WENGER OUT! Okay…. so name a replacement?

Despite my effort yesterday to try and reduce personal abuse between fellow Arsenal fans, and to highlight that we are all Gooners whether we support Arsene Wenger or not, seemed to promote a little healthy discussion in snatches but also some animosity of course.

I was called an AKB a few times and also told I am not an Arsenal fan, despite being a regular at Highbury from about 45 years ago (long before Wenger arrived) and now spending ten hours a day running an Arsenal website for the last five years! The ‘AKB’s thrown at me seemed to be used as insults by the writers, but I fail to see how supporting our manager (whoever it may be) could be classed as an insult.

Also there were also many cries of simply ‘WENGER OUT!’, despite Arsenal having only played four games so far this season, and only losing one…

Well that is hardly constructive debate, so I will try and escalate it into a healthy discussion. All those that so vehemently want our manager to leave after four games, could you please give me a sensible plan of action as to who will replace him right now if Le Prof was shown the door?

Obviously if you spend all day at your keyboard shouting Anti-Wenger slogans, then you must surely have thought it through and worked out who you would employ in his place, and how this said replacement would improve the team to a higher level than Mr Wenger has managed so far?

I seem to remember early last season going through this same scenario, when we were even further behind the League leaders (in fact relegation was mentioned at one point) but our ‘despicable manager’ turned it around, brought Arsenal all the way back up to Third Place, and helped us to retain the FA Cup before the seasons end. I didn’t hear many calls for his head at that point!

But I digress. I am looking for reasonable discussion on WHO could you employ RIGHT NOW to replace Wenger and how that replacement could improve the team. Please try to be polite and show respect to your fellow Arsenal supporters….

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  1. How can you say who could improve the team? Jesus Christ give 90% of managers enough money they will get succes, Chelsea have been doing it for a decade with managers such as di matteo! Man city have done it with pellegrini and Mancini! Managers who I don’t rate but if there given the right players they win things! Wenger messes with the team until it’s hurt the team for months! Ramsey as a winger experiment being an example, then when the fans are getting frustrated and results are going wrong he seems to play players in correct positions and results follow. Tell me if any other manager in the world would have sat on his hands all summer knowing we’re short of a few players to really compete? Why is he so scared of getting these players? Is it because then there’s an expectation to win the league, where now we’re not expecting anything other than top four! He needs to go, the cycle has been repeated for over 10 years with or without money. WENGER OUT

    1. Arsenal finished last season with just one defeat in their last 16 games.
      If we start this season with just one defeat in our first 16 games would you support him?

      1. Doesn’t he do that every year? When we just scrape into top 4? When his experiments fail, he drops the under performers, but he wAits to long to do it! Szcezny for instance, mistake after mistake. If your deluded because of the end of season results then you obviously have turner a blind eye to the cycle with our club that happens every single year! We start well for a few months then we crumble and go out of every competition and fall to far behind PL leaders, then when nothing to play for we look like world beaters and it lures everyone into false hope that the squad is good enough for the new season, and gives Wenger an excuse not to buy!

        1. Okay I am not saying Wenger is perfect at all. He is far from it!
          The question is: Who could replace him RIGHT NOW and improve the results?

          1. I’m saying that any other manager in the world during the summer would have signed what we need! I really want Wenger to go out and sign the players we need and win the PL and UCL, but we all know he won’t and I think this window proved that! I’d like someone! He has passion and shrewed in the transfer market, and plays attractive football!

              1. By your reasoning ..it doesn’t matter which manager we bring in because che manc manu can & will always outspend us. So if it’s just about spending the most money on the most amount of top players and any manager can do it well then we have no chance.

            1. @5pur2 Exactly my point, we’ve cried for a wc striker and wc dm for years not only this transfer market but Wenger didn’t do shit about that.

          2. Ancelotti, Klopp, Monk, Simeone, sure a couple extras, but who would take the task mid-season? Oh, one more. Sherwood.

            Wenger doesn’t know K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid.

        2. Szes wasn’t the problem. He did have a run of bad games but remember we brought Le Coq in as he hit the bench. It was bad timing that we fixed some defensive problems and got a new goalie at the same time. Cech is way better option but Szes is better than Ospina. Roma got a good goalie.

