Wenger ready to shock Arsenal fans with transfers and EPL title push?

Not all Arsenal fans wanted the club to have a new manager at the helm next season, as was made clear by the less than united protests that we saw against Arsene Wenger last season. There was a clear increase in the frustration of Arsenal fans though.

So when the club and manager agreed a new contract extension there was some anger but a lot more of us hoping that there would be at least a change of tack. So far I have to say I am struggling to see it but at the same time I appreciate that the Frenchman is no fool and must have realised that he is on borrowed time.

I do not agree with those Arsenal fans who say that Wenger is simply collecting a pay check. Any real football observer accepts that this man is obsessed with the game and stuck on his club, even if they believe he is gettibng it wrong.

That is why I think we should relax a bit and give Le prof a chance to show his mettle, in the summer transfer window but more importantly in the season to come. I really do believe that next season will be different and that last season will have stung Wenger badly.

How do you guys see the next season panning out for Arsenal?



  1. I see next season panning out with generally poor performances against top teams. Dip in performance in second half of season with rally at end once winning the PL is out of reach. That has been the case for a number of years, nothing has changed, so why should we expect something different.

    I expect manc to improve significantly as Pep strengthens his team and is more used to PL. Tottenham should be a bit better than last season but move to wembley could upset them. Manu to much better before Maureen messe up in year three. Pool about the same. Best we can realistically hope for is fifth after chelsea, tottenham, manc and manu.

    Depressing isn’t it.

    1. I agree unless we start signing and negotiate with the other players who are due new contracts. We will struggle to compete something is very wrong with our negotiators in the transfer market penny pinching as usual. I have supported Arsenal for 48 years through thick and thin but I never seen anything like this Kroenke will destroy Arsenal.

      1. Exactly that. We’re switching places. However, I think we’re not switching places with Liverpool, but rather Everton. That’s where we’ll end up in five years tops.

    2. Spurs wont sign many, ManU/ManC/Chelsea will strengthen, but Chelsea will lose Costa and that can change their game. They will have CL, along with Pool/Spurs, so I expect Pool to dip, along with Spurs. Not sure if we can catch Chelsea with our penny pinching buy, but if we keep the squad intact, and but 2 good players for Striker/CDM positions, we can at least finish 4th

      1. the million dollar question is can we buy the players we need? we might end up with prospects forgetting that our rivals are all buying finished products to mount serious title challenge. we always crumble somewhere and I’m sure this is season is no different

      2. I believe in Conte Chelsea FC has found a brilliant manager. How long they can hold onto him is another question. I believe they will keep doing well as long as he is their. They may or may not win the league next season but they’ll do well. Costa or no Costa that won’t matter much.

    3. you are forgetting that everton is also building a good team so our realistic hope will be sixth after chelsea, spurs, city, united, pool/toffees

  2. This is probably Wengers biggest transfer window in recent memory. If he wants to get the fans on board he has to show ambition and a willingness to change the team up. If we see a repeat of the last two summer windows it’ll be a tough go for him from the start and not just because of our brutal road schedule. I think if he can improve the team under the new system, I’ll genuinely be excited for the coming season bc I think he’s finally getting the most out of Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka. Just waiting to see what he pulls off this summer…

  3. Exactly the same as every season for the past 5 years, good start, rubbish 3 months in the middle, end up about 20 points off the title.
    Just look at what the teams are doing above us, all strengthening. Man u will be much better next season. City, Chelski all better.
    while we dither in the transfer market when other teams are getting the deals done.

    The squad needs a cleaning out and serious investment otherwise we will keep falling down the table. I was hoping arsene would go after the fa cup but here we are for another 2 years.

    Walcott – never really done it consistently and made of glass.
    Ramsey – where is the ramsey who played for wales last year?
    Wilshere – good player, unfortunately made of glass.
    Per – not really sure why he’s there still.
    welbeck – always injured, man u reject
    perez – not seen much of him but not exactly world class
    santi – great player, just rarely seen.
    Giroud gets a bad rep but i really cant see him scoring the much needed 30 goals we need if he is happy being a sub would 100% keep him. There’s a reason west ham want him, dont see any of the big teams asking about him.

