Wenger on why Arsenal star can make it Perfect 10

Arsene Wenger has been talking about his two main men of the moment in the build up to Arsenal’s trip to face Norwich City in the Premier League this weekend, and while there are some doubts about whether our Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez will be fit enough to play, after what the boss described as a ‘hamstring alert’ there is no doubt about who will be pulling the strings for Arsenal in the middle.

Mesut Ozil has really upped his game for us this season, although to be fair he also had a very good second half of the previous one, and the most significant part of his game now is the end product that has been added to his silky skills, movement and all round play.

As reported on the Arsenal website, the boss said that this has come about with a change of Ozil’s focus that has seen the German a lot more determined to get into the box and get among the goals, whether by scoring them himself or providing an assist for one of the other Gunners.

Wenger said, “What is interesting about Mesut’s game is that he is not only a provider now, he likes to get on the end of the things. What he has added to his game is the runs into the box.

“He played before like he was not too much obsessed [by goals] and more by providing, and I think he has a much better balance in his game now, giving, assisting and scoring.

“At the start, in the first season, there was a lot of scepticism around him. I think the quality of his performances have turned opinions. He now has the support of everybody who loves Arsenal.

“You look at the players who give our assists and you will see who does it. I think the best assist player at the moment is Ozil, but we have many providers.

“We have Alexis, Ramsey, Cazorla – they are all people who can create chances. You could see Campbell the other night has given a great assist to Alexis. I think all our players have technical ability to do that.”

Maybe they do but it is the Germany international play maker who has scored or assisted nine goals in his last 11 matches in all competitions, setting a new Premier League assist record at the same time, so he will be trying to make it 10 at Carrow Road on Sunday.

You would not bet against him, but will it be his name on the score sheet or will Ozil add to his growing reputation as king of the assist?

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  1. BabyPlease says:

    I think baby please that Mesut working out with weights made him physically stronger and also mentally stronger. He can now physically compete with everyone. Also, his mental strength has enabled him to score more goals

    I expect him to improve even more and he is already World Class and the best CAM in the PL.
    All those Chelsea, Spud and even some Arsenal fans who said he wasn’t worth £40 million, where are you now lol. He was a bargain at that price in my personal opinion

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Hahaha just because wenger said that Ozil was a bargain,
      You are now on that bandwagon lol, don’t forget that Ozil himself said that no player is worth that amount of money!

      Ozil has been hitting the gym since last season and in his own words his improvement this season is down to shooting practice after normal training.

      So read baby read ?

  2. 007 says:

    Whether he will record an assist depends on which OG will turn up.

    Ozil’s play usually looks to feed the player playing on the shoulder of the defenders or our player furthest in attack with sublime through balls and balls or crosses over the top.

    My gosh if Ozil played with a striker with Auguero, Suarez or Lewa kind of finishing, he would be an assist god. Cant wait for Theo and Welbz to be back and give us other options, so far OG is doing okay but some games need some mix.

    Hate OG or love him, his always there, when most players are on the treatment table and his the last option up front he always carries the team through. Its one of his best qualities and may he continue to be healthy.

  3. Twig says:

    While we praise Ozil, let’s not forget it’s Giroud that’s putting the chances away. 7 goals in 10 games! Giroud needs an article or two of his own very soon, don’t you think? 😉

    1. 007 says:

      Wow. best suggestion out here in a while Twig.

      Even I bash OG sometimes out here but give credit where its due huh, we wouldn’t be where we are on the table or praising Ozil had he not been taking those chances created.

      nananana nananana Giroud

  4. muda says:

    When Ozil said he is targeting Ballon d’or, nobody believes him back then include my self, but now I can see it coming base on this form and few more goals #ZidaneVersionII

  5. goonerbri says:

    Ozil = Pure class and a genious. Hope he stays for a long time and becomes a legend in the Dennis Bergkamp mould. Will take a lot of doing and maybe a few more goals each season. Make Arsenal your home Mesut. The fans love you

  6. olabans says:

    please let speak the truth without bias walcot,giroud (talkless of saying welbeck)can not turn ozil to assist king.

  7. Tekena says:

    Imagine Ozil and Vardy in the same team. How dare you not dream!

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