Wenger on Koscielny, injuries and ‘tough’ Tottenham

Arsenal are getting ready to face our age-old rivals Tottenham Hotspurs on Sunday, but we have a current injury list of ten players and there is only one of those that has any hope of being back for the North London Derby.

Wenger said this morning: “I’m very concerned. Because we are only in November and we have so many players out. We go into the Christmas period and I am concerned.

“Because we have too many players out. I give Koscielny 80 per cent. He will have a test tomorrow.”

Le Prof also told us that Hector Bellerin would definitely NOT be playing against Spurs. “We might have Laurent Koscielny back but Hector Bellerin won’t be available.

“From one competition to the other. I believe in the Premier League we have a strong confidence and we want to reproduce it on Sunday against Tottenham.”

“They are a side that are strong defensively and can play at a a high pace in a committed way.

“They have done well. They have lost only one game. They have a few draws.

“They have always in my memory had strong teams. It will be a tough opponent just like every year.”

And just like every year, Arsenal will come out on top! We may have loads of injuries, but once we have limped to an easy win on Sunday, we will get the blessing of an international break, which should see a good proportion of our crocks coming back.

We may be wounded, but our superiority complex will get us the three points on Sunday….

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Don’t give me that injury crap… Just go win the game for us.

    You have no excuse Wenger!!! Crying before beaten is a sign of failure.

  2. Really tough for us now…. If only we are facing a weak opposition. what I really need is that 3 points and I will be the happiest man on earth on Sunday

  3. if we get 3 poins on sunday it will be massive for us… after intll break we will have many players back.. but god knows when will they regain their form.. damn injuries..

  4. I fear when fans and in this case (the writer) become over confident…i remember getting thumbed down just for saying Bayern wont be easy to beat away..Currently Spuds are managing to get results and score goals in their games. Even their 19yr old Ali is playing well and scoring goals..
    Expect us to win – but unless they play like Man U did at Emirates, its not gonna be easy.

  5. Mmmmmm we are all concerned Monsieur Wenger!

    Won’t be comfortable viewing I suspect…
    We need to win.

  6. To be honest, I have expected Wenger would be more pragmatic as he proved that before. The game at Bayern could have been even won and I will explain it. There is no issue right now (and again I am quoting Wenger) with the squad we have. Wenger prides himself to the fact that his players are able to play seamless in multiple position. We needed only one change : move Sanchez from left to the right as he played at Barcelona and simply move Gibbs in his place so that we will not have to rely on Campbell. There you have it! A beast of a player helping out of form Debuchy (not sure why not playing Chambers but hey, it is what it is) and on the left flank two very good runners. That was it! Not really rocket science and it was something to expect from Wenger who had to play defensively anyway.
    Of course I don’t know what the discussions are in the team but Gibbs & Chambers did play and we actually started to shine a bit. I wanted to post this before the game but I didn’t care too much about this particular result as my gripe is to beat the Spuds. I hope Wenger comes with something smart because it was really hard to watch the other day.

      1. I am always questioning tactics and I always did. Just because you read what you want it does not mean it isn’t there. What I do not discuss though are management issues (transfer, money etc) because I don’t know how a club is run. Wenger is legend.

  7. Wegner has zero right to complain about injuries in the wake of the defeat to Bayern or before this match because he fully had the option to strengthen over the summer and elected not to. Even if we chose to leave the starting 11 as is how often have we had injuries that have derailed our season completely before it becomes common sense for us to have a strong back up team?

    Zero excuses

  8. Given our injury list and their form, a draw would be a decent result for us…though a win would be great of course!

    Our injury prone squad is the concern…we have backup, but not in the quality we probably need, which is why many were concerned in the transfer window…yes our first team and a few others is great, but after them………..

    So if we had even 3 or 4 players injured it would be normal, but the amount of key players with LONG term injuries is deeply concerning, and MUST be addressed.

    It will be a tough game this weekend, but we can win, and we must win really to sustain confidence for the long winter fixture list and ongoing injuries. It’s time for a few bit part players to really step up now and play their hearts out.

  9. Then pach our players up and sell in January and buy 4 harden EPL players to replace them. And chambers god what do you see in him? I think he needs to go out on loan for 2 seasons and get Carl back

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