. Cock is down and out, just flaccid with injury, no action (for a while). #CockPower #LeCoq #Hero.

  10. i think we should revert back to a 4411 or maybe a diamond formation until le coq gets back, it would make us more compact in the middle of the pitch as a team. as we will need to be to replace his massive defensive presence in the middle. put ramsey in there with corzola and probably chambers to see how he copes with the d/m role, also i am liking a lot of the shouts for bielik to do a bellerin and step up to the mark, i think this could be the making of him if he shines in this role. a real superstar in the making he looked great against sheff united in the cup, i think he can handle the p/l no problemo.

  11. Can you challenge for the EPL with Arteta and flamini as back up DM’s NO
    Another year of “If only” and “almost there”
    On a positive note we are used to it so no surprise.

  12. If wenger says that His Coq is out for two months,
    You know that we are ####ed… right? ???

    Seriously that means Coquelin won’t be back this season!
    It’s a similar injury to the one that Walcott suffered.

    Also, wenger has said that Flamini and chambers can cover the DM position until Coquelin recovers,
    Which basically tells us that he won’t be looking for a DM in the January window.

    God bless all us Arsenal fan’s, we really do need it!

  13. Wenger will not be buying in this window he will hold on to the Cheque book.
    He never really believed Arsenal could win the Premiership this season that was just a carrot
    for the fans. He is hoping for a 4th place. As long as Wenger is in charge he will continue
    gambling with Arsenals future.

    1. 4th place is better return-on-investment. u get the CL bonus but u dont have to pay for all the 50M players to try and get 1st or 2nd. stan/wenger love 4th place because financially it makes the most sense. thats the only rational explanation for wenger’s (in)actions.

  14. Want to be awesome and rescue our A*** spend some f. money on jones, lukaku and barklay. Yes people, they are very good and very costy, but worth every penny. 200mi on the bank.

  15. It is amusing how the media can change its tune overnight.

    A few weeks ago the media was playing with the idea that Arsenal was actually strong enough to challenge for the title.

    After the W. Brom loss and a few injuries the media now claims that Arsenal are crap and were never actually strong enough to win the league.

    What will be their story next week??

  16. FACTS.
    …and please quote me at the end of the season:
    We will not win any title this season.
    Wenger will not sign a player in the january transfer…he already said today “its never a favourable window’
    Spurs will sadly finish above us this year..No st toterring day..im livid.
    We will challenge for the premiership with Giroud,Mert,Arteta, our weakest links.
    Wenger cares about winning the EPL ever again.as far as he is concerned he made history with the invincibles…his legacy is cemented and he is ready to ride his glory to kingdom come.
    NB:AW will never resign hed rather wait to get fired,which also will never happen so we are stuck with him for the next coupla years.So for your healths sake enjoy the rest of the wins we can chalk up,hope for fourth place,and pray for quick recovery and less injuries for our players.AND THAT IS BEING REALISTIC.

      1. How old is he now. . 65?
        If so. .. I guess at 66.
        He will leave at the end of the season, (in shame!)
        But the board will be dignified and say it was due to health reasons.

  17. Ramsey is not the solution, remember that the contrast between Coq’s emergence and the era where Ramsey or Wilshire or both played in the center exposed our defensive frailties.

  18. Whilst we would all love a Lewandowski or aguero in our side it is simply not plausible, in Giroud we have someone who scores consistently, every year he will score 16/17 a season, this is not a bad return.

    People say we only need a top striker to win the league but when we had adebayor, a 30 goal a season striker whilst playing for arsenal, we won nothing.
    We had rvp who scored 30 in just the league, and we won nothing, my point being we do not need just goalscorers, we needed 2 capable cdms, we needed a new top cb to partner kos, I would go as far as to say we should have replaced Cazorla with someone physical enough to play that deeper role.

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