Wenger needs to accept the blame and resign from Arsenal!

Wenger has to go, this is just unacceptable! by KM

What happened to Arsenal yesterday is just ridiculous. Will the manager come out and take the blame? No of course not! Will he be sacked? No of course not. Will he learn his lesson? No of course not!

We played what was our “best available squad” and we threw away a 3 goal lead, to an offside goal, a silly penalty and a headed goal. Have you seen a statistics of the headed goals we’ve conceded?

Let’s count them. Crystal Palace on the first day of the EPL, Ulloa from Leicester, Hull City’s second goal, Demichelis in the City game. I’m sure I could be missing something but bar the Palace goal the other 3 have cost us 6 points, which would put us second, just 3 behind Chelsea.

Now let’s count the times players have gone past the Arsenal defense like they are Messi. The Hull City equalizer comes to mind, Mkhitaryan from a Dortmund side suffering 5 straight defeats in the Bundesliga, Eden Hazard going past 5 Arsenal players and earning a penalty for Chelsea and again I am probably missing a lot of other situations which were not that obvious.
Another classical mistake marked Arsenal is having too many players forward and getting hit on the counter. Sergio Aguero’s goal coming from nowhere comes to mind, Chadli’s goal for Spurs, again totally preventable and Everton’s off side goal.

This is just from this season, not taking into account the way Chelsea and Liverpool exposed us on the counter last season. Where are the lessons learned Arsene? Why don’t we hire someone to teach this group of players the importance of the clean sheet?

Clearly Southampton have an idea how to do it? Why don’t we hire Tony Pulis or someone from his staff to make our defense a bit tighter at the back. We’ve beaten the 3 clubs sitting above the relegation zone and the bottom club in the league from 10 games. Either way that’s not good enough.

I demand that someone takes responsibility and some sort of punishment for these results, and that some action is taken immediately and some reinforcements come in January. Why cant we buy a DM? Arteta and Flamini will not be starters in a mid-table team in the PL, why are they starting for Arsenal?

We could buy Mohamed Diame for peanuts. Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton would do a good job. We didn’t want to pay 20 millions for Cabaye, when we have a bunch of midfield players unaware of what’s going on in the game. We can buy Clyne or Reid to boost our defense. We have one of the worst back fours in the league.

And last but not least, the keeper. When will we buy a good keeper? We’ve thrown away season after season after season because we just don’t want to buy a good Keeper. Well it’s not just the keeper, now we need a CB, a RB, another CB and a DM, especially a DM.

One thing is for certain, we are heading into a Swansea away game with low confidence after the easiest run of games we could possibly have had. And instead of being safe and sound into the CL play offs we’ll have a tired first team and huge troubles. This is not the first time we throw away a 3 goal lead, remember we’ve also thrown away 4 goal leads! I simply cannot accept this any more, can you?

Konstantin Mitov‏

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  1. No need to resign, wouldn’t take it that far. He just needs to learn (again) how to change tactics and use subs properly. He only has a Plan A and if that doesn’t work, he doesn’t have a back up. A good manager has a Plan A-Z no matter what.

        1. NO NO NO NO NO!
          No ‘upstairs’ no financial departments, no involvement in choosing a new manager.
          Pack your bags, clear your desk and F**K OFF!

          1. almost spit food out of my mouth when i saw this fr wenger this week:
            “I’m an attacking manager, …”
            given his neglect of defence, i’m astounded
            this man has the temerity to say that.
            guess we got it straight from the horse’s mouth.

            maybe thats what he means by balance
            we attack and score 3 goals.
            then we let 3 in.

    1. Arsenal fans are deluded if they think there is a big pot of money waiting somewhere.
      When wenger goes, it is only a matter of time before you start ” the Kroenke out” chants.
      When are you going to accept that we simply do not have the 50 million,30 million and 20 million required to put top players on the pitch.
      The day you accept that wenger has been handed a bad hand by the owners and he is only taking the blame for screw-up elsewhere, is the day I will take you seriously.
      That day is the day you will realise that getting into champion league always, was a privilege.
      Keep it up.

      1. We should believe you, right?
        Our board has said numerous times now that we can financially compete with all the rich clubs.

