Double PSG deal will save Arsenal´s transfer window

Is there some charity match on in Paris today that the Arsenal manager has offered to referee? If not then Arsene Wenger being pictured on a flight to Paris yesterday is certainly an interesting development as the summer transfer window draws to a close today.

The prof revealed just last week that he was keeping himself available 24 hours a day i8n case any interesting last minute transfer deals came up, so he has either given up on getting any new players into the club entirely, or he might be on the hunt for a deadline day deal.

According to a Daily Mail report, it is the latter and what is more, it could be a brilliant double deal that the Frenchman is hoping to complete. Handily enough both the players, Adrien Rabiot and Edinson Cavani, are currently with PSG and Wenger is reportedly in talks to get both.

The Uruguayan striker would be a massive transfer coup for the Gunners but I cannot see the French champions letting him leave at this late stage even if we are offering to pay them a fortune, but I will keep my fingers crossed. The French holding midfielder, however, is a much more realistic proposition and would still represent a great bit of business in my opinion.

So could the prof be about to rescue Arsenal´s dismal transfer window?

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  1. I am 99% certain neither of them will happen.

    GET YARMOLENKO FFS and let’s pray he could be turned into a striker.

    1. So it would seem (that no deal will happen). But somehow, I’m forcing myself to be optimistic, even if it’s just Edison.

      1. Just Edison ..the man would be a game changer. His terrific work rate alongside Alexis and Ox ..Ramsey Coq. Me thinks your just making sure that if Wenger hits the top priority target well you will be left with plenty of mud to throw.

        Ignoring Cavani and Benzema who is the number 1 striker that you would like to see arrive.

        1. It’s all funny that Wenger had to get off his butt today, what’s he been doing??? I’m not even sure he’s out for some transfer business. Nothing can justify his actions.

  2. The DailyMail have no clue of what they’re talking about. They make up bs all of the time. NO striker is joining Arsenal. Madrid and PSG don’t want to sell Benzema or Cavani. Getting Charlie Austin is completely pointless because he won’t improve us and we’ll have to get rid of him if we sign one next season.

  3. This is my last day as an arsenal fan until
    Wenger leaves. I will stop watching football until wenger leaves.

  4. when are fans going to wake up and smell the coffee we are not going to sign anybody and top 4 and maybe a decent f.a cup run is the only thing in our capabilities.

    striker problem what problem we have welbeck to come back lol oh you just have laugh

    1. Well, some weeks ago I read a comment by the coach where he said they’d do Business and that nothing is certain. Just that I doubt any club would want to do serious business today.

  5. What’s wrong with everyone?
    Since when has Wenger let us down in the transfer window, I mean, seriously.

    Someone tell me who he’s bought that HASN’T had a positive effect in a season?

    You don’t sign Ozil, Sanchez and Cech, then claim to want a midfielder and a striker, and then just do no business.

    I’d almost say I’m certain he’ll bring in a player/players that’ll help us for the rest of the season, and have a positive effect.

    1. Since you are asking off the top of my head
      park cou young
      richard wright
      arshavin (who was good when playing in his correct position)

      1. Notice all of who you’ve named were reserves/squad players?

        Arshavin was one hell of a signing when he first come to Arsenal. He just lsot his way.
        Denilson was a great talent, unlucky because he had the likes of Viera, Petit.

        All the others you’ve named were International footballers that couldn’t adjust to the premier league and the pace of it. That was all it was.
        Signings will fail, but I was looking at more recently. In the last few seasons, say three years?

    1. I have heard of him but he’s nothing special. Slower, less athletic Russian Welbeck. In other words he would be a Kim Kardashian -type signing.

      Rumours about Flamini’s exit. Let this be true…

  6. our pathetic story about arsenal title contenders fade away in a month… and all those shitty players always come out and say how arsenal is fighting for the title(arteta, giroud etc…) time for a new menager, one who will not speaking to the journalists how transfer window should shot down earlier but he is the only one trying to do something in the last day of the transfer window or he is pretending that he is doing something, but no… he flew to the france to be a pundit for france game… I am sick and tired of this man, can’t stand it anymore…

  7. Sky Sports just from outside the Emirates- NO PLAYERS WILL BE COMING IN-Wenger had his targets but if clubs won’t sell he will not change his policy

    So let’s look at facts
    Wenger has identified a weakness in the team yes
    He then identifys the player to improve this , the club won’t sell so we give up

    Unbelievable so wenger thinks we are not strong enough but we carry on ????????? WTF
    So Martinez,schneidelin,otemendi,Baca,Dabyla,Pedro,Sterling,Falco, and many others would not improve what we have, and these are just some of the players that have been sold.
    I cannot and will not support this man any longer , we will have another season of ups and downs and we will flatter to deceive but another top 4/5 finish for us

    Over to you BUDD
    Why is this acceptable to you ??????

    1. As opposed to what? Pay 58 mils for 19 yrs old Martial? No thanks. If that’s the price then I will gladly pass it. 50 mils de bruyne? Thanks. I’ll pass although I am pretty sure he will do good at Citeh. 50 mils Sterling? Replacing who? Thanks. but I am fine as I am.
      PS: window is not closed yet.

      1. What about Martinez ?
        These players would improve Arsenal and Dabyla would be given time as he is young
        What about Schnidelin ?

