Wenger believes Ozil and Wilshere will fit perfectly in the Arsenal team

With the Arsenal and Germany international Mesut Ozil playing some great football, including the brilliant stats for creating chances and providing assists that were the best in Europe last season, it is not too hard to understand why Arsene Wenger made the decision to let Jack Wilshere leave the club on loan as he would have found it hard to get past the German into the team anyway.

And it seems that Wenger does not really see Jack’s future at Arsenal in a deeper lying midfield role, despite the fact that he was played there quite a lot by the previous England manager Roy Hodgson and received a lot of praise and a fair few Man of the Match awards for his performances in the role.

Instead the Frenchman feels that Wilshere’s attacking ability is too good to be wasted in that role and insists that he can play further forward and in the same side as Ozil, as explained in a report on the Arsenal website. Wenger was also confident that Jack would be back to have a great career with the Gunners as long as the injury problems that have plagued him in recent years do not carry on.

The Arsenal boss said, “I think he can be a player here. I don’t think he is a defensive player who plays in front of the defence because he can dribble, penetrate and have a little burst. He gets into the final third – that can be from wide or box-to-box. He can play with Ozil as well. Let’s not forget that Ozil can play wide as well.

“I believe that England wanted to play him deeper and I can understand that as well because he can get you out of pressure with a good pass. That’s just my opinion about his position. But I think his main problem overall is being capable of playing every week. After that, I can understand that you want to use him deeper but I liked him when he was taking the ball and he is in there. You do not find many people who take people on. Comparing him to Ozil, he is a guy who takes people on with the ball while Ozil passes around people. He can complement him very well.”

“He is an ambitious guy. We have all been his age and wanting to play football but we didn’t have his talent. You imagine what he must feel like when he cannot play with everything he can do. It is very frustrating. What is at stake for him is just playing.

“I want him to extend, yes. I don’t know [when it will happen], I think around December.”

Wilshere came off the bench today and played for the last half hour to help his new club to all three points after Callum Wilson, himself a player that has had long term injury problems scored a late winner. Will this be the first small step on the road to recovery and back to Arsenal for Jack?



  1. antonioro says:

    Why so many postings about Wilshere?Is he a Messi or something and need to be regreted every single day?The guy is gone,live with that,talk about Arsenal not about an overrated player.This is crazy,not a single day without an Wilshere azzkisser praying him like God.The guy is just a mediocre player along with all the “british core”-the main reason for Arsenal not moving forward for yesrs.I hope he’s not coming back and be joined by the likes of Walcott,Ox,Chambers or Ramsey-all mediocre players at best.Let them have their “british core team”,being overpaid and overrated just for being britsI repeat-the last time Arsenal was the God of football NONE of the starting 11 was brit.And it was a pleasure to watch.So,let Wilshere to expose his arrogance and mediocrity to other team and concentrate on Cazorla,Ozil or Alexis-real football players,not frauds like Wilshere.

    1. stubill says:

      Arsenal are an ENGLISH team playing in ENGLAND, if you don’t like seeing ENGLISH/British players, eff off and support someone else.

    2. Ddog says:

      OK, so firstly, i think we should acknowledge your trolling credentails here. good work. simple yet effective. I dont really want to entertain this idea but on the off chance you do actually mean what you say: well hypothetically this is how i would respond……you obviously have no footballing brain what so ever if you don’t see the potential Wilshere has…./had (debatable). Xavi knows it, Wenger knows it, as do most Professionals in the game whether it be in punditary or coaching etc. He could of been one the greats, however that is in real doubt now he’s missed on so much valuable development time. That being said, with just a couple of seasons without an injury, I would not want to bet against what he could achieve.

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