Wenger not worried about losing Bellerin to Barcelona

There have been many many articles lately about Barcelona intending to try and lure Hector Bellerin back home to Spain, but the Arsenal boss has no worries at the moment and it sounds like he is intending to give the defender a pay rise to get him to sign a new extended contract.

“He (Bellerin) has nearly three years to go, we always try to get the players to the [financial] level where we think they deserve to be.

“We will try to extend his contract, his long-term future is here.

“He has been absolutely fantastic. His first game was a nightmare. The season before he was at Watford where he didn’t play. His progress has been brilliant because he has absolutely top mental strength.”

“He is at a team that meets his needs and values. He came at a very young age. He is an Arsenal player.”

I am sure there is lots of space to give him a sensible rise to put him on a par with some of our other top earners, but it is nice that we have a couple of years to negotiate even if Hector doesn’t sign an extension in the next couple of months.

And it will certainly do Bellerin a favour in contract talks if it is well known that Barca could come calling in the near future.

I personallycan’t see him moving at all. If we win something this season then he could be here for life…



  1. I just hope this stops the annoying rumours that the media seem to create on a weekly basis. The latest one today said ‘Bellerin waiting for phone call from Barcelona’

    He could be waiting a long time if he still has 3 years on his contract!

  2. I just enjoyed what Wenger said

    “He is at a team that meets
    his needs and values,
    he is an Arsenal Player”

    That’s a nice speech, however,that could change if/when Wenger leaves, so for now let’s continue to enjoy ‘The Flash’

  3. If Bellerin played for one of the big three I believe absolutely everybody would be talking about him the way they did Thuram, Maldini, Lahm, Carlos, and to a lesser extent Alves. For a lad of his age to be at the level he’s at now is rarely seen among defenders. For me Bayern’s [Alaba] left back is maybe the only fullback I’d consider swapping with Bellerin, if I had to.

  4. Yeah i agree, give him a 100 grand a week contract and he will sign on for the rest of his life!

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