      2. Yes. This the Sam point I made yesterday and at the local AFC supporters club meetings. Fans think AW tinkers a lit. But he came up with a formation after the defeat to Man utd in Nov which largely started the run going. He qweaked it again when Cow came back and he put Cazola along side him. Genies!!!! It gave Santo a new lease of life with Ozil at number 10. Heoved Ramsey to right to add more defensive trait. Bingo we moved up the league. Nearly all fans were supportive. This is the same squad. AW WANTED to bring in specific ST and CDM targets but they did not come available. We know from previous seasons this tends to happen when a domino affect happens at the end of the season. It did not happen this season. AW did try to get in loan alternatives as a gamble. So I disagree that AFC sat the whole transfer window without working on strengthening the squad.
        AW will move on at some point and he will be very difficult to replace. Look at United. Have been able to replace Alex? Look st the money they threw at the team last year both in transfers and wages. They finished behind us. We have the strongest squad we have had in a Decade. All the big buys over the last 3 transfer windows have now settled in. The new backroom team has made great in roads into sorting out injuries. I remain positive for the season. I know that AW will buy the right players when avail. His record in buy players who become successful is up there with best of the rest. No need for change yet or that may destabilize the great structure we have now. Next summer when a number of players will need replacing we can review the managers position. Now would be detrimental.

        1. mid season managerial change looks amateur to say the least.
          were better than that

          heres hoping he can pull a rabbit out of a hat

        2. @pnk.gunner please credit where it’s due, it’s the player’s that asked for a different approach versus against City last season. Please do credit the player’s what’s due to them.
          To answer the question from the article, I think (in no particular order) Frank Rijkaard, Carlo Ancelloti, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone would jump at the opportunity to manage our beloved club. The problem with Wenger is that he has favourites, is too sentimental to his player’s, not decisive enough when it matters most.
          I believe that we have a decent squad to challenge for honour’s but it is not managed properly. Playing player’s out of position, not making the relevant substitutions when it’s needed and not having an alternative game plan are some of the things holding the team back from achieving the success we all crave – EPL & UCL.

          1. Yes. The player had a meeting and took a hard look at themselves. There was a lack if cohesion; Players were not working as a team; some players were not tracking back and defending; the ball was moving too slowly forward; and players were missing focus. AW was point this out. The change in formation was AW while yes listening to the players.
            I like it when fans point out that AW does listen instead of believing Manxs players orbthe media.

      3. Yes that’s true Admin, a great run after we were already not able to win the league and out of the Champions League. Would you like to give the record for the previous 20+ games? A season should be viewed as a whole not just look at a third of the games to justify your support for Wenger.

        1. I was quoting current form and was gradually moving backwards……

          I agree with your sentiment so if the season should be seen as a whole then why are some fans wanting to sack Wenger after 4 games?

          Here’s another one.
          Last season – First four games 6pts
          This season – 7pts

          1. And your point is? We ended up a distance behind Chelsea last season and we will be way off next season’s champions. In fact we have only once in the last 10 seasons flattered to deceive. The reality is that we have not been serious challengers for a decade and only come to life when we are chasing 4th place. He won’t buy when he should and panics when he fears a backlash .This is not the same man who came here in 96. He is tired, burnt out and should gracefully leave at the end of this season. Jurgen is waiting patiently in the wings for either Liverpool or us maybe.

      4. Nothing new there dude, ARSENAL always goes on some useless unbeaten run rights after we are our of reckoning for everything worthwhile

    2. You wrote very well,but you will still fail the exam, the question is who will you replace Wenger with. I thought that was the question?


      1. I don’t remember Ramsey being notably influential in that match. Özil and Sanchez teared up Liverpool that match.

        1. But Bellerin scored didn’t he? Where was Bellerin playing? RB! I’d only put Ramsey on the rw when Hector is playing also playing on the right! Otherwise the best RW for AFC is that guy who wears the #14 jersey.

    3. ‘Jesus Christ give 90% of managers enough money they will get succes’
      Wow… Do you actually believe this?

