Wenger not happy with Arsenal Board’s imposed changes?

In the latest news in regards to Arsenal’s uncertain future, it appears the Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger is ‘unimpressed’ and ‘frustrated’ with the Arsenal board after actions from the board which the Frenchman thought implied a lack of faith in the manager. The report from the Metro claims that the club’s hierarchy have shown him a lack of support this season, amidst all the turmoil following yet another mid-season collapse. The report further claims that the veteran manager’s dissatisfaction towards the board stems out of two decisions.

The first one being club chairman Sir Chips Keswick releasing a statement last month saying that Wenger’s future is not assured and a decision will be taken at the end of the season, when apparently, Wenger had informed the board privately that he will sign the two-year extension on offer. The second, apparently is the board’s decision to appoint a Director of Football to look over transfers, which we know is true as former Gunners’ star Marc Overmars confirmed that he is one of the candidates in line to take the seat, saying: “I think there is a list with some names and I might be on it.”

With Wenger stating years prior that he has the biggest say when it comes to transfers, you could understand why an appointment of a Director of Football to look over transfers would upset him. So with that being said, I believe this story comes with a fair bit of credibility. Personally, I feel Wenger has too much power at the club. As Ian Wright stated earlier, no one at the club is allowed to disagree with the Frenchman and that is a very unhealthy state of affairs at a football club.

With that being the situation at the Emirates, you can actually see the need for a Director of Football and considering how well Overmars is playing that role at Ajax, I think he would be perfect for the position. In all honesty, this club could really do with someone in a strong position to disagree with Wenger. As unhappy as Le Prof may be, he is still probably staying and I hope the board go through with the decision of appointing a Director of Football to look over transfers. Wenger just doesn’t seem to be able to manage everything on his own any more….



  1. Frank says:

    The stubbornness and arrogance of Wengers personality has become his failure in moving Arsenal forward. If he is unhappy with the board and is unwilling to progress, then maybe he should make the decision to leave.
    I have a feeling we might win against City but it will very interesting to see what the board does if we get pumped 5-1 again.

    1. reddb10 says:

      The board will do nothing even if we loase 8-2…..AGAIN
      We can dream all we want but the arrogant old deluded one will never leave and nobody in the board will get rid of him.

      1. AFC says:

        I’m confused as to why anybody would thumb you down.I can’t see anything in your comment to thumb you down for.Maybe it’s the spelling error of lose that’s why.

  2. Goonergaz59 says:

    Wenger stated years ago in an interview on sky TV that the day Arsenal F.C.brought in a director of football would be the day that he left.I wonder if he will be true to his word.

  3. Gavin says:

    Its not rocket science even arsen can find the door if you don’t like the changes GO.Arsenal will still be Arsenal f c no mater who is in charge.

    1. Gunnermarine says:

      This is true, does not matter who is in charge, Arsenal, Gunners will be, but for real Wenger are unable to lead my beloved club to the heights where Arsenal play Barcelona in the CL final and winning doubles league, FA cups

  4. jonm says:

    We all know that Arsenal are very secretive over their business dealings. How does the Metro know that “Wenger had informed the board privately that he will sign the two-year extension on offer”.

    Metro are just making up a story which fits the known facts and sounds plausible. Arsenal have had the usual dip in form but this year have not bounced back, top four looks very unlikely and no champions league football next year. This will cause a drop in income, fans are unhappy so of course Wengers relations with the board will be strained.

    Us fans and Metro can speculate all we want but it comes down to wenger and Kroenke, if both want wenger to stay then he stays, otherwise he goes. The only way there will be any leaks is if arsenel make approaches to other managers and they leak the information. Personally I think Wenger will decide to go at the end of the season.

  5. AsburtonGrove says:

    I hope you’re right.
    If we don’t make top 4 which – realistically we probably won’t, we miss out on a ball-park figure of about 150 million.
    We know Kroenke’s all about the $ and now his son Josh seems to be taking notice of the potentially dire situation across the pond, I wouldn’t be surprised if they fire Wenger at the end of the season.
    It will be much cheaper to pay someone like Simione 8 million a year than the same old deja vous that could risk another 150 mill once we capitulate around November.
    Wenger out!

  6. Guneal (English Arsenal fans let me down) says:

    This is what becomes of a club that has a manager without giving him targets……..

    You might argue Mr. Wenger has a sole target of making the club profitable.

    I don’t need PROFIT, I need TROPHIES!
    Am so sorry for yelling at you.

  7. big g says:

    Get David Dein back.

  8. OX and Ramsey are ARSENAL’s future….quote/unquote the deluded one, are these statements that confirm that this man has completely lost touch with reality, well OX if he decides to be consistent and Le Fraud plays him in his natural position well maybe but RAMSEY …..LOL these statements by Le Fraud are just to prepare the Fans for life after SANCHEZ and OZIL, changing formations against BORO was just to show Fans he can change and be flexible…well old man a bit too late we all know your ways once the storm is over and you get a decent win you will go back to your old ways and announcing you are staying to REVAMP the team….we are so predictable in and out of the field……forfeit your salary buy WC players and I will support you till you decide to leave

  9. Irebami says:

    I can’t wait for the end of the season to know the faith of our dear club. With Wenger maybe 10th will do in the coming season.

  10. Javier says:

    Arsenal in such poor form….it will be a miracle if they win…

    I want to be wrong ..but
    mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge.

    good luck…..

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