Wenger refuses to make a decision on Arsenal future until the end of the season

Wenger to decide his future in the final days of the season?

Arsene Wenger is known for being rather secretive and a man of very few words when it comes to media speculation. Usually it’s something to do with transfer speculation, but a lot of the time this season it’s been heavily featured around his future with the club.

After twenty years with Arsenal, Wenger is once again approaching the end of his current contract at the club. Usually the Gunners officials are quick to offer the Frenchman a new long term deal. However this year it’s been suggested that this season could well be Wenger’s last with Arsenal. Over the course of the current season the opinion on whether Wenger will stay or go has changed and I think that’s largely because he himself isn’t too sure if his future lies with Arsenal beyond the summer of 2017.

Wenger spoke about the subject in his pre-match press conference, where he stated: ‘I always said that I will judge where I stand in spring and make my decisions then. And the club is free as well. It’s not because I am here a long time that I have any rights. We are both on the same boat.’

‘The club are happy and it will not affect planning. There are plenty of managers who arrived at the end of their contract. It happened to me before. I signed sometimes in March, April for longer contracts. So I don’t think it’s a problem.’

‘I worked everywhere I was until the last day of my contract with total commitment. That’s why maybe I can go back everywhere I was, because people respect that.’

Despite what you think of Arsene Wenger and whether you want him to leave or not, you cannot deny the man has loyalty and a lot of respect for Arsenal football club. He’s turned down some big offers from the likes of PSG, Real Madrid, AC Milan and the French national team in the past, all to continue his plan at Arsenal. Wenger is a developer and wants to see his plans out from start to finish. He admitted in the past that even during the difficult years of the Emirates move, Wenger had some very admirable offers from elsewhere, so I’m certain that he’ll see the season out for sure, no matter where we are at the end of the campaign.

In my opinion a lot is holding on whether he can win Arsenal a trophy this season, and what the desires are of the players. If the players have faith in his ability to take Arsenal forward I think he’ll stay and some will argue that the likes of Ozil will certainty want Wenger to remain at Arsenal. If the board believes in him, he will of course be offered a new contract. But I think if he fails to deliver on any trophy front this season, he will face another backlash from the fans and that could tip the scales.

Will Wenger be offered a new contract?



  1. Jansen says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I think the Wenger – Sanchez – Ozil contract saga could prove to be a negative influence on the remainder of the season.

    What is the chance of Ozil and Sanchez signing before they know who will be the manager next season? This assumes we can even reach a financial agreement with them. This means the fans and the press will get more stressed and will analyze the body language and behavior and press quotes of these two players until the season is over.

    This kind of uncertainty is never great around a club, let alone when things don’t go as expected or hoped for on the pitch.

    There is theoretical chance that Wenger will leave the club as well as Ozil and Sanchez. It is clear Wenger never likes criticism from the fans and there will be a lot of that if we don’t finish in the top 4. This could drive him to resign after another failed campaign, make it all the more likely that Sanchez and Ozil will start to entertain other offers and options when the season is over.

    Given how slow Arsenal operate in the transfer market, it might take the organization a long time to announce Wenger’s successor should he resign. The new manager will likely be a unknown name to forteign players making it impossible to replace Ozil and Sanchez adaquatly.

    I think Wenger do the club the a favor by signing a new contract now. This would help negotiations with Sanchez and Ozil. This assumes Arsenal are trying to sign these two players before the season is over. This could still leave Wenger free to resign at the end of the season.

    Chances are though, Wenger has no serious intention to sign Sanchez and Ozil before the end of season, making moves from the likes of Chelsea and City that much more likely.

    Not a good situation.

  2. Jansen says:

    Sorry for the bad spelling 🙂 rushed it.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      After this season Alexis will only have one season on the contract. He’s gonna get offers from all over, I’d say Madrid will come calling, along with the PL’s wealthiest. Bayern, Atletico Juve. If he doesn’t sign before this season is out I can see him let the contract run down, our hands tied. Ozil I think will sign, not many teams play with a traditional no10, they’ve mostly all embracing the strength with numbers in midfield. Arsene I believe this could very well be his last season, but I wouldn’t be certain on it. We see no evidence in sorting out his replacement. If he leaves well then it looks like he’ll be working with Draxler after all. I’m concerned about Alexis situation, because I want to look forward to us trying to improve this team, so that would be a huge setback.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Don’t know how that happened, thought I was just leaving a comment but I somehow replied to you.

