Wenger names best ever winter signing before slamming January window

Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger has revealed his dislike for the idea of the January window, claiming it is like running a marathon in two pairs of shoes, before naming Nwanku Kanu as his best ever winter signing.

I’m not quite sure I see an issue in running a marathon in two pairs of trainers, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to question the theory behind his statement…

The Frenchman has insisted that he believes the January transfer window should be scrapped, with either a return to transfers being allowed for the entire campaign, or just once in the summer.

‘I think it is like a race in a marathon where you change the shoes half way,’ said the former Arsenal boss.

‘It is not right, when once you have started the season, you have to finish the season with the same players.

‘Or you keep it open the whole season like it was when I arrived in England.

‘They have chosen a rule that is not right.’

Wenger was also asked to name his best ever January signing, with recent fans expected to name Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the former boss instead opted for Kanu.

Wenger stated: ‘What a difficult question. Over 20 years… maybe Kanu.

‘In the middle of the season, that had a big impact and was a huge player.’

The Nigerian went onto win two Premier League winners medals in his time with the club, as well as two FA Cups in his five-and-a-half year spell with the club, scoring 43 goals in all competitions despite being rotated for the majority of his time with the club.

Kanu has beaten off the likes of Aubameyang, Kolo Toure, Andrei Arshavin and Nacho Monreal for the label, but fans may have other ideas.

Who is your best January signing of the Wenger era? Should runners not be allowed to change shoes during a marathon?


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  1. Yes, King KANU, I am not surprise.
    As a forward, his built was not suited to lightning sprint, so his football was formed on skills ,high football sense, and audacious confidence based on those two. That’s it.
    Yeah! It has to be Papilo, yes, no doubt.

  2. Arsene knows better. If he won us 2 title, it was a good buy.

    Auba as well but in a different team and only played 18 months under Wenger. Fare enough for Kanu who must , should be proud as we are of these 4 trophies.

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