Wenger promises transfer activity very soon – and Arsenal fans need some desperately!

It is only halfway through the season for Arsenal, but Arsene wenger has already seen his team descend to 23 points behind the League leaders Man City and crash out of the FA Cup in the Third Round for the first time in his 21 years at Arsenal.

The Gunners can now only win a trophy in the two minor competitions of the league Cup and the Europa League, and we will need to get a result at Chelsea on Wednesday to give us our best chance of all. But once the semifinal is over the only thing Wenger can concentrate on is trying to claw his way back into the ‘Wenger Trophy’ positions where we currently lie 4 points behind our biggest rival for 4th place, Liverpool, and one point below Tottenham.

When we played Liverpool recently, the 3-3 draw was littered with defensive errors from both sides, but the difference right now is that Jurgen Klopp has addressed the issue by paying a massive 75m GBP for Virgil van Dijk, while Arsenal have bought an unknown Greek center-back that will go out on loan immediately.

Despite Klopp’s team having a brilliant attacking line-up, the latest transfer rumours are suggesting that he is expected to sign Riyad Mahrez this weekend, while we are expected to lose Alexis Sanchez to Man City. This disparity certainly needs to be addressed if we are to have any hope of beating Liverpool to the Top Four, but Wenger was asked yesterday if we were close to signing anyone he replied: “No, I cannot give you any news on any transfer because we are not close to signing anybody. We signed a Greek boy who looks quite good in training but apart from that, we have not done anything. Will we be out there to do something? Yes we will.”

With one week of the window already gone, Le Prof was then asked if he expected activity very soon, and he gave us hope when he said: “Yes, because we are in the second week of January. After that, it passes quickly.”

So we can but hope that Wenger has a great surprise up his sleeve to relieve the cloud of depression surrounding us Arsenal fans at the moment. We need nothing less than a mega-signing and a great win at Stamford Bridge to cheer us all up again…



  1. John0711 says:

    Aldi here we come

  2. chris says:

    You may wonder why Wenger is so slow to move in the transfer market ? Within the club he is notorious for agonising for ages – unable to make up his mind – until it is too late. Then if he makes up his mind …. he will never change it.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I suspect Wenger has some stocks in Arsenal. Save more transfer money could mean more profit for him.

      Please read the study that has been recently conducted by the Soccerex Football Finance 100, on my post below.

      1. Yossarian says:

        Maybe he realises that his time earning £10m/year is coming to an end, so he needs to save-up to buy a nice chateau with an award-winning vineyard! 😉

  3. Shaji says:

    But he is not going to buy quality players for sure….And I don’t think its the quality of current arsenal players which matter, but their game style….They have to revert to 4-4-2 and start fast counter attacking instead of possession and short passing game…Now when ever Arsenal players get possession, they slows down the game until the opposite box gets crowded and loses the ball inside the box….I still remember how Overmars & Pires push the ball forward and finish it with a swift move…They often scored themselves before the box becomes crowded with opponents… rather than losing the ball inside a crowded box through an unsuccessful cross…Now every team in Europe knows how to hold Arsenal…Just defend with 9 players and leave ahead a fox in the box…

  4. IhateArseneWenger says:

    I agree , so Wenger , Walcott , Welbeck , Iwobi , Debuchy , holding ALL out and it will be the best transfer window we ever had.

    1. jon fox says:

      May I tell you, I really wish I had taken your profile name- which is a description of virtually all Gooners- for myself. But keep posting regularly as it is a real tonic just seeing your profile in print. PERHAPS WE COULD ALL SHARE IT!

    2. Jan says:

      Maybe, but who will buy overrated deadwood players?

    3. Skills1000 says:

      I want to believe the issue is not about the players you mentioned. But About Wenger. Wenger can convert Cristiano Ronaldo into a Defensive Midfielder. He plays players out of position. Walcott and Debuchy have played fewer games this season. Rotation is key. I love us to sign a very mobile DM. Sell Sanchez and keep Ozil.

  5. tas says:

    Arsen will not get big named players in January window only if they are free of contracts returning from big injury or they are flops in their current team best scenario they cant get in the first eleven, if it is the later hope its someone like Sanchez

    and if its non of the above then get your google/Wikipedia ready to research the unknown

  6. Eddy Hoyte says:

    VAR will be used in our Match against Chelsea, it’s been confirmed

    1. Its about time!!!! Finally we can say goodbye to the dives and nonsensical penalties.

  7. barryglik says:

    Wenger is quite happy with
    the loss to Forest in the FA Cup.
    Having slipped to 5th last season
    it means that if Arsenal miss out on top 4 again
    Wenger will be dismissed in May.
    Now Arsenal is out of the FA Cup early and
    the Carabao cup will be over by the 26th of Feb.
    Then Arsenal can concentrate on the two competitions
    which give Arsenal a Champions league chance
    1. The League and 2. The Europa.
    He will be also hoping Spurs Liverpool and Chelsea go deep
    into both the FA Cup and the much harder Champions League to
    produce a log jam of fixtures to drain their chances of top 4 in the League.
    This is one season that a 2-4 loss to Forest in the FA Cup 3rd round
    is a good result for the club and especially good for the manager.
    Top 4 and another contract extension is definitely on the cards.

