Wenger remains loyal to Arsenal despite unhappy exit

Everybody is hitting on Arsene Wenger at the moment because most Arsenal fans have wanted him to move on for quite a few yeaers now, but surely we all accept that the Guvnor did his best for the club for over two decades and he dedicated his life to making the Gunners one of the biggest clubs in the world.

He may have managed that in financial terms but his ability to drag the team into the top echelons managed to elude him as the moneybags owners came into the Premier League and destroyed the level playing field that Wenger was used to in his earlier days at the club.

But now, even after he has parted ways with the club, he still insists that Arsenal will always be in his heart and he cannot at the moment imagine coming to the Emirates with an opposing team. He said, in one of his last ever interviews on Arsenal.com: “It will be very difficult for me [without Arsenal],” said Wenger.

“At the moment if I want to continue to work, I think I have to move out of the country, because my gut feeling at the moment is that I would feel I would betray my club by staying in England. People might feel that I’ve betrayed what I’ve built here.

“That is the problem I face at the moment. My club is here, my heart is here and will be forever. As I said in my speech on the pitch after the Burnley game, I’m a fan above all.”

You have to accept that he is probably even a bigger fan than any of us reading this. He has dedicated the best part of his life to improving the club’s standing in the world, so let’s return the loyalty and applaud our best manager ever, and on of the most influential men in football since the turn of the century.

All Hail Arsene, and we will always be grateful for what you did for us.

Sam P


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    he should be back to normal after a month…..

    Why should he stay loyal when everything will be forgotten after 1 or 2 seasons?

    most of his players will be gone within 3 seasons max and most of the coaching staff are already sacked….

    hes just tooo soft

    1. ClassiqueGunner says:

      True but if they bring in Arteta, Arsene be texting Arteta formation and lineup for almost all of our games. ?????….

    2. Angus says:

      lol John get back to me in 3 years. Although your lucky given a huge core of our team is 27+ but that is cheating. Even then I’d be surprised if a decent portion of Iwobi/Xhaka/Bellerin/Laca/Mustafi/Holding/Chambers/Kolasinac/Niles/Nelson/Wilshere/Elneny were not still at the club and that is ignoring the older contingent with some if not all of Ozil/Auba/Mhki/Ramsey/Welbeck sure to stick around obvs Monreal/Koscielny/Cech will be long gone. Most the squad 3 seasons max lol and this an old squad too, still won’t happen.

      Saddest part of all this John is that you don’t notice that Wenger has once again been offered a better opportunity than Arsenal (Everton, better history until Wenger ruined it and sugar daddy now who unless managed badly will likely overtake us.) Wenger doesn’t want it same as real/psg/united when he was offered. You’d take it a heartbeat though John wouldn’t you? sigh

    3. RichSAAlao says:

      Is it just starting at Arsenal, that once the manager leaves, the coaching staff go also.
      It is for the incoming manage, who most of the time have their own men to not encumber wages outlay, and ease of communication

  2. Kedar says:

    Arsenal will hold talks with Arteta on Thursday to become Arsenal Head Coach… What a nonsense selection…. We are appointing silent coach who can’t even talk.. Rubbish… And possible transfer budget is 50 millions… So it means we can only buy 1 player this season unless we are selling…. Such rubbish decisions by board and owners…. Arteta might get sacked in 8-9 months if he fails qualify for champions league next season…. Board will give him 1st year and subsequent years of target getting qualified for CL.. He will not be assigned the target of winning PL as board and owners itself doesn’t want it…. If He fails to deliver CL then he will be sacked… Owners don’t have any ambition to win titles as their bank is getting filled by money only with CL qualification… Such a shame…

    1. gotanidea says:

      I’m excited to see how Arteta would manage Arsenal, but I think he would not be ruthless enough to our pampered players

    2. Admin says:

      He will not be assigned the target of winning PL as board and owners itself doesn’t want it….
      Don’t want it??? You think Arsenal will start losing games on purpose to make sure they don’t win the League!!!!

      1. Kedar says:

        With Arteta winning Premier League??? Hypothetical thinking itself…. Jardim is also working in limited Budget then why he was not shortlisted…. I would take Rui Faria instead of Arteta… At least he has worked for 17 years under Jose… He has much more experience than Arteta… I would take Vieira also… At least he can be ruthless to players and no player would take his words lightly as he would be having more say tha Arteta because Vieira is our legend and Arteta was just an ordinary player…

  3. AB says:

    Hello Admin, have we changed this site to justarsene.com from justarsenal.com…not sure what the point of last few articles from SamP is…it just makes it obvious that he is not an arsenal fan but just thinks and cares about wenger…

    1. Admin says:

      Oh sorry.
      Shall I change it to justAB.com and only allow writers that agree with you???

  4. AB says:

    This is not about agreement, it is about relevance. We should be talking about arsenal and not Arsene. I am not disputing his opinion, it is for him to have.

    1. Abel says:

      Then write an article about something else and sen to Admin to publish.

  5. Yossarian says:

    In his interview Gazidis said that “Arsenal must be brave” and “Not be afraid of choosing someone that nobody else is thinking of” regarding Wenger’s replacement. What’s wrong with conventional wisdom? Why do we need to be “Brave?” It’s because “Arsenal values” are mainly profit-orientated now, and want to select a manager that will sing from the right hymn sheet for the owner, just as Wenger did. That’s why our new manager will be Mikel Arteta, and not managers who we couldn’t tempt away from their current clubs (EG. Nagelsmann/Allegri) or convince them of a proper push to win major trophies (EG. Enrique/Ancelotti).

    I’m a but underwhelmed with the almost certain forthcoming appointment of Arteta, but still optimistic and hopeful. He could turn-out to be a breath of fresh air and do a good job with regards to tactics and team management, especially working in the new set-up with Mislintat and Sanllehi.

    What worries me about him is that he seems like another “Nice guy” type boss. Somebody who will prioritise keeping everybody happy over getting results, too much like Wenger. I hope I’m wrong though, and Arteta shows an appetite and ability to win more major honours as a manager than he did as a player. I also hope that Arsene Wenger’s “Loyalty” will be as a fan, and not as a contributor to Arteta’s management of on-pitch affairs. AFC needs to start a fresh chapter.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. Break-on-through says:

    Maybe enough already, I have allot of respect, sympathy, and gratitude for Wenger but he got the long goodbye and had everyone in football marveling him, great reception from away and visiting fans. But no need for it now it’s done, we are in limbo, and in no mood to celebrate. The only two managers I see that could have Arsenal punching at heavy weight, are Simeone and Allegri, possibly of course. Simeone will never get the job, and Allegri would need Juve to accept a bid from us to allow Allegri to move, I don’t see that happening. I don’t think Ancelotti could take on city or utd with our resources and squad, not unless Mislintat is able to get ten for fifteen over the next two windows maybe three. But that is very unlikely because every star you create eventually you have a couple who were not so lucky. Arteta, am really not sure what to make out of this, totally blindsided me. I would imagine that Howe seems more suited, if they want a young manager who plays expansive expressive football Howe seems to fit the criteria. He’s also a good guy, he worked with Klopp, and he’s been managing Bournemouth pretty ok all in all. I just don’t see allot of choice at the moment, that Leipzig manager left his post and I did believe he would be a dark horse, but then I got to reading about the sporting director over there, Ralf Rangnick, he’s supposedly a huge influence on all matters over there he even reminded me of Arsene when reading up on him. Seriously, how were our board not preparing for this over the last two seasons, is that why they kept Arsene around because none of them wanted to stick their neck out and try prize the manager we need away.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


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