Wenger pleased with hard-won three points despite unfitness

It was a nerve-wracking first 90 minutes of League football for Arsene Wenger, never mind the long-suffering Arsenal fans that hadn’t seen an opening day win for five years.

But the fans stayed behind the team even when the Gunners went behind to Hangeland’s opening goal, and their support was repain with an added time winner by Aaron Ransey.

Wenger was asked after the match if his plan was to wear Palace down: “It was not the plan,” Wenger replied. “the plan was to win the game, but because of the physicality and organisation level of Crystal Palace, it was very difficult for us. Why? Because we conceded a goal on the first corner they had. We lacked a bit of pace in the final third to change what we built up into dangerous situations.

“But it was enough to win the game and win the three points. You could see that for the first game of the season, nobody won at home, we were the only team that won at home. So that shows you that it’s difficult for everybody on the first day of the season. We got the three points we wanted, now let’s focus on Besiktas.

Wenger was also happy that, despite the lack of fitness, his team fought hard for the points right until the end. “Yes of course we will need that.” he continued. “I believe that our attitude was right, on our fluency we can do better, but that will come. Let’s get everybody physically ready. Having said that, you could see that Crystal Palace played with the same organisation as last year, when they changed the situation from a relegation team to finishing 11th in the Premier League. They were physically very strong and they added some height with Hangeland and he scored a goal.

He was also pleased with the support from the stands, after receiving much abuse last season when the team played a mediocre game. “I am grateful for that,” Wenger added. “because before, sometimes we had to face that frustration. Today, at 1-0 down they stayed behind the team. At 1-1 when we started to have heavy legs, they gave us some energy.”

Okay it was a shaky start to the season, but three points is three points. Surely the players will be just that little bit fitter on Tuesday to ensure we go on to the Group Stages of the Champions League.

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  1. rock88 says:

    I still think we lack world class striker despite having better options than last season like Campbell
    and Alexis.

    1. JoJo says:

      I personally think not having a world class striker will eventually come back to bite us towards the end of the season.

      1. Twig says:

        Of course it will. Like it has for the past 3 seasons 🙂

        1. JoJo says:

          Yup, but some fans here will tell you otherwise.

          1. Root says:

            We’ve got Giroud, best “hold-up-play” in Europe.

          2. JoJo says:

            Because scoring goals is too mainstream..

      2. ethangooner says:

        Think Wenger acknowledge that since last season (bid for Higauin and Suarez). But to be honest which world class player is available (clubs willing to sell – Arsenal never try to destabilise player from other club) and within our price range (both transfer value and wage). Only 2 names coming to mind: Cavani & Falcao but unless they significantly reduce their wage demand, it wont happen. Reus is another attacking option but Dortmund won’t sell this season after losing Lewandowski as they are still hopeful that Reus will sign new contract without release clause.
        Think we should focus about what we can do, improving our current players, our tactics than focusing on things which unlikely to happen

  2. Twig says:

    _____Mr Theo
    Cazorla Ozil Sanchez
    __Ramsey Chamakh
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesc Debuchy

    1. Arsenal Target says:

      lol at our “new DM

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      I see Chamakh really impressed you Twig…
      It’s all good.

      1. Twig says:

        As a DM, yes.

        1. JoJo says:

          LOOL *thumbs up*

  3. Twig says:

    Who will be Arsenal’s next signing?

    Kostas Manolas (Thumbs Up)
    Adrien Rabiot (Thumbs Down)

    1. Arse11 says:

      It sounds like it will be Kostas Manolas.

      1. Twig says:

        Well, give a thumbs up then 😉

  4. Nikhilesh says:

    Only we n LoLpool won at home so far.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      This is clear evidence why the BPL is so hard to win,any team can beat any team on a good day we must respect all our opponents because every game is difficult like we saw yesterday against Palace!

  5. phil-thompsons-nose says:

    Why did we lose the title last season when it was within our grasp??
    Ramsey got injured and we couldn’t put the ball in the net..
    We lost defining games against Liverpool Chelsea and city and couldn’t beat Everton Chelsea and manure at home..

    Wenger buy a top striker and CDM please

  6. NickTheYank says:

    We won 3 points without Giroud, Ozil, BFG, Podolski starting and Alexis Sanchez who’s still learning his teammates tendencies & developing chemistry with players while adapting to the league. All the players are still a little low fitness wise and we’ve gotta think about the CL game too.

