Wenger promises an exciting end to Arsenal’s transfer window

Arsene Wenger seems to love the attention from the end of the summer transfer window, and seems to love building up the tension as deadline day approaches. This season promises to be no different as he has been talking about the loss of Olivier Giroud from Arsenal’s first team for over three months.

First of all he denies that he needs to buy a replacement,but then talks about the dying days of the transfer business. He says in the Mail: ‘Of course we can be successful. Why not? The success of the season does not depend on one player that you buy or not,’ Wenger said.

‘If I give you the number of strikers we have at the moment, it’s absolutely unbelievable. We have Yaya Sanogo, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski.

‘Giroud will be back during the season and Joel Campbell can play centre-forward as well.

‘You sign players when you think it strengthens your squad. If you find the right player, then you want to do it.

‘We’ve shown in the last two seasons that when we think money has to be spent, we do it. But we want to do it in the right way.

‘I will be on alert until the last minute of the transfer deadline.’

Wenger also admitted that his experience of last minute buys will hold him in good stead this time around. He continued: ‘It’s harder to buy top, top players because many clubs are on the market and everybody knows each other,’

‘The last few days are poker games. There are a lot of lies there and everyone is interested in the same player, even if you’re the only one who wants the player.

‘Of course (having experience of operating late in the window helps). You can call it bluff when it’s bluff.’

So hold on to your seats folks, this could be the most exciting end to a transfer window ever! Let’s hope Wenger plays his cards right……..

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    1. I strongly believe there will be one more signing left. Just one more. and I sure hope it’s a defender

    1. exactly, nothing like a kj rating to make me spit out my cheese sandwich and laugh til im blue in the face

    2. @macgooner
      Rumors from Metro.com say Robin Van Payslip took him out for not apologizing…Lmfao

        1. @Robin Vanpayslip
          No more news from the Emirates again? Some of us will love a bit of comic relief in this tense period of transfer last days. And, please get KJ to apologize to us all in public, not in private only. Thanks.

          1. TBH nothing much has happened since this morning. Main highlights are:

            – The team played musical chairs during the training session

            – There was panic when they ran out of catnip buy fortunately Transfer Kitty held on until Steve got back from the pet shop

            – Giroud came to the training session to chest on his team mates but there were a lot of V signs towards him

            – Sanogo almost scored a goal again

            – Theo Walcott gave Ozil the gun and wink

            – Wenger made no reference whatsoever to the left wing again during the team brief. He hasn’t mentioned it since the Arshavin debacle.

            – Cazorla will be playing left wing as punishment for stepping on Wenger’s new white trainers.

    3. Even KJ can read our comments about his ratings and about his football knowledge in general. I think he just needed a break from everyone calling him an idiot in unison throughout the world.

  1. Just this weekend and it will be over. Sunday we will know for sure if the squad get some additions. I believe the only realistic prospect so far is Rabiot (he’s under 21 and not expensive). But knowing Wenger we may be in a surprise and land Schweinsteiger 🙂 . Don’t hold your breath though, we may not buy anyone at all. Besides, we have a game this weekend so the wait will be much easier. Let’s get the 3 points with Leicester and then use the international break to build up.

  2. i reckon we will get two players…rabiot and remy on loan.

    anything better an i would be delighted

    1. if we wanted remy we would have got him long time ago
      the dark knight rises :- there’s a storm coming , I am sure something big is happening behind the scenes cavani/falcao or if all options fail hope we gor 4 wilfired bony not injury prone remy

        1. trust me, he has no inside info. but he CAN make up rumors just like everyone in the media – that is something.

