Wenger really does want Wilshere to stay fit – At Arsenal

Despite the fact that Arsenal have presented Jack Wilshere a reduced contract because of his injury record, Arsene Wenger is still adamant that he wants the midfielder to stay at the club beyond this summer. Wilshere told us that last summer Wenger told him to look for another club but it would appear that now he has proved his form and fitness (until he went away with England, that is) the Gunners management have decided to offer Jack an extension after all.

‘I can only reassure him that I want him to stay,’ Wenger said. ‘We make him a proposal, after that you have to accept Jack is at an age where he will have offers from somewhere else.

‘Personally I put my weight in for him to stay and push him to stay.’

‘I think he’s an Arsenal man. [AC Milan manager Gennaro] Gattuso said the other day he has the technique of a Spanish player and the character of an English player. I think it’s well judged. That’s why you want him to stay at the club.’

Wenger has already made a statement saying that he sees Wilshere as a future Arsenal captain, so it would seem that he is very keen for him to stay and his latest words have emphasised this, but the ‘powers that be’ that decide what wages will be offered to the players are obviously not so keen to take such a big risk on the Englishman’s fitness in the future.

Wenger also stated his hope that Jack can remain fit as well. “Jack has gone through long term injuries and you hope in the next three or four years he will be injury free and you’ll see the real Jack Wilshere.

“He went to the European Championship and, basically, he didn’t play. He came on a few times but Jack Wilshere in full power, full fitness is a regular player in the England national team.”

Let’s hope that Wilshere stays fit as well, but his latest bout of tendinopathy does not augur well for Jack….



  1. Innit says:

    I have no problem with Wilshere staying (he is very useful off the bench or when someone is injured/banned when he is fit) but we still need to sign a top central midfielder who will consistently start matches. Ramsey and Wilshere are injury prone and we need to improve our defence and central midfield to compete with the big boys. If Wilshere and Ramsey were not injured so much they could have been awesome players for us.

    We used to be big boys. Now we are a midtable team. Sad but true

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      mid table? have we finished 10 place?

      1. GoonerBoy says:

        Technically we are mid table considering that we are closer to the relegation battle than the battle for the Premiership.
        We are just a bang average premier league side now.
        But as long as Wenger is happy that is all that matters.
        I hate that man more and more each day.
        What a fraud…

    2. MW supporter says:

      Another sad pop at the club we are not mid table. Get a grip on reality rather than spouting rubbish.

  2. anko says:

    I don’t know what to make of this.

  3. gotanidea says:

    If Wilshere can get more money from another club, Arsenal can also get a better midfielder. Besides, Elneny is showing good improvements and just extended his contract

    Arsenal already have many CM that sucked when asked to play in the wings, namely Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Elneny, Xhaka, Willock, Adelaide, etc. If one of them leaves, we can replace him with a good winger like Adama Traore or a false nine like Firmino

  4. Me2 says:

    I don’t care about Wilshere.
    Would be happy to see the back of him.
    Permanently injured and now demanding a pay rise.
    What a joke…
    If you thought previous summers were bad just you wait.
    This summer is going to be the absolute pits….
    So enjoy the remainder of the worst season ever because its not going to get better…

  5. A wage cut yet Ozil was offered an unbelievable £350k a week. The club obviously want him gone but tactful thing to do is not say it to his face. No one will ever accept a wage cut (more so when others are tripling their wages at the same club) as that is essentially an insult and represents a step backwards in your career. Wilshere should move wherever they offer him the most money. I heard Everton will give him 100k a week and an £8M signing on fee. Best to take that deal Wilshere, do whats best for yourself don’t accept a wage cut to remain at Arsenal!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      well said…its better for him to take the Everton deal and move on..Walcott will be there for him and hopefully he doesnt get injured there

      there are too many quality midfielders out there to replace him as well

  6. Robin Vanpayslip - now an AKB because ageism is wrong says:

    He is another actually that bad compared to the other central midfielders although the bar isn’t exactly set high

    1. tas says:

      His doing better then Pogba atm, injury free JW this season can step in to almost any EPL team apart from City and Spuds and even with them he would be rotated to get games

  7. jon fox says:

    First things first. It matters not a jot what Wenger thinks , since very soon now he will be history at our club. Wilshere will not be re-signing while Wenger is manager, that’s for sure. In his shoes , no other sensible player would sign either, other than(like OZIL) FOR ABSURD AND UNDESERVED WAGES. The new managers opinion will be too late as I believe Jack will and should leave us now. That Wenger has let his contract run down to almost zero is , well, just Wenger doing what Wenger does. Stupidity!( or perhaps deliberate sabotage, which I do, nevertheless actually reject, despite years of damning evidence to this being the case, by his constant ludicrous decisions) Fresh ideas with a fresh brain and manager will not settle for second best – or more truthfully, sixth best at Arsenal. It frightens me to see how many decent fans have so blithely accepted that our club will not soon again compete at the very top level. Most on this site actually want to keep and extend the contact of Elneny. That is truly terrifying if you are a fan who REALLY believes we will soon again compete at the top, once Wenger is gone.

    1. tone says:

      Jon Fox, what planet are you living on. Arsenal competing for the Title, with what money to buy the best players?? Forget about Wenger, where is the $$ going to come to pay for players… People forget that Arsenal doesn’t have the $$$ of ManU, ManCity, Chelsea and etc. Arsenal are a Mid table spending club, because they are a mid table $$$ club. We have been told this over and over again. Plus Kroenke is not rich on the level of of Chelsea, ManU and Mancity. Let’s all stop thinking the world will be rosy, once Wenger is gone. We are going to be mid table for years, let’s all get used to it. BTW what Magic Manager is going to show up, there are not that many great / good managers out there. There is just a lot of talk and hope. Let’s just hope things get better, when Wenger is gone. But remember what happened to ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool and etc. There are no guarantees, especially when it comes to winning.

      1. Phil says:

        I totally disagree.We do have the nucleus of a very good side. Yes it needs investment.Yes it needs strengthening in key areas.And yes it wil take some time to make this all work.But the biggest and most productive investment this club can make at this particular time is a New Manager.
        Ivan G has slowly and precise began the process of rebuilding the back room teams.This will bear fruit.We can compete in the transfer market-but only to a level.The level we are at will still allow us to outspend many many of our closest rivals in both this country and in Europe.Players sign for money of course.But most are not the greedy mercenaries like Sanchez.Most will sign for THE MANAGER every bit as much as THE CLUB.
        Getting rid of Wenger as quickly as possible will speed up our recovery time.Getting a new progressive and forward thinking modern day Manager is the priority and we CAN sit at the top table.

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