Wenger reveals Arsenal transfer plan but is it enough?

Okay Arsenal fans, the season is over for another year and it actually turned out to be a reasonably happy ending, with the last day disaster of Tottenham handing us our highest finish since we won the Premier League with the invincibles in 2004, although the real goal of the EPL title could not be grasped once again.

Now inevitably the thoughts of the football world will turn to the international tournaments of the summer and the preparations for next season and you all know what that means. We will soon be up to our necks in Arsenal transfer rumours and most of them will not be worth the digital ether on which they float.

However, our illustrious leader has for once give a clear indication of what we can expect from the summer transfer window, if not the actual details of which players he is after or even which positions he wants to strengthen. As reported by the Evening Standard, the boss actually put a figure on how many signings Arsenal would be looking to make and while it is not as many as most of us would like it is at least two more than we got last summer.

Wenger said, “We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible. You want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality.

“I must say, we want to combine technical stability with players that we know want to play and know our game. Maybe bring in three players for example. That’s the right level for me.”

I personally would guess that the three would be a centre forward, central midfielder and central defender and of course we want them all to be top quality, but is this enough transfer business to give Arsenal a title winning squad?


  1. Three? That doesn’t sound great but maybe enough if we get the right players

    Does that include replacing leaving players like Debuchy?
    Will Debuchy leave? If so a RB would be necessary unless we use Jenkinson as backup.
    Maybe we will get a Top CB who can play RB like Howedes

    Also, if we get only three then for get both a winger and CF (ie Mahrez and Morata)

    I think we will get a good midfielder who isn’t a DM, CF or winger and CB/RB

    1. Debuchy leaves, Jenkinson comes in his place, 1st buy we have to make is a CM to replace Cazorla maybe try go for Isco or Xhakha, 2nd player we desperately need is a op CF, but if we can’t find one then we make Alexis our no9 and bring in a top class winger. Finally the 3rd player we need is CB to replace the ageing Mertesacker because Gabriel needs tim to adapt and Kosc is over 30. Personally I would have liked to bring in 5 players with 4 of them not being academy players or free transfers.

      1. NOOOOO!!!!!!!! Santi’s the man!!!!
        The wheels falling off this season coincided with his injury.. Coincidence? He’s a freaking wizard and if he leaves this window I will cry a thousand tears….

        1. @josh37
          You will always have my shoulder to cry on. I am with you.

          SC19 is our best midfielders ANYTIME:
          He can play up to 3 or 4 positions;
          He will drive team out of tight a defence;
          He can use both legs efectively;
          He has a decent short taking with high degree of accuracy;
          He is a cool headed guy with great skills (typical Spaniard).
          He has the highest combination/chemistry with any other midfielders.

  2. In addition, Aresenal also requires the services of a world class winger in the mold of Marco Reus, Draxler or Griezman. Selling Walcott or the Ox will create the needed space for that.

    1. We have no chance of signing those. Firstly, we are heavy in that position and secondly, other areas need strengthening. The only wide player we may sign is Mkhitaryan.

  3. “We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible”said Wenger,that means for us Arsenal fans we must lower our expectations we won’t be getting the world class players that we need to win titles or compete in the champions league

    1. I disagree… He’s not the kind of manager to say I’m gonna shop! Saying he wants three players is huge for him, considering in previous windows he’s brought in far more players with a lot less of an indication he wanted to buy.

  4. Xhaka seems to be a pretty likely signing if you look at what’s going on. After that, another striker and a centre back are needed. Who? I’d like Lukaku up top, no idea about a centre back…

  5. With Flim-flam, arteta and rosicky all gone. Debuchy surely has to go as well that’s 350k off the books right there. Walcott’s exlusion from the final day squad makes me wonder a bit… Could potentially be closer to 500k off the books with 25-35mil in transfer revenue if we cash in which I definitely think we should.

    25mil for Kante? With him reportedly wanting us? Surely that’s a no brainer? The way he’s played this season he’s worth 50mil IMO… Even the skeptical/kinda have a point fans who claim this club is more like a business have faith in that going through if there’s any fire to go along with the recent loads of smoke purely for re-sale value….
    I want Xhaka.. Reading the interviews with all his previous managers that have come out recently have nothing but praise for his fearlessness and mentality. I will actually be a little bit devastated if it falls through. A previous captain as well.
    Ashley Williams is a player we’ve been supposedly chasing for a while. Would love to see him in our shirt. An extremely solid defender with loads of PL experience. Gabriel’s been horrid this season IMO. I had a bad case of Deja Vu when Ayew left him for dead in a 1 out. Kos came to the rescue but it was just horrible defending by Gabs. Look at Otamendi who was supposedly a top-5 CB in the world? I think it’s one position PL proven is a must! Especially if you want an instant first-teamer.

    In terms of attack we definitely need someone. There’s a whole host of names, but none with the links/previous history of chasing as the three names I’m hopeful for.

    1. @Josh37
      I distinctly remember having a heated debate with you about Theo last season where I said he should be got rid of but you Vehemently denies we should loose him, see now what I was trying to say? He been as much cop as a chocolate tean pot this season and the quicker we loose him the better.