  3. In 2011, Falcao said he’d “like to experience being at a big English club like Arsenal”
    if the Madrid deal doesn’t go through (which looks likely) he could join us fingers crossed

      1. not sure maybe because he is 28 yrs will be soon 29 + doubts about his fitness still deal can through after all Jorge mendes is his agent

        1. ofcourse if falcao arrives it has nothing 2 do with 2011 comment but he is a big fan of henry + he turned down liverlool this season point is arsenal is an option 4 him

  4. Many of you are calling for Carvalho but most of you have never seen him play a single game in your life, apart from YouTube Videos of course.
    He is 22, Unproven, Inexperienced and the Premier League is Clearly more demanding than the Portuguese League.
    Its one thing to buy him for the future and be a cover Cdm, however expecting him to be thrown into the first team at this level especially if we’re serious about Europe and the tittle is a massive risk and I do not see Wenger taking that risk especially if that risk costs 30m.
    Khedira, Bender and Gustavo. All better CDMs, Cheaper and more experienced.

    1. Seeing as Madrid sold Alonso, I don’t think they’ll sell Khedira as well, they wouldn’t sell both DMs

    2. That is exactly what has been in my mind all summer. Fans rave about Carvalho and probably have seen no more than a few minutes of his play – just repeating the hysteria. Maybe he is fantastic, but do we really know that??? I know I don’t.

        1. We will see what he’s good for now in the ECL then. If i was in charge of buying Carvalho or not, I’d personally wait and see how he performs in CL before i take any hasty decisions. Flamini is our weakest link, but he’s not bad.

  5. Hey Hafiz, i have a question for you- Who do you think are world class in the current arsenal squad

    1. I would say Ozil, Ramsay, Sanchez and Koscielny are only world class players. Santi is pretty close too.

  6. I have no doubt he will sign a defender and a Defensive Mid.. My issue is lack of goals coming our way.. Ramsey has been wonderful last season and till now.. I am confident he will play at his best.. problem is striker.. Sanogo is not a title winning striker.. he should just pay Sanchez and Poldi..

  7. I know a guy that wants to smack wenger in the face for his relative inactions in the transfer window. Hint – That guy may or may not be me.
    Seriously though, I didn’t kill myself when we sold Fabregas, I didn’t catch a grenade when we sold Nasri and he went and peed all over the Arsenal badge, I didn’t jump in front of a train when we sold Van persie, I didn’t skew off a cliff when Fabregas joind chelsea, I’m not gonna kill myself if we don’t sign anyone. I’d just kill wenger instead. JUST KIDDING! COYG!!

  8. “You sign players when you think it strengthens your squad. If you find the right player, then you want to do it.”

    U probably need new glasses if u cant find a striker that strengthens our squad for more than 2 years.

    lets see if the club has ambition or not. u will only win the league with a great striker upfront.

    1. Wenger,

      “You only add steel in midfield when you have a tortoise @ cb, an over the hill, converted DM with great hair and of course concede 6, 6, and 5 to your
      greatest title rivals”

      Prof needs Lasik surgery ASAFP

    2. @BigWill
      I remember Wenger used to wear glasses when he newly joined Arsenal from Japan.
      Since he got it spoilt, he’s not replaced it because it stretches his budget off limit.
      lol !

  9. I watched Wenger on Sky TV he always seems to be sniggering I don’t trust him.
    If he does buy I promise you it will be Cheap or freebee or some player at the end of his time.
    He more or less said that everyones opinion does not count that he will just do as he likes.
    So in short he said FXXXXX the fan’s I am in charge.

  10. Q I’ll put one name to you: Adrien Rabiot.
    Wenger: “I’ll put one answer. I’m not telling you.”
    Classic Arsene lol

    1. Why didn’t he put Cavani to him? Was Adrien Rabiot the name Arsenal fans wanted to hear? 🙁 🙁

      1. Rabiot seems like a B2B midfielder to me, though a tall and hardworking one. I think Wenger himself said we’ve got enough B2B mids already. The name I want to hear is Cavani.

        1. PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi spoke to BeIN Sports
          On PSG’s transfer window:
          “I think it is over.”
          On Edinson Cavani:
          “He is staying, that is for sure.”
          On Adrien Rabiot:
          “We are in talks with clubs for him.”