    If anyone disagrees, which of those players would get into any of the teams above us other than being squad players? (probably some more that need to go)

    the ones i dont want to leave but..
    Bellerin (if we can get 45mill as he will only end up going)

    sanchez i cant see staying at a club with no ambition sadly, we should just stump up the cash and get it signed, if he goes to city then its yet another example of wengers inability to keep talent on whilst supporting high wages for medical bills. If he wont sign we need to get something for him this summer and quickly or he will walk for nothing.

    Ozil, a great player but again looks to be down the same route as sanchez. When ozil is on, he can unlock defences, just too many times he goes missing.

    I consider sanchez to be our only world class player, if he goes then we will be looking at a very bleak season, he could walk into anyone’s team and improve it.

    With the money that is in the game now and the supposed arsenal “200m warchest” that gets reported every year why are we not looking at big signings. We get some good signing in and maybe sanchez and ozil stay.

    i would go for aubameyang with lacazette as a second option.
    Think we need another world class defender if we go to 3 at the back.

    sorry for the long post, another long time frustrated arsenal fan.


    1. A fit Ramsey will find a place in some of the teams above, Giroud can stay and play few games if he agrees, we get a different dimension with him. Welbeck must stay, and get another year of chance as backup. Rest as you mentioned in list, should go this year or next year

      1. A place?..that’s a joke you know right…apart from the Barca rumour years ago, which other top club have come with serious bid for the guy…it’s only in Arsenal average performers are seen as giving their all…you want to be among the heavyweights in Europe, then sign the best players or bring in a coach who can shape the young minds into champions…you don’t do the same thing year after year and expect a different result

    2. Mertsacker’s excellent performance in the FA Cup final shows that he is still worth keeping to play a few matches when we are hit by injuries, to play league and FA Cup matches and to help guide young defenders
      Mertsacker’s experience is invaluable

      1. we all forgot he used to duck to air balls (resulted into goals) even though he is the tallest? he is the slowest and that has cost us so many points, one game and everyone is happy to keep him? why not get a very good defender to fight for playing time with Kos and Holding and Mustafi? one more year of weekly wages for his presence in the dressing room? is Arsenal a charity Fund? we have kept so many players who weren’t playing, paying them weekly and at the end of so many years they leave without adding anything on the playing field

        1. To be honest, he did fail in formation with two CBs. I reckon he’ll be able to shine with the three at the back.

      2. His experience is invaluable i agree, but surely he could go into a coaching role instead. better than bould!

    3. Which big deals have the other big teams done apart from Man City? We should not just write for the sake of it. History is a good subject but we dwell too much in the past we get stuck in the mud. There are some names which have been persistently linked with Arsenal transfer this season why don’t we give the Manager the benefit of the doubt and see how things unfold. We should not always dwell on the past because change is a factor of life. Prior to 2014 many on this site were crying for any form of silverware even if it was Carling (Capital One) cup. They always cited nine years without any form of silverware. In fact many fans wished we should get any trophy even if it meant failing to qualify for Champions League. Since then we have won three FA trophies and two community shields but still discontent continues. In the just concluded season we won FA trophy but failed to get top four spot and hence no Champions League. The same people wish we had not won FA but qualified for Champions League! What a contradiction! Let us support our team, have hope that something will be done and see how things pan out.

      1. I don’t really care about fa cups and even less about community shields, neither do any of the other big clubs really. The league is meant to be the goal, if not why are arsenal fans paying ridiculous money to watch side to side football from average players.
        Leicester won the title for Christs sake.
        Not being in the champions league this year just provides less disappointment when we get knocked out in the last 16 again.

        There are good names that are linked with arsenal every transfer window, yet we end up with chamakhs, sanogos, perez and wenger talking about what could have been.

        I support arsenal through and through, I am worried that the longer wenger goes on the further it is to come back.

        city have bought early, man u have bought early, chelski will more than likely have lukaku soon enough.

