Wenger refuses to talk about Szczesny – Shall we do it for him?

Arsene Wenger was obviously not happy that Arsenal dropped three points against one of our direct rivals for fourth place, but although he rued the defensive “mistakes” he felt that his team were tired but refused to blame anyone for the calamitous two goals we conceded.

Le Prof said on the Arsenal Official website: “The regret is that we lost this game because it was a self-inflicted defeat. We had chances to win this game and when we were in control we made the mistakes in our final third that allowed them to win the game. It’s unfortunate but there was much more in this game than the 2-0 defeat. We gave a lot and their keeper kept them in the game. We made the mistakes at the back that basically meant we were punished.

“We were comfortable (at 0-0) compared to last year where we played 2-2. It was a game where we were thinking, ‘we will win this game’, but we paid for the lapses of focus in vital areas.

“It’s difficult to find an obvious reason straight after the game. There was a misunderstanding and maybe the few games on the trot – we faded a lot at West Ham and we were not fresh enough today.”

As for a quote on Wojciech Szczesny’s performance, Wenger simply brushed off the question. “I don’t want to talk about him.” he said.

I certainly hope that he (and the other players) had a few words to say to the Polish keeper once tey were back in the dressing room. For me, I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to seeing David Ospina in action on Sunday!

Does anyone fancy a comment on Szczesny’s performance?

VIDEO – Szczesny’s errors and Wenger’s reaction!

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  1. Its time for david ospina to get his chance for the no 1 jersey when fit, till szczesny gets his act together and stop making comical errors! Coyg!

    1. Its time to realise that Szczesny could rest on the fact that he was a young arsenal-made keeper – therefore his silly mistakes every now and then was something that would go away with time. Moving on to current date, he’s a 24 year old keeper (Older than De Gea and Courtois) who still do those mistakes one can expect to see in the junior league, not premier league. At times he can put up a show with some brilliant saves and ice cold passing/clearing – but he will never be as good as the beforementioned or Lloris. I say let Ospina become the new #1 untill Szcz proves himself worthy of reclaiming that possition. Maybe give him a loan period in the bundesliga or something.

      1. Woops, didnt realise i was replying to your comment, i may have taken up a point or two from yours 🙂

        Forever a gooner, #WengerOut

    2. The guy had a great game v west ham but his ego lets him down ,but Wenger his comments on the defensive cock ups,it is the same comments on all the losses so surely he needs to rectify the prob Number one drop the BF German that can’t head a ball can’t run he is a liability every time he puts on the shirt even Debuchy jumps higher than him Gibbs can’t defend he is a nice guy but not first choice L Back Chocqelen has proved he is a good player that can get better what we need is an Ozil type midfielder that has more guts to play good balls through to runners not high balls that you hope will find a target So a defender that can defend a left back and a midfielder and then look out enough is enough on what the problems are If the car won’t run right you Fix it Wenger now is the time to FIX it CB

  2. Wish we’d signed Lloris. Sz and Flapianski reminding us why they’re not top-level keepers this week.

    1. Agreed. Szczesnys had 4 years as number 1. He’s not got rid of his liability tag so why jot give Ospina the jersey from now until the end of the season to see if he ups his game.

  3. It may be useful to get Cech but maybe not as it will harm Szczesny confidence

    Need to strengthen defense. A stronger defense puts less pressure on the keeper

    Also, we aren’t scoring enough goals. Need WC striker.

    1. who cares about his confidence, he is professional player, and forget big players in january cuz you will be a lot happier without false hope.

  4. Season after season Szczesny just dont learn…..

    At Arsenal there is zero tolerance for errors….

    time for Szczesny to go along with Wenger


  5. One of our biggest miss today was the lack of a CF to lump the ball to in the Soton box 18. For all his skill, Sanchez is not a very good CF. Personally, I would have gone with:

    Sanchez Cazorla Walcott
    Coq Ox

    Unlike Chambers, the Ox has plenty experience playing in CM. Also Akpom is a proper CF and although he’s not very experienced, he wouldn’t drop too much to midfield and will actually stay central.

