Wenger not interested in Mourinho’s mind games

The Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho loves talking about his accomplishments. And he tries spicing it up with potshots about his opponents, especially if it’s Arsenal! If it involves talking about Arsene Wenger then it energizes the Blues manager all the more.

But no matter how much Mourinho tries to provoke Wenger, the Frenchman keeps his cool. Of course, we are not talking about the infamous shoving incident which can be brushed aside as a one-off accident. So, the latest jibe from Mourinho too didn’t get Wenger too interested.

Mourinho spoke earlier this week that the Gunners’ boss will need a calculator because the club’s spending in recent years outstripped Chelsea. But Wenger brushed him off and said that he would not be interested in talking about the transfer spends.

“We spend when we think we have to spend and do not listen to what people think or say”, Wenger said.
Wenger was being practical when he said that any club would spend on their transfers when they have money. He was categorically mentioning that spending in the transfer market is not a signal of financial might – always.

Arsenal finished third in the Premier League – 12 points behind winners Chelsea last season. It is widely accepted that the Gunners will be the prime competitors for the title this season. And Mourinho must have been irked when his classy goal keeper Petr Cech chose to sign for his nemesis, early this transfer window.

Wenger was quick to point to his record of bringing through young players to the first team. He may have loosened his purse string a little bit by bidding huge amounts for Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. But, even Mourinho will acknowledge that the market is skewed up and inflated with the whims and fancies of the players and agents.

One thing that Mourinho conveniently bypassed is that the nett spend of Chelsea is brought down by some shrewd buying and selling. Mourinho oversaw the big money departures of Kevin De Bruyne, Andre Schurrle and David Luiz filling his coffers in the recent times.

Arsenal’s spending is not quite as dramatic as Mourinho made it out. The Gunners spent around £148 million since Mourinho returned to England in 2013 while Chelsea spent around £235 million during the same time. Mourinho may have missed out about Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas. Of course he will forget because he wanted to put one across Wenger.

The two managers will clash in the weekend’s season opener at the Wembley when Chelsea and Arsenal fight for honours. It may not be the marquee trophy in the calendar but both the managers understand that any good chance to put one across the other team is something they can ill afford to relinquish.


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  1. None of us are intereated in Mourinho full stop. Stop with the Mourinho articles now please.

    1. These club is really moving forward at last…..but at the speed lower than that of Mr chameleon….
      cmon wenger, board, kroenke, gazidiz etc….we can do better!!!!….spend the money if its there…one WC player per season is not working…buy two WC players now then buy none next season

    2. We, however, are interested in Arsène Wenger breaking the Mourinho jinx… and I abso-fukkin’-lutely hope — or let me say, believe — that if Arsenal wins this one against Mourinho, it will set the tone in our approach against big teams!!! #YaGunnersYa!

    3. WE WILL GIVE WENGER THE RESPECT BECAUSE OF HIS PAST ACHIEVEMENTS, HOWEVER I HONESTLY FEEL HE SHOULD HAVE JUMPED AT PEDRO OFFER. This is a big miss, same as we did for Suarez, Hazard etc. WENGER IS TOO SAFE AT TIMES AND NEVER TAKES RISKS. We have the money can sacrifice Wellbeck for sure as a forward. I really don’t see him doing great things for Arsenal

      THEO has been given his big chance this season as CF. He must not blow it as there will be no second chances.

      I REST MY COMMENTS ON WENGER TILL THE SEASON ENDS. Chelsea game will also show whether we are close to competing for the title. IF WE GO TROPHYLESS OR FAIL TO IMPROVE ON 3RD THIS SEASON. I WILL NOT HOLD BACK IN BLAMING WENGER 110%. He had every chance to strengthen the team but chose not to in his own wisdom!

  2. Lewandowski and Llorente are the only two strikers that haven’t come out or their representatives haven’t come out and and said they are staying at their current clubs now.

    Most likely Wenger will get Llorente and claim that he (Llorente) will strengthen the squad, as if the other players wouldn’t have.

    1. Why would Robert Lewandowski move? Its like us selling Sanchez off to Wolfsburg for no apparent reason. They don’t have another striker of his caliber to replace him. He’s only spent one season there. I just don’t see a logical rationale behind this move.

      1. He spent two, not one; and he isn’t as good under pep as he was under klopp; that’s one reason for the optimists.

        1. That’s not a good enough reason “he’s not good under pep” that’s a ridiculous reason. Lewy would never leave Bayern this season. Bayern are not crazy to sell him.

        2. I believe he has spent only one. He joined from Dortmund at the start of the 2014-2015 season.

      2. How the f*ck did you just compare Wolfsburg to arsenal? And he’d LOVE to come we have so much to offer him. We have a world class manager with a world class stadium and facilities. We have an excellent team littered with world class talent that would provide chance after chance, he’d be the main man and not shunned to the LW or benched, and he’d be making bank living in London.

        1. Bayern don’t have a WC stadium and manager??????Bayern don’t have anything to offer him????and since when Wenger is a world class coach??he doesn’t even want to buy a striker, he’s not even thinking of signing a dm! Our squad needs two more additions but our world class manager thinks otherwise

        2. sorry mate i love my club, but its bayern were talkin about.

          he would love to come here? he could go anywhere- hes that good- we wouldnt be first choice

          ur like ty with arsenal waterbottle on arsenal fan tv lol

        3. Well, Lewy has a better chance of winning the treble with Bayern than winning the league with Arsenal, so I guess he’ll stay put.

    2. Llorente to arsenal is never going to happen. actually Llorente to any premier league club is never going to happen. championship maybe?

  3. I for one think Arsenal have a real good chance of doing something great this season. Settled squad of quality players, and top class goalkeepers. All the best on Sunday Arsenal. Really wish I had the privilege watch this game.

