Wenger on cup win – Creativity lacking but defence did Arsenal proud

Let’s be honest, Arsenal fans, and admit that tonight’s win over West Ham was far from being a classic. It would even be a stretch to call it i8nteresting really, but the important thing was for the Gunners to get into the semi-final of the Carabao Cup and that is just what we did.

Arsene Wenger did not try to sugar coat the performance of his players, admitting in his post match comments reported by the Daily Star that the Gunners struggled to create many chances, especially in the second half once we already had our noses in front through a scruffy but timely and important goal from Danny Welbeck.

The boss felt that Arsenal were better before the break and we certainly had more of the ball although I cannot recall too much goalmouth action there either apart from a great cross from Kolasinac that Theo Walcott should have buried.

What really won us the game, as the Frenchman conceded, was the strong defensive display from the back four of.Debuchy, Chambers, Holding and Kolasinac with Coquelin doing a great job of protecting them.

Wenger said, “I felt we played with quality and spirt and pace in the first half.

“For 90 minutes we looked solid defensively.

“Second half we lost a bit of pace and were less creative. So it was down to not making a mistake.

“Overall it’s a positive night, other than we lost Olivier Giroud.”

That could turn out to be quite a blow, especially with a crucial home clash with Liverpool up next, but maybe the big man will not be out for long if Wenger’s words on him are anything to go by.

He said, “It doesn’t look very good for him. I think he’s out of Friday night.

“What is worrying is when you start to lose players. You can’t afford to lose another one.”

Even with Ramsey already out the Arsenal injury list is not too bad though, but no more please and we can look forward to a semi-final and hopefully a strong second half of the season.



  1. Roy says:

    I sweat more than Walcott watching him play.

  2. GunnerJack says:

    As he played against West Ham it looks like Kolasinac won’t be playing against Liverpool and I hope AM-Niles is not played in his position. Salah and Mane, whichever wing they decide to play on, are a bit too tricky for a largely inexperienced player like AMN, for all he’s done good work recently. At least he’s fast but I really hope his confidence is not destroyed. If he plays would much prefer him in his more natural central position, preferably taking Xhaka’s place. Let’s wish him luck if he’s played on the left. Looking on the bright side let’s hope he has a stormer and puts Salah in his pocket!

    1. Sue says:

      It could backfire playing AMN instead of Kolasinac. I hope that’s not the case

  3. Ackshay says:

    Remember bellerin suffered in his 1st big match and looked out of confidence, more like Niles future if he plays against salah and mane. Kid is good and hardworking but its likely they will tear him a new one though I hope not.
    If he plays Niles then its clear that he is crazy and deliberately sabotaging Arsenal by fear that his successor does better. What else could explain this messed up player dressing and contract debacle. If he left last season or before, the new coach would have had a very good squad to choose, now it will surely be without alexis,ozil,wilshere, Ramsey and welbeck refused new contract. Even if you dont rate some of this player they would still bring more transfer funds.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I missed a large chunk of the game so am not sure what to moan about. I gather it was poor and am glad that Chambers is supposed to have had a competent game. Giroud missing means Lacazette will maybe finish a game. I hope he concentrates more on his own game than being overly involved in build up, he’s at his best when finding space so he should work on that. We only have a few players that are really capable of finding him, I still think v Liv he/we should definitely get enough good chances.

    Interesting stat.
    1 De Bruyne is storming it they say.
    2 Ozil is having good form lately.
    3 Alexis has been very poor by his standards.

    1 Ozil has created more chances than anyone thus far in season.
    2 Second place goes to ..Alexis ….I know?.
    3 De Bruyne is in third.

    So maybe it’s not De Bruyne, but it’s that he has more better quality in front of and around him. He is on 8 assists, but also Stirling and Sane are on 8. Ramsey has 6.
    I hate it when players get blown up out of proportion.

    1. Ackshay says:

      alexis key passes stats is simply that his ability is too damn good to be suppressed by the dontgiveafuck attitude. but his overall attitude and work rate is deplorable and very bad for the team. ozil is having a great season but the fact that we are having an average season with such wasteful finishing means that his assists count is 5 instead of being in double-figure already.
      I’ve said it before put him in that city team instead of lets say silva and henry 20 assist record is gone in 18 matches.

  5. Ivan says:

    This was no defensive masterclass. When I used to play we used to call games like this one a “light your cigar” game as you knew that the other team had no attack and you did not have to try that hard to keep a clean sheet.

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