    With regards Szczesny, the less said, the better. I think this is a good opportunity for Ospina to stake his claim on the number 1 spot. For me, it’s Ospina from now on…

    1. Akpom you mad? I would rather go with Podolski and sanchez in a 4-4-2. But who am i kidding, Wenger wouldnt know how to deal with such a tactical variation.

      1. Are you mad? Akpom is exactly the guy you need, Podolski only has a foot, no speed & a temporary workrate to secure a transfer.

        Akpom is the player with pace that doesn´t just take-off in some random direction for no reason (Walcott). More importantly, his movement and pace are utilised to ask serious questions not only of the back four but more importantly the two CBs. Fastest guy in the league at 20m. And Twig, you don´t ¨lump¨ the ball to players with quality…giving it to the at their feet will suffice. In any regard we didn´t even offer entry passes in to Sanchez…Ox seems to lack a tactical brain on the dribble (with all his ppace) than say for example a Hazard who just tortures a defender with changes of direction. Sometimes downhill works; sometimes Super-G works and sometimes you have to imlplement slolum. Don´t always try to smoke people around the corner like some kind of NFL running back. What´s the point of us watching you go on a 50 meter run with ball only to have your touch fail you time and time again?

        In other words Fonte and Aderwield were unbother…not even on set pieces.

  6. Cavani

    Draxler Reus Sanchez

    Khedira Kondabgia

    Baines Hummels Varane Aurrier


    Manager: Kloppie

    This should be the new team after the major overhaul

    1. @Hafiz, why would you choose Aurier and Baines at full back. Both are suspect to defending against top players.

      I would choose Dortmunds Lukasz Piszczek at right back and Madrids Conterao at Left back.

      The other 14 players to make up the 25 man squad:
      Fabian Schar

  7. I like Szczesny. I think he’s a good goalkeeper, but he had a terrible game today. Szczesny makes mistakes, there’s no denying that. He never goes a single game without making one silly decision, so why is he not paying the price for his mistakes? What Szczesny really needs is pressure on his position – what happens when Joe Hart makes mistakes like that? He loses his place for a few games. Szczesny makes mistakes but is guarenteed his place every week. No one performs to their best unless they’re under pressure.

    1. Those are not ¨bad day¨ mistakes, those are, I´m comfortable…and not really thinking mistakes. To me, NO goalie on this team should be guaranteed anything. Do you really believe he is that good?

      I´m at odds to determine who was worse, him or Kos.

  8. Terrible mistakes to go around. Szes really screwed up, but is he that bad? Southhampton had lots of chances and we created…how many? I think most people wouldn’t have put Sanchez as striker. I also like Ospina, but Szes isn’t at fault that we can’t score goals, defend well. Manage the team! Blame to go around

  9. what is it with arsenal goal keepers. we haven’t had a solid keeper since jens lehmann left. All have been worthless. Almunia, flapiansky and Szczesny .. all are notorious for brain farts.

    1. Anyone who watches highlights of other team’s matches know that KOS and the rest of the team are very average

  10. he’s a CLOWN
    instead of drinking the water he forgot that he should pour it over he’s potato head

  11. wenger is a bigger potato head for awarding him a 100k salary
    btw where’s diaby? probably holidaying on the beach with arsenal’s wages
    come to think of it, wenger is quite wasteful of arsenal’s cash

    1. This. But Ochoa would have given our fans a heartattack on set pieces. Shot saving is his biggest gift. Distribution and assertiveness in crowds isn´t his biggest thing.

      Though, if you had to be in a position to have to teach a goalie a couple of things those would be the only two I would give myself a half good chance at achieving. Can´t teach great shot saving.

  12. Wenger rely on Wojciech Szczesny too much that’s why he keep on making blunders with impunity. Come on Wenger, Szczesny should stay in bench for the rest of the season.

  13. Why are we talking about Szczensy…Wenger was wright. On both goals, we had individual defensive errors. The first was Kocielny when he should have stayed with Mane until the keeper is back in goal. Then on the second, when Debuchy should have cleared the ball easily, he blundered an put szczensy on the spot!!

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