  4. Yes, I too was very impressed with how Arsene very intelligently brushed mourinhos words aside. A very clever man is our manager, no doubt. It would, or it will irritate the hell out of mourinho if we win the title.. or should I say if Arsene Wenger wins the title.

    To make matters worse is that if or when this happens people will be totaling up how much money the Chelsea Manu and the city teams cost and mentioning how much more spectacular this achievement is because of it. They will be highlighting how spurs and Liverpool armoured their top men with more wealth than our very own Arsene Wenger. Mourinho probably getting his in early because what he said is exactly what he will say come the end of the season with Arsenal being champions (I hope and believe)

  5. This is a game Wenger dare not lose as it will send the wrong signal even before a ball is kicked in anger. Whilst JM doesn’t think this game is anything to go by, Wenger must try and get one over him at this stage as it will psychologically do no harm to team spirits going into the new season the following week! Come on ye gunners!!!

  6. We won’t get benzema, we won’t get lliorente and for damn sure we are not getting lewandowski. We won’t be signing a striker, Theo has been promised the cf role! I just hope we get a goal scoring winger like Pedro. We should snap Pedro without any hesitation. He is simply world class. And I just can’t believe we are being linked with Sergio busquets!!!!! Crazy…….we are lucky to get one more signing, I don’t see Wenger spending anymore of his hard earned money!!!! If we don’t sign anymore players I’m sorry but WENGER OUT

  7. I honestly think jose mourinho is worried about arsenal.

    we have addressed one key weakness..

    not many people realise how good cech will be for us

    remember the saves joe hart made against barcelona?
    remember the saves de gea made against us at emirates?

    well cech is the same…he can keep us in games that matter when we have a lapse in concentration.

    I ain’t sayin ospina and sczeny ain’t good

    but cech,degea,nueur,courtois,lloris….they got something bout them.

  8. douglas costa and now vidal, surely gotze is moving.
    we shd make a serious bid and test them

        1. I know that, I said I prefer us to sign Pedro. Cuz Pedro is a winger and we could use a world class winger

  9. Wenger is no longer a world class manager. His days are over. He’s an old fool. Giving contract extension to arteta and not getting rid of flamini. This is what you call world class? He will never win the bpl with this kind of thinking!!!! Sorry but I’m just speaking the truth. Write down my id and come back to me when the transfer window shuts down.we won’t sign anyone. That’s a fact

    1. Truely @seancali i second that…i had to think hard before commenting but truth be said…no wc manger would offer contracts to arteta and flamin as if they were pirlos….we surely need not to extend his contract and get a younger unsturbbon wc manager…martinez or pep or klopp are my favourites

      1. Plastik fan, exactly!!! We need new blood, a younger manager who is hungry for success. A manager who is not scared to get rid of arteta and flamini and sign a damn DM. Wenger is no longer a WC manager, he is just after saving money for the board. He doesn’t care about us fans.and he for sure does not want to win us the bpl. Time for a change

    2. Truly @seancali i second that…i had to think hard before commenting but truth be said…no wc manger would offer contracts to arteta and flamin as if they were pirlos….we surely need not to extend his contract and get a younger unsturbbon wc manager…martinez or pep or klopp are my favorites

      1. We have so much money in the bank and we are just looking at it while other teams are spending it. Why is this old fool called Wenger scared to spend???why can’t we sign more than one WC player a season???why????

      2. I posted in the wrong space, so I’ll say it again;

        Please tell me your not talking about Roberto Martinez!

  10. Suddenly Wenger became maureens Punching bag.


    shit happens

    Wenger has never defeated Maureen, now that’s pathetic.

    And it doesn’t look as though he will defeat him this weekend. Wenger is in Maureen’s shadows

    When arsene team play maurens team. arsene team pass d ball nicely, beautifully but Maureen’s always show his masterclass. Damn it!!!

    Will Wenger be able to defeat Maureen for the first time or will he enrolled for advance course in the field of failure?

    will Wenger still exhibit his expertise in failure or will he make history???

    so many damn questions. I rest my case


  11. Hope Cesc is not going to bypass our entire defense with a looping pass to Diego Costa like it happened the last time. Arsenal will have lots of the ball as usual, but I’m not sure if we have the ruthlessness, maturity and efficiency to finish Chelsea off.

    1. We don’t. Cuz we didn’t buy the players we needed. We can never beat Chelsea without a world class striker.and one injury to lecoq and we are fked.

  12. Hope we get a thorough beating by chelsea and some mourihno insults to go with it,this the only way to force wenger hand in the market,remember how many players wenger bought after 8-2 loss wenger learns through beating,we need striker hope the game will prove that

  13. I would rather win the EPL instead of buying it like they did. Work out how much they have spent since Tbe Russian took over? Says it all I think. And we now have the stadium and a great one at that but do they? No and all the big clubs are now trying to build and let’s see who they can buy when doing that

  14. This time around it’s simply wenger vs mourinho. If wenger gets his tactics right we will kick their ass plain and simple, this time around we are the better team. When sanchez comes back this team will be complete and lastly arteta/flamini are good enough to give coq rest when he needs it.

      1. Don’t need to keep spending cash. We are a team and a very good one. We have the heart back and the belief but you want to keep bringing in new players. Team is good enough till January and if we need then he will buy

      2. its not just that.

        We needn’t have spent that much to find a better partner or substitute for le coq than Flamini or Arteta.

        As for DW that cost £16M, well with the cash we do have we could have acquired better. Even though AW didn’t really want him by all accounts I’m sure we could/could have found a better player in his position.

  15. We need at least one more quality signing. If we have one mid to long term injury we are thin at ST and DM which leads to no title, no long UCL run, and more complaining on these forums.

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