Wenger not happy with Gabriel’s reaction but could face FA charge himself!

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he blames Diego Costa for the Arsenal defeat at Chelsea this weekend, but he also acknowledges that the Brazilian defender Gabriel was ‘unprofessional’ in the way he allowed Costa to wind him up. “I don’t understand Gabriel because he usually looks a calm boy.” Wenger said. “You have to be above that. That’s part of the game.

“To be professional, to me, is to deal with that.

“You can spit in my face and if it’s in a game then I will not respond. I do not guarantee that outside of the game!”

I personally don’t think that Gabriel looks like a calm boy! Quite the opposite, I think he looks scarey as hell! But I digress. This same report, in the Mirror, reckons that Wenger himself could face an FA charge for his comments about the referee Mike Dean after the match, labelling him ‘weak’. Le Prof again reiterated his feelings towards all the officials when he was quoted as saying: “He hits him twice in the face, gets away with it because of the naivety of the referee. It’s unacceptable.

“You have a fourth official, you have a linesman, [and] the referee and they talk all the game. They can tell him and they know Diego Costa.

“He [Costa] is not a newcomer. He was here for a year now.

“It is surprising. I tell you something, if I am a referee and I referee Diego Costa, I do not send somebody off quickly if he responds, because you know he has been well provoked.”

Wenger is right of course, Gabriel made an error when he simply fell into Costa’s trap by allowing himself to react, Costa was definitely at fault, and Wenger obviously believes that Costa was behind it all. So which of these three should I award my University of North Texas mug to this week? The first one to get five votes will see me post the trophy in the comments section….


  1. I have read the conditions relating to comments made on the Just Arsenal web site and herewith claim The Fifth Amendment on the grounds that anything I say could incriminate me. That`s life!

    1. I can’t help but to admit I ha’ te this so called **NO SWEARING** FA a bunch of us+less human beings, them and there refrees make us feel helpless. Costa deserves a very lengthy ban but watch it won’t happen, even if it happens where is our 3points???? More reason to ha’te chelsea and anything related to it.

    1. Mature Arsenal fans??? Lol! Swearing helps psychologically. Even Ferguson did swear, including uncle Roy. Not so good, but sometimes u can’t help it.

    2. mature arsenal fans are fans that are not brainwashed(or fooled) by wenger and the board by there business stuff.
      they are not fans that are fighting for 4th league position,fa cup,preseason trophies,etc except epl and cl trophpy.

  2. Gabriel did what any man would do…While Kos was running to mummy(ref) for help, Gab wanted to show Costa that he cant just bully an Arsenal player without someone standing up..Its a pity but that’s what we need form an Arsenal captain-we should’ve surrounded the ref when Kos went down…that would’ve distinctly pointed to the ref that Cost was stiring Sh!t…
    As for AW, he was just telling it as it was – the ref was weak…I(f everyone else can see it, why must the FA charge him(AW).

    1. I don’t accept Gabriel fell into Costas trap. He did what anyone would do as you say. If he fell into any trap, then it was THE CHEATING DEANS TRAP, who was waiting for an excuse like always to send an Arsenal player off. How the hell does Gabriel know what was coming from Dean. It’s not
      COSTA that issued the red card to Gabriel, it was Dean who knew exactly how to cheat Arsenal. Costa could have got yellows and red the entire game and Dean chose not to. DEAN IS THE VILLIAN AND CRIMINAL, and Arsenal fans worldwide must protest he never refs an Arsenal game again.

  3. Chelsea F.C
    Manager allegedly called the Medic (Eva Carneiro) ‘son of a bitch’
    Fans wish their club legend (Petr Cech) died in that horrific clash against Hull.
    They also sing anti-semantic chants against Israeli opposition during a CL clash.
    Player (Diego Costa) is one of the biggest disgraces of football.
    Captain (John Terry) is a racist!
    What a classy club!

  4. First of all, we cannot blame Wenger for our defeat on Sunday. Before we went down to ten men, we were the better team. What is appalling is not only Costa’s manhandling of Koscielny’s face and his actions thereafter (Koscielny should have stayed on the ground but he is a man not a little twirp like Fabregas), but even more so the fourth officials inability to communicate this occurrence to Mike Dean. The spat between Gabriel and Costa went on for ages, and with the technology at our disposal in this day and age there was more than enough time for Dean to be advised what happened before the Gabriel incident. Really f***** pathetic and Wenger has every right to blast the officials. It is not as if the players are mute, I’m sure some of the Arsenal players also tried to advise Dean on what happened in our box, but being the Arsenal hater he is, turned a deaf ear. Costa needs a lengthy ban and Dean needs to be reprimanded somehow. Once again we get dealt a poor hand but let’s pick ourselves up and push forward. I believe Coquelin will naturally start taking leadership on the pitch, he has all the abilities of a strong leader and I hope Wenger sees this.

      1. Honestly, whenever that game comes to mind, only word that jumps out of my mouth is ***k. And NOOOOOOO, I honestly cannot blame Arsene, for once. Personally, I think even with a man down, we could have come out with a point.

        Ps: Anybody know where Dean lives?

  5. Yes, Gabriel fell into Costa Trap but Gabriel is a Boss. Unfortunately, He got a red but Dude stood for his team-mate and He was all alone. Arsenal players all acted cool. No wonder, opponents keep bullying us because we are toooo nice. Costa is now my most hated footballer of all time. Attitude, facial looks disgusts mi.

    1. Same here mate. I hate Costa, always looking for attention like his some special player. Ref 2 : Arsenal 0. Proud of the team for standing up even when we were down to 9 men.

      1. And we did not park the bus. Shame on Maureenho, and shame on Arsene for still trying to talk BS about acting all nice and proper on the pitch.