    4. @5pur2
      Your name says it all…Stick to what your team’s been “trying” to do, instead of what AFC and AW have done and are doing…

    5. As Arsenal fans castigating the Manager and calling for his head every time results don’t go our way is an immature way of handling defeats. Do we really take the time to understand our club beyond the cock and bull that these daily tabloids dish out? Do we really think Arsene has been given the endless bank account to spend from? If u understand finance will you think Arsenal having 200 million in the bank is to throw it all on players? Will we say Arsene has done a bad job guiding Arsenal all these years? Considering the financial discipline we had to go through after the stadium project? We call for these other managers like they will be the Messiah. I hope all those asking for Arsene head will still be bold to point out that Arsene was better when a new manager comes to mess up the whole process that has taken time to get here. We have the best team in over a decade and we did that gradually…and you still want Wenger’s head? We have brought some sort of stability and 2 FA cups in the last 2 seasons. Only one team wins the league and we will never be the team that spends the most. So let’s build on what we have, on what has been the best in over a decade. Consolidate this and use it as our strength to be that team that will take the league. There should be no panic just yet. We have started better than we have in a while. We will still have that strong finish we normally do. The season can still be ours if we stay optimistic and that’s what fans are about. It’s simply too early to ask for anyone’s head. Moreover it’s hasn’t been this good a team in a while. Even a benzema is not absolute promise that we would have gotten there. Let’s just stay positive then at the end of the season we will come back and rate the team as a whole. My opinion though.

  2. some people should spend less time reading the football,s section in the newspapers&internet and spend more time learning about the beautiful game!!when i see some of the comments i sometimes wonder if some of them even know the basics rules of the game or how to run a club..i would go as far as saying knowing about positions,their comments show a proper lack of understanding or are unrealistic !!

    1. Ok so tell me if I know nothing about positions!
      Is Ramsey a rw?
      Is ozil a lw?
      Is Wilshere lw!
      Was arshavin a lw?
      Is arteta a DM?
      Is Walcott a cf?
      Is monreal a cb?
      Was bendtner a rw?

      1. so basically what your saying is that, we couldn’t sign any players we needed? Where’s the lack of understanding? We needed a DM and CF, maybe cb aswell! And your telling me with 200 million in the bank we couldn’t sign anyone? We got ozil and Sanchez didn’t we? Oh and comments about signing anyone apart from ronaldo and messi got our hopes up of another marque signing? I think you are the deluded one my friend!

        1. Do we really have 200 million in bank to spend on transfers. And even if we do the team we approach don’t have to sell and then the player has to want to come. Benzema is at Madrid and on a decent wage what’s the lure of coming to arsenal apart from a new challenge and maybe a few more pounds in the bank. Let’s be honest yes it’s a disappointment that arsenal only signed Cech for the first team yet it’s not a bad window for us.

          1. Wenger was never interested in buying new players. The fact that Welbeck’s injury-report was released AFTER the transfer window is a pretty obvious point for this. We could have bought Kondogbia, Martinez, Imbula, Douglas Costa, Carlos Bacca and Vidal…

            1. I actually see welbecks belated injury report as evidence that we did want a striker, as soon as everyone knows one of our strikers is out til Xmas, prices begin to climb

      2. Is Ramsey a rw? Played there before we signed him
        Is ozil a lw? Played there (very well I might add) before we signed him
        Is Wilshere lw! haven’t seen him play there but I thought he was going to take the RM position in our old 4-4-2 formation because he was so good there! Imo, the real question is: is he a CM?
        Was arshavin a lw? Yes, played there often for Russia and was good!
        Is arteta a DM? Was trained early on to play there in the mold of Guardiola. Moyes converted him to a RW/AM; according to wiki, he was seen as a replacement for Graveson when he signed. So, yes.
        Is Walcott a cf? Always been considered a forward, has been desperate to play through the middle, was tried there at the end of last season and did well. Still experimental/work in progress.
        Is monreal a cb? No but covered the position well when called upon to do a job. Like how Carrick and Fletcher were asked to at times by AF, and monreal did a better job than they did!
        Was bendtner a rw? No but played there at times to improve his play in wide positions. Stayed too long and Wenger put too much faith in him but there’s no issue with playing him wide for the odd game.