    1. jon fox says:

      What a depressing post . Firstly that any Gooner can be so deluded and secondly that, even in flying pig land, which it is, the vanishing and theoretical possibility of another Wenger contact will trigger mass suicide among Gooners.

  8. gotanidea says:

    I expect new proven, experienced and ambitious players that could change the loser mentality that has plagued Wenger, his staffs and most Arsenal players (except Sanchez, he is very ambitious) so badly.

    And please do not tell me Arsenal do not have the money to compete with Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, etc. According to the study that was just recently conducted by the Soccerex Football Finance 100, which ranks the world’s top teams based on both their playing and fixed assets, money in the bank, owner potential investment and debt, Arsenal has more financial power than those big clubs:


    According to the study, Arsenal have £766million worth of fixed assets – following their move from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium – more than any other club in world football (!), while only Manchester United have more money in the bank (£307m) than Arsenal’s £300m (!).

    Arsenal is the second richest club in the list (the first is Manchester City), way richer than PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, etc. Then why the hell could PSG purchase Neymar, Madrid got Bale, Liverpool bought Van Dijk, whereas Arsenal could only get Lacazette this season???

  9. Sue says:

    Blah blah blah…….. more crap coming out of his mouth

  10. Gooner100 says:

    We need to focus on getting the board to step up! Gazidis & Kroenke know Wenger and what he’s like, no other board would leave it all to one person, no other board would sit by and watch money not being spent that needs to be spent, or players contracts not being renegotiated when they should have been. Wtf does Gazidis do?? My fear is Wenger going will be no guarantee of any progress at all. Gazidis and Kroenke need to be put under the fan pressure that Wenger suffers to change their expectations of what a good season is and take more responsibility for our club and it’s future. If that means Wenger is found out to be the problem, fine, he goes.

    Gazidis is the ceo and Kroenke the owner. I know no CEO who would stand by and watch this decline in the way Gazidis is. He needs to replaced with someone with character, positive action and real ambition.

    1. Muff diver says:

      Wow you’ve changed your tune .
      More an more akbs starting to change there tune

      Too little too late

      1. Gooner100 says:

        No change here Muff. Always said this was more complex than merely chasing Wenger out and pre season wrote a long article on the fundamental failings of the board, that should have been stepping it up long ago.

        1. jon fox says:

          You are so right. Though Wenger is a long term disaster and should go, TODAY, our problems don’t vanish with his exit. A fake owner who cares nothing for us and only for more disgustingly obscene personal wealth, plus a CEO, who has lied and lied again and again and is a snake, snake oil salesman and charletan And that is being kind to him. Then we have the Dickensian old fool and arrogant duffer, Sir Chips Keswick , who thinks no fan is entitled to ask a PERTINENTquestion, as to why the club is a basket case. We all should shun this club completely and not attend games, not buy club merchandise , NOTHING, ZILCH, until the whole snake pit of corrupt “people! are forced by economics to sell to proper custodians. I have done my bit as early last season I stopped going after attending since 1958. I will not give this corrupt club one single penny more of mine until it is cleansed and thoroughly disinfected of all the filth and germs making decisions and owning it. Please do the same if you want to rescue our club from otherwise steady decline, into mid -table and eventually relegation. IT HAS HAPPENED TO OTHER BIG NAME CLUBS, SO PLEASE DON’T THINK IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO US. IT CAN AND WILL, unless WE take action!

    2. Arnold says:

      Gazidis took some actions and brings in Sanllehi, Sven and Burgess when you come to negotiation to bring a player in wenger has no part and will be Sanllehi/Gazidis

  11. Grandad says:

    Apart from the fact that we no longer have a competent Manager i,m afraid the real problem on the playing side stems from a real lack of quality, particularly at centre back and in defensive midfield.There is absolutely no point in trying to replace Sanchez when our central defence is useless. As evidenced against Liverpool and Chelsea we are capable of scoring against top teams. The pro pen lies at the other end.

  12. ClassyGunner says:

    Am no Wenger hater, however fact remains. Despite all his frugality, Mr. Wenger has wasted a lot of Arsenal’s money. Herez how. In the recent past he bought some fantastic(and expensive by our standards) players like Ozil, Alexis, Cech and Laca. Normally these players would gel into a superb team. But, their purchases were spaced so far apart that by the time Laca would find his feet it would be time for Ozil and Alexis to leave. Real benefits of the money spent would probably never be reaped.

