Wenger – No guarantees on signings….

It certainly looks like this is going to be a typical Arsenal transfer window, full of frustration with the fans complaining about Wenger not investing some of that so-called 100 million ‘war chest’.

Wenger has already detailed the extra players he has available compared to the start of last season, and he is confident that our new fitness team will keep our injury problems to a minimum level.

He said today on Arsenal.com: “We always try to improve in every department and it’s true that we have done more fitness preparation on the medical side. Every year we try to move forward and we feel that we have done much better last season.

“I’m confident that we will do better again this season. At the moment we came with 27 players, three goalkeepers and 24 outfield players, and they are all available to play on Saturday.”

This reduced list certainly gave Wenger some selection headaches towards the end of last season, and if they all stay fit then we certainly have a very large contingent and Wenger seems very unconcerned about bringing in any more additions.

When asked today about any new signings he said: “We do not guarantee that we can sign someone and I’m happy with the squad that I have. If I find a player with an exceptional potential who can strengthen the squad then I will do it.

“It depends who is on the market. It’s not easy at the moment because many clubs are out there to buy, and the number of players who can strengthen the big teams in Europe is very restricted.”

His statement that it depends on who is available certainly seems to point to Wenger being the ‘opportunistic buyer’ as discussed yesterday, so it looks like us Arsenal fans will just have to sit back, twiddle our thumbs, and hope a top striker falls into Wenger’s lap!

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  1. hope he buys . or i will cry.
    yes that rhymed….am i a good rapper…thats for you… the consumer ….to decide.

    muff ryders vol 1 ft dmx coming out this autumn

    1. Wenger is fooling us with his words, the board simply doesn’t want to spend and Wenger is covering for them cuz he gets paid lots of cash. He has to make statements like this, he’s got to get paid I guess. hes not playing any mind games, he’s just being honest about us not signing anyone. It’s ridiculous how manure who finished one place behind us are spending money tremendously and improving their team while Mr. Wenger is talking crap

      1. We should fkin demand a striker and a DM…we need to buy, we need a cover for lecoq,its obvious that we need to upgrade our striker. Giroud alone is not enough. How can we tell these to Wenger?

        1. Giroud is what he is, no more. Sure he’s slow, but he certainly isn’t lazy; guy works his socks off for club.

          He’s up for the fight and passionate 99% of the time, not detached and indifferent. Basically guarantees 18 – 20 goals all comps.

          He’ll never be like Sanchez or Suarez, just not his skill set.

          He’s always up for the fight and rarely injured,
          plays with passion, and works his socks off for teammates and us supporters; even the ungrateful ones.

          Sure he isn’t perfect or even top class, but great value for 10 million. Always appreciate his efforts.

          Save the hate for Wenger for only relying on him for 3 years. Giroud gives all his talents allow; throw the guy a bone sometime. 1 compliment won’t kill you.

          1. Whether he is what he is or not, giroud will never win us the title.
            Neither would mertesacker

        1. Liverpool might just steal our beloved fourth spot this season. Chelsea are strong and will keep on buying quality players,mancity will again spend like crazy and sign quality players,manure I don’t need to say anything just look at their squad now,specially their midfield. With our current squad we might just end up playing in Europa league. It’s sad but true,we better beware of what’s happening with teams around us.its not always about what we have its about how strong our competitors are getting.

      2. You’re as deluded as you make out Mr. Wenger to be. Everything in your statements are deluded from reality. How does a club acquire Sanchez, Ozil, Cech in three transfer windows and not spend? Did Arsenal spend in last summers window? When’s the last time the club sold a star player we didn’t want to sell?

        He’s supposed to come out and say we’re desperate and inflate the value of potential targets he might be after, to appease you?

        Manchester United do this, but they’re a richer club. They can afford spending $20-$40million busts like Di Maria, Felliani, Luke Shaw, etc. We can’t. We spend big but why announce to the world we’re in desperate need?

        Have you ever run a business?

        You’re the same bloke that applauded LiverHampton last year for spending. And the Spurs the summer before – ‘these clubs have ambition’. Spending money for the sake of spending isn’t ambition.

        Wait till the window closes then b**ch please.


        1. Bomber you are brain washed. As you said 3 signings in 3 years while other teams sign 4 class players in a year.one player each window is just not right. It shows our lack of ambition, it shows we are not ready to spend in order to succeed. And stop this crap about Wenger being smart and not letting everyone know we need new signings.this is rubbish, the board and Wenger simply don’t want to challenge for the title, they are happy with a top four finish.

