Wenger – Palace win was a turning point, defeat would have been a blow

Arsenal have never lost at Crystal Palace in the Premier League, but today we had to fight a lot harder than usual for the three points. Arsene Wenger was more than happy with our response after last weeks home defeat. “We have shown our strong response and we have shown different aspects in our game that are vital in the Premier League.” he said after the match. “We had a good, fluent game in the first half and when they came back to 1-1 it was a mental test to see how we could respond. We managed to find a second goal and after that in the second half of the game we just had to dig in, fight, and we did it as well. I’m pleased because we have shown many different aspects that will be very important in the season.”

Le Prof also believes that it will be hard for anyone to win at Selhurst Park this season, but he refused to blame Laurent Koscielny for not trying to block the Palace equaliser. “I haven’t seen the goal again but Koscielny had a very strong performance today. Maybe he has turned his back by reflex, I don’t know, but overall I was not happy with the goal.

“On the other hand it was a good test for us because this is a difficult place for everybody to come and to win. I’m sure they will beat many strong teams here and to get the three [points] is already a little bit of a turning point in the Premier League for us. To lose today would have been a big blow mentally.”

It certainly would have been a blow, disastrous even! At least we can all sleep easier in our beds, until at least next week….


  1. Wenger needs to do what is right, we have suffered enough as arsenal fans worldwide we need grit just like city, mert is a flower that is too soft for our center, we need width play our wingers and get that striker that would score ozil’s passes….

    1. Palace win is a turning point in the race for 4TH PLACE. Defeat would have been a blow but wouldn’t have mattered as we will still finish 4TH PLACE.

      1. LOL…funniest comment I’ve read in a while.

        Did y’all watch Man City’s match?
        The only reason I could tip Arsenal for the title is because I’m a fan…or if we sign a better striker and another DM.
        Other than that, it’ll be Man City. The way they beat Chelsea shows how champions are supposed to play. Truth be told.

        1. Did you watch our Arsenal team beat Man City at the Ethiad last season? Sterling was brought in but Yaya is yet another year older.

          I swear this site is no longer divided by AKB’s and AOB, it’s basically divided into – I support the club thick and thin, and the I slag them every chance I get and call all others ‘delusional’ if they slag me.

          1. Arsenal are CAPABLE of beating any team on our day…we showed that against Chelsea already. It’s just unfortunate that we don’t…. And we also unfortunately don’t seem to know when and where to bring in aadditions.

          2. Bomber it’s unbelievable. What the heck do the do when OG12 score today. “Damn not him” they must because the hate is deep.

  2. Honestly 2 losses in a row would have definitely sent alarm bells ringing and asked questions, in the gunners camp!

    1. The fact is we will continue to huff and puff till the manager either balances the team by bringing in quality addition which is extremely difficult now or when he bids farewell…
      Have you seen The Citizens lately?
      Don’t raise your hopes guys we won’t win the league…even though i want us to.

      1. How many additions have they made that actually influenced their game? ( not a sarcastic question I didn’t see the game)

        1. Sometimes what we need the most is closer to us than we thought….all The Citizens needed was a renewed belief and positive vibe….remmember Yaya had series of individual problems last season?
          Their run of form is no new to me cos they got their belief back.

        2. Surprisingly, Sterling is the only new addition that played today… Every other person just seemed to up their game…e.g. Kompany and Yaya were pretty poor last season, but were brilliant today.

          1. I saw Toure’s brilliance last Monday against WBA – but I must have watched a different game if you thought he was “brilliant” today.

    2. a loss today would have given Klopp a rather short holiday as he would have to replace Wenger (One could dream, eh?)

  3. yes and thank you for not giving us the painful feeling of last week. Liverpool next, we gotta beat them hard like city did chelsea to fire more warnings.

    1. If is a big word now I’ve calmed my nerves down it was a great win COYG in wenger we trust

  4. What I saw was right at the beginning of the second half. We had a long ball played up to OG and was challenged heavily with not one but two CP defenders. Then seconds later a ball is played to their striker and Mert just backs off and let’s the player chest it to himself. Mert is a good player but if you are always retreating then you are putting the defense under pressure. With his size he should attack every aerial that comes his way. Much too passive for me.
    On the other hand Le Coq could easily have been sent off and miss the next game. If money is to be spent I would say someone needs to fill in there and against heavy attacking sides played alongside Coq.
    Other than that I wish Theo would have seen the game on the right as Sanchez Giroud and Walcott would provide a great trio.

