Wenger refuses to do panic-buying!

Arsenal started the season with a disappointing loss to West Ham United at home. However, the manager Arsene Wenger insists that they will remain calm in the transfer window and will not be pushed into panic buying. Wenger wants to stay true with his squad unless there is an “exceptional solution”

The general reaction to a loss, when the transfer window is still open, is that the club should go and buy more players. The perception from the beginning of this transfer window is that the club would need more goals from a new striker – preferably Karim Benzema.

The French striker has always been at the center of attention from Arsenal for many seasons now. Even when he moved to Real Madrid, there was enough interest from Arsenal to get Benzema to the Emirates.

Petr Cech is the only new face to arrive at the club this transfer season – if you rule out the youngsters who joined the club. The former Chelsea stopper endured a tough start to his Arsenal life as a miserable debut saw him at fault for both the goals against West Ham.

Wenger, though, is not willing to be pushed into any panic buys. As usual, he maintains that he would dip into the market only if the right player comes along.

He said: “I can only repeat – if an exceptional solution turns up we do it. But after a defeat like that it’s important not to think we must take a solution from outside.

“I would like to think we are responsible to but the people and the coaches and not the media. We have to look at ourselves and think we were not good enough”

There is a sense of ironical truth to what Wenger has said. The side has let the fans down in the first match. Though it is too early to pass a judgment, if the club wants to post themselves as title challengers, this is not the right way.

The only silver lining is the fact that Chelsea also dropped points. Realistically if Wenger can win the next couple of games, everything will be back to normal. But, it doesn’t look as easy as that.

Wenger will have to expect that his side takes more responsibility and understand the importance of a good start. And if the solution doesn’t come from inside, Wenger will surely look for a solution outside….


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    1. Yup same old same old. If you were honest about the squad at eth beginning of the transfer window you don’t need to panic buy. It is also better to get who you want early so it gives the other team tie to plan a replacement of the player they are selling as well. The closer to dead line you wait the more you have to spend. But Same squad same results. We can look forward to some great displays but that soft underbelly is still there.

      1. Like Usmanov interview two years ago – a guy keep repeat same mistakes but never admit em and he doesnt set himself free even somebody who doesnt have a college can see Arsenal are short and thus need – another experienced central defender, defence mildfield, another attacking mid and more importantly striker.

    2. How d FK we missed out on Ogbonna and scooped up by Fkng Westham is beyond me. That guy kept Giroud in his pockets all day long. He is miles better than Per any day. This is the one missed by Wenger I guess.

      1. Not to mentioned Cabaye who is way better than Rosicky, Arteta, and flamini combine.
        Any good manager brings in players to strength team and increase squad depth.
        i just dont understand whats going on with mr Wenger pretty much a personal opinion which he is trying to convince everybody – is time is up in modern football too much royalty to some of his players who are not good enough and Arsenal fans pay huge price for that- when do doesnt want to spend money he wait until last minute and use that as an example for not buying players to improve squad – the exceptional players it talking about he sounds to mean Messi in my definition!!

      2. Yeah he was good. I have seen few of his games in juve colors..he was bad..commentators were bashing him.

  1. Wenger has obviously tried to get Benzema. What more can you do? Real Madrid don’t have to sell. Benzema doesn’t seem as if he wants to leave. It’s no good just saying ‘get him’. Arsene has tried to get him and it hasn’t worked. It looks as though he’s still trying but you can’t criticise him for not making an effort.

    However I am disappointed and will criticise Wenger for seemingly being uninterested in getting another defensive midfielder. They’re available within budget and would improve our team – a no brainer, surely?

    1. Doesnt have to be Benzema necesary he needs to go out and buy a striker if we want to compete but if we are just in all tournment to participate and finish 4th and make all the noise how much money we have in a bank i am fine with it.

      The guy just doesnt get it!! year in/out

  2. The difference between top manager and wenger. Top managers address the key positions required and sign the players accordingly. Wenger signs players only if they are available late in the market. For example Jose signs Costa and Fabregas they win EPL title, Simeone signs
    Greizmann, Martinez and Vieto. Arsenal have struggled becoz we dont the spine CB, CDM and ST
    is still needed despite spending almost 150 m last 3 seasons. Mertesaker is too slow and weak.
    Koscielny has to do all work alone not good enough. DM Coquelin did well last season but has
    no competition so performs badly. Giroud what can I say Wenger’s biological son who he has faith despite the fact that he is nt good enough. Wenger wont sign top striker becoz that guy will shame useless Giroud. Arsenal invincible strikers Henry, Bergkamp, Kanu and Wiltord.
    Arsenal main striker 2015 Giroud and no backup for him. Welbeck is backup for Alexis and Walcott. FU Wenger and shame on u. U will never win EPL title and u will never quit. Board please give Wenger 20 m p year 10 year contract. Im fed up of this bs.

  3. I hate AKB’s more than Wenger to be honest. They are the ones showing more faith in Mr Bean than Rowan Atkinson did in Mr Bean comedy series. They will say who will replace Wenger.
    I feel like punching in their face when they cant see a better manager than Wenger.
    Klopp, Simeone, Mourinho, Bilic, Low, Deschamps, Guardiola and plenty more can do better than useless and dumb Wenger.

      1. Believe me Bilic is better manager than Wenger. Bilic did well for Croatia and Besiktas.
        Bilic deserves bigger club he will show his class.