        2. oh god the f****** pop philosophy of makers and takers gets a look in … last time i looked successful businesses were those that reinvested their profits in core activity rather than lavishly distributing earnings to mangers and owners…. arsenal are the six or seventh richest football club in the world with a record over the last 10 years which is matched or bettered by clubs outside the top 10… so only questions are why have we underperformed and what to do about it…so far wenger not only has no answers but worse he doesnt even ask the questions

      3. Lol ‘Wengers is fooling us with his words’…no wait…’he has to make these statements, he has to get paid I guess’…no actually…’he’s not playing any mind games, he’s being honest’….nope ‘Mr Wengers talking crap’. Funny guy, funny post.

    2. when someone stays at a place for a lengthy period of time without any pressure, they tend to become comfortable and these leads to some unexpected behavior…thats human nature…experiment these by hiring a house-help preferably a girl and have her raise two of your children for a long time like eight years and give her the freedom to do almost everything she likes…add to these by increasing her salary regularly and by showing her how desperate you need her…watch the results later and i swear ul go mad…i swear that she will even get fu**d on your couch or have you scrabb her feet and u will be like blind and wont see it…
      my point is…we may probably never lift another major trophy with wenger as our manager because he has become too comfortable and has little or no pressure to perform well…he bought ozil(good but to me was a luxury then) while we needed a top striker and we had carzola and wilshere for the role…what else can we expect really??..i wouldn’t be surprise if we bought gotze these season coz he is an attractive player…
      these guy surely has the most secure job in the world

      1. It’s true man, Wenger has got to change. We are living in a world of competition. Clubs like cristal palace, swansea, newcastle….. are also buying. What is wenger trying to prove? Does he know how painful is when your paying the most expensive Premier league ticket and don’t win no major trophy for more than 10 years. Where is the 70 millions we were supposed to spend?

    3. Wenger out…a younger and passionate coach to take over. This is the only chance we have for returning to glory days.

  2. I never worry bout our transfers…I simply do not,and i pray he doesn’t end up with a panic by just to satisfy we fans. He buys or not, am giving my whole support to the team and that includes Giroud

    1. I wish we sell Wenger, I used to be a big fan but right now it looks like he has completely lost it. Having 27 players doesn’t mean we are good enough to challenge, the quantity doesn’t count the quality does and we need quality on the striker front

  3. Sometimes one wonders what goes on in this Wenger’s head, he keeps making the silly statement ” if we find someone exceptional we will buy” , and “there are limited quality players out there”. How come its only he who doesn’t see quality players to sign, but other managers do? And again, I will prefer he just shut the hell up instead of making those embarrassing comments. It’s better he just shut up and don’t buy anybody than insulting us with those comments of ” if we find exceptional player”. Mr Wenger since you are looking for exceptional players, pls bid for Ronaldo or Lionel.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if Wenger even has a brain. Making a fool out of us fans…reducing his chances of winning the bpl and talking crap…bla bla bla, same old crap every fkin time

  4. If u are an arsenal fan u wil realise there are two parts in an arsenal season…the first part is when we are winning and we think that we are the best team in the world at that point Wenger is a god and every Arsenal playr is a world class player at this point also Arsenal need no signings…then the 2nd part is when reality hits us hard in the face,we are eliminated in all competetion injuries come in and everyone is singing WENGER MUST GO…haha i ges at this time we are in the 1st part,we nid no signings and the squad is good enaf,there will be no injuries the whole season and Arsenal will win the EPL and the Cl next year hehe!

  5. I can only believe Arsenal aren’t bothered about signing a new defensive midfielder.

    1. Kondogbia and Schneiderlin have already completed moves this summer, seemingly without any offers from Arsenal.

    2. When asked about Schneiderlin’s move, Wenger said he didn’t need him because we had enough players that can play there. Yes, Schneiderlin isn’t an out and out DM, but he can play in that role.

    3. Flamini doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Arteta is staying too, new contract and all.

    4. These aren’t transfers you need to wait for – defensive midfielders have already completed moves this summer. Krychowiak has a release clause so Sevilla couldn’t block a move. Surely if we were in for one, the club would buy early so they can settle in preseason.

    5. Defensive midfielders aren’t hugely expensive players. Surely we have the money to buy one, so why haven’t we? Waiting around for a cheap deal as everyone hopes is happening with Benzema is a pointless move for a DM. We spent over £80m last summer. This summer we’ve only spent £11m.

    6. Wenger has failed to buy a DM for years now. He didn’t buy one last year when we only had Flamini and Arteta – we didn’t even know of Coquelin’s talent. Francis Coquelin’s emergence was seemingly 99% luck on Arsene’s part. The other 1% being the faith to keep him at the club all these years. Why else would he opt to send Coquelin to Charlton and keep Flamini?

    All points to one thing. No new defensive midfielder at Arsenal this year.

      1. We signed Welbeck last season. Seeing how stubborn Wenger is, he will rather go without a signling like Lacazette than admitting Welbeck was a bad investment

        1. Let’s not forget the story to it:

          We only signed Welbeck because Wenger failed to buy anyone better than, or even as good as, Giroud last summer, so we had no depth in strikers. Giroud got injured so we had to play Sanogo up front and the fans went crazy. Wenger was left with egg on his face for failing to get a striker and had to get Welbeck.

