Wenger on how Arsenal can get ‘special win’ in Monaco

This is one of the tensest build-ups to a Champions League game that I can remember, but there definitely seems to be a growing belief in the Arsenal camp that they can still win through to the next round. Arsene Wenger, who has been leading the rallying calls, has been describing how Arsenal can produce a ‘special’ result in the principality.

“Doing what we did on Saturday, going until the last second, be patient, play a quality game.” Wenger said. “Focus on the quality of what we want to do and try to do it together. We are in a position where today Monaco is favourite. We can go there and create something special. I believe that we will have the desire to do it and give absolutely everything to do it.”

Wenger has also analysed the stats from the first game, and has pinpointed where the Gunners went wrong. “We knew we were impatient and threw ourselves forward too much, and that we lost our patience and composure.” Wenger continued. “I think we wanted too much to make a difference in the first game and forgot our basics. That means to defend well and attack well.

“We just focused on attacking well. Because it didn’t go in, we opened ourselves up. If you analysed well the numbers – I am used to analysing the numbers – you would revise a bit the assessment of the game. We have got it wrong in the first game. What you want in life is the chance to put it right. We have the opportunity to put it right and we will be ready to give everything to do it.”

I personally don’t think that Arsenal have much choice but to concentrate on the attacking side of the game this time, but he is right that it is equally important not to concede as well. It will be very interesting to see how he lines up his team tomorrow night….

Go for it, Arsene!

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  1. The back needs to becompletely solid
    We can not allow Monaco to insert their attack up our backside. Our defense and Coquelin and Ospina need to be on top form to prevent Monaco’s penetration into our goal.

    I have no concerns regarding our attack. Just need to be clinical with finishing

    I believe we can do it

  2. I am SO excited for this game, the anticipation is killing me! If we can play like we did against West Ham, we have a great chance of doing something special here… We are going to need a special performance from Sanchez too… Still baffled as to why he wasn’t rested against the hammers…

  3. I hope Angel Gabriel is in for tomorrow because if we are going to be going in attack minded, we need someone else to assist the Boss and I know Per had a good game on Saturday but the Boss played out of his skin, he will need some one with speed to assist should in case Monaco want to counter.

  4. Just watched Schneiderlins highlights v che, won every challenge and cut out so many attacks. Schneiderlin and Coq will/would be awesome especially against top physical sides. I think Coq will definitely have a battle on his hands and the best part is so would Schneiderlin.

  5. Winning 3-0 is very possible, anything can happen… We can do it, more so with a clean sheet.

    OT but I hope we replace Podolski with Dybala. wouldn’t turn him down…

  6. As long as we don’t have Mertesacker at the back we will have a chance. I don’t like to bash players but Mertesacker is clueless, he keeps pushing up so far high up letting himself be turned, and once he is turned he just gives up and hopes Kossy can bail him out all the time.

    He was doing it against West Ham too, I don’t know why he does that, he gets so tight and pushes so high up the pitch time and time again and it never helps us or him.. I don’t know.

    In the Monaco game we are going to need all the pace we can get at the back, it’s going to be a risky game for us as we have to start well and we are going to go for it, this means we will be exposed at the back, that is where we need 2 quick central defenders, Kossy and Gabriel can look after themselves on the counter, but Mertesacker has no chance, so I think if we play Merte then we ain’t got a chance at all, they will counter on us and due to him being slow.

    I might be over reacting or wrong, but Mert scares me at the back.

  7. I don’t want a win for pride.
    I want 0-3 or better. (or any score that gets us through like 2-4, 1-3, etc)

    You can do it.

  8. Should be interesting, arsenal i have no doubt will win, however the score line is what i would be worried about, hoping for a 3-0 for 4-0 victory

  9. Preferred lineup for tomorrow

    Welbeck Cazorla Sanchez
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    Notes: Gabriel hasn’t played enough games to start. Cazorla back to his #10 role. Ramsey for his energy and desire and great understanding with OG12. Welbeck better than Sanchez on the left (much better in fact). Sanchez to the right, Walcott hasn’t done himself many favours with his performances against the Hammers. COYG!

  10. I’m worried about Mertsacker. Maybe Koscielny should play with Chambers. Mertsacker was good against West Ham but terrible against Monaco in first leg. Monaco has a better attack than West Ham so took advantage of Mertsacker’s slowness.

    That’s the only worry I have.

    I also think Bellerin and Monreal should start.

  11. @ fred well said
    @twig don’t you think ozil is very well needed in that sought of match as u know monaco will definitely pack the train n he has that cheeky way of allowing a camel through the see of a needle with those killer pass

  12. I have no problem with Twig’s proposed lineup. Ozil can start on the bench and then be brought on if needed. Welbeck, Cazorla and Sanchez have one advantage over Ozil, they have eyes for goal while Ozil takes long to decide to shoot. What we need most in Monaco are goals if we are going to overturn Monaco. Mertesacker is an experienced defender; he only needs to reduce on his movements forward if he is to avoid being caught out of position as he is slow. Ramsey is a good bet because he is very resolute, can defend and also move forward and even shoot. The combination of Ramsey and Coquelin can really assure a good shield for our defence. Similarly Monreal and Bellerin would be preferred to Gibbs and Chambers respectively. Giroud is our best striker inspite of his last inept performance against Monaco. The fact that Giroud felt remorse for his performance makes him a good candidate to start as he will be eager to correct whatever went wrong. I can see Giroud scoring a brace against Monaco. By the way even last time he was only unfortunate not to score because he made a lot of attempts which went wide. If we assume that it was an off-day then we can be optimistic about him tomorrow. It could also be argued that maybe Wenger acted under the influence of the home crowd and removed him prematurely. Perhaps if he had stayed on he could have got a goal! Who knows? This is not useful now. Let us simply look forward with hope.

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