    1. Mate you are a clueless clown. Why don’t you get your crayons out and scrawl a banner, get of your a**e and take it along to the Emirates and do your angry boy protest thing there. FFS – what have the fans who support the club done to attract your boneheaded hissy-fit tantrums? What have these supporters got to do with who is managing Arsenal, who is on the board, who is playing striker etc. You think if they applaud your arguments, bow to your obvious intellect, throw in a few Wenger insults and join you and others and start hurling their toys around that anything changes at AFC? The delusional tag is the standard AOB insult to anyone supporting the club – but you bitter angry boys sitting at your keyboards wanting the world to dance to your tune are the epitome of delusion – you are shouting at nobody but the demons in your head. Go and tell your mum what a nasty man Wenger is and she will comfort you.

      1. What a stupid arrogant comment uve just spent 10 mins of your life penning what amounts to an arselicking …in the literal sense … missive in support of a bunch of hugely over paid corporates who also don’t give as shit what you think either … It’s a f****** blog site people vent their opinion that’s all

  4. Refuse to panick buy or refuse to buy period. Listen I have massive respect for Wenger but that game against the Hammers as our season curtain raiser at “HOME” was totally unacceptable. First problem is clear as day, STOP playing Özil, Cazorla and Ramsey together. To be honest for me it’s real easy drop Ramsey as the other 2 are of better quality, Özil plays the CAM and Cazorla plays the CM alongside Coquelin. Let Ramsey come on for either that’s off pace and slot in as the CM while the other continues or moves to the CAM role, SOLVED. Now unto the the DM, love Coquelin and what he did the second half of last season but again as any TOP TEAM that inspires to be champions you will need better in that position as well and that’s the brutal truth. Striking department no comments, but we WON’T i repeat WILL NOT win what we currently have. Absolutely need 1 better than all that we currently have. Now this is my view and it will always be until this too is addressed. WE NEED ANOTHER WINGER!!! Preferably a LW or a left footed winger because again as plain as day without Alexis even with Chamberlin and Walcott it just isn’t happening. Better off playing Walcott instead of Ramsey with the OX on Sunday to give us width but that too didn’t happen. I know Welbeck could slit there but he was injured before the season even started and we did nothing to address that, so instead we did the same thing to Alexis what we did to Cazorla 2 years ago against Villa at HOME again by throwing him in the deep end fresh off the plane from vacation knowing he played in the World Cup, a full season with us and the Copa America. If that isn’t poor planning then I don’t know what is. Should have went all out on Griezmann last summer when we sold Sociedad Vela I think. Finally I want to see Gabriel on the pitch a lot more this season, are you telling me he still isn’t ready to start after 8 months give or take training with our team? Wenger has to take sole responsibility for that bottom line, I’m not saying we have a GOD given right to win every game or even the league but you can at least set yourself up for better success than that and that’s where I say Arsenal fans deserve better. We finally directly qualified for the CL so no playoff with a full pre-season and that was the result. Poor just poor and now we’re officially the only so called contenders to lose on opening day. Forever a gooner and will backing the team against Palace but won’t get my hopes up until I see a positive change or additions before the window slams shut…

  5. why are we just concentrating on Chelsea dropping points??

    there are still the mighty Utd, City and Fool too….

  6. There has to come a time when Wenger shoulder some of the blame when Arsenal fail. I’m sorry but every year for the past couple of seasons, we start slowly and Wenger blame it on the World cup and blame it on nerves, well I would tend to believe that but after successive slow starts (yes be beat Crystal Palace last year, but it was struggle) it seems more systemic than anything else. Latest excuse is of us being under prepared and nervous, but it was one week to that day we played Chelsea and displayed a high level of preparedness and lack of nerves, I would suggest that our issue lies with the manager’s ability to adequately motivate or efficiently address the physiological aspect of the players, both of which is the manager’s duty, not the players.

    1. Wenger saeme excuse every season. Next season he will say all our players are tired becoz of EURO 2016 so we are not ready. We will start poorly again with the mentality of Wenger. We will be 10 points behind in first 6 games if Mr Bean is still our manager. We need Klopp in asap.

  7. Who mentioned `panic buying`? Wenger did, not the fans! The fans wanted planned acquisition and that should now be in place. Somewhere deep in his mind he has admitted he was fortunate with Sanchez and not so fortunate with Ozil and maybe Chec. How does he put 43 million on the bench and play Carzola at number 10?.. How does he look Chec in the eyes and say “that`s not what I expect of you” and then replace him with Ospina? Our defence is once again questionable with Mert at centre and Chec unsure of hmself.

  8. When the season kicks off and try to bring in players its hard because everybody running out of time to let players go

  9. Anyone thinking Wenger will sign some one good on the deadline be careful what you wish for….. remember last season when we bought welbeck

  10. Even if Benzema was thinking about coming to arsenal before (which I highly doubt), I bet he changed his mind after the west ham game.. no one, I repeat NO ONE deserves to play in a team where ramsey is a guaranteed starter.

    1. I salute u sir. Finally someone that shares the same view as me. I think most fans forgot how frustrating Ramsey was prior to 2012/13. He had a good season but I still dont rate him that highly. He want to score too badly nowadays, and he doesnt understand the importance of a simple pass every now and again.

  11. Can you imagine Yaya Toure in our squad?! That is what we need, a powerful middleman alongside Coq Ramsey is halfway between arteta and santi with the r7 long shots, we need a beast wish we had us a Yaya

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