        And to your point in general, good players can play slightly different positions. They do this at other clubs all the time when needs must or to try a different system. Was Ljungberg a RM? Was Pires a LM? Was Lauren a RB? Was Henry a CF? Was Wiltord a RM? No, or not when they signed at least, but they made it work pretty well.

        1. I’m not saying he is but any trolls entering this site are all going to be Wenger out. They know how a change of management has every chance of destabilizing our club, especially with a club that utilizes it’s youth teams so heavily and the manager in charge is at the forefront of bringing young players through.

  3. Transfer Window Hall of Shame

    The Metro for reporting our bid for Benzema had been accepted

    The Daily star for reporting we were signing Cavani…

    And still shamelessly continue with their transfer rumours

  4. Well I don’t see why Wenger needs to go after just four games. Surely it’s best to judge the season after its finished. Let’s look at our competitors only city have been impressive so far Chelsea, Utd, Liverpool and spuds have all started poorly. Had a linesman got a decision right we would have been on ten points not seven and been only two behind city and six ahead of Chelsea. Let’s judge Wenger after the season not before and those criteria is how many points did we finish season with did we win any silverware and did we qualify for champions league football. If we do replace Wenger the managers to replace him are not many but my list would be bergkamp, koeman, klopp, guardiola, pochettino and monk. Now I m not advocating replacing Wenger but those above would do it in a similar way to Wenger spending money doesn’t guarantee success and Wenger isn’t afraid of spending money he just won’t pay over the odds for players and won’t buy for buying sake only if a player improves the team. i would never want to see mourhino in the hot seat here and pellegrini just seems two buckles short of crazy.

  5. It’s not for US to decide who the next manager should be, but it IS for us to make our voices heard when we see the team standing still compared to other top four rivals.

    Sometimes people cannot see the wood for the trees, and by that I mean just because we cannot see an instantly available replacement, does NOT mean we cannot criticise AW. That way lays meek acceptance and mediocrity.

    I personally think he is slowly going past his prime as a manager, and we should be thinking about who can replace him, but unless we have a completely crap season he isn’t going anywhere….which leaves many fans frustrated.

  6. Carlo Ancelloti, who else? He’s currently unemployed, is vastly experienced and has won trophies everywhere he has managed ?

    1. ancelotti couldn’t beat barcelona and althetico madrid, what make you think he can beat the top five or six in england.

      1. ancelotti 2 weeks into his tenure at arsenal knocks on ivans door….

        “hi ivan”
        “its mr gazidis carlo”
        “eh? anyway i have made a list of players i want you to secure for the new season”
        ” im sorry a list?! oh has one of the scouts seen some prospects in ligue 2?”
        “no, no lol haha thats funny ivan” (ivan looks at him stern faced, this confuses carlo)
        “anyway ivan…i”
        “ITS MR GAZIDIS!!!”
        “sorry look as long as u can secure lewandowski, bayern said 60 million, kondogbia off inter they quoted me 35, and isco around 45, i can make it work”
        “hahahahah, thats hilarious looool, bahaha”
        “i wasnt joki…”
        “HAHAHAHhahahahah” (ivan slowly ushers carlo out the door)

      2. Maybe because barcelona is far better than all the teams in PL, Atletico Madrid ditto better than Chelsea and Ancelotti won the CL with Real… Your comment is as valid as saying Wenger couldnt beat West Ham, what makes you think he can beat the top five or six in england.

    2. I would not disagree he is best candidate available. However he is considered to have less player loyal and likes to do things his way. Is he really a step up from AW? Is he capable of taking the club forward. Or is he a short term fix to win something? I’m not sure? I still believe we have the best manager currently available.

    3. He along with Mourinho are the two biggest spending managers in Europe over the last 10-12 years – genius managers may be but geniuses who need the chequebook. A chequebook manager ain’t arriving at the Emirates with the present owners.

    4. He along with Mourinho are the two biggest spending managers in Europe over the last 10-12 years – genius managers may be, but geniuses who need the chequebook. A chequebook manager ain’t arriving at the Emirates with the present owners in place. The WOBs need some clown like Dangote to buy us out before the new age managerial circus can begin.