        1. But just look at the bunch of chancers we currently have at Arsenal:
          Arsenal are screwed at the moment, the problem is that some financiers suck the life out of what they invest in – hence we have Vampire Stan, then there is Sir Fish & Chips who is a Chairman clearly asleep at the wheel (if there is no plan we do nothing), next we have Ivan the terrible General Manager backing up Arsene Wenger who sounds increasingly like the Minister for Silly Excuses from those old Monty Python sketches.
          Having said that our biggest problem is Wenger and we have to start with him. For the good of Arsenal Wenger should go now before he wastes more money with his stupid plans in January.

      2. Wenger chose his hand by choosing Kronke over David Dein and Usmanov. Granted – I have mixed feelings, as I would have liked to have kept David Dein, but not changed grounds to Wembley as Dein wanted, but Wenger to choose to go with Kronke.

        1. @gmv8
          I agree totally, Wenger behaved like a bit of a creep back then with the way he sided with the anti-Dein faction (and Dein was his friend remember). Wenger also gained hugely in salary as the club were depending on him then having gotten rid of Dein.

      3. Bullshit we have as much money as Southampton lol, on a serious not we were told if wenger wants to spend they will make funds available so who’s fault is it????. We pay the most for tickets so why do we have to suffer average players , and it not just the money, why do we have no young CB that could play why wasn’t bellrein at RB why do we watch each week and Sanchez out works every other player, I can forgive players who make mistakes I will not forgive lack of passion including wenger , there is a stake holder there who wants to put his money in

    2. I was pretty much agreeing with this article till I got to the bit about appointing Tony Pullis….

      It’s not just about signing players, it’s about the mentality of the team. As soon as they scored one, we shat our pants and started panicing; giving away the ball and losing all composure. Just signing a new DM (although would be a good move) wont solve this probelm which has been around for years now.

      Also, how stupid does wenger look for telling Cesc that he of he came back to us he might not get in the team!! What a massive F**kup that was. Chelski unbeaten, us shite as normal…

  2. Being a gunner fan what can we do except suffer those heart broken matches. It hurts deeply. The arsenal board and arsene wenger only wants business but not trophies. I wised Sir Alex would have managed Arsenal. Arsenal Board has enough money to buy players like Varane, Schar,hummels, schneiderlin,Bender and Adil Remi. I dont what does Arsene thinks of himself. The biggest and the worst problem at Arsenal is Arsene’s Arrogance. The biggest mistake he did was letting the chance to re-sign Fabregas. He could have sold Rosicky and bough fabregas. He could have let Sanogo and flamini go and bring two physical talents. I think Arsenal Board has to re-think of transfer policy and let Arsene go. Please recruit modern coaches like Simeone, klopp or pep Guardiola. Being a Gunner now it started hurting more than last 9 seasons.
    I hate Mourinho and Chelsea and i cant see them winning the league. I can let Man city clinch the title but chelsea not this time.

    1. Imran

      Arsenal has shit loads of dosh and they are saving that money for the new manager to spend I would like it to be Guardiola he has a lot of players behind him.

    1. PS thats only if Bould can do the job. You don’t go from one of the best defensive teams last season to this.

        1. Sorry I was packaging something. How are you? I think there is neglect from both Bould and Wenger.

          1. PPS I will not let this rest. If our CB’S keep on getting caught out the same old way, who is to blame. Maybe our defensive coach.

            1. Can you remember the last time oposit team was cought offside I can’t that’s becouse we don’t know how to defend we only attack, and shame for Bould for not inforceing what he knows after all he was part of the best defence this legue ever seen.

    1. F*ck that sh*t, he’s the one who put those 10 players in the field, he’s the one who plays a LB at CB, he’s the leader of the club so he must be blamed if the club is not doing well. The best player at Arsenal at the moment is the guy who has had little influence of Wenger in his career and that is no coincident. It was like this with Arshavin, Gervinho, Podolski.

