Wenger not confident of Europa and wants to concentrate on the League

Although Arsenal fans are 99% certain that the Gunners cannot qualify for the Champions League by finishing in the Top Four of the Premier League and our only remaining hope is to win the Europa League and sneak in the back door, like Man United did next season, it would appear that the Boss thinks his team need to win against some ‘big teams’ before we can consider winning the minor European trophy.

Of course the next ‘big team’ we play is Man City again on Thursday, and if we lose that then we are left ten points behind Tottenham in Fourth Place, and even 8 points behind Chelsea in Fifth, but Wenger insists that we can’t give up yet, despite only ten games left to make up the deficit on both of them.

“We have to prioritise the next game first before we talk about the Europa League,” he said on Arsenal.com when asked where our priorities lie now for the season ahead. “We will of course take the Europa League very seriously but we have as well to win big games because if you want to go far in the Europa league, you have to win big games as well.

“If you look at the opponents who are in the Europa League, there are big teams in there.”

Of course we play AC Milan next month in the next round of the Europa, and there are still teams like Dortmund, Atletico Madrid and others still to come if we can beat the Italians, so it is no surprise that Wenger is not feeling very confident.

But he also doesn’t seem very confident about beating City in the League match on Thursday either. “When you lose a game like that everything is questioned – the players, the team, the personalties,” he said. “It is now [like that] of course every time that you don’t win a game.

“But we played against a good side, you cannot say that we played against an average side. They dominate the Premier League and they have good players. It is difficult to come back [when you are behind against them].”

Well, I guess all we can hope for is that Man City don’t get the first goal again and destroy our confidence even further….



  1. joseph says:

    We will be knocked out by Ac Milan,thats my parayer.
    we will lose to mancity 3 nill
    lose to broghton
    draw against Watford
    win against stoke
    Draw against southampton
    loose to newcastle

    1. Nayr says:

      IVAN GAZIDIS AND JOSH KROENKE need to seriously talk to STAN KROENK.enough is enough.

      LORD HARRIS,JOSH AND IVAN were all wenger out only to be overrun by majority STAN and the arrogant SIR CHIPS KESWICK who insulted our loyal fans at the AGM.

      Very sad to see such a young arsenal fan crying in yesterdays game.sorry lad.chin up

    2. Shortboygooner says:

      Being back thumbs @admin ??????????????

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Of coz…our millionaire fancy players are afraid of the big boys and get nervous….

    against the smaller boys they get complacent…..

  3. John Wick says:

    Arsene Wenger is more delusional than I thought if he thinks his current crop of overpaid gutless excuse for footballers can make top 4! The man is so out of touch it’s frightening! What’s more frightening is that our CEO thinks there’s no one in world football who’s a better candidate to lead the club forward than Wenger himself.. if Wenger remotely cared about the club he’d walk away admit to himself and the fans he can’t do it anymore but there’s more chance of Granit Xhaka winning the Balon Dor than that actually happening.. Apparently we defended well yesterday it was just a couple of lapses in concentration and one of city’s goals was 100% offside, he also indicated man city are dominating the league suggesting it’s no big thing we lost as they’re too good for everyone! But not good enough to beat Wigan who’s in league one I guess Wenger didn’t see that! I’m fine if we lose but put in a performance that yesterday wasn’t a performance that was an embarrassment what the hell did they practice in training? How to stoop even lower this season? Tbh I’m sick and tired of speaking about Wenger but what else is there to say? It’s absolutely obvious those players do not play for him and a lot of them aren’t good enough anyway, but Wenger did sign those players and supposedly trains them! I can’t see anything changing other than us getting worse because arsenal fans will still come and fill out the Emirates buy merchandise and sing in Wenger we trust when we go on a 2 game unbeaten run.. it’s time we fans woke the hell up, something has got to be done sooner rather than later we are on a very slippery slope and if Wenger and his team are this bad now can you imagine how much worse we will be next season and beyond! We all know Wenger will never walk away he must think because his name is very similar to the club he is running into the ground is some sort of calling.. the man needs someone to put their arm around him and tell him there’s a taxi waiting for him outside it’s going to the airport, don’t call us we’ll call you! Then change the locks and get a restraining order..

    1. Jide says:

      I agree with you mate. The man is so delusional that he will take Arsenal down into mediocrity, then ask us later that why didn’t we stop him. Its time for the board to wake up and see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes.
      We have to be saved from this man as quickly as possible.