        Trust me if Le Coq gets inj we are fecked
        And as much as I think Giroud is average of he gets inj we have little replacement

        We could have and should have spent

        What about Vidal ? No matter what position he would improve us

        I know you love Wenger but you must be able to see his flaws

        1. Dybala and Martinez went early. If we’d bought them and then Cavani or Benzema had moved would you not have torn your hair out at Arsene for “buying cheap” or “buying a youngster” instead of “Getting his cheque book out”? We were clearly in for some of these big names and it did not materialise, while other signings happened. Get over it.

          1. getting your excuses in early…impressive

            how were we clearly in for these got a direct line to the household of wenger??

    2. WELL probably because he identified high quality targets, pursued them, had deals that looked possible and they fell through, clubs decided they were not selling. In that time all the other slightly lower options moved. Deals for Martinez, Dybala and Benteke were all done VERY early. Sterling is a RW so wouldn’t have been identified. Same for Pedro. Falcao was abysmal last year and probably ruled out due to wage.

      The next question is DM. IF we went in for Schneiderlin – he may just have chosen Man Utd over us. Not alot can be done if that happens. Otamendi is a CB and Wenger seems happy with his 4 CBs. Players like Kondogbia may have been on the list, but it is quite possible again that he was focusing on another deal he preferred and that move happened in the mean time. For example, if we were hashing out a Schneiderlin deal we’d have missed Kondogbia.

      Truth be told, DM is FAR more of a sin then CF because CF looks like no top targets moved which is what Wenger would have aimed for. The DM position had top targets moving and we missed them, but there are still good options. The problem is we already have a good DM and benching him when he is a rising star is short sighted and a bad policy. Conversely, buying a good DM as cover is highly unlikely because of how hard it is to bench a great player.

      In short – the biggest sin is that he has signed nobody and NO position on the pitch had players who could have improved us. The complete absence of any LWs in the whole squad is by far the most noticeable and blinding error I’ve seen…but has been an ongoing one for about a decade!

  8. our pathetic story about arsenal title contenders fade away in a month… and all those shitty players always come out and say how arsenal is fighting for the title(arteta, giroud etc…) time for a new menager, one who will not speaking to the journalists how transfer window should shot down earlier but he is the only one trying to do something in the last day of the transfer window or he is pretending that he is doing something, but no… he flew to the france to be a pundit for france game… I am sick and tired of this man, can’t stand it anymore!!!

  9. pls @ Budd ,,,,,are u happy how Wenger goes about our transfers.

    Do u realize that even the team need someone to lift them n give them confidence.

    How long will people like you stop supporting Wenger n support the team.

    We are not asking for some stupid spending like de spuds or loserpools or de manures.

    But we are really short of depth n power hence we needed those two players. a Dm n cf.

    But guys like you@Budd will always give Wenger a reason not to buy.

  10. Don’t forget that wenger works for the French tv sports media and France are playing Portugal and some other coun try! ?

    Remember Claude tv’s comments after the Liverpool game?

    It’s looking good at the moment, “2 players from the same team”
    I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal has already been agreed and signed this morning but Wenger will want us to sweat until the last minute of the transfer window before it is officially announced by the club, because of all the stick he has received from the fans ?

    As for medical’s, it’s not unusual for them to be done in another country. .. just like Özil’s

  11. Seems arsenal not going to sign anyone,really bad. Barca with the trophies they won Last season signed two players. This team got no ambition at all.

  12. And just a note we will lose players next summer , players won’t stay with mediocrity which is what we are compared to some clubs
    May think about leaving if an offer comes in

  13. Start of the season and we are already 8 points behind ManCity…Now we will be playing catch up till the end of the season. It is same old story. Every time, Wenger sings the same song. We are looking for top quality…..we have funds…etc….But he never does anything with it. I dont understand why cant we sign a player (If we sign one at all) at the start of the transfer window..this will give the player to settle down and learn our way of playing? We always buy very late. Last time we won the league, our team was full of world class players; some bought and some developed. If Wenger wants to develop players and not buy superstars, then he should at least be aware that there is no potential in the pipe line…at least in the striking department. How long is he going to fool himself and the fans? He knew at the start of the last season that we needed a world class striking option and a good DM..And what do we have at the end of the season? Nothing……How can we win the league like this?

    I think, we the Arsenal fans, need to make a statement. Lets show them what we want from our team. I can think of a few things..they might be drastic measures but that;s what the time demands….

    1) Lets boycott one match….At least the empty seats will show the turmoil in our hearts

    2) Some fans might feel that option 1 is too extreme and can deplete the team spirit and all….We all can at least show our protest by not cheering or singing….We can just sit there mute for one whole match…with a banner of some sort.

  14. CAnt imagine Charlie Austin leading our attack…

    gosh how low can we go??

    might as well play in the championship…

  15. French transfer window is closed. PSG unlikely to sell when they can’t get any replacement. They also have no reason to sell, they don’t need money.

    This is wishful thinking at it’s finest.

  16. I can’t wait to read all the two faced muppet’s messages bum licking wenger, If he pulls off these two signings ?

    Your gonna be like….
    “Yeah! Cavaaaaniiiii ” “wooooo hooooooo” ?
    ” we knew you wouldn’t let us down King Wenger”

  17. im sorry how can you justify me paying 2 grand for a season ticket, which makes it the highest in europe, if we never compete in the league and do not bring in players.

    6pm wenger

  18. Released/Sold/Loaned.

    And some high school boys.

  19. If at the end Wenger fails to sign any top player to improve the team, Someone needs to kill him… That’s the only way out, he has killed more Arsenal fans with either heart attacks or frustrations.
    he needs to leave our club for us!!!!!
    I dislike that Wenger man with his French brother Giroud.
    Wenger Out!!!!!!

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