    2. @ezat & zuluboysa
      Bet both you full time sock muppets were ready to blow him when we were 3 -0 up. lmfao

      1. Not me man, everyone in justarsenal knows that French cock is all yours, when we were 3-0 up I was still worried that we might f*ck it up, that’s the thing with Arsenal, you’re never sure until the final whistle, even the manager looked worried when we were 3-0 up

  3. #FACK AW plz leave the club end of story I respect him for what he did for the club, now hiz time have come to an end just go…..I still have alot of hope for the club but #AW aka #mrbrainless have to go hes drowning the club …

  4. I could go on all night,week,month and year as why Wenger should resign but the fact is the board will not sack him and he will not resign.so all we can do is take the pain and hurt that we follow and in a few years with a new captain in charge of the great ship ss arsenal reap the rewards of a manager with vision,tactics,flexibility and transfer windows and how to use.
    It will get better but it will take some time so stick with the club,support the players and as for the manager treat him the way he treats the fans.

    1. All day, week, month and year.

      I’ll take you up on that. Till December 31 everyday give a reason.

      I got to see this.

  5. Players showboating, flying forward with no idea that they needed to defend what they had, the writing was on the wall early in the game. Wenger is clueless in his lack of deals in the transfer market, clueless in his tactics, Clueless in not letting Steve Bold organise the defence, gutless for not having the backbone to shake hands with the opposing manager. There has to be a mind change with the players and manager before this weekend as Swansea are no mugs.

  6. There is a bad smell emanating from the Emirates, it`s the smell of money.
    Wenger is to blame for many things associated with the pathetic performance of the team but it goes much deeper than that and I can`t see it improving. A lot of people are making a lot of money and providing the flow continues the problem will remain.
    Looking at the dejected figure sat on the touch line, even when we were 3-0 up, I had the feeling we`re looking at a sick man, he just doesn`t look well. Maybe his health is suffering and only that will allow him to resign with some dignity.

  7. As I read some of the comments regarding the Wenger’s situation, I sadly realised that it is difficult to kick an addiction…!!

    I realised that some fans are addicted to failure and Wenger voice of ineffectiveness, arrogance and poor tactical knowledge.

    For the means at disposal, the fan base, the support and the “no” pressure factor he is gracefully indulge, we have the worse manager as far as I can remember.

    The term “not good enough” does not apply to us… It must be something else.

    I have never seen a manager so prompt for excuses and far from acknowledging his own responsibilities for that all mess… We are no where near capable of winning the league or the CL and we “pretend” to be a top club…

    Not for the rest of the world… We are just a club with fantastic “numbers”, this is where people are and will talk about us in a positive way. Sports wise, there is nothing, “nada”, “rien”…!

    This club has been turning in circle for years and years and charging fans tremendous amount of money for poor and sometimes disgraceful spectacles.

    We won the FA Cup last season and I heard some fans talking about winning the BPL and the CL next… I will put those “silly” and “unrealistic” comments down to the booze, the joy of the moment and a bit of delusion.

    You look at our club and see the progression of others, you realise that we are just far too far, I am afraid.
    Changes should have been made long time ago.

    It is utterly unacceptable that a manager with such a “big” pay check CANNOT DELIVER TROPHIES ON A REGULAR BASIS…!! And some delusional fooled fans will tell you we cannot find better (like that guy from Arsenal TV) and he is still the man for the job “if he does this or that”…!!!!!

    Rhetoric of the weak and ignorant… Wenger still finds so much support because we have many of those around.

    Personally, like many, we just wait for those 3 agonising years to finish…
    We will have better days after that, but it will come at a price because the next manager will have to “clean” the place up. Failure and Mediocrity has become a traditional and normal occurrence here.

    1. We don’t have to wait if enough fans chant ‘Wenger out’ at each game home or away he will be gone in a few months. It’s up to the fans to save the club. (Or a half empty Emirates for a few games would give Vampire Stan the jitters and Wenger would be gone by Christmas.)

    2. @lockay
      And fans like you are addicted to spittin biased bullsh*t. Save your bandwidth and take up a hobby…

      1. NY_Gunner u are one of the few who are use to failure and use to it…Wenger has bewitched U I see wake up n see how far behind Wenger has sink Arsenal…

  8. Wengerouts who do you want as replacement when he resigns now?

    You are deluded to think you find some one good now.

    Pelegrini might be available soon.