        The games moved on from bargains and the money in it is insane, so its either continue to get the same results or actually make a bold statement of intent.

        or up the offer of 230k last year arsene for mbappe 😉

  4. I agree that Wenger is obsessed with the game, and that he loves Arsenal, but that doesn’t mean he’s any good though.

    Looking at next season, I can see us finishing sixth. Man Utd were the only top side to finish below us last season, but they WILL improve next season, and so will the other four above us. We may improve, but only by the smallest of margins. Not enough to upset the other top clubs.

    Wenger will dither throughout the summer, as always, and it’ll be a complete shambles come the start of season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kolasinic is our only signing when we kickoff against Leicester.

    1. it’s true. during preseason, we will win all the games and mr. specialist will say we are ready, a defeat in the early EPL games will make him come out and say we were not ready (hope fans in here didn’t forget the last season), i see the same failed season repeating, AKBs can put faith in him, he fooled us so many times I can’t accept no more

  5. we are going for a kid from genk..who will become bright and then tell us.his dream is to play for barcelona…it shows how unserious we are..bayern are adding quality to quality..we are dragging for lacazette fee for 3 years..which club dos dat??

    1. what irritates me is that best teams see the reason to strengthen, but we always finish 4th, never even close to EPL and humiliation in the UCL, and still will rejoice with Wenger lies that we have a team to mount serious challenge next season. If Madrid, Bayern and Barca winning trophies after trophies see the reason to strengthen their already perfect teams, who are we to sit back, relax and trust Wenger when he says Ramsey and co. can win us the EPL or mount a serious challenge in the UCL?

  6. I am a true supporter , but l also am a football fan . Thank God , since l have no control over who Mr. Wenger can buy . I shall continue to support Arsenal no matter what , all of my students at Queen’s Royal College are aware of this . Mr. Wenger has two more years left and l’ve got patience . Let’s hope for his sake he leaves with a worthwhile trophy .

    1. Yes – continue to support Arsenal no matter what is going on.
      Just like a brainless sheep is led by the sheep dog.
      Its precisely because of people like you who are content for them just to show up, perhaps put in a performance here and there and finish nowhere.
      And off you will go and buy the latest shirt brainlessly proclaiming “this will be our year” despite all evidence to the contrary.
      Nothing has changed.
      Nothing will change.
      Until everyone units and hounds him out of the club.
      Wenger represents old ideas, stagnation and poor leadership.
      Wenger represents failure..

    2. I completely agree with Andrew Ken Reyes. As fans our duty is to support our team not to denigrate it. It doesn’t make sense to call yourself a supporter of a certain team and then you are perpetually critical of the team and it’s management. Negative criticism can have adverse impact on the team. A true supporter should offer positive criticism aimed at helping the team and not aimed at affecting the team negatively.

  7. From what we know of Sanchez, he’s not a money, money, money man so all this paper talk of extortionate demands from Bayern and City don’t sound right to me. Personally, I think he(or his agent more like) are holding out to see A, what the club value his services at and B, what the club do in the market. Holding on to him is important for Wenger, it could make future acquisitions easier for the club. I don’t think Ozil will go anywhere and keeping quality players like these could make or break next season for the club…… We’ll see….

    1. I totally agree with you, But Wenger must add quality players to the squad, were crying out for a world class striker For a while now Giroud is not world class but he is a good squad player, The problem is will Wenger sign these players, If he does not and we start poor again it will not be long before fans turn on him again, By the way i have been Wenger out for a while now but i will give him this last transfer window to get it right if not the merry go round starts again, Im really hoping he can get at least 2 world class players.

  8. I can bet bayern wont knock 8 men chelsea with that score line..it shows we have unserious coach with an unserious team..will it be a crime if we have two top quality players in each position??in which club wil u c the likes of giroud,ramsey,debuchy etc..is he better than fabregas the bench warmer in chelsea..in wenger we rust..this is the only club that sees 4th position as an achievement

    1. I don’t think Ramsey is in that category of players. It’s injury that stunted his performance. When playing well Ramsey can be very dangerous.