    2. COSTA is a dirt bag same as is coach they must rank 1 /2 as the most hated in the league, but since this game Fabregas got on my list he became a CHELSKI POS, he lead the riot of players harrasing Dean and because his theatrics they showed the second yellow to Cazorla…..

  6. All water under ‘the bridge’ now.

    The reason it happened is that Wenger doesn’t like figureheads in the changing room and wants everyone to be gentlemen and play by a elevated idea of conduct of the game that no longer rules (more Queensbury rules today).

    No quarter given no quarter asked for!

    The shouters, banter slingers, the jeerer uppers in Arsenes teams like Adams et al were told to stop their behaviour as it wasn’t his way of doing things. Basically, players with fire in the belly weren’t wanted. Only cold, calculating,technical fish.

    He wanted a reflection of himself in the team and as a result we are too bloody soft, physically diminutive and not lead by men.

    Gab showed a pair but wasn’t smart. We need more like him.

    1. I agree Gabs was not smart. Damn it!!! Not smart enough to punch that Koala in the face!!!

  7. Gabriel Reminded me of the Viera Days. LOL. But it was sad to see him get sent off.

    But for me Wenger has to take blame for some of his decisions. why is he playing Ramsey out on the wing. I cannot understand how Walcott can demand to play striker and not in his proper position which is wing. Its like Wenger is scared to not play Ramsey so he makes space for him. Ramsey has no pace. He does not scare any defender on the wing as they can easily track back. Ramsey in the middle is far better. Next to THE COCK.

    Walcott with his pace would have kept hazard busy as he would have had to track back to defend. Hazard done no defending. Giroud striker and walcott on the wing for me would have had a bigger effect on the game.

    Carzola’s Red card is all Wenger. He should learn to protect the players. Why take of OZil and Alexis who had no Yellow cards and leave on Carzola who is also playing a semi attack and defensive role. That second yellow was always coming.

    So for me yes Chelsea plays dirty but Wenger needs to get over himself and make the right decisions for the team. Too much favourites and too little impact. Sometimes it seems as if Wenger is new to the Premier League with the decisions he makes.

    Still upset for the loss.

  8. At least this season
    is not boring 🙂
    Zagreb now Chelsea
    Spurs mid week Leicester
    Olympiacos then Utd.
    Whooo whoo .
    Bring it on.
    Let’s get ready to RUUUUUMMMMBBBBLLLEEEE………

  9. Iwenger is wrong to blame Gabriel’s actions…. What if Costa continued & later removed someone’s eyes, how would that be reversed???
    If “mourin-HOE” really meant it to
    Let him pickup his bag, pack Costa in it (but leave his wife behind) & join the WWE

  10. yes ofcourse,wenger is right to call the referee more than weak,eventhough,he is more weaker then the referee for him nt signing some players who wl stands on any wrong doing to our player at the same time they are in full control of their emotions,just to open eyes the referee and prevent him from making wrong decision against us.,mike dean hate arsenal,costa is a stupid,vagabond player,mourinho is arrogant nd teaches his players on how to behave arrogantly.To me gabriel is a type of player we lost in our team,dt wl lead us,we have to keep on praising him,bt only that he need to be more wiser.SALIS DALHAT KWANKWASO.UP UP GUNNERS.

    1. The MOST frustrating/infuriating thing about AW, is that many of his ideas ARE still on the cutting edge regarding playing style, tactics, roles etc, however he seems to constantly shoot himself in the foot with his application/execution as he wants to achieve the outcomes HIS way.

      I’m not sure on this, you would have to elaborate. If we are talking in terms of the beautiful game, maybe, but in terms of beating the opposition we are up against, I’m unsure on this now, the jury is out.

      One word comes to mind: balance. That’s possibly where you were heading to with your line of thought.

      In terms of execution I would say there is a valid point in terms of what appears to be non-existent in-match presence and management from the bench.

  11. I said it was under the bridge but just read this and wanted to share as it says it all:


  12. I think the Boss continues with playing Ramsey at right wing due the non availability of Welbeck. Otherwise, one of the two of Walcott & Welbeck would have been starting in alternate as cf & rw, while Ramsey will serve as cover for Cazorla. And the absence of Rhinosacker at the Bride contributed to the loss of adequate power control at the Gunners’ defense line formation. A fully fit Rhino’ might have been started ahead of De Abreu, or comes on in place of Chambers who could not blocked Hazard’s 2nd goal for Chelsea, but can only help deflecting it in. What about Cech, has he done his old club a favour as he did not save any of the 2 Chelsea goals? I think he should have punched away or tipped over the bar the Zouma’s free header. An eagle eye Cech would have sighted Zouma as he was racing to the back post to head in a corner kick. Poor defending by the Gunners! Even Hazard’s deflected goal that beat Cech was too easy for my liking. Whatever is it that has made or caused the Gunners to have dropped 8 Premier League points and 3 CL points MUST be Halted if we are to seriously challenge for the title and the CL by our own design and depending on other clubs misfortunes which may not happen. The Gunners won’t have any excuse to tender if they don’t get pass Spurs on Wednesday night’s to qualify for the 4th round of the Capital One Cup. At least the getting past of Spurs will sooth the pains we gone through as we have lose 2 back to back games. As for Costa thugry against characterly weak Koscielny and strong in character De Abreu, let’s wait to see what the FA will do. I suspect they will slam a ban on Costa. But where will be our lost 3 points?

  13. Loosing and winning is common in football.

    but to tolerate mediocrity into making this club 4th place false trophy tolreance,

    is not acceptable.

  14. ramsey better than ox on the right. for current formation & game play. unless, there is no sanchez on the pitch. why? becoz sanchez and ox, selfish.

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