Wenger – Next few games can prove Arsenal’s title credentials

There are four games left for Arsenal to tackle in 2014, all of them in the Premier League, and barring a complete collapse and loss of form, the Gunners will get at least the five points that will make Arsenal the best EPL team of the calendar year, as a report in The Mirror shows that we have won 72 league points since January 1st with Man City in second with 65.

Now while this means nothing in the terms of winning a trophy, it is an indication and a very encouraging and positive statistic about our ability to finally regain the Premier League title. Even Arsene Wenger is starting to talk about Arsenal being potential champions, something that football managers are often loath to do.

The Frenchman is clearly trying to keep the minds of his players sharply focused on the job in hand and the way he is doing that, an Arsenal.com report reveals, is to target those final four EPL games, starting today with the visit to bottom club Aston Villa.

Wenger said, “I think you always see the real trend after Christmas. Of course every year you have a surprising team who is in the top four. Last year it was West Ham, this year it is Leicester.

“The question is always can they maintain their run. It looks like Leicester are producing the consistency and quality.

“The number of goals they score indicates to you, yes, they will remain up there and you have to consider them now as fighting for the Premier League.

“It does because for managers, you have the next Premier League game in your mind when you go into Europe sometimes.

“Recently we were not in that position, but at the start of the competition yes, you have in your mind, ‘The next Premier League match is difficult – do I rest one or two?’ Especially in the Europa League, I see that teams do it.”

That does seem to be true, but Arsenal should find that our title hopes have actually received a boost from our own European adventures in the Champions League, as long as the players do not lose their focus. Man City got very lucky against Swansea yesterday and they come to the Emirates next week, so a thumping win today should make Arsenal favourites for that game and if we do win it, will Arsenal be the favourites for the title?

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  1. remy garde needs to leave todays match feeling like jose aldo or dillian whyte
    im not expecting a rampage after mid weeks exploits, but a cheeky 1-0, 2-1

    will ozil be rested?

    1. Can you guess pause calling resting players for the fear of injury?? Wenger won’t do that plain and simple. But the negative effect is that, by considering the media, Alexis was already injured before he was actually injured. Hope it won’t be the same with Ozil coz they are now after him.

  2. Rumours are circulating on the Net that Ozil missed training on Saturday and that he has been given a short holiday.
    Ozil has posted a Photo of himself in Istanbul, stating that he is missing the place. (probably an old photo)

  3. Not the Next few games buddy……… But the game against Aston villa on the 12th of December thru to the game against Aston villa on the 15th of may….

    That will prove our title credentials buddy!

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