  11. He will do the WE HAVE REPLACE TV ? Tbh I would bench BFG and replace with world class player. Now my thinking is this yes he is a great player but did he go all the way in the World Cup NO. He is very slow and arsenal are best when they have speed from the back feeding the midfield. AW loves his players but other great managers will drop players for the good of the club and to win games but AW won’t. We are not a football club anymore we are a PLC
    Great teams win arsenal don’t

    1. Can people not see that wenger has already replaced vermaelen? Chambers is our tv5 replacement. Debuchy and bellerin replaced sagna and jenkinson, whilst sanchez and campbell replaced bendtner and park. The returning coquelin and martinez replaced kallstrom and Viviano whilst ospina replaced fabianski. So far the only departing player not to be replaced is djourou, who I think played 2 matches in the last 2 seasons? His job was supposed to go to miquel, but he has simply not proved his worthiness of a first team place.

      Therefore I expect miquel to be sold and a replacement brought in. I am also expecting a temporary loan move for a forward to replace giroud. If falcao or cavani cannot be brought in on loan, I think wenger will make a late move for bony or remy. The only other move that might happen is coquelin to qpr now that faurlin is injured, if that happens then we might add another midfielder.

      I think we have in miquel, coquelin and ryo, 3 players that are surplus to requirements. If they are moved on then there is room to add re-inforcements. But as it stands we are on the button for the champions league eligibility rules for A list players.

      1. Well thought out. But if we want to compete especially for EPL and CL, then we need to improve. Chelski (even with Costa injury) and MC both improved meaning they will not drop as many points to bottom half of table. Further we took 2 points from 4 games. Unless we improve (~2 signings), best we can hope for is fighting for 3/4.

        Consider, top team should crush Besiktas; instead we limped by and if not for some good fortune on two near penalties, we would have gone out of CL. We’re simply not strong/deep enough to compete with the top teams (RM, Barca, Chelski, MC, BM, etc.) over the entire season.

  12. Off Topic:

    I’m a dutch arsenal fan (as my name already gave away) and I was watching the champions league draw yesterday and was hoping to draw Ajax to finally visit an Arsenal match. But the team closest to where I live is Anderlecht in Belgium.

    My question is: If I want to go to Anderlecht – Arsenal, what is the best way for me to get tickets? obviously I want to be in the away section of the stadium. I also have never been to an Arsenal match before, so I am not a paid member or anything


    1. If you are a member of arsenal.com you can get updates to when they go on sale. The home game you won’t get any unless they are being sold outside but away I think you have a great chance. I would have loved yr home team to play arsenal same kind of football. How do you cope with being a selling club?


      1. Well, I am not an Ajax fan…

        I don’t have a club in holland that i really support, I only support Arsenal.
        I do follow the competition but its nowhere near the level of the premier league.

    2. Going for away games will cost you an arm and a leg even if it’s in Brussel. I don’t believe you will get a ticket in the away section for less than 200 pounds. You will actually get much cheaper if you go to see Galatasaray or Anderlecht at the Emirates (free tickets start around 100 pounds) If you plan it well ahead you can get a return plane ticket for under the 100 pounds. Every season I make myself a budget to see at least 2 games at the Emirates and I try to couple them with planned (work related or not) trips.

      1. @dutchfan

        Your best best is easy jet to Southend from Amsterdam that will be less then £50 return
        The return train to arsenal is about £15. I have a spare ticket for galatasaray at home that I will sell you for face value £40.

        There you go all in £105

    3. come to dortmund. ticket prices are cheap here in germany. and its not too far away.
      get urself a ticket near the away section and enjoy the atmosphere.
      emirates is a joke compared to westfalenstadion

    4. This may help you. ://www.arsenal.com/match/report/1415/tickets/first-team/arsenal-v-rsc-anderlecht-ticket-info

  13. @dutchfan. I’d contact the club via mail and ask about tickets. You can also check out websites that sell tickets I think ticketmaster is one? I joined a local arsenal supporters club as a red member which allows me limited access to tickets that may become available. Still think the arsenal website is your best bet.

    1. TicketMaster is having a fixed price for 299 pounds for the away section in Brussel. I’d say skip it unless you want to shell that cash. I’d still recommend visiting Emirates for that amount because it will sure include the plane ticket.