    1. Your name should be super turd , there are others who should be given a chance instead of sticking with failure or is that what you suggest

  9. Am going to the game at home to Man U in a couple of weeks, we can never ever beat them, I’m not getting my hopes up, everyone beat United last season apart from us, the only half decent teams we can do well against are Liverpool and Spurs at home, that’s it, we are Arsenal for goodness sake. If we can’t beat Man U in two weeks time then Wenger out, it will completely make up my mind that Weger is tactically weak against decent teams and cannot motivate the players.

  10. Thanks to the original author who has made me realise what a petulant, whinging Muppet I’ve been all day. Looking forward to seeing a response on Sunday.

  11. Unfortunately todays result for the premier league teams plays into Wengers hand. On the next press match conference he will say ‘Champions league is difficult anyone can beat anyone Liverpool lost, City lost, and Chelsea drew away. We saw Maribor could’ve won, CSKA won, it shows it is difficult’. This will help him divert attention away from the 3-3 draw.

  12. Arsenal can find a better manager… At £8millions/year, I don’t think it would be the “major” problem.

    We have to reignite the premises of that “failure”… Selling most of the shares to the American was the “massive mistake… This is someone who is acute on the business side of things but has no clues, not a iota about football and what it means to the fans… From that it was going to be a successful business venture but a failing sporting/results franchise.

    How can you “call” yourself “a top club” when you have won f*ck all for 10 years… !! I mean… Are we leaving in the same world with those guys… Or may be their definition of success is different?

    Top clubs win trophies year after years and establish themselves amongst the pantheon of greatness and history… Where are we in that history package?

    The players clearly and gracefully saved Wenger’s head last season by winning the FA Cup and he was rewarded with another ridiculous contract (£8millions/year… I mean this is a guy who ask players to take wage cuts… F*cking hypocrite…!!).

    This is a guy who finds acceptable to enter a new campaign with 2CB. And tells you we were lucky to get Welbeck as “he could have stayed home”… And get what? Sanogo as a main striker?

    F*cking arrogance not even backed up by a stroke of genius…!!

    He is full of sh*t may be because he knows he is behind the best managers in this world. He can gets upset with Mourinho because he knows he will never win a CL trophy in his life.

    As a matter of fact, Wenger could not win the league even to save his life. So what is the point? What is the point of keeping that guy?

    Top four? still possible, of course… But I think even the “die hard” Wenger fans want to win the BPL or a CL (unless they are insane)… Come on !!

    1. @ Lockay,most of your articles are spot on,this site is the place of the illuminated,those who understand what is going on,the supporters who go to the stadium should stop for a while until we have an answer from the board about the way the club is lead.Wenger must be shown pressure to deliver or the risk to be sacked,only under this condition should be allowed to continue.
      No results you take the door.

  13. I love arsene but dont understand if he s not seen what am seen…how can we hav mertasaker arteta flamin scescny in one team……they r as uselesss as notin

  14. Citys failure is the result of inadequate spending……poor quality and quantity of squad….

    we must not follow City footsteps…

      1. they were never known for clean sheets. I think it was Silva bossin’ in the midfield that kept them going.

  15. If you listen to Wenger he has no intention of buying any defenders in January he is under the illusion that there is a cure to Arsenals bad defence but buying new players is not on the agenda.
    He thinks the Players he has are good enough that how stubborn this man has become. Wenger has become a Liability at Arsenal FC. This Man will not change and needs to be removed as Manager the quicker the better.

    as for wenger i want that dictator out of arsenal football club dictator wenger

  17. its suprising How Stupidity can engulf people… Someone pliz save @Galaxygooner and @Bob so that we can hv our Arsenal back

  18. I dont like Wenger’s Ideology, becouse it is not work at all. I agree with Morinho when he called wenger as Master of faluire, is true, wenger deserve to answer this name. He dont want to correct his mistakes, he dont have a DM for long but he refuse to buy a quality one, he alway break record by alouding the rival teams such as Man-U, Chelsea, Heated the Arsenal net for long year, 6-2, 8-2, 5-0 etc, this is a shame to the Fans.

  19. The problem is the fans that are spending $$, attending games and most of all the coons supporting arsene wenger based on his glory years (1998-2005)

    They’re doing this to the detriment of the club now, same ol story at this club.

    The fans are the ones to blame, if they were real fans they would boycott a game, rally together and demand better management (simeone) at this club

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