    I will take 3 points however we find them becuase winning the league means sometimes you win ugly. As long as you win and move on to the next game it’s all that matters. I was proud of the team fighting back and our amazing Rambo for following the ball and getting us the 3 points. Until the transfer window is over, everyone is back fit and our preferred 11 are starting I’ll be happy with 3 points however they come.

  7. John Legend says:

    The win is what matters.

    Now on to Besiktas. Am sure they are dreading already but they will give a good fight as well.

  8. Drew says:

    Wenger and I are on the same page lol… Buy a CB and Chambers to compete with Arteta. I feel Chambers will be a great DM with his range of passing, composure, strength, aerial ability, positioning, speed. This boy for ME is the signing of the season, something special !

  9. Goontz says:

    It’s the world cup effect. Every big team is struggling to gain back fitness quickly.

  10. NY_Gunner says:

    Man C are really out to play “strong arm” specialist this season, huh?

  11. juhislihis says:

    Damn, there goes top of the table!

    Hopefully we are NOT in for Vargas! He sucks!

    1. rock88 says:

      He scored more goals than your hero Giroud at the world cup.

      1. juhislihis says:

        And Ender Valencia scored more than Ronaldo, we should’ve bought him as well!

        Fact is after Napoli bought him, he’s been loaned TWICE and this would make it third time. And not to mention he’s right footed right winger, which exactly what we need (sarcasm).

  12. rock88 says:

    Eduardo Vargas is linked with Arsenal.

    1. JoJo says:

      Don’t worry tomorrow we’ll be linked with Baloteli again :).

    2. Gigi2 says:

      stats in Wikipedia ares similar to Girouds, in 168 league games, 38 goals, overall 218 gaes 62 goals- Giroud games on leagues 260 and 106 goals, overall 315 and 135 goals.
      Axtually Giroud a Little better, rate 0.4m Vargas 0.3
      Not too excited but as long as enforce the attacking options I am ok, plus, he knows Alexis.
      Apparently he has told his family that he ll play with Alexis this year on loan

  13. dopplesoldner says:

    Just looking at City’s midfield powerhouse of Fernando, Fernandinho and Yaya. How I wish we had one of those, never mind three..

    1. Gigi2 says:

      were they all playing vs us in the CS? (u know…that trpohy they didnt want)

    2. Root says:

      Fernando? What a joke! Man gets yellow carded almost every game.

      1. SIK says:

        Fernando will improve his tackling, but regardless he’s still the type of player we need to protect our tiny players like Ozil

  14. TongaBull says:

    whom do we buy when we hv OJ. No need

  15. Tyno says:

    Rabiot is home-grown.

  16. SIK says:

    This is a bit of topic, but after watching the Newcastle vs City, the need for a DM was really highlighted especially seeing Fernando and Toure bully Cabella during the game who is a simila player in stature to many of ours. We need a bully in the middle

    1. Tidan2 says:

      Not sure that game proves your point at all… Newcastle made plenty of chances for themselves but couldn’t find that final ball, they definitely weren’t dominated by the big Man City players.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        They sure were beat up by MC players though…

  17. Tidan2 says:

    yeah i know, unbelievable!

    they have won every match against Newcastle since 2008…

  18. Gigi2 says:

    the eternal debate…jogo bonito or results-}yesterday we didnt passed over Palace but we won. Today Newcastle were not rolled over but they lost-
    Capitals not intended but i am lazy to write again

  19. Ronny331 says:

    @nygunner. Spot on. A side balanced with skilful play makers, mf enforcers, pace and prolific strikers will win the title. We are missing two of those factors.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      That sh*t reminded me of playin basketball in my hood…lmfao
      Gotta give it to em though, they do have all the ingredients for “Dominance”

  20. forever-Arsenal says:

    The decision not to get a top striker hurt us last season. We simply didn’t have enough goals and a natural finisher.

    If Wenger believes Sanchez and Walcott will make up for not having a top striker, so be it. He is the boss and I have to trust him.

    However, over the last 2 decade plus who were the main strikers of the eventual PL champions

    1. Aguero (with dzeko, Negredo, Jovetic)
    2. RVP (with Rooney)
    3. Drogba
    4. Van Nistleroy
    5. Tevez
    6. Henry
    7. Bergkamp
    9. Ian Wright
    10. United won with Andy Cole, Teddy Sheringham. They weren’t world class but better than Sanogo and Giroud.

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