  14. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11670/9445852/transfer-news-arsene-wenger-to-keep-arsenal-deals-top-secret“We live in a society of opinions and people are better informed these days – some of them are even better informed than I am,” he said.


    “Everybody is entitled to an opinion but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those opinions are right.

    “In fact, those people that have had opinions that have been wrong in the past have never come back and said sorry.

    “The easiest thing to do is to have opinions.”

  15. Just refreshed my memory on kondgobia. 21, 6ft 2, can play dm, cb, and lb 🙂 this has wenger written all over it. I was very impressed with him in the Emirates cup game. Arsene please make it happen.

    1. I have been throwing his name long before, actually we were linked to him last year but Monaco got him. I have seen him play few times last year, he is very good player.

  16. Just get Carvalho, Falcao and that Greek defender and I will be satisfied. Not happy but satisfied.

    1. Satisfied..

      Well when are you actually happy? If we also get Messi and Hummels?
      For some it’s never good

  17. In all fairness, nobody seen the Ozil deal until last minute last yr. I feel the Thin White Duke has an ace up his sleeve.

    In Wenger I trust.

    1. You think he has an ace up his sleeve, but most of us think it’s more like a thumb up his arse.

      In 78 hours we will all know


    septic peg, has just read her tea leaves.. and its written in the stars.. we could be signing someone out of this world, could be horus or Orions belt… she was just about to find out when her cat knocked the cup of her tray… boohoo.. could have been an exclusive then…

    In all seriousness ness ness now.. personally i hope we sign a great player in the closing minutes.. Arsene and the board like it that way..

    however if they don’t well its going to be another mediocre year for us fans..

    but even harder on Wengers excuses list.. he has a top- top top team working on new ones as we speak 🙂

    cheer up Gooners transfer silly season nearly over we get what we get and if we don’t we dont

  19. I think Poldi will go, if you look at his recent tweets. He knows he will not get game time. If he leaves we want strong LW who can play also as striker. I don’t want to see Ozil/Cazorla playing in LW. Who is there of such quality. I say Loic Remy. PL player, French, can play LW/ST. Within our budget, I dont see Wenger splashing 35m again on any players.

      1. Typical LW not a striker, haven’t seen him play CF. Also, he is costly and release clause activates in 2015. One more big hurdle is we play BVB in CL, I don’t think so they will sell their star man to CL rivals.
        IF WENGER somehow buys him, it would be great. I will be more happy than anyone.

  20. I’m not sure if I trust Wenger’s judgement, he’ll probably just buy a centre back… A truly exciting end to the transfer window would be a centre back and a Reus/Cavani type signing.

  21. Wenger can’t be this delusional and i think him saying we don’t need a new striker is just a bluff. I just realized this is typical Wenger talk. He knows what the team needs better than anybody, he is the manager and he knows his players. He is not always right with his choices but they sometimes end up paying off, Ramsey for example. If he believes Campbell, Sanogo and Sanchez can lead the attack while Giroud recovers, so be it. If not he must have already found possible targets and will announce their signings when we acquire them. I’m done stressing over this.

  22. Shows you how mad the transfer window is. One day we’re linked to Zigic and most of us are readying a noose to end it all, and then a day or so later we find we might be loaning Falcao for a year.

  23. I still think we buy Khadira.. I dont see Madrid leave him on free next summer. Also, Bayern went for Alonso instead of Khadira. Something fishy is going on.

  24. “Arsenal are in talks with Monaco striker Radamel Falcao’s agent over a possible loan move. The Gunners are also in the market for a defensive midfielder that can play centre-back too.”
    – David Ornstein

    Well that’s some bloody great quote to hear tbh!

        1. its arsene who tell david to remove this story… i bet he phone him and sad to him “man, are you crazy.. you want to ruin me falcao transfer, i didnt have this kind of striker since henry, remove that shit you want someone to enter the race, real madrid maybe… david you are ripping me apart… now remove that, and after i sign him you will get the exclusive… david” ok, la proof”..

