Wenger pleased with Arsenal’s pace and intensity in Sydney – On to China!

Arsenal won their second pre-season warm up against the Western Sydney Wanderers by 3 goals to 1 and are slowly building their fitness as they head off to China for some much harder games. They may have been only against A-League sides but Wenger was more than pleased with the attitude of the players.

He said after the match: “I felt that we did very well in the first half against an opposition that made it physical for us. They left always something in, and they pushed us to go into the challenges. Overall the first half was very positive, we played at a good pace, very fluent, technically very good and with the right intensity. Our target was to maintain that as long as we could.

“We dropped a bit in the second half because most of the players have had five days’ training. It was quite amazing how well they did. When the other team came on we got an impulse again and dominated. Unfortunately we couldn’t score but we hit the post twice and created chances. It’s a bit similar to what we have seen against Sydney FC – they defend with heart. This team looks a bit more physical and a bit more ready, more advanced physically than the opposition we had the other night.”

The support in Australia has been amazing, and judging by the turnout I don’t think it will be another 40 years before Arsenal make another tour down under. Wenger was very impressed. “I must say tonight that 84,000 people… in two games we have over £160,000 people in Australia. It makes us realise how big the support is here in Australia, and how much people love football and sport here. It’s absolutely amazing.”

So now they are off to China where we face Bayern Munich on Wednesday, and Chelsea next Saturday, and we will be hoping to continue our long winning run against a couple of the best teams in Europe. I can’t wait to see them, and of course we should be just a bit fitter than these Australian games. This is what Wenger feels about these coming games: “What I expect from China is that we play against opponents who are certainly as well in preparation, it will be less robust physically but as well of course you play against teams who have top quality going forward as well.

“We will have to share better our focus on defending and attacking. In the last two games we focused a lot on attacking. Apart from that we will play as well in a different climate. It will be very hot, so we have to adapt to that as well.”

Hot is not the word! The temperatures are in the high thirties at the moment and extremely humid. This will be a real test of endurance but don’t expect the players to be running quite as much next week.

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. I look forward to the next two games before The Emirates Cup starts.
    How I wish all our signings are concluded and on tour. Well, the signings may well have been completed. Maybe Arsene and Arsenal is just giving us a fake believe that more signings will come.
    Fingers crossed

  2. Wenger Mene Mene tekeli aphasim ,the days of your leadership are coming to an end no further contract extension make no mistake be smart in the market all we want is the title and you have be barren for 13 years now,time to go well or in shame

  3. willock,riess,nketiah need to replace these players;wilshere,Iwobi,and welbeck respectively…Sell or loan Gibbs, Elneny, and bring a quality cm and a winger time to be ruthless we operate so casually!

  4. Elneny played really well today, as did Ramsey and Monreal.
    Having said that I dread to think how we will get on in these next two games!

    1. Haha, ?? And there goes the rest of our supposedly new signings! God Dammit, I can see the Doom & Gloom rising in the horizon ???

  5. Have anyone seen Sanchez latest comments about wanting to play in the CL?? That guy is something else..he should asap!

    1. Did he say it though or is this that Chile media again causing mischief. Last time it was put down to translation being off and Alexis denying it.

      1. I didn’t see any journalist with their hand up Sanchez’s backside ?? So yes, he said it all, with no help from a ventriloquist ??

      2. I don’t think so mate, this sounds/looks true, and to me it sounds like …..”I want to leave Arsenal”

        I have been waiting anxiously for a comment from the immature player so as to get a clue of his intentions and now that he has spoken the juvenile nonsense, let him just go! And I can’t wait to see him miss out on both the league and the CL..rubbish!

  6. It’s good hearing Wenger talk about needing to work on our defending as we’ve focused so far on attack. Usually you’d expect Wenger to be thrilled with attacking football, esp when we go all out attack. It may have something to do with a certain German team coming up, maybe twas a bad idea agreeing to this fixture seeing as they’ve so easily embarrassed us not too long back. The wounds are still fresh.

  7. my God if we can Get 50m for Sanchez then we should happily pay 120 for Mbappe and pay him the wages Sanchez is rejecting Arsenal should not be brought to a level of begging players to stay, let the arrogant boy leave!

  8. Hmm Bayern and Chelsea simultaneously? Now we can rate our strength after the two matches.. .

  9. Arsenal are reportedly closing in on signing Marcelo Brozovic from Inter Milan as the odds on him joining are now odds on.
    20 million Euros is right up Wenger’s street, it’s about 50 blocks away from Lemar Avenue. ?

  10. He has finally come out and said something, ” “I want to play in the Champions League. The decision isn’t down to me, I need to wait for Arsenal”, the statement speaks for itself, more than likely some one as made an offer it is up to arsenal to let him go.

    I am hoping arsenal hurry and get him out the club to where ever he wants to be, get Mahrez quickly before Roma close a deal and get ready for the new season, milk that has gone sour that has been split must not be made much of.

    1. I think he actually said he wants to win the Champions league.. so in that context to say its not up to me i wait for Arsenals decision could mean .. sign good players so we can win the champions league! . he also didnt say when he wants to win champions league so maybe he has given an ultimatum for arsenal to be in a position through transfer dealings to win in next few years tp sogn a contract…. the only team who can more or less gaurantee CL title at present os Real Madrid and he is not going there… no guarantee for sure Man city will win or he will play every game ..!

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