          When, during his very long Arsenal career, has Arsene Wenger actually gone out and bought a top quality striker? I don’t mean Thierry Henry, I mean someone of proven quality before they came here.

          1. Wenger has never bought a proven goal scorer, he has never demanded transfers from the board. If he wants to sign a top class player he should be able to do so.he has the power to sign any player he wants.but the truth is he will listen to the board and spend as little money as possible.

      2. We don’t need to buy…Akpom is an exceptional striker,ask Singapore select IX…lolz

        1. In Wenger’s little mind akpom is like a new signing.akpom is like Henry.akpom is the best striker around,why do we need to spend money. This is a big joke,if we don’t get the players we need we rather kiss our title hopes good bye. Sad that our title challenge vwould end before the season evebpn starts.

    1. Exactly, Coq. was an ooops moment and not by design. Wenger admitted as much when he stated that Coq. was on his way out, sorry but that’s why I’m concerned, his willingness to marginalize our need. We needed a CDM Wenger doesn’t buy, instead he relies on Flamini and Arteta, this year we need a back/ competition at the CDM, what he does, extends Arteta’s contract, keep Flamini and say we are stocked. Sorry but I have to question the ambition here.

      1. Wenger and the board have the same ambition and that is finishing fourth. We finished 3rd last year so don’t excpect any signings. We got third place,woooohaaaa…we are rocking

    2. @mick, I can totally accept Wenger not needing to buy a defensive midfielder because if he does, then he will have no choice but to sell one of our midfielders and I am not talking about old heads like Flamini or Arteta who won’t even make the bench next season. I am talking of players like Coquelin and Ramsey. How do we conveniently forget that we have Coquelin as our defensive midfielder when we go bitching about Wenger not buying a defensive midfielder? I cannot believe the tantrums folks are throwing here. We just won the fa cup and somehow, we are not on the up? This is ridiculous. Are we supposed to buy Schneiderlin for 25mil and then bench him? Can Ramsey not cover for coquelin in some games when he needs rest or if he gets injured? Surely if you think that we should have bought Vidal as a defensive midfielder, then you should realize that Ramsey is just like Vidal and can anchor our midfield in place of coquelin. There is every possibility that Wenger will buy a striker of some sort at least. Reliable sources are tweeting that we have made bids for lacazzette and Aubameyang. This is all while Wenger is busy saying his squad is okay as it is. He was also saying he was happy with the goal keepers he had when he was busy concluding the cech deal. We need to just relax here. All the bitching is driving me mad.

    1. Wenger is on our nerve. With his usual useless speech.he rather just keep his big mouth shut and sign the fkin players we need.we can’t be believing that our current squad is good enough to win us the bpl

  6. No guarantees for signings…but can guarantee what is going on AW’s head. Picture this: A cloud forms and he see Coq getting injured and he straight away orders Flamini to don Coq’s garbs. And then he smiles – the wicked smile…All is Well….That I can guarantee!

  7. In the past we were building a stadium blah, blah , blah. What is the excuse now?

    Lets look at the players United bought. – Schweni – is a better midfielder today at 30 then anyone we have at that b2b/DM position. Schneiderlin, can definitely play in the first 11 in Arsenal. Depay can be as good as Any winger we have, and could play on the opposing wing to Sanchez with Theo down the middle. Darmian is unknown to me so I wont pretend that i have any isdea about his play.
    Basically they got 3 players we could have gotten to better our team. But this is not even my point. Why are we not buying a good DM and instead we keep Flamini and Arteta?
    What is our strategy for a Striker we know Giroud and what he can do and it is not good enough, we can give a chance to Welbeck or Theo but that is risky too as they have been given chances before. So why are we not buyinng?

    1. Why are we noypt buying??!!good question, cuz Wenger is too stubborn and the board is way too stingy to spend any money. Our club is on the verge of success and they are destroying it. We have waited ten years to have a complete squad and now with two additions we are there. But I guess the board and our old crap coach thinks we are good to go

      1. I hate all you fans who still back Wenger,you are the reason we never succeed. Why all the support for a man who hasn’t won the bpl in ten years?why all the support for an old freak who has never beaten mourinho??? You bunch of fans are just happy with winning the fa cup?we won the cup why do we need new players???your so full of it

  8. All these people slaging wenger off. I’m wondering if wenger buy a forward and somebody else, are you all gonna be on here apologising to him?

