Wenger predicts tactical battle for Arsenal at Burnley

Arsene Wenger saw his Arsenal team give everything in last week’s exciting North London Derby against Spurs, when both sides fought tooth and nail for the title of the Kings of North London. Le Prof is expecting a completely different tactical battle against Burnley as they are quite happy to let their opponents have most of the possession of the ball.

“The intensity of the [Tottenham] game was total because both teams went for it,” Wenger said. “Both teams, every time they won the ball, went forward so the intensity was higher.

“Every game gives you a different problem to sort out, for you to find a strategic solution to be efficient. Against Burnley, that will be different. They are a team who maybe play a bit deeper than Tottenham because they have a strong defensive efficiency.

“You have to keep your nerve, even if you have the ball, to be calm and accurate. You have to be defensively strong as well because they are very efficient going forward.

“Burnley are the most unexpected team to be there with 22 points. You cannot deny that, of course. But if you analyse our games physically, we have been strong physically since the start of the season.”

Us Arsenal fans may not agree with the Gunners being strong in this campaign, especially when playing away from the Emirates in the League. Our only win on the road so far was against relegation candidates Everton, while Burnly’s form indicates they will be a completely different kettle of fish. It is a chance for Wenger to prove he can still outwit younger, perhaps more progressive managers, just like he did last week against Tottenham.

Let’s hope he gets his tactics spot on once again…



  1. gotanidea says:

    Of course Burnley will sit back and defend. The question is, will Arsenal prevail against Burnley’s quick counter-attacks?

    Many teams have defeated Arsenal by using speed demons and Arsenal did not have answer for that kind of tactic. Namely Watford (Richarlison), Stoke City (Jese Rodriguez), Cologne, Leicester City (Vardy), Liverpool (Mane), etc.

    If they are not prepared for this, we would see another disappointment again. One way to nullify this tactic is by scoring a quick first goal, then it would be Arsenal that will sit back and be ready to launch fast counter-attacks.

    1. khangunners says:

      Why not let them hve the ball and we drop back. Teams are used to us just having the ball then hitting us on the break we need to show them we can sit back to

  2. Toke . says:

    Great result against spurs. So thats 3pionts to Burnley then.

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