Wenger: No-one leaving Arsenal and no-one coming in – unless….

So transfer deadline day has finally arrived, and just for a change we don’t have millions of Arsenal fans clamouring for Wenger to ‘Spend Some Money’ (except for Hafiz again!). Most of us are happy with the arrival of Gabriel, especially with the resurgence of Francis Coquelin as DM.

So we are all calm, and so is Wenger by the sound of things. He has admitted there will be no moe transfer activity unless he gets an unexpected call today from one of football’s leechs (sorry I mean agents!). Wenger said after yesterday’s game: “I don’t think I will be busy. We have done what we wanted and unless there is a huge surprise and somebody calls me – not the journalists, an agent – then why not? At the moment, nothing, it’s very quiet.

And when he asked if anyone else would be following Sanogo, Podolski and Campbell out the door, he simply replied “No.”

Of course this will not stop a few more Arsenal rumours coming through today, and it is still possible that Wenger may get a last minute bargain offered to him this afternoon so I wouldn’t give up just yet. There are players like Winston Reid who have just 6 months left on their contracts and MUST be cashed in on today or their clubs will lose them for free in the summer.

Is there anyone else Arsenal fans would particularly like to see arrive today? Let me know and I’ll give Wenger a ring!

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  1. Champagne Charlie says:

    Your Reid’s, Gignacs etc may well be available today, but I think Wenger realises we have all the squad types now.

    The only additions we need to consider are a top class DM (Schneiderlin) and a top class ST (Reus/Lacazette), which aren’t typical d-day signings in Jan. We’re in good nick until the summer, but if Dortmund or Southampton get twitchy I wouldn’t say no 😉

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      It would make sense for Dortmund to sell. Reus’ release clause activates in the summer, and it’s only £27m apparently. If they sold now they could probably get £30-40m for him. Still unlikely they’d sell though, and unlikely he’d leave, and even more unlikely he’d come to us.

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        I agree until the last part. Most top clubs are FFP restricted (PSG, Chelsea, City), Barca have a transfer ban, leaving Real, Bayern, United and Us potentially.

        Reports say Dortmund flat refuse the Bayern deal after Gotze and Lewy, and Balague says Real don’t want. So if that is in fact the case it’s a toss up between us and United, and I think we edge that. Not this window though as you said, but I think we’re an option come the summer.

    2. muda says:

      No IN, No OUT???? No Problem!!

  2. dan says:

    For once it will be a stress free day we are in win win position if Wenger buys someone its a bonus if not it does not matter the squad is getting stronger and other injured players not to far away from returning we now have enough depth in squad to see us through to end of season so lets enjoy seeing other clubs racing around trying to make last min signings for a change!!!

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      Agreed Dan. The squad now with players back and others proving themselves why bother who knows what will be needed.I think Wenger is happy his youngsters have proved him right and players have lifted there game too, so he doesn’t have to buy. Makes sense to me but then who am I.Leave it to the Boss he knows best. CB

  3. kia_SA says:

    We all know how Wenger keeps his cards close to his chest! I am by no means saying that Wenger has a surprise in the wings (and no, that is no pun for a Reus bid!)… However, Wenger would normally be adamant that their will be no more signings… The fact that he says he is still open to the idea of a transfer if something comes along keeps me intrigued!

    Although I am happy with the team and what signings we have already made, so even if we don’t sign someone, which is the most likeliest scenario, I’m still a happy Gooner!

    1. Gooner Cape Town says:

      Sky reporting he was in office before 9am….here’s hoping a Schneiderlin or Reus deal, but doubt it. One of our better January windows.

  4. vijaygunner says:

    Hope arsenal make a late bid for illaramendi though.

  5. Gunner says:

    still waiting for the house of Hafiz to comment…lol

    1. kia_SA says:

      Hahaha, sell EVERYONE! No one is good enough to play for Arsenal!

    2. andyarsenal05 says:

      Haha. Me too. Keep reloading the page to see if has comment. Hahaha.

    3. CraigZWE says:

      As the official spokes person for the house of Rahman, we demand you stop these rumours of no more signings.

      1. kia_SA says:

        Hahaha! I shall accept this demand… Lets go splash out 100 million on players in one day!

        Just buy everyone!

  6. AYZAY says:

    We would only buy nobody but one worldclass player in the summer

    1. DDK says:

      Depending on injuries and who we let go. Hopefully Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, Podolski and Szechzny will be off of our books by then.

  7. DDK says:

    Must say, Wengers comments combined with the performance yesterday, might actually contribute to agents knocking on our door for a change.

  8. CraigZWE says:

    Spend Wenger, need WC ST and DM.

    Spend, spend, spend.

    1. Gooner Cape Town says:

      Are you Hafiz are you Hafiz, are you Hafiz in disguise, are you………

  9. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Once again Wenger closes the cheque book after spending Jack Sxxxx.
    Another disappointing transfer window Thank’s a lot WENGER.

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