  7. There are many managers out there who are better than Wenger but pointless to name them bc wenger will never quit the job and nobody will sack him either.

  8. Hire and fire is synonymous with football. Wenger will never win the Champions League or Premiership. I would love for him to prove me and a whole lot wrong. Right now we need a Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp. If they come in and don’t perform they should know they can be fired. Majority of Gooners are tired of lame stats every time with no success but meanwhile our manager is one of the highest paid for delivering little

    1. Last time i checked your Jurgen Klopp he almost send Borussia Dortmund to relegation. Today they are on top of Bundesliga with new manager lol


        1. If Wenger lead Arsenal to 7 position in BPL Your will be the first to call for his head but Klopp did and you really want him to replace Wenger


          1. I think if you check Klops record in the last few years and compared it to Wengers you might see the difference and on far less budget
            I’m not saying we should have Klops but wenger hea done his best and it’s not good enough
            I would have Henry he knows and loves the club and could attract Top players

            wenger Out 8 million a year should dead the League

            1. He’s right though, could you imagine some of the stuff you and others would be saying with a 7 place finish. Remember Dortmund had the second best side in Germany and only had one behemoth to face whereas in England there is three behemoths and are still expected finish above liv and spu.

              It goes back to that question the author asked, your answer shows little much thought going into what comes next.

              I dont know why people go on about Wengers salary. If Sanchez has a much better season than Hazard are we going to talk about Hazards salary. I could give example of that plenty more but you get my point.

            2. And when Henry fail you will call for his head and call him inexperience coach sack him then and employ Calos Anceloti who i guess is older than Wenger

          2. if the 7th was preceded by a couple of premier leagues, a glorious run in the champions league along with champagne football then i wouldn’t mind the 7th place finish…

            1. So you must have been thrilled in 2006 with Wenger’s UCL final on the back of 3 recent titles and 4 FACs. Wenger has been there and done that – Klopp found the next stage a little harder.

              1. ofcourse i was thrilled in 2006…
                i was also thrilled in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 when Wenger despite the financial constraint finished in the top 4……
                but now when we have obvious deficiencies in the team, money in the bank and good players available in the market and still Wenger opted not to buy anyone, that doesn’t thrill me at all mate

      1. Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich all have bad seasons but they come back strong. We only have stats of top four to contend with. Every top team did thier signings early on before pre-season. Wenger waits for last minute and yet still doesn’t get it right. Probably another FA Cup or League Cup will do for a massive club like ours, if thats what you are satisfied with

  9. i’d have to agree with the admin, for all arsenal fans who think wenger should be out. who do you think can do better, doubt must coaches could, guadiorla not doing that well at bayern, mourinho’s boring, and i can’t think of another manager who’s better than wenger. Wenger might be a bit tight with his spending but he’s a great man manager and intelligent tactician.

  10. Who said that a replacement must be a big hit or a big name???the fact is that the club has stagnated for over a decade and a new and perhaps a younger coach with new ideas is needed to take us to a new level!!!where do other clubs like dortmund,madrid,PSG and Barca get new coaches when they sack???….okay maybe a club that apparently cannot find “exceptional players” for an entire 3month window may have problem finding a new coach..

    1. Use of the words perhaps and maybe hardly sound reassuring against what will be Arsenals greatest ever manger departing.

