Wenger not worried by Arsenal’s stayaway fans

Arsenal report that they have over 58.000 seats filled at every game, but it is blindingly obvious that they may have sold that many season tickets, but more and more supporters can’t be bothered using them despite our good home record.

Paul Merson made it clear what he thinks is the reason for the empty seats. “Did you watch the first-half of the game against Stoke in their last home game?” he told Sky Sports.

“That’s the reason why!

“The performances just haven’t been good enough.

“The fans are paying top dollar and they haven’t got top-dollar players on the pitch.

“Too many of them are nowhere near good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club.”

“This team can beat these teams like Stoke at home, but the fans are making their point by staying away,”

“That’s always dangerous for managers and clubs.

“I know they’ve sold season tickets, but it isn’t good.

“It’s been very rare to see the Emirates half empty.”

But Wenger was asked today about the library atmosphere at the Emirates, and he doesn’t sound worried at all. “It is not a big concern.” he said.

“Our crowd is very solid. We are sold out every game.

“We have played on special days and are not going for the league.

“We have faithful fans who will always be there.

“When you look at the renewal numbers, they are outstanding.”

So no problems for the management because the money has already been paid, so why should they? If all the season tickets are sold for next season then they won’t care if no-one turns up again!

Why does that make me even more sure that Wenger will be staying at least one more year?

Darren N


  1. John0711 says:

    I detest the man for all his lies, HE has spoiled his so-called legacy, I cannot wait to get him out of the club. Personally, I feel we will be hearing all the BS about a manager coming all to sell tickets. i won’t fall for it he is a liar and the club is in freefall I will not spend a penny on the club until he’s kicked out
    LIAR LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, only a stupid fool would believe him and still want him

  2. Andrew E says:

    You could be right but it could cost the club in the transfer window. Which top player would want to join a club with such poor home support and a manager with very little? The situation could get even worse if we don’t make the Champion’s League and AW is still there. If he still survives he has got to be the luckiest manager ever and the board the thickest ever.

    1. Sony says:

      Every time same thing not good enough for top players. They will come if we bit right amount anyway. That is how you show ambition. We saw is so many times. Auba still joined us despite low chances on CL next season. Why do you think he did it ? MU, City and others during their bad times still signed no problem. Money talks….

      1. If money talks why didn’t it talk to Vertonghen in 2012 when he chose Spurs over us?

        1. Weita says:

          Cause Monsieur Wenger planned to play him outside his preference CB position.

    2. RSH says:

      This is what it has come down to though. The board has refused to listen to the fanbase so now they have to lose some money and made to look silly. Wenger had so many opportunities to avoid this situation. These protests are justified and I honestly think a lot of players will be more willing to come to Arsenal if we got a new manager. Wenger’s reputation is not good anymore. As Sony has said above, as long as we can pay good wages we will still get good talent. Some players will reject us with no UCL, but we can still be very competitive. We got Aubameyang in the middle of playing atrociously.

    3. jon fox says:

      And the owner, who makes the final decision, is a multi billionaire, intent on remaining so. Billionaires do not get and remain rich by making catastrophically stupid financial desions. Hence my CERTAINTY, he will shortly be sacked. Only shortsighted fools think differently.

  3. Counsel says:

    It’s not a big concern clueless fans can stay how so lon as we always are sold out You have to stick with the team for better for worse and hope for the best

    1. John0711 says:

      You are one of the problems, a typical fan who probably never achieved anything sports wise personally and accepts mediocrity

      The only good things is you are in the minority, thank the lord

      1. Phil says:

        **ADMIN COMMENT**
        Whatever you think about other Arsenal fans views that comment on here, you all have to STOP with the personal abuse.
        Everyone is entitled to their views whether you agree with them or not.
        Discuss in a friendly manner or have your comment deleted. We are ALL Arsenal fans!

    2. Ks-gunner says:

      Slave mentality + loser as well. What is there worth supporting for?

      1. RSH says:

        The Wenger phenomenon is just so bizzare. Wenger fans instead of Arsenal fans. AW could get us relegated they would say to keep him in just because of a premier league win from over a decade ago. Keeping Wenger in comes from a place of fear, which I dont understand. Why would I fear new management when it’s obvious the current one is far past it and will never touch a EPL trophy again. Can Counsel honestly say Wenger will ever win us another premier title???

  4. Ingleby says:

    Interesting philosophy. ‘Let’s get the money upfront. Tell a load of lies. Produce rubbish results – but hey, it’s all ok’

    He’s getting worse as time goes by. From hero to zero in my estimation.

  5. Counsel says:

    * stay home so long as

  6. RSH says:

    Straight up lies. Proof the protests are working. Keep the stadiums empty, force the boards hands.

  7. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here? says:

    Why wouldn’t he be happy that less people are seeing him lose?

  8. AndersS says:

    Although tickets are sold out, it really hurts the owners, if people stay away.
    Less matchday sales of food, drinks, merchandise etc. will for sure show on the bottom line, if people stay away in thousands.
    On top of that the flat atmosphere makes it a much less attractive event for companies to entertain their guests, and that will hurt this side of the business as well.
    Staying away is a very effective way to put pressure on the owners to change things.
    Anyway, Wenger has lost all credibility when talks about what happens on the pitch, so why should his words about what happens outside matter?

