Wenger pinpoints Arsenal’s next target to lead us to the title?

JustArsenal readers have been repeating the mantra that “Arsenal are three top players away from the title” for many years, and now perhaps Wenger has finally started getting the pieces of his jigsaw in place.

The Gunners defence has now been strengthened with the arrival of Gabriel Paulista, although we may need one more backup next season if Mert leaves or if Koscielny’s Achilles problems continue to hamper his playing time. Hopefully Matthiey Debuchy will be back to his best next season to help us stay stable at the back.

The emergence of Francis Coquelin has nullified the need for Arsenal to buy a new “Beast of a DM”, so this leaves the “World Class” striker that we have all desired to give some true competition for Olivier Giroud.

Wenger has admitted that he would NOT have bought Danny Welbeck if he had been in London on deadline day (so why did he go to the Vatican on such a crucial day?) and although Welbeck has shown glimpses of form he is hardly the deadly finisher we were hoping for, and maybe Chuba Akpom could be the answer but he is still far too young to be the finished product we need to take the title.

Now Wenger has admitted that he believes that the Porto striker Jackson Martinez is perfect for the Premier League, and after 85 goals in two seasons for the Portugese giants he could be the last piece of Wenger’s jigsaw puzzle. Wenger was quoted in the Mail as saying: “He has top physical strengths.Hugely efficient, he is the kind of player who can make room for himself in the box.

“He could play in the Premier League because he has the body to make the difference. He uses it in a very intelligent way. Very short back lift and he’s a very good finisher.’

“He’s on the list of many clubs, you know that. He will be the next big transfer who will give a big smile to Pinto da Costa [Porto’s owner].’

Wenger has now shown that Arsenal can splash out on one marquee player every season now, and with the massive 70% increase in TV money confirmed the Gunners can now compete with anyone for the top top players around the world. Has he given notice to the other big teams in the Premier League that they will have to fight Arsenal for the signature of Martinez? And is he all we need to win the title next season?

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  1. jonnhirons says:

    seems a bit of a risk for wenger, 27, unproven in a top league and will not come cheap.

    However i could see him fitting into our side perfectly, he looks an upgrade on giroud, but of course giroud was lethal in france.

  2. CraigZWE says:

    Nope can do better I think. Rather stick with what we have to be honest than waste the cash.

  3. CraigZWE says:

    What a great weekend this can be, Super Rugby, Cricket World Cup and FA CUP.

  4. CraigZWE says:

    I take it the site is quiet due to Valentine’s day, all you dudes with ya gals.

    1. admin says:

      I certainly hope so! I’ll be off myself for a romantic evening in a few hours!

      1. AYZAY says:

        Admin are u going on the romantic evening sit-out with that romantic girl on ur avatar or with the avatar?

  5. Twig says:

    “The emergence of Francis Coquelin has nullified the need for Arsenal to buy a new “Beast of a DM””

    Not so fast…

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      we still need a DM….a big strong and fast…

  6. Sumo says:

    Action Jackson?
    No thank you.

  7. samuel@justarsenal.com says:

    In addition to Sanchez, Giroud, and walcott. Arsenal certainly needs one more top striker addition to the Gunners offensive-line. And that is the missing element in the Gunners’ attack-line this season which is now mitigating against the Gunners winning the current Premeir league title. There won’t be much need for the boss to go that far out of the Premeir league to look for that missing element. Harry Kane is there in the Gunners backyard to be snapped up if Arsenal so desire to do that. What are Welbeck and Akpom doing? Kidding? I think Welbeck must forget any further slumbering and come of age and start to play the Arsenal football way, which is to be scoring goals always. Akpom must come out of childhood football and get very serious with his games after signing a 4 1/2 year deal with the Arsenal FC. I am sure Arsenal will no longer keep-up with any medeocare players comes next season.

  8. DANDY GUNNER says:

    If Wenger is talking about Jackson Martinez then he has interest in bringing him to Arsenal.
    When has Wenger showed his hand before about any player.Wenger is playing games
    as usual so move along nothing to see here.

  9. fred cowardly says:

    I would love Jackson Martinez to come here

    Look at these statistics
    For Porto he has scored 85 goals in 2.5 years
    or 85 goals from 120 matches.
    That’s twice as many goals as Giroud. If he came here he would score 30 goals per season (especially with Ozil, Cazorla feeding him)

    He is definitely an out and out goalscorer and World Class.

    To make things better. He would definitely come to us because he supported Arsenal since childhood and said this summer that if offered a contract he would accept.

    So please don’t Dismiss him.

    1. YingYang69 says:

      You just cant underestimate the advantage he has when playing against Portuguese lesser teams. Besides his own club there is only two to three more clubs who are of a decent standard and even these clubs are hardly known for their stubborn defending.

      There is cases of players scoring allot in weak leagues because they are great goalscorers and would do it anywhere. L Suarez comes to mind but J Martinez is even older than he was. I would have doubts with JM, why did no one snap him up before he reached his prime, or has he only start scoring since reaching his prime. What are his stats against top defences. [too lazy to look but curious the same]

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