Wenger on why Arsenal record transfer is a real steal

There is little point in arguing that the Arsenal and Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil is currently enjoying his best season since he signed from Real Madrid over two years back, although I would say that he was nothing like the waste of space that some in the football media tried to make out during the first two seasons.

Mesut did miss a sizable chunk of both the previous two campaigns with injury problems and there was always going to be some adjustment to the EPL, but I think that the main reason behind a lot of the earlier criticism of Ozil was the transfer fee of over £42 million which smashed the previous club record.

In comments made by Arsene Wenger this week on the Arsenal website, however, you get the distinct impression that the Frenchman feels he got a bargain. The Arsenal boss spoke about how adding the attacking runs to Ozil’s already prodigious talents has made him into an amazing player.

And Wenger also points out that players with the vision, technical ability and work rate of the German are almost impossible to come by, which is why O am sure that the Prof will do everything in his power to keep his key man happy and willing to stay with the club.

Wenger said, “Ozil is the main provider in our team and in the league. He has 13 assists in the league. Players who can make you score are very difficult to find and have something special on the vision front and on the technical quality.

“That is what Mesut is about. But he is also about, and people forget this many times, in his way [he is] an exceptional fighter. He runs much more and covers the distances during the game.

“He has added runs into the box now. You watch how many times he’s in the box compared to what he did before. I think he has become an absolutely unbelievable player.”

It is funny that no one mentions his price tag anymore but if they did, especially with Man City having paid much more for both Sterling and De Bruyne, would they still be talking about Ozil’s fee in a negative way? Or would they admit that he was a steal who was worth every penny?

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  1. leading in the assist chart, back to back FA Cup winners and now a possible EPL glory.

    Ozil and Sanchez have already payed off their transfer fee in their first season. for them to be so consistentnis a bigger plus. just take a look at Mata, Depay, Hazard, Fabregas, Coutinho, Bastian Sch.

  2. I’ve said this many times at Ozil 2 years of doubtful and I say it again this time, his main problem was and will, his physical fitness. Once his fitness level adjust to the Prem, he’ll gone unstoppable. And now we know how’s the real Ozil is. Not surprising me at all. I just hope he has one pair of strong legs to continue his great runs, because clearly,we don’t have equal back up for him.

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