  6. 3 players sounds about right unless………

    If Arsenal lose a few players like Walcott or Ox or Gibbs or Wilshere or even Alexsis. Then the acquisition of 3 players does not necessarily boost the team much.

    On the plus side we have been fortunate with the emergence of Bellerin and Iwobi from the academy so that really adds to the team without the need for transfer. And I think the next to emerge may be Reine-Adelaide.

    1. I would add Campbell to the emerging players list, AW just does not want to play him so perhaps we should cash in.

  7. The father, son and holy spirit should do it.

    With only three players coming in with what is to go out you can expect, that’s right folks, once again for our squad to be inadequate to fight for the top honours over a full season. Especially when they (well at least two thirds) will be bargain basement.

    Still, nothing new here!

  8. I think 3 players will be enough plus some youngsters that will be promoted…

    If Debuchy leaves,Jenkinson will replace him,if Gibbs stays,we are ok with LB too..
    What we need at the back is now,a CB…I want chambers to step up..

    In Midfield,if we get Xhaka/Kante plus other midfielders,we are fine there…

    Now in attack,we need a proven goal scorer…
    Sanchez owns the right wing..Campbell,Walcott,Ox(if they all stay,can fight for the other wing,with Iwobi and Gnabry too.and some of our midfielders can play on the wings too..
    I don’t think Wenger will buy more than 3..

  9. We should put a serious bid in for Griezmann, always wished he came to Arsenal instead of A. Madrid but he has a good chance of winning the CL with them soon. Either way we should tempt them in letting him go. Is it ok to sell Gabriel and get someone better after just a year and a half? I’m just not seeing it in him to be successful in the league.

    1. What’s the point in signing Griezmann. Iwobi is showing that he’s first team capable and we’re heavy out wide. We’ve got Campbell, Walcott and Chamberlain as cover for Alexis and Iwobi. We have to sell one of them. We wouldn’t see a significant improvement.

      Wenger isn’t targeting a winger. It’s a defensive mid, CB and striker. The only winger we may sign is Mhkitaryan.

      1. The point is because we have Walcott ox iwobi and Campbell on the wing… Need quality now not potential or has beens

      2. i never understood this ‘we are loaded on the wings’ concept.
        the only proper winger we have is alexis and wenger surely doesn’t rate campbell.
        iwobi is a great prospect… but still he is a prospect
        walcott and ox just knows to run with the ball on the wings with ZERO outcome.
        to win the league we definitely need a winger apart from a striker

  10. ”Our illustrious leader” the article said, what are we, North Korea ?????….sorry I digress, 3 players of quality should do, CB, DMF, CF and of course shift some.dead wood and we’ll be ok for a proper challenge….having said that nit if the 3 players in question are from the bargain bin, the like of which ”our illustrious leader” has a predilection for …

  11. Always talking about bringing in a new CB, let’s wait until Mert is gone, we have four of them now, and never forget that Chambers always looks quality when he plays, so lets give him a chance this season. I dearly love the kid and he can be another Adams, Terry, Ferdinand or even Campbell. So let’s wait until next summer for a CB…

  12. U need to think that LK has been in and out all season so CD x2 1 as a back up then CM world class proven player. Super striker needed and I don’t care what he cost it’s needed because AW is up OG backside and the point that he is host not good enough. Get rid of him to fund new players. In all 6 needed and a number 2 ready to take over in 2 years

  13. For me personnaly I would be more than happy to see the back of Theo, I said it last year that I felt he would never really make the grade of the type of player we raelly need and thus it has been proved, he’s lazy and goes missing and seems to have no real care about what goes on with the team or the club and this is from a 130K a week player, so if as the paper aare saying that West Ham want him well lets get rid and buy in someone whith more heart and more ability.
    would love to see Morata in an asrenal shirt but really cant see the need for a player like Lukaku, to my mind he;s no better than Giroud who I think has great hold up play but pretty much is NOT the 30 goal a season striker we really need why get in another like for like player?

  14. I think it was a few seasons ago when tottenham took on a lot of signings, Wenger commented that assimulating more than about three players is difficult.

    Three players have left so wenger says he will probably bring in three players. He has “revealed” nothing.

  15. Leaving – rosicky, flamini, arteta
    Possibly leaving – debuchy, to be replaced by jenkinson but I thought jenkinson had long term injury.
    Welbeck out for 9 months
    Walcott and mert have hamstring injuries.
    Ox, knee injury, 8 weeks
    Other injury prone players, too many to list

    Looking at striker department, we have giroud, walcott and welbeck. Welbeck is out for nine months, walcott is currently injured and who knows how long he will be available next season and how effective he will be. That leaves the much maligned giroud. Seems to me we need two new strikers, irrespective of whether walcott stays or not.

    Wenger says three new signings so I suppose it is one defender

  16. wenger said “may be three players”it,s not definitive!!i personally believe that we will have to buy more cos i see us losing more players,arteta,flamini,rosicky gone,debuchy,s going is well,campbell might want to look for regular football elsewhere and with the news they haven,t been selected for the euros walcott&gibbs might want to look for new clubs and im sure im forgetting some like the players on loan we have got few of them,we could well see major changes in the summer and wenger is not the type to announce it he is??

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