    1. Arteta put so much needed order in our midfield today. Very determined and he didn’t missed a tackle. Defended very well and set up Chambo for some nice runs. I like how he came back in the squad. This is a captain we need. Ozil was MOTM for me, very much liked his passing and also defensive work. Kos must remember he’s one of the best in the league and pay more attention next to the edge of the box especially.

  5. Jose mourinho when interviewed after match defeat, reporter” jose does it worry you to have played 2 games, and 1 point from 6″ ? Mourinho ” its better to have 1 point from 6 than no points”! Huh? And the hurting expression on his face with head bowed “priceless”!

  6. I fear Wenger will never solve the Ramsey-Cazorla-Ozil problem. They just don’t fit on the pitch together. Wenger consistently puts Ramsey or Cazorla out of position on the wing just to fit them together on the pitch. I honestly believe Wenger would rather LOSE with Ramsey than Win with Ramsey on the bench.

    This is likely the best 1st team – at least right now.

    Wenger understandably wants Ramsey on the pitch – if so he will need to rotate with Cazorla or Ozil. This has been an issue for a long time and Wenger just does not want to face it as a problem but it always comes back to haunt him. He MUST solve this problem.

  7. Jesus wept – we won , against the best CP team in years , away from home and with our confidence low BUT the negatively on this site would make you think we couldn’t beat Sunderland!

    One guy who posts incessantly said Sanchez’ game was a mess and other thought Cazorla was useless!

    When a team starts playing better away from Home that’s when the “fans” need to look at themselves.

    We’re back on track, yes we need 2-3 good signings and it’s irritating that they haven’t been made but enjoy the result.

    1. 1.You are right about the negativity. I believe it is mostly driven by the fear that Wenger will again NOT make those 2 or 3 good signings you mention. And as the end of the transfer window draws closer, the fear gives way to panic.

      2. We all want a better striker but I don’t understand the attacks on Giroud when he delivers a top class goal that was critical to getting the 3 points. The need for a better striker does not negate the fact that Giroud delivered an absolute beauty today.

      1. Agreed, I am all for a TOP striker but the Giroud bashing is tiring, he is a good player. I see him as an impact sub like Dzeko.

  8. What the game taught us:

    – We need a prolific Striker
    – Play Santi in the middle
    – We need a cover for Coquelin

    We ALREADY knew all this but today was a lucky reminder.

  9. I’m still not convince about giroud, let forget about today’s goal, giroud can’t take on a single player that happen again today so many opportunities to get past a player with just a simple dribble he just made a stupid pass that went awful and gave palace to lauch attacks. I can’t stop marvel at the way little aguero was just tearing chelsea defence apart with his movement and dribbling skills, I wonder to see a short aguero with that instints and our coach could place so much hope on instintless giroud to lead us to EPL title

    1. @shigotex,
      True. You can’t coach class, ability and football brain.
      If a footballer at 29, does not have this already, it will not suddenly appear.

      Aguero is such a joy to watch. He has been doing this for years now.

  10. Yes Arsenal def in
    the race now.
    3rd = after an
    opening day loss.
    Credit to the Manager
    and players who responded.
    Time to celebrate after the
    negativity of last week 🙂
    We are on the same level
    as the other big teams.
    The best Manager will win.

  11. I would prefer we lost as many matches as possible.


    Bcos somehow somehow Wenger should go. He is a disgrace to common sense

  12. Giroud scored a goal, yes I agree, but I see it as a fluke goal! (Turn me down all you want). Players like Giroud don’t lead the lines in a title challengers team.

    Look at what Citeh did to Dzeko, Jovetic (these are players Arsenal fans would gladly lick their a$$) if they had been in Arsenal. Chelsea sold Mata because he was too fragile to their plan. Man U were bold to cut their loses on Di Maria because he wasn’t interested in football.

    Anyway, I fear the coming back of Wilshere, how all four will play in same game. Ramsey, Per even Cech should be made known that first team shirt in Arsenal is not guaranteed.

    Btw… Its a super sunday for me at both end

    1. If you’d been on here regularly you will know that the significant majority have never lost sleep or worshipped at the altar of either Dzeko or Jovetic.

  13. Giroud “IS” a top striker.
    He scores every second
    game on average.
    Like how many goals have
    Rooney and Costa scored?

