Wenger MUST stop Man City poaching this Arsenal star

I do not have any real idea what it will take for the Arsenal manager to convince our club captain Mikel Arteta from leaving the club and joining his fellow countryman Pep Guardiola at Man City when the current season comes to an end, but Arsene Wenger knows his player a lot better than I do and I am sure that the prof can think of something.

He better had do as well, because if we lose the potential coaching abilities of Arteta after seeing one of our other former captains Patrick Vieira working at our Premier League rivals as well then it will be a real kick in the teeth for the club.

There has already been a lot of talk about Arteta going into the coaching side of the game when his playing career comes to an end, which looks like it is coming close after a string of injury problems and an increasing lack of pace have left him on the sidelines for most of the current campaign and his contract is due to run out.

We all just assumed that he would be staying at Arsenal to begin his coaching career, but now the Daily Mail is reporting that Guardiola is thinking of offering him a place on his team at the Etihad when he takes over in the summer.

That would be a double blow because not only would we be losing all that experience and know-how but it would be going to help a direct rival and with Guardiola being new to the Premier League we do not want to help him settle in quickly if we can possibly help it.

So is it time for Wenger to give Arteta a good reason to stay in London?

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  1. He should go somewhere and earn his badges. And he should go anyway just because all posting on this site wants him gone. There’s some karma for you right here.

    1. Budd where have you been I’ve needed you this site is completely gone it’s all depressing and negative.

    2. Stop. Just stop. For once just accept the manager is in the wrong and should not be keeping Arteta in our squad. He’s also in the wrong for keeping Flamini, relying on Ox and Walcott when they’re players 10x as good out there that can replace them.

      1. The home grown rule is to blame for the likes of Walcott,OX,Gibbs,Wilshere being at Arsenal,they should be at clubs like Swansea they’re not good enough for a club who want to reach the level of Barca or Bayern

      2. Bro the ONLY thing I blame wenger for was subbing flamini for coquelin. BUT I don’t blame flamini for the penalty. Give wenger credit he prepared us perfectly, the tactics and set up was spot on

        1. If Wenger got his tactics spot on we wouldn’t have lost the game 2-0,stop giving him credit for his poor management!

          1. Well then, explain how tactics had an influence on the goals and our misses. It is always the same players, Wenger needs to send the whole British contingent to the psychiatrist. And he must kick Sanchez in the nuts for he is doing exactly what he was soing before Barcelona released him. People never learn, that’s their nature especially when they are young. But Wenger should know better, who am I to question him. Afterall he’s spending time with the boys, not me.

      3. You must be new here, I never had a good word about Wenger in the last year. And that would be very fair on him because to be honest I was expecting something special this season. Sure, players form (except Ozil) sucks and it is somthing you have no control over it but as I said before, I can’t understand why the fsck Chambers is not playing instead of Flamini? Why is Campbell not given the trust once she shown he is much more focused than Walcott. Why is Jeff not given ANY chance? Why not keeping Ramsey where he started the season? We had our best games with Ramsey on the right for half a season, surely it will take him time to get back in the middle. And the list goes on but I am too bored and it is very hot today in Sydney.

  2. Nothing like i expected.We were NOT totally dominated. Barca were lucky, but as usual our discipline let us down. Ramsey, wtf, misplace passes in an important game..Flamini for Coq- never understood that sub.
    We didn’t deserve that 2-0 scoreline which flattered Barca.

    1. Because Ramsey isn’t Cazorla, blame the manager for not having a like for like replacement, Ramsey should be supporting the striker with a deep playmaker in the centre playing behind him.

    2. 2-0 flattered Barca?what game were you watching Suarez hit the post,Neymar was clear on goal Cech saved and Messi had a goal bound shot blocked by Mertesacker in the 2nd half they overpowered us!

      1. OX missed a point blank range shot 9/10 players woulda made, Ramsey played a perfect back heel to Ozil who then returned it behind Ramsey who was wide open 12 yards out, while they didn’t have a SINGLE shot on target in the 1st half. Should I keep going?

        1. Which is why I said in the 2nd half they over powered us,
          ADMIN COMMENT – NO PERSONAL INSULTS ALLOWED. Not EVERYONE has to think like you…..

          1. @Dee@ease
            I dont think its about wanting to praise AW, Barca are current favourites in CL, and best team in the world, but they didn’t exactly walk all over us.Had we been abit more discipline and clinical, we could’ve won.
            AW is the delusional one to think Flamini still deserves to play for Arsenal.