  11. Very good article. It is in line with what I have always argued in this website. Dismissing Wenger, or any other person for that matter, is as easy as pie but who do you immediately replace him with? Secondly, what grave offence has he committed to deserve a summary dismissal?
    The transfer window came and went and we can’t judge its impact before we resume play after international break. Of course some teams will benefit from the transfer while others may not. It is not always a straight line or a direct proportion that if you buy a certain number of players you will obviously do better than those who didn’t buy many players. Perhaps Liverpool and Tottenham which are always active in the transfer window but don’t always end up with tangible results should serve as good examples to support my argument. There are many other cases which can be cited.
    Now back to the issue of Arsenal. Where do we feel we should have strengthened and didn’t? At any rate before we begin to play no one can judge whether or not our transfer activity, or lack of it, has had impact on the team. Thus it is very prudent for us to wait and see what effect the non-purchase of players has had on the team rather than raving mad for no tangible cause! That way we look like people with a hidden agenda rather than having a genuine cause. What if we condemn Wenger and he goes on to win the trophy? Would we retract our condemnation? Shakespeare said that “Too fast arrives as tardy as too slow.” Any rational Gooner needs to give the manager the benefit of doubt and support the team instead of denigrating both the manager and the team. I have on several occasions observed that the major reason we didn’t win anything for nine years was a combination of both losing our best players and not buying quality players to replace them. Now we haven’t lost any of our regular starters who won FA trophy and the community shield for two consecutive seasons. What makes us think that all of a sudden they have become bad players?
    Arsenal is 7 points from 4 games and at par with some of our rivals Man U and Liverpool. Champions Chelsea are on 4 points from 4 games! What then makes some of our fans rave mad? The only team which has had a perfect start is Man City but nobody should be under any illusions that they will keep winning. Soon they will also get their share of bad results. Just wait and see. The only sensible thing is for all Gooners to support their team and wait to see how the season will end.

    1. I really can’t see why anyone would disagree with anything you said there ..very well reasoned. I like that Shakespeare quote/metaphor.

    2. Basically main arguing point is don’t change manager because of “fear of the unknown.” It’s down to risk reward. How about this quote; “fortune favors the bold.”

      Sacking before end of season is low class and Wenger deserves better. But to think he can’t be replaced? Wow, just wow. How many CL titles has he won? How many games it take him to finally get win against Jose?

      Wenger is great manager, but he is no SAF, so please stop acting like he is. For me he is resistant to a changing world around him; whether it’s prices in the market, or tactics, whatever the case.

      Point being Wenger is a victim of his own success. He changed English football, and he can’t escape his own shadow. The legend of the man outweighs the man.

      1. I appreciate what Wenger has done for Arsenal, but he isn’t Arsenal. IMO he has taken Arsenal as far as he can, and one day can look on his statue with pride. Big clubs don’t settle for “good enough” or “almost.” So why do some of us?

        Simone, Klopp, Low, would do for me.

        1. Durand, Fortune favors the bold is indeed sounding very optimistic. However, that is an old Asian proverb ..we all know what happened to the great Asian warriors when entering more modern times. Their armies were decimated to extinction.

      2. Nobody is a Ying he can’t be sacked….the big question remains unanswered. ….
        Who would…realistically replace him?
        So far I Ve seen not one accurate and ell based answer.

  12. We need as a matter of agency a new coach,a coach who is new to everybody including the board and the owner and who knows that failure to deliver wld cost him his job,a manager who motivates players on the touchline when playing as opposed to one seating waiting for manna to drop from heaven,one who play players in their rightful positions and who does subs when required even if it’s minute one…apparently the french economist does NOTmeet the above criteria and is no longer good enough to manage our club.i wld advice that he runs for the FIFA presidency where he can take “financial fair play” crusade!!!

  13. I would replace wenger with Sam allardyce.I am sick of his sight on the touchline and his cluelessness.

    More seriously I think Garry Monk would do very well at a club like ours

    1. I agree on Garry Monk. Just want to see how long he can keep this up at Swansea because at least a couple of managers had good runs with them before ultimately losing it. The signs are good because he’s started this season very well. I’m not necessarily concerned about getting rid of Wenger but were he to go, Monk is the first name that comes to mind as a realistic option who could replace him and do well.

      1. I think we have Wengers future successor already as head of youth development. When LVG got sacked at B Munich he came in as an interim for couple months. He is training the youngsters the Arsenal way already and because of his experience working with youngsters at Barca Bayern and now Arsenal ..this coupled with how we are likely to stick with our plan of producing from within then adding some experience reinforces my belief that Andries Yonker will take over the reins from Arsene when the time comes.

        My other choice would be De Boer at Ajax maybe bringing along Bergkamp Overmars and Vieira to work at different levels.

  14. I don’t want him to leave after just four games of this season I want him to leave because of ten previous years or more of failure and his failures in the transfer market. No more excuses. I can only see the same ole arguements at the start of next season because we fail to win EPL or CL again this season. Would Hamilton come with last years car to win this years F1 championship? I don’t think so..