        1. Juhi McLovin says:

          Here’s a question for every Arsenal fan:

          Why is it that in the past few years, Arsenal FC are the only ‘top club’ who seem to have problems with top players extending their contracts? I can’t think of a single player from the other clubs who would be labeled as ‘rebel contracts’. Is it only our problem? Hazard didn’t seem to have any problems extending his contract with Chelsea last year though they finished 10th. Kane signed a 100k/week deal with damn Spurs who haven’t won anything in 9 years. So did Lloris.

          So I ask, why are Arsenal FC the only club with contract issues with top players? (Sanchez, Özil, Fabregas, Nasri, RVP..)

          1. Break-on-through says:

            I think Fabregas and Nasri are different ( also different Arsenal way). Fab could have probably earned as much with us if not more. Nasri might have doubled his money over there. City were the first to really dish out the big bucks, che paid big transfer fees but city paid some average English/foreign players more than what some Barca players were on.

            That’s beside the point though.

            Yeah, you have a point. For us there seems to be extra drama attached. And when you hear us say things like ..there is more to look at for a footballer than just money. Then we say how they’re gonna be well paid footballers either way, and how we try to build something special in other areas besides looking at just the money. The simplest answer might be, Arsenal will almost always try paying people the absolute minimum that they would accept. Difficulties occur because we try to go under the going rate, rather than risk going over. It’s all very business minded, that could be another answer.

  3. AndersS says:

    Personally, I Think the best solution for the club would be to get some kind of agreement for AW to become an executive with the club at the end of the season i.e. a Sport Director or similar role and in charge of player development. Get that agreement in place now, and start the search for a new first team manager, who should be given a decent budget to put his mark on next seasons team.
    Sadly, I don’t see t this happening, but I think it would be in the best interest of the club.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That sounds like it could be good, but I don’t see Arsene agreeing to that. Arsene is too hands on, he likes responsibility and being in control. I can’t see him staying with us while someone else is making the big calls on first team procedures.

      1. AndersS says:

        You are probably right. But I think, that is the option he should be given, and if he says no, at least it is his decision. I don’t see him being able to make Arsenal champions again, and I think that should be our ambition.

    2. RSH says:

      he needs to go completely. The club will never move on with him around trying to control everything.

  4. bashman says:

    wenger is leaving end of the season, arsenal have already identified new manager and are in the process of starting nagotiation.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Who is he?.
      You’re not thinking of that dude from Leipzig are you, that was bs in my opinion.

  5. Harold says:

    You seems to think Ozil and Sanchez decision to sign a contract hinges on Mr Wenger decision whether he stays or go. I personally believe their decision will be base solely on the type of football Arsenal plays as a team. Enormous wages or finishing in the top four may not sway their decision.

    If Arsenal continue to play this modest style of football, like they did in the second half against Everton, like they did for the entire 90 minutes against Manchester City, I expect both Ozil and Sanchez to leave the club, their decision also looks a collective one.

  6. Ramterta says:

    wenger has lost 17 8 to barcelona
    17 11 to bayern
    24 14 to united since 2011.
    its time for change
    (wenger out)

  7. dboy says:

    Apparently there is a 2 year contract on the table for AW to sign. Personally I think the only loss would be Sanchez. Losing Ozil and Wenger would be a blessing in disguise. A new manager with a £200m budget can turn this team around. I wouldn’t really sweat too much over losing one good player. Could it be that they are also holding the fans at Ransom to hold on to Wenger?
    This would be the the dawning of a new era for Arsenal. I think now is the time to approach someone like Diego Simeone.

  8. Ks-Gunner says:

    oh the fans and their deluded mindset about wenger being a factor about the players, lol.

    1. Jansen says:

      You really think Sanchez will look forward to playing for Big Sam or Mark Hughes? I think who the manager will be will have a big impact for Sanchez. He might doubt Wenger’s ambition and credentials but he will feel differently about Simeone vs Howe.

  9. BUR says:

    Just hope that a new manager is on his way. Another season of this is no fun. Patients have been tried and tested with a devastating result.

  10. Tatek Girma says:

    “Status qua is more dangerous than launching to the unknown”. We are faded up with the same old Arsenal situation. Therefore, change is highly required and let move for it. What ever the result is, it will not be worse than the existing status.

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