Wenger reveals bizarre medical issue at Arsenal

Arsenal are no exception in modern football in the amount of people there are working behind the scenes. Almost every aspect of the game is analysed these days and with every effort taken to get the best possible results out of the individual players and the team as a whole.

So there is a whole raft of support staff, including many on the medical side of things, such as doctors, masseurs, conditioning experts, fitness coaches, physios and a performance enhancement expert. So you would think that every little detail of a player´s health and fitness was being looked after with all due diligence.

So it came as a shock and a surprise to hear Arsene Wenger talking about the current illness of our vice-captain Per Mertesacker and the way it being dealt with. With Laurent Koscielny a doubt because of a back problem and afetr the stand-ins Gabriel and Chambers looked anything but convincing against Liverpool on Monday, getting the German back in action is more important than ever, but the club do not seem to be doing anything.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the manager revealed that our BFG was still a major doubt for Saturday after being sent home still suffering from a chest infection on Wednesday. And not only did Wenger say that the player might not be taking the antibiotics that would clear up the illness, he admitted that he just did not know what, if any, treatment Mertesacker was having.


Wenger said, “At the moment he (Mertesacker) does not get better, on Wednesday he was not good, we had to send him home, he has a chest infection.

“The Germans are a bit sceptical of that (antibiotics), I don’t know sort of medication he is taking, I don’t know if he takes antibiotics.

“I hope that he comes in and says: `I am perfectly all right´.”

Is it just me that thinks this is unbelievably lax of the Arsenal medical team? Should they not be on top of this situation and doing everything possible to have our crucial defender ready for a very important game?

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  1. Against Liverpool, Chambers was the reason, all 4 looked bad. Gabriel was good. May be Wenger should use this opportunity and start using Kos and Gabriel regularly when he is back.

    1. Really?……..we got Medical issues?……. Yet there’s a maltreated Eva caneiro out ere…… If all else fails…….. BLame it on Wenger and his training methods!

    2. we are in dire need of important signings……..yet we are busy signing 15 year old Harry clarke from ipswich

    3. Chambers was very poor the 1st half – mostly from giving the ball away needlessly.

      But frankly, after watching the replay, half the team was giving the ball away repeatedly in dangerous positions – even Cazorla gave the ball away ridiculously several times. Sadly, it was not just Chambers,

      After Wenger apparently fixed the problem at half time the defense looked reasonably solid in the 2nd half.

  2. am eagerly waiting for that day that i’ll see the headlines stating how arsenal are searching for a new manager after arsene wenger for any reason stopped working at the emirates….that will surely be one of the happiest moments of my life and i hope it will be soon…am sure that a new manager being ambitious would just get rid of our incompetent medical staff and hire a more improved one….wenger is pretty much average and is used to average performers and such a person is only surrounded by average individuals who would like but can’t perform at high levels because average is what they are..a good example is the medical team and like three quarters of the team

  3. Why would Wenger know what medicine should Mertesacker use? Don’t AFC pay medics for that? Stupid idea from the author.

    1. I know this is the dumbest f*ckin article does arsene look like a doctor or pharmacist? And how would he know if per is taking his meds he’s a grown f*ckin man it’s not arsene’s job to babysit him and watch him swallow his pills

  4. I am not a medic, but i also Wonder if Wenger is taking anything particular which makes him kinda get lost in reality.

  5. Have feith in Paulista Wenger, he is the future. Merti is getting old and soon he will be deadwood.

  6. We got the one from the German World Champions
    Shad Forsyth

    Also, no doctor, medical staff have a magic wand to keep players healthy

    Also we started the season with most of our players and ALL our starters healthy

    Cech, Koscielny, Mertsacker, Debuchy, Bellerin, monreal, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Walcott, Oxlade, Alexis, Giroud and others started the season healthy and most are still healthy

    I think our New medical staff are doing an improved job.

  7. brace yourselves arsenal fans for a thrilling adventure
    for now we have
    walcott-the new henry
    welbeck-the new etoo
    sanchez-the new suarez
    ramsey-the new xavi
    wilshere-the new iniesta
    and finally ozil the new ballon d or winner
    we may aswell be the new barcelona
    this is according to wenger fantasies.but hey for a guy who created henry van persie cole and fabregas who am i to say no.
    btw was that alexis dun guy beaten arrested or taken to amental institution for he surely deserves one of those

    1. Tomorrow is a big test of that barrier. An easy, classy win, will add a lot of confidence to the boys.

  8. That’s not the only thing thats bazaar about Wenger ?
    Now he is blaming Uefa for our lack of transfers.

    Arsene Wenger hits out at UEFA for handicapping Arsenal in transfer market

    The Gunners boss is furious that European football’s governing body have backed down over Financial Fair Play rules.

    And that has allowed rich owners to splash the cash – hindering Arsenal who Wenger insists have stuck to the letter of the law by operating within their means.

    Manchester City were punished last season for breaking the FFP rules but the regulations were relaxed recently after pressure from some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

    And Wenger said: “FFP is gone, I have seen the signs coming from UEFA for a while now. I thought for a while it would happen but now it is not possible.

    1. Wenger is always looking for excuse. He said we didnt have money because we have stadium debt, now he is saying money is there but top players arent available, next year he will say top
      players dont want to play in Europa league.

  9. pundits,fans,legends

    everyone is busy saying how giroud is not good enough.

    rooney meanwhile is flopping and the reason they give is that the playing style doesn’t fit him.

    I honestly dnt like giroud as a CF…I want a better striker but this has become too much

    as long as giroud plays for arsenal I support him…..I can only imagine how someone would feel when everyone is saying you ain’t good enough.

    giroud should get angry practise extra hard and put all of them to shame by scoring many goals.

    goodluck OG12!

    as much as we listen to this stupid pundits lets just remember they are the same people who brought us down the season we were number 1 till december with all this negativity.

    no one will…

    if wenger doesn’t win epl klopp should take over.


  10. Maybe Koscielny injured his back… again!
    from carrying BFG.. It’s time to partner Gabriel and Koscielny.

  11. Mertesacker is