      1. Hademe says:

        ,Wenger’s senility is telling on the club. From final of champions league to round of sixteen, now out of champions league, perharps he will only consider quitting when we are faced with relegation battle. If truely he love arsenal,he should leave .

  4. bran911 says:

    He ain’t being confident coz he knows the kind of team he assembled. How can you not have confidence to face teams in the Europa League? Can’t compete in the PL, can’t compete in the UCL, can’t compete in the EL, not even in the carabao cup. Where can this team really compete? I doubt if they all can give their women mind blowing orgasms, they aren’t built for that kind of victory. They could all be one minute man

    So this old lunatic thinks 4th is easier and we face Man City again on Thursday? Who is he trying to fool? His soft players?

    1. Exactly! Big teams beat us, small teams beat us, average teams beat us…we quite frankly aren’t good enough for any competition. I hope once AC Milan dump us out of europe the board will wake up and do something.

  5. kamikaze says:

    Arsenal fans are funny…we only rant on social media hehe

  6. AshburtonGrove says:

    Boycott – it’s the only way he’ll be forced out of our club.

    1. John Wick says:

      Exactly but how many times have we said that ? It never happens no matter how much I would love to see it. Guys like DT, Troopz etc on arsenal fan TV rant and rave but they go to every game it’s fans like those guys that’s keeping this old fossil in a job

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    prior to the game, rumours were already going very strong that Arsenal is going to lose….

    just look at the first goal….is Mustafic really that soft??

    1. Guneal says:

      You’re softer!

  8. Sue says:

    What a complete idiot

  9. Phil says:

    The only thing Wenger SHOULD be concentrating on this morning is CLEARING HIS DESK and GETTING OUT THROUGH THE EXIT DOOR.
    Enough of his excuses.We have become a Global Embarrasment due to this mans TOTAL MIS-MANAGEMENT of OUR FOOTBALL CLUB.

    Wenger and all his AKB’s now have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide to escape the RIDICULE brought on OUR CLUB by him.


  10. Franko says:

    Have you seen how the players including the kids greet Wenger in training? They do ‘chop knuckles’ with him where they put their fists up and Wenger does the same and then they touch each other. I knew right there why our players have been playing spineless football for so long. We need a proper manager not a father to these players.

  11. H&S says:

    RIP Arsenal Football Club.
    A man so self absorbed who puts his fear of walking away before the club before the club itself.
    A self serving ****
    I suspect nothing will change.
    They will cave in and give him a new contract.
    You can just see this happening can’t you?
    I am not bothered about his legacy – he did what he was paid to do.
    And I want him as far away as possible…

  12. CorporateMan says:

    I watched Milan against Roma last night and, boy! It’s all over for Arsenal. Let’s just start preparing for Europa league playoffs next season. And we will be dumped out because most of our players will still be on post World Cup vacation. Time to really weep!

  13. AndersS says:

    Give Wenger a new contract.
    We won’t make top 4 this year, and we can be relegated to Championship next year, and then he might have a chance of getting us into top 4 of the Championship in 2020.
    Wenger forever…

  14. sadikh says:

    this team is killing me i just hope i’ll see them win at least 1 major trophy before the next generation comes up

  15. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Wenger said that Man City is a quality team and it is hard to come back from 1:0 down. Can’t disagree with these statements; however what fans and supporters expect from tha Arsenal in a cup final is that the manager and players respect the badge and compete and fight right to the end. Losing is not a disgrace, but lack of commitment and not leaving every thing on the pitch are disgraceful.

  16. Gooner Craig says:

    I would love to win the Europa League just to win it, not to get back into the Champions League! What we going to do if we qualify anyway? Lol other than make money for the board not to reinvest into the team

  17. d says:

    its still possible to do both, once we have lacazette back think well go on a run and finish top 4, then all these fans who criticize us for losing against the best team in the league will have to eat their words, next season with right signings and once miki n auba adapt, we will win the league

  18. Jehu O says:

    Am tired of Arsenal just like am tired of the president of my country UG I cant quit yet am not happy my hands are tied.
    With wenger still alive just know he will forever manage Arsenal FC. Afc fans are toothless coz we r suffering from the same disease like our players they are also toothless so dont blame the players that much.

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