Wenger promises to play reserves against West Ham. Pick your team….

With Arsenal having played three League games in six days and the fact that we are facing Liverpool on Friday night, it was always certain that Arsene Wenger would be rotating his team to keep our best players fresh, but it looks like he is going to go the whole hog once again and play his full reserve side.

First of all Wenger told us that Mustafi was fit again but would be saved for Friday’s match, and Theo Walcott was also recovered and would return to play against the Hammers tonight. He then went on to assure us that his reserve team will be a lot fresher than his first team anyway. “Some players are a little bit on the edge.” Le Prof said. “I think as well that we have so many quality players who did not start on Saturday, so you cannot say that you prefer to play a player who has played three games in six days to a guy who is at the same level and is completely fresh.

“The players who will start are basically all international players, so that’s why I think [squad rotation] makes sense. You have as well to show the trust and the confidence that we have in the players who did not start last week.”

So it looks like a return to our Europa League side and I am expecting to see this line-up now that Walcott is back…..

Debuchy, Mertesacker, Holding
Chambers, Coquelin, Elneny, Maitland-Niles
Walcott, Wilshere, Giroud

The only one I’m not sure about is Wilshere after playing two games in three days, but I also think Wenger wants to see if he still retain his strength when pushed. And in case you think this team isn’t strong enough you need to remember that this line-up beat BATE 6-0 last time out, while our first team strikers need 20 shots to score one goal!

Who do you think should play?



  1. He can play the Arsenal Ladies.

    We are not moving forward as a team. Sort out the Ozil and Sanchez contract issues. Improve on our away form. Teach the team to take more shots.

    1. You mean ALLOW the team to take more shots. The ‘ walk the ball into the net ‘ approach is all about Wenger.

  2. Not Mertesacker again! He looks like an old tired camel. The Wenger’s promise doesn’t look too promising.

  3. What on Earth is to be gained by playing Mert?Play a 4-3-3 system .Ospina,Debuchy,Chambers,Holding,Kolacinic,Maitland Niles, Coquelin,Eleneny,Walcott,Giroud,Wellbeck.

    1. Yes Niles should play where you have him but seriously, 3 DMs?
      Where is the creativity on your midfield three?

  4. The first team have been a joke! Play the first team tonight, and the reserves against Liverpool.

    We should forget about the league anyway, and just focus on the cups like what Utd did last season, and they had a really successful season. They gave up on the league, and won three out of a possible five trophies, won a European trophy for the first time in years, and qualified for the CL. We should try and emulate that.

    1. Exactly what I have been saying. We are too weak to win the league. We must focus on the smaller trophies which we can actually win. Europa and either of FA or EFL will be a very successful season for me even if we finish 8th.

      1. Beyond City, is there any of the top 6 clubs that wouldn’t be over the moon to finish the season with such?

    2. ThirdManJW, You forget that Wenger never does common sense.The old fossil still actually believes we will win every game and trophy, even with the likes of Xhaka, Coquelin, Elneny, Merts, Chambers and, whisper it, “ferocious Theo, the brave , powerful, opponent slayer.” Why not save commom sense suggestions for when we eventually have a manager who HAS common sense. Wenger is away with the fairies, in a fantasy world all of his own, don’t forget!

  5. I think we are gonna be back on 4-2-3-1 I personaly think this works better for us. Occasionaly we must change that formation and it will work like against chelsea. I think

    Debuchy chambers holding niles
    Le coq elnany
    Walcot nelson welbeck

    This should work amazingly and keep sanchez lacca ozil etc on the becch

  6. Chambers and Holding

    Chambers has over 100 games of Premier League experience together..they should be able to cover the defence

    lets play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 and attack

  7. @shortboygooner

    Finally a reasonable line up. The likes of Walcott; welbeck; Nelson; Chambers will be so fresh and Nelson will play in his normal positive.

    Nice one for me

  8. I’d play a 4-2-3-1 formation:


    Debuchy Chambers Holding Kolasinac

    Maitland-Niles Elneny

    Walcott Wilshere Welbeck


    I know it’s only the Haribo cup, but I really rate their sweets, so I’d like to see us win it! 😉

    1. Agree on selection but for Wilshere…. After playing twice this week I feel pretty sure he won’t be starting tonight.

      In place of Wilshere I would play Reis Nelson.

      Do us proud tonight buys!!!!!

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