    The window closes on September 2nd I think that’s enough time. Let’s face it nobody but wenger knows what he’s planning I understand what your feeling but please calm down gossip/rumours are just that

    1. Stop this there is still time crap, Wenger clearly doesn’t want to sign anyone. Yes there is a lot of time left but if we wanted to buy for example a DM, we would have signed kondogbia,Morgan or imbula by now. Clearly we are not after anyone,even a striker

      1. Yeah cause they are the only 3 dm that we could possibly be interested in.

        And unless I’ve made a mistake I’m pretty sure I never said we WILL sign. I said there is time so calm down. On September 2nd when the window closes and we don’t sign then start

        1. Tony who are we fooling???ourselves??? You know and I know Wenger is not going to sign anyone. Teams are making signings early so they can gel with the team. Let’s say that Wenger wants to sign somebody, why leave it sdo late? Whatever you think and say I still think Wenger is done,he should leave our arsenal. We fans have bigger ambitions than finishing fourth

          1. Yes we do have bigger ambition is want the prem and champs league as well but I’m not going to claim it know more then wenger because I don’t. And frankly mate nether does 99.99999% of the people on this or any other site. And anyone who thinks they do are kidding themselves

            And I don’t know if we’ll sign somebody or not but I’m not going to lose my sh1t over it, because when the window closes we have to support the squad that we’ve got.

  9. wenger loves a bargain but he knows that when bidding for top quality players who are almost sure to guarantee success a bargain is hard to come by. ideally we all would like to pay 35-40 million for benzema but mayb just this once arsene should leave behind his value for money ideology and go all out for benzema. we may be forced by madrid to pay around 50 million for benzema but if he wins us the title and makes us a truly european elite will he not be worth every penny of it?

    1. I’m not sure, 50mil if he get us the title it’ll be worth it (as much as I don’t think he’s worth that much) But if he doesn’t win us the title then that’s about 15mil wasted and then people will again be slaging wenger off for wasting that 15 that could go on another player, so yeah I’m not sure

      1. so far fans havent criticised wenger for signing ozil for 42 million wich i think was more then the rite amount. we will only know whether benzema is worth that amount or not once we sign him. also if things backfire and proves that benz is not worth d money it will be wenger critiising d fans for wanting to spend more money instead of fans criticising wenger.

  10. @pat-admin,
    Please can u confirm to me if Arsene still smokes? What is the man smoking/ saying we have 27players.. who is talking about quantity are. We are talking about quality please.

  11. Personally I think is waiting to see what Madrid does & will pounce on Benzema if given the chance. Other than that I don’t see anything happening. Still fingers crossed he shocks the world with Reus. Hey, a man can dream

  12. Wenger clearly said he will wait and see how all the players fitness and form are after the pre season tour. Surely things will start happening again once the team and staff return home.
    Today’s bonus, hector bellerin signs a new contract! yaya sanogo will spend a full season on loan at Ajax.

  13. I feel like he has 3 or 4 players he truly relies on, and the rest are interchangeable. For example, if Ox gets injured welbeck, Ramsey, or Wilshire gets forced to the wing, catastrophe averted. Apply to most positions, but if Sanchez gets injured it cripples the team.

    Our defense didn’t have the same bite when Kos was injured, but we were among best defensively when he was playing again.

    We rely too heavily on Giroud; he is basically only true striker threat if 18 goals considered a threat. Not his fault he doesn’t play like Messi or Sanchez, not his skill set.

    Is having another top winger to lessen impact of a Sanchez injury too much? Pedro I thought was good option till Ox comes good.

    Wenger doesn’t like gambling with cash, but apparently fond of rolling dice with injuries. I’m not concerned about what others doing, I’m concerned about Sanchez, Giroud, and Kos getting serious injuries. We’ll survive Ramsey, Ox, Welbeck, Mert, etc… injuries, we rely too heavily on Sanchez and Santi

    1. All reasonable comment Durand but isn’t every manager rolling the dice regarding injury? I see people on here wondering why we can’t buy Schneiderlin and Carvalho and keep Coquelin as a 3rd choice CDM in case they both get injured – all cloud cuckoo stuff as you will know. You maximise the 1st X1 quality and try and minimise the quality gap between them and their stand-in. I don’t see anyone’s B team threatening a PL title if their big guns start falling to injury. I think Gabriel with some more playing time will ease the pain if/when Kos’s achilles starts playing up. I hear you on Alexis but was pleased to see us maintain the results when his form dipped for a few months. And you are right about the front 5 – masses of permutations and variety to be had.

      An arguable A-Team (with players still with us at the moment) could be:
      Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
      Coq Cazorla
      Walcott Ozil Alexis

      Possible B-Team:

      Bellerin Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
      Arteta Ramsey
      Wilshere Rosicky Ox

      It is not a shabby B-team.

  14. Why is everyone crying? Did he ever guarantee signings before? lol, did he tell you he was getting Cech, Ozil or Sanchez? We all know him. let the man do his job

    1. so u have no interest in his mediocre 10 yr job record then… this year is different this year is different this year is different this….no its not

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