  9. John0711 says:

    Weger- we want to finish above Burnley
    that statement alone should get you the sack at Arsenal

    1. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here? says:

      Iwobi wouldn’t get into the Burnley team

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Why target only iwobi when chambers, wilshire, mustafi, holding, koschelny, mertesakar, belerin, xhaka, elneny, chek, ospina, saed k. Are worse than him.Pity wenger has to work with this deadwood every week and the haters expect results and cups.Only a genius like Wenger has kept us in the top six, any other manager would have us in the bottom half.Respect Arsene

        1. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here? says:

          Wenger is indeed a genius. If I would have said to you at the beginning of the season that Iwobi would have a better season than Sanchez you would have said I am mad. But look at Wenger – he turned Iwobi into a better player than Sanchez this season

        2. stubill says:

          It was Wenger who brought all the “deadwood” to Arsenal.

  10. MIAGUNNERFAN says:

    If this doesn’t make the case of this man’s insanity, not sure what does, we are living the times of Nero, our Club is burning to the ground under the watch of this lunatic but no one seems able to remove him.

  11. Ks-gunner says:

    Wenger thinks that fans are brainless idiots to continue in paying big money for nothing. They did so till late due of the fans being lied to into being pyirncr now wenger has been found out as a fraud and no excuse can bail him out anymore. Lol. French clown

  12. BIGTIME says:


  13. frank says:

    trust me they starting to feel it.he knows if he admits it will encourage the few one remaining to boycot

  14. Ray says:

    Sad ending for who once was the best…..it’s a sad state of affairs seeing the man completely out of touch, but he is not deluded as many think. he is well knowledgeable of the situation and he can care less, his ego is above the Club he once made great….defeating Atletico is within reach, but not because of his prowess as a Manager, but contrary to the general belief we have a good team, they just need to find their own inspiration/motivation and don’t expect it to come from their Manager who just sits and watches each debacle without mustering a word. We are miles distance not just from the European Titans RM, PSG, Barca, Bayern, but in our own league, the Top 5 are way ahead of us playing the game, I cannot foresee we beating any of these teams under WENGER neither get back to the top 4 again……a couple of good signings and a new Manager will lift this team for this to happen AW must leave at the end of this season b4 its too late

    1. xxnofx says:

      Well said ray
      One of the better comments worth reading

  15. frank says:

    i alws blame fans who attend first.if since 2006 they boycotted matches we wouldnt be in this crisis

  16. What we’ve seen is all the negative fans no longer attending games, which has led to an improvement of the team’s actual performance. I do really hope this trend continues. We don’t need any of the negative fans around now to demoralize the club. The lads will need their full confidence to win vs. Atletico Madrid.

    Honestly, I believe the lads can win in style. They’re absolutely class. Negative bitchy whiners please continue to stay away. The further you are the better. This club needs warriors to boost club morale and to cow its opposition. Not hysterical bitches causing infighting and trying to make us lose to prove whatever point they claim they are making.

    Losing Europa would be extremely bad. All the strife and self-hate does nothing to improve our prospects of winning. Can someone explain to me why imploding this year is preferable to winning, securing CL money, and having a smooth, amicable, respectful transition that keeps everybody’s moods up–especially the players!??

    Honestly, to those saying they’d rather we lose to get rid of the manager, that is some spiteful, petty ass shit. And it is massively, unnecessarily self-destructive. Stay away from the pitch. And social media. Please at least shut up until the summer.

    To the Arsenal team I say believe in yourselves. You have the ability to win handsomely against Atletico Madrid and win the Europa in style. It is known. So go and take it. It’s yours.

    1. Durand says:

      I can answer your question about preference for imploding.

      1. Long term is more important than short term. We are regressing under Wenger, proof is in results.
      Players aren’t improving (Iwobi, Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, etc…)
      We are free falling in the table; fighting off Burnley for 6th, miles away from title and top 4.

      2. Tactically behind top managers in PL; look at head to head matchups.

      3. Away record is atrocious; can’t even buy points away from home.

      4. No plan on how to imropve our club. No mention of tactical changes, improving defense, filling holes in DM position, etc…

      5. After Newcastle loss Wenger says they are still searching for balance. Is he kidding me? Into 8th month and still looking for balance? That’s his job FFS!

      I have more if you need, but those 5 should be enough.

      Cheaper to get new manager to reinvigorate talented players, rather than Wenger squandering £100 million rebuilding defense and/or midfield.

  17. Grandad says:

    He has no respect for fans so is it any wonder they have lost their respect for him.His words have become meaningless drivel which matches his increasing incompetence.He suggests Wilshere will sign a new contract before the World Cup implying that Southgate will pick him?.Nothing would be further from the reality of the situation.Wilshire is no longer good enough for England nor Arsenal and does not deserve the offer of a new contract.

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