Wenger reveals Arsenal transfer list! And Xhaka may be on it

What Arsenal fans and the football media normally get from Arsene Wenger on the subject of possible Arsenal transfer targets is a dismissive quip if not a downright fib, especially when the season is in progress and there is not even a transfer window open.

So I am looking at what the boss was reported by Arsenal.com as saying on the matter in his press conference yesterday with great interest. There have been a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours recently linking us with the summer signing of the Switzerland international midfielder Granit Xhaka from the German Bundesliga club Borussia Monchengladbach and so the manager was asked specifically about it.

Not only did Wenger refuse to deny his interest in the player, he even suggested that work on transfers may already be going on behind the scenes. He also dropped a hint about the Gunners being in the market for a few new players in the summer transfer window with his talk of there already being a list.

When asked about Xhaka and then if the midfielder was on the list the Frenchman replied, “At the moment we are starting to analyse players and get little lists of names, but I don’t think it’s the time for us to come out with names.

“I will send you the list if you want!”

What do you make of this unusual admission from the Arsenal boss? Has he realised that the Arsenal fans will not settle for another summer with no or not enough major signings?


  1. Haha! Classic Wenger wordplay! Just lure the fans and media into thinking that he is making major plans of signing world class players and then pull out the bait in the last moment by signing a Cyprus Messi from Sri Lanka. Just perfect!

  2. “I agree the statement is not welcome,” said Wenger. “No matter if it just one chance in 100, we have to believe.”

    “The worst thing in life is to have wrong beliefs. You have to make sure you give absolutely your best, and at the end accept if somebody is better than you.”

    this man called Wenger is a looser and will never change.. he made those comments after being asked bout Ozil’s comment regarding our title failure… how can you change and make thibgs right if you don’t admit to your mistakes ???


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  3. Why does Arsenal fans always allow themselves to be used by getting so carried away so easily?if its not so sad it will ne laughable…kmt

  4. Anything to save his crinkly ArseNal!
    Young modern coach as no.2 should be on top of the list…training coaching tactics all require upgrading.

  5. Maybe it’s nothing, but when he says we are starting to analyse players, this worries me a bit. We should already have a huge amount of information on players going all the way back to last season. If we were really in the market for players, top players, then most of the information needed would have been done.

    It does sound like Xhaka maybe is on the list, but then again maybe….

    Wenger just hasn’t got round to telling everyone “Look we have Coquelin who is worth 40m and we made him”. “Look we have Elneny who has huge potential and has proved himself a top player”. People always want the new thing but they forget that what they have is pretty great already. We have Aaron Jack Santi still all here so should I ignore my top players for something new. We do maybe need another body in there but more to make up the numbers. Look we must first see if we can find an internal solution, and then see what’s available on the market. Oxlade for instance, I see him having great potential through the middle. People can sometimes forget this and then block the path of some very special young players. I am not against buying new players, I am just doing what’s best for Arsenal. Look they will judge me when I’m gone, and they will see that I’m pretty freaking special.

  6. What Arsenal need at this point in the season is to focus on winning their remaining 8 BPL games and not transfer rumours. The Boss has even tried as he gentlemanly answered a journalist question on Arsenal transfer during his last press conference.

    Arsenal should not be in the transfer mode at hs time. But should be in 8 BPL incredible winning run-in games campaign mode. An 8 winning run-in that could see the Gunners possibly still lift the title trophy this season.

    All new players transfer rumours discussion for Arsenal should henceforth be temporarily jettison till further notice so as not to cause the Gunners to become distracted in their focus on their last 8 BPL MUST win games.

  7. I stopped reading after noticing the words “Wenger” and “transfer list” in the same sentence.

  8. What do you guys think of Arsenal selling Ramsey 40 mil and Walcott 20-25 mil to fund the purchase of Lukaku 50 Mil and Xhaka (30 Mil) or Kante (25 Mil).

    Lets sell 2 of our British core , Wilshere, Oxlade or Jenkinson also come to mind as you get good money for them.

    All we need to buy is another centre back and maybe a right back to replace Debuchy.

  9. Wenger says Arselal are drawing up a list of players. When asked about a particular player, wenger jokes about sending the list. Somehow this article is suggesting that there is a change in policy. I see no change.

    Signings this summer will depend on
    1. Are signings required to keep the fans happy and specifically to maintain season ticket sales
    2 are signing required to achieve top four PL finish.
    3. Is funding available from current income for new signings, without dipping in to cash reserves.

    Any talk about signings at this stage will be to achieve point 1 above. I know this is cynical but it follows from Kroenke’s comments at the conference in the US. Kroenke clealy stated, he is not involved to win championships. Wenger can only do what Kroenke requires.

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