  25. David Ornstein is saying one thing and someone else is saying another.

    Look here:

    Bleacher Report UK @br_uk · 9m
    .@GuillemBalague ‘Final word. Falcao DEFINITELY not going to Arsenal. Far too expensive, even on loan’ #AskGuillem

    Looks like we’re getting a central midfielder then who can play as a centre back.

    Disappointing if this is all that happens. Doubt we’d win the league if the striking department isn’t strengthened.

      1. Ah, fair enough. Didn’t know that before…

        Anyway, anyone reckon Pogba might be on his way? Although I doubt he can play central defence…?

      2. Gulliem is a good source. Better than all the newspapers/tabloids out there at least. Higuain transfer was actually progressing well and both Arsenal and Napoli had reached an agreement with RM that is for sure. It was just down to Higuain where he wants to go and at the last moment he chose Napoli and RM sold him to them. So he was not entirely wrong there.

  26. What is he on about?? This was the season for him to win the league and he’s squandered it in my opinnion. The only real buy is Sanchez, the other buys were replacements for players that have left. We needed a LW (instead of playing cazorla/ozil out of position) a DM (arteta is too old) a CF (Giroud being our only real target man) and he hasn’t done it. 2 more days and we’ll see but i doubt this team is built to compete with chelsea/city/liverpool. Expect more heavy drumming when we go away to those teams fellow gooners, i’m only speaking the reality not delusions of winning the title when we have not the slightest chance.

  27. Something big is up. Why has Poldi not been part of our plans so far, maybe a deal for Gustavo?
    Is Wenger after both Reus and Khedira?
    Is the Rabiot response a smokescreen, again?
    Will he sign a CB and a DM?
    My guess:

    Only my guess guys. COYG!!!!!!!!

  28. It would be criminal on so many levels if Real Madrid acquire Radamel Falcao via loan in the
    next 72+ hours.

    Cheeky bid for Benzema?

  29. All the top journos seem to be pouring cold water on us getting a CF unfortunately. I don’t think people ever have a clue what’s going on at Arsenal in terms of transfers but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just one more signing either a CB or a Midfielder.

  30. Wenger is an enigma wrapped up in a mystery wrapped up in a puzzle

    Sometimes he will pull a great transfer out of nowhere like Sanchez or Ozil and sometimes he misses the obvious. Last year if we had a great striker we could have won the PL. Same this year, but he still refuses to get one. Hopefully, with Girouds injury he will have a change of heart.

    1. We all wish that.. Well forget getting a striker.. why can’t he play Poldi instead of Sanogo..

  31. David Ornstein

    ”Ignore fake accounts – Arsenal not in for Falcao or any other CFs. #AFC plan to go with existing options but may get CB/DMF before deadline”

  32. Wenger is infuriating, he acts like he’s always the smartest guy in the room- but in reality he has looked like an idiot for almost a decade. I don’t expect any major signings because that’s not his style- that’s too obvious, too easy, Wenger needs a challenge to confirm his genius. He spoke about everyone has opinions and how it’s easy to throw up ideas. But Arsene it’s also easy to sit on your ass and screw the club over with your lack of ambition. Arsene tell me one side winning titles without spending on world class players? You need to get with the times old man.

  33. If u think Wenger will buy Falcao,u better think again.That old man is too mean and stubborn to know that he needs a leather striker.Am thinking of another Kallstorm on deadline day and with that i won’t be heartbroken.Either way,i will be a winner.In the mean time keep dreaming.Come Monday we meet here again.

  34. ‘It’s harder to buy top, top players because many clubs are on the market and everybody knows each other,’
    He is taking the p@ss isn’t he?

    Guess Costa / Di Maria are over-rated. Fabregas, Luis, Balotelli…. are players who are unlikely to be able to handle the PL.

    So Arsenal can’t buy, then how about taking a ‘top, top player’ on loan – but then again maybe Falcao is over-rated.

    Still can’t see that any of the above are any where near better than Sanogo / injury plague Diaby / no sensible CB cover.

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