    1. Muff diver says:

      Excellent point

    2. jon fox says:

      So you are “no Wenger hater” then. Well “hate” is a strong word which personally I have always reserved for terroistS, drug dealers and hardened criminals. But I WOULD ASK YOU THIS: WHEN SOMEONE THREATENS AND HARMS THE ONE YOU LOVE-IN THIS CASE ARSENAL – IS ONE NOT ENTITLED OR EVEN DUTY BOUND TO HATE THE CAUSE OF THAT HARM?

  13. barryglik says:

    Stan Kroenke told USA TODAY Sports
    after the Rams lost to the
    Atlanta Falcons 26-13 in a
    wild-card playoff game.
    Does he foresees a Super Bowl championship for his team in Los Angeles?
    “Absolutely,’’ “I believe that strong. We’ve won them before
    (in the 1999 season in St. Louis), so let’s go do that again.
    How soon? I don’t know”.
    I can only presume that if asked about the next
    Premier League title for Arsenal he would say
    “Absolutely,’’ “I believe that strong.
    We’ve won them before (in the 2004 season ), so let’s go do that again.
    How soon? I don’t know”. 🙂

  14. AndersS says:

    I really don’t care about transfer activity. We can’t compete as long as we have Wenger in charge. He can’t install a winning mentality and he can’t organize us defensively. Se we can get Messi, Ronaldo, the best goalkeeper in the world and the best defenders. It still wouldn’t improve us much.

  15. jon fox says:

    The first and vital transfer we need is Wenger transferred out of our club. Without that happening , everything else is merely re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. You can have the must luxurious deckchairs anywhere but that is pointless when the ship has already sunk.

    1. barryglik says:

      Arsenal missed top 4 last season
      by one point, hardly the sinking
      of the Titanic !!!
      The club is sailing a steady course.
      On the cusp of top 4 semi finalist in the Carabao
      and top seed in the Europa.
      The club is undergoing transition Chamberlain Gibbs and Gabriel gone.
      Mertesacker Cazorla and Koscielney (his own words) last season.
      Sanchez/Debuchy probably going this month.
      Giroud Monreal Walcott Cech possibly going in the summer.
      Many promising youngsters getting game time now.
      Its an interesting and exciting time at the club.

      1. Sue says:

        What the hell are you smoking??? Exciting times??? Promising youngsters???? Like Iwobi & Willock???? Top seed in europa???? Oh Jesus Christ ?

      2. jon fox says:

        Are you a close relative of Wenger? I can see no other possible explanation for your bizarre post. Unless you are either suffering from dementia or are actually a rival fan! I know it takes all sorts to make a world but to put the spin on this disastrous season and manager which you have, is deeply depressing to read for us who love our club. I suggest in all seriousness , sir, your sort of vanishingly small number of fans are those holding our club back from vital change.You are , in effect, our enemy.

      3. Jan says:

        Either you are just trying to pi** us off…right..i hope so??or you are just pid stu!

  16. Liam says:

    After comparing the big 6 we are miles behind the others and it will take numerous transfer windows and a new manager to start competing again even if it just competing for the top 4. We have so many average to medicore players and ive compiled a list of every player who needs upgrading for us to compete. Cech Ospina Monreal Kosielny Chambers Holding Bellerin Debuchy Mertersacker Coq Elneny Iwobi Walcott Welbeck. Then we have the players are leaving Ozil and Sanchez maybe Giroud. So in total we have maybe 17 players who just arent good enough or want to leave. So who do we have worth keeping ? Lacazetti Saed AMN Wilshere Ramsey Mustafi Belik Nelson and erm Macey? The future is looking bleaker by the day especially with Liverpool buying players they need and world class ones at that. If i could put money on Arsenal finishing a place lower or more for the next 5 seasons i would be taking out a second morgage and laughing all the way to the bank. Wenger out Kroenke out!!!!!

  17. ThirdManJW says:

    I couldn’t care less if we sign anyone, in fact, I hope Wenger doesn’t spend any more money, because we’ve only got worse, despite quality players coming. Clearly signing new players solves absolutely nothing!

  18. rkw says:

    sanchez out johnny evans would be the last straw for me in a decade of decline orchestrated by a delusional geriatric who is incapable of acknowledging his own limitations

  19. Fool me once shame on you….fool me over and over shame on me…..who believes anything this man says.

  20. Jan says:

    Liv sold Coutinho ..bought vvd and even involved him in fa cup this weeknd!
    You can do a lot in 6 days of transfer period when you want and when you know how!

  21. DANDY GUNNER says:

    30 year old Johnny Evans not good enough fo Man Utd 25M is this a parting joke from Mr Wenger.

  22. Bobby says:

    I agree with Gooner100 completely and I have always stress this point, why is anybody not questioning the ambition of the board or owner ? that for me is the real issues because the board obviously thinks Wenger is doing a good job otherwise, they would have sacked him long time again. They waited six months last year for him to sign a new contract amidst call for his sack, the board were desperate for him to sign a new contract when everybody else was calling for his sack.

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