    1. Indeed. People praise one goal from Agüero but don’t praise one goal from Giroud.
      Hell even pundits and media are ordain that freaking goal from Giroud! !!!

  14. Stop being delusional. We’re not going to win this title. It’s quite obvious.

    When you have a coach that likes players not for what they do but just because he likes them, you’re in trouble.

    OG will bang in a couple of goals but he’s still quite far from that striker that can win you a BPL (Not close to Henry, Shearer, Rooney, Drogba, Aguero, Ian Wright, Van Persie and Van Nisteroy).

    There’s a lot of average or slightly above average players in our team. (Monreal, BFG, Le Coq, Ramsey, OG, Walcott, Arteta, Gibbs among others). Compared to other title contenders, we are shit.

    A manager that’s too stubborn to win the league is also a disaster.

    We need a lethal striker, DM, Dangerous winger and a more flexible coach to win the league. Otherwise, champions league qualification is all we will afford.

    Just being realistic though.

  15. I dont really don’t get how some people just go on bashing players…football brain? really? Players are blessed with different abilities…some r built for link ups, sme with skills, sme wif speed, sme wif technique…and some wif a bit of all, ala Aguero…and trust me Aguero was not always that fun to watch as regards scoring, even Suarez used to miss chances but they improve with time, players do…Yes, he may nt be the striker we need,we may cry for som1 whose game ‘suits’ the style we dream of, but he’s here @least fr now…he has his specificities n he’s achieved some remarkable things with em…so enough of these personal attacks.Trust me he’s really gud at what he does and what his physical state permits, I wanna believe not everyone can boast of being perfect ova here, but we only learn to strive…So in d end if we’re stuck wif Olly, itz not the end of the world…we’ve been supporting through thick n thin…n we wont stop now….on to greater things…COYG!

  16. Sorry guys but not impressed with our victory today. Yes I’m happy for 3 points but not convinced our team is not strong enough to win major honours so far. We need new additions cf dm. We need to stop playing players out of position and we need to make better subs within the game

  17. There are only a few wonders in this
    world…are we alone in this universe? Will we ever buy a striker? And will Piers Morgan ever accept he is wrong?But one mystery for me is how on earth did Mesut Ozil not win the Man Of The Match Award for his … 98% Pass Accuracy
    Mesut Özil’s Devastating Stats vs. Crystal.

    In fact, since joining arsenal, Mesut has created 170 scoring chances,and Arsenal players have managed to score only 15 goals.

  18. Eish! sometimes the way Wenger talks hmmm.By the way how on earth is a world class player like Gabriel on the bench.I am calling him world class because if he gets a full season everyone would be saying the same and i believe he will be better than Koscielny just wait and see its all about time and chance.I just dont get Wenger wow! sometimes i laugh at his naivety just wow! is this the Wenger i know you have changed very much sir.I just want Wenger to do the right thing about this team and maybe possibly with luck we can have a good season but he hardly does the right thing does he?It is a real shame because if things go on like then i think we are going to suffer the same fate.

  19. Hahahaha now someone is calling Petr Cech a double agent.I thought peeps were like Szczesny is shit he is this and that yes i would admit Szczesny costs us a lot but i was shocked no one felt sorry for a 19 year old keeper being thrown into such a shaky defense even petr cech must be saying in his mind that he is shocked.Let me tell you some go for Buffon or any other legendary keeper and put him in this current arsenal defense and he will still concede mad goals.But Szczesny and Cech both tied at highest clean sheets some seasons ago.Despite Cech having a defense which was light years ahead of this one and to me that speaks volumes about his potential.I love you very much Szczesny i refuse to be ignorant and call you shit what if you were 19 years at Chelsea and started playing i will bet you would have been catching for them.I love you come back stronger for me ok the pitiful thing is that you will meet the same defense again.By the way Cech will come good and stop comparing Ospina to him.

    1. Another couple of wins and they will back in their caves. Been nice this week seeing so many old friends come back to visit the site after 6 months off, not sure where they have been, LOL. Many just wanted to cash in their chips with the opening day disaster and are upset/frustrated we beat CP. Wouldn’t have mattered how we achieved it – it would have been the same on here. At least I have learnt today that City are nailed on for the league after 2 games. If knee-jerking was a competitive sport this site would be world class no doubt about it.

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