  3. barcelona have hardly kept a clean sheet
    this season.
    And then we hear some stupid talk from the manager the players and the fans.
    In fact that scoreline could easily have been 4 0.
    Barca have also played 2 away games in 4 days and have won comfortably here.
    Shows you how ambitionless we are and deserve everything we get.
    I also have a gut feeling that our next 4 away games will results in draws or losses.
    But we will still hear our manager and some fans talking trash.
    4th place trophy is the best you can ask for because that is what you deserve.
    You can keep on making your disgusting predictions which will not happen.

    I feel very frustrated listening to some fans

    1. You have to be realistic. There are not many teams who can beat Barca right now not even Bayern or Real Madrid. Its a case of half full or empty glass but as a supporter its always the former!

  4. OT:
    I would really like to see Welbeck playing as our striker for the rest of the season … I have already had enough of Giroud and Walcott …

  5. O T
    Last night’s result shouldn’t have been a surprise.
    With all our recourses we couldn’t even beat Hull’s 2nd 11 with our 2nd 11.We’ve got an unselfish main striker. Being selfish is a priority for a striker.
    We’ve got a winger (Walcott) who can’t run past a defender.We’ve got a DM (Flamini) who cost nothing who’s worth nothing and a manager who couldn’t organise a p ***up in brewery.
    Apart from that l still love the Arsenal.

  6. Is this article sarcasm? Arteta is washed up, done. If City (or any other team) want him, they can have him. But I highly doubt there is any truth to this silly rumor. Even in his prime, Arteta would not be good enough for the type of team Pep will be looking to put together.

  7. Stop belittling our performance we were set up brilliantly and our tactics were spot on we made Barca very uncomfortable with our pressing and with our impressive shape. It’s funny how our so called fans can’t see it but all the pundits and experts were complimenting us.

    We created GOOD chances and arguably could’ve won the game we deserved to get something out of it but couldn’t finish which is obviously our fault but we should take pride in our performance.

    Look at the barca plauers social media pages and look how ecstatic they are after the win cause they know we took it to them

    1. Goonsquad8 that’s absolute nonsense obviously Barca players will celebrate a victory they did the same when they beat Las Palmas

      1. No they did not they absolutely did not look it up for yourself. The ONLY difference between us and barca was Lionel messi. We shut down there other 2 attackers who cost £150m

      1. Yes you are right but my point is to look at the performance there were bright spots and I think we can build from this game

  8. Enough is enough!!! Arsenal MUST make up their minds to off-load the dead woods, injury proners, the not good enough, the past it and the mostly lackluster Gunners at Arsenal.

    Save if the present Gunners save themselves from going out of this season Ucl to Barcelona, the Boss and the Arsenal Board MUST re focus their focus on revamping the Arsenal squad with some additions of top quality players from where ever they can find them to replace the dead woods, the injury proners, the past it, the can’t make it, the too average, the not Ucl quality, the 1 or 2 matches performance players, the low class ones, the uninteligent ones, the lazy ones but swallowing up vast wages of Arsenal money, the cave-in big games players and the boastful but lackluster players in big games who are presently at Arsenal now.

    Save if these present set of Gunners can redeem themselves with a win at Camp Nou that qualifys them for the Ucl round of 8. Arsenal MUST start rebuilding their squad as from next summer.

  9. I find it disgusting when Wenger get praised even in the face of inadequacy,Wenger lost to barcelona,not those players with his 2substitutions,why he opt for Walcot when he had Joel and d beasty Welbeck is still a mystery to me.

  10. It is already done?
    Arteta as well as Patrick Viera (currently NYC city manager) will join Guardiola next season.
    In our case we have an average and passed manager and a number 2 as Steve Bould (Waoooo we are so equipped for European football and the rest, a top club, is it?).

    Anyway, no surprise from last time. We can talk about how well we played or naive (according to the deluded one, after 20 something years in a club, I did not know you could still use that word… But, hey, this is Arsenal… Top four is like a trophy and a FA cup is the same as the CL) we were, the best team won it, and this is how it should be.

    As long as players like, chamberlain, Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere and more will be considered essential in this club, we won’t get anywhere near the top firms in Europe.

    I can easily see Ozil and Sanchez leave (not like we are giving over the top wages either despite the ridiculous price seats… Mugs!) in order to get better money and most importantly trophies (unless we win the league because frankly who gives a twat about a fa cup?).

  11. @skills
    Spot on mate
    Walcott is an enigma to anybody watching football. A little arrogant kid who is below average. All those young players are making that noise because Wenger allows them to do so… Why is Wenger allowing those less than average players to speak when not spoken to, because he knows he is himself way behind in term of football knowledge and tactics.

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