Wenger ready to step aside for Ancelotti at Arsenal?

I am sure that most Arsenal fans thought a lot about the managerial situation at our club over the summer, whether you were one of the Gooners who wanted Arsene Wenger to be replaced or not. He wasn’t and we have to accept that, but we can still wonder why.

There is a strong feeling in the football world that the Gunners, or more specifically the top brass at the club, are worried about replacing the Frenchman after so many years because he has built the club around himself and there is a fear that Arsenal would suffer in the same way that Man United did after Fergie stepped down.

Along with this could be the concern about getting the right manager to take over. There were a lot of rumours about the Juventus boss Allegri but he signed an extension with the Serie A champions and who can blame him? His fellow Italian Conte did well in his first Premier League season as we know but that was remarkable and perhaps the Arsenal board would prefer a man with EPL experience.

So the fact that Carlo Ancelotti has just been sacked by Bayern Munich certainly throws up some interesting questions, especially if he is keen on the Arsenal job as a Metro report has claimed. Apparently the former Chelsea manager is happy to wait for his next job but also that he would take over from Wenger right now if asked.

I think it would be remiss of Arsenal not to consider him as well, and maybe we already are because The Mirror reports Wenger alluding to the possibility of being replaced. At the minute things are looking better for Arsenal on the pitch but it would not take much to get the fans grumbling again, so could Wenger be ready to step aside and let Ancelotti take over if that happens?



  1. Redmau5 says:

    Ancelotti would not suit this club.
    Allegri . Simeone. Loew much better

    Managers who can attract biggest names.
    Can push our players to fight

  2. tas says:

    another Dinosaur of a manager we have one already we need new younger blood

  3. OxInTheBox says:

    hell no.
    we need one of the young football brains, a good tactician that can make the team play fluid football, make us press hard, but knows how not to get exposed easily like we always do.
    tochel, potechino or even simeone, or someone molded in their shape.
    realistically though, we’ll get 5 more years with deluded wenger.

  4. Oswald Carbonaro says:

    Bonaroca:- I watched Arsenal playing against Brighton, although winning I have a feeling that
    there is something missing which I am of the opinion MrWith this type of game Wenger
    seems to be happy with, and that is passing the ball from one player to another and slow up
    the game. Obviously Arsenal need a younger manager to re invent Arsenal’s game with the
    players that he has. If one has to analysis one will note that at one time Sanches was starved
    of the ball, on the other hand Ramsay was hanging to the ball when he could make better use
    of it. Xaka let’s be honest is no Wilsher, as regards Holden tends to pass the ball to his
    nearest colleague when he should be hitting the ball upwards. With this system of play
    Arsenal have no chance of winning the league. Arsenal need a manger with new ideas.


  5. Redmau5 says:

    News just in

    Eboue has contracted HIV virus

    Why did his agent release this information?
    Surely private matter

    1. Terry Garratt says:

      If this is true ( and I sincerely hope it is not) I would like to send Manu every single good wish. Thank you Manu for the commitment and effort and honesty you showed when you played for us. You always will be a gooner and we will always love you for yourself.

  6. Vijay says:

    we have a squad capable of challenging for the title its the tactical school boy errors that costs us, Ancelotti would be great since we need to start a whole new project season after sanchez and ozil leave.

  7. Ken says:

    The rumour comes after the sacking so the metro are their own source, your telling me you didn’t know they where going to link this man with arsenal the moment he got let go

  8. Jim wall says:

    Eboue is no loss, never liked him, we done well to get rid of another of his kind ox

    1. Ivan says:

      If this story mentioned above was/is true what an evil thing to say.

  9. The barrel says:

    Eboue would sit next to Wenger as if is assistant coach. That guy loved Arsenal whole heartedly.
    In case of Ancellotti, that’s metro which is trying hard to find Wenger replacement. I would prefer Vieira or Bergkamp. They know Arsenal style of play and culture. They have done well in their respective teams, one in development and the other as Assistant coach

  10. The barrel says:

    Carlo for Arsene? In your dreams

  11. The barrel says:

    Ancellotti is coaching teams with big budgets like Chelsea, Madrid, and Bayern Munich but he end up sacked. How is he going to survive in Arsenal, a team with limited budget?

  12. Ivan says:

    Personally I cannot see The Old Man leaving voluntarily ever however I endorse what most people say. We need a younger more ambitious coach who is tactically aware and can relate to the players not another dinosaur.

  13. Olu says:

    This news is weird somehow to me. Whoever is reporting this type of news and whoever is publishing it have both lost touch with modern day football and the person know nothing about arsenal football club. “Wenger ready to step aside for Anceloti” In your dreams or real life???

  14. Tristan says:

    Sorry meant to thumb up

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