  15. @davidrusa using the statement ”if wenger winsthe trophy” fnr more than a decade and you don’t realise how you’re boring?don’t talk of the carling and the fa cups coz even a team struggling at relegation wins them and it’s obvious they’re not the sort of trophies the fans expect..önly at arsenal does a manager underdeliver for more than a decade and still gets away with it…funny how u can dèfend somebody who can no longer defend himself!

    1. Discussing with you is a tricky affair because you have already formed your mind and will not listen to anything contrary to your mind. You may wish to broaden your outlook and become more objective, Let me ask you a few questions. Since the inception of the Premier League in 1991-92 how many teams have won it? Incase you don’t know let me help you out: Man U, Arsenal. Chelsea, Man City and Blackburn Rovers which is now no longer in EPL. Therefore, your argument that it is only at Arsenal where an underperforming manager is tolerated becomes extremely false, hollow and unrealistic. Not all teams in EPL have ever won any trophy be it FA, Carling/ Capital one cup etc. Do you think those teams have no managers or fans? Have their fans killed their managers or stopped to pay for their tickets? Being emotional is not necessarily being factual or logical. Hence do research before you start to make some assertions. It should not be a shouting match but an exercise where people try to reason so as to find what is good for our team.

  16. Jurgen Klopp all day long ambitious, available, big club experience and can handle Mourinho. Another is Unai Emery manager of Sevilla who is highly rated. Other candidates Joachim Louw, De Boer and Leonardo Jardim. Roberto Martinez and Jocelyn Gourvennec are promising and developing managers.

  17. The real empirical problem now is that Wenger is actually harming the club. At the end of last season most believed that we were the best club of 2015. Other’s strengthened but ‘the deluded one’ did not. To see the club going backwards and damaged, at the hands of a madman, is painful to say the least. It is clear that Wenger should go because he is no longer trustworthy enough to run the club. In fact he is just a little crazy and cannot be allowed to run our club.

  18. is Wenger going to managed Arsenal for the rest of his life? you know soon or later he will go. It’s not right to have this mentality that their is no better manager than Wenger for Arsenal because there are a lot of good managers, Klopp, Simone, Gardiola, Anceloti.

    1. Simone Pepe you can write off, we cant get their players so why would they give us their manager. Klopp ..please stop. Ancelotti is older than Wenger is he, well I don’t think he’s better than him unless you give him two to three times the funds ..and even then I wouldn’t write AW off against him.

  19. I am not saying Arsène knows best, though I am not ashamed to say I think he’s great.. and by saying this I am not trying to provoke those who hate him, or invite insults towards myself.

    But considering everything Wenger has done for Arsenal, and the game we all love, it would be a dark day in Arsenal history to sack him, mid-season.

    No way. No body to replace Wenger and every season I come across a dozen appology letters.

  20. I think we have to face facts. We are not ever going to win the EPL or any other major competition with Stan Kroenke in charge. You can say what you like about Wenger being stingy, but if we had owners like MC, Chelski or LFC, do you think Wenger wouldn’t of spent? Ray Parlour very rarely says anything against Arsenal, but he said it himself – “Stan Kroenke has no love for Arsenal, he is purely in as a businessman to make money”. And he demonstrated that by taking out a £3-4m dividend – so called advisory services, for which he could provide no evidence of, when we should’ve been putting the extra money towards Suarez. Who ever though it was a good idea to allow Kroenke to become majority shareholder baffles me. We cannot be winners when we are having the life blood sucked out of us, while other clubs are getting performance injections, no matter how great an economist Wenger thinks he is. Anyone think it’s different – please tell me.

  21. We should prepare Monk for when Wenger leaves. Monk with Swansea has sown that you can built good teams on a small budget. He has also shown he knows tactically what to do to beat big opponents. We need his skills as Arsenal do not have the budgets ManU, City, Chelsea, PSG, Barcelona & Madrid have.

    However with declining oil prices I can see huge budget deficits in countries like Emirates, Qatar etc. This might change public opinion in these countries about wasting money on vanity projects like PSG and Manchester City. As for Chelsea does Abramovic want another arms race after he already dumped 1 billion into Chelsea.

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