  9. IAgree with john Kelly like him I have supported the Gunners for years I saw my first game at Highbury Season 53 the year they won the Title and followed them around the Country, I live in Australia now I watch them every weekend through Pay TV! I hope this time Arsene Wenger bites the bullet and Spends the Cash that is on hand , I’m not a great fan of Foreign ownership, but if it’s to be, it should be Alisher Usmanov? Kroenke is a damp Squib. Come on you Gunners

  10. Exactly the same as last year, and the year before promises promises by Wenger, transfer window opens and shuts all we’ll have to show for will be couple of 18 yer olds promising future and that’s about it, get ready for more disappointments.

  11. Wenger is secondary as far as I am concerned. Kroenke and the board are responsible for the below performance of the team and in transfer market. if a good player is identified in the transfer market and the club sanction s the purchase, who is Wenger to say no?

    1. Wenger takes care of everything at Arsenal. that’s why he opposes the idea of Director of football coz that’s his job at the moment and he doesn’t want anybody interfere with his job

  12. Are you kidding? He shocked me every season, LOL. Except when Alexis and Ozil arrived, that’s “normal” for club like us.

  13. Jeez, pretty negative lot of Arsenal fans really not adding much in the way of positive thoughts. Hopefully Arsene buys a couple world class players, gets rid of some dead wood and pushes for the PL title without the distraction of Champions league then this could be a cracker of a year. I see Arsenal being in a much stronger PL position next year pushing for the title and the FA – if anyone thinks Man Utd or Man City had a good season with massive spending and crap football then you are supporting the wrong team.
    Get behind the team, Get behind the structure – but always remember nobody is bigger than the club.
    Cmon Arsenal

  14. The solution to the decline of Arsenal is the sole reason for its decline.
    Just lazy, incompetent management from the Board.
    Had it been any other big club he would have been fired years ago.
    Expect a season of fighting for top four if we are lucky.
    And what an underwhelming summer it has been…

  15. So much Talk and Zero Action let’s give it up for the
    Arsene Unprofitable style of doing business.

  16. “Old wine in a new bottle”.same taste, same nutrients, same genetic. Growth without development. AW is almost as old as the revolutionised EPL(1992>1996). My son who is 12 this month asked before he was 11; …daddy why are you supporting a club that cannot win the league. I said we’ve won it BEFORE, he asked when, I said last was in 2004.he made exclamation,..”daddddy before you got married? I find it difficult this days to publicly defend my beloved club.

  17. A season is 1/4 won during transfer market i.e if ars.and Bayern need s services of a particular player,n we end Losing to Bayern it send a psychological message to the team that we are alws second to that club. same case to wen we meet.
    how do u expect player to win games while the club can’t win their part or even show ambitions.

    our season is always lost b4 fast game.

  18. WITH WENGER WE CAN NEVER WIN THE LEAGUE ,when Everton bought Jordan Pickford where was Arsene busy looking for free transfer….. if it’s true that arsenal made the record breaking bid for mbappe that means they can sign the like of Aubameyang and Griezman……we pay highest in europe and may b in the world and still they cant pay Sanchez and Ozil……
    sign radja naingolan of As roma,
    sign eric dier of totenham,
    sign aubameyand of dormund,
    sign zaha of crystal palace,

  19. I’m quite sure that we’ll continue to slide down the slippery slope we got on ever since kroenke, the lizardman from the planet Greed came to the club.
    Bye,bye time for Alexis and Ozil is upon us. And I just don’t see us buying proper replacements. I expect it to be the same like when we bought Giroud as an RVP replacement.
    Arsenal is doing so much better than the rest of kroenke owned clubs that it can slide down at least two more positions to still do way better. And sliding down means saving more money on players’ wages and transfers, while still making sh***tloads of money.

  20. You have to be prepared to be successful…..there is no magic to it,this is for the Akb’s when you see majority if gooner here being pessimistic, they have the right to be….well me I expect a worse season than last but I would so love it if wenger proved me wrong, but looking at things that won’t happen.. We now have Thursday football to deal with,with the loss of Sanchez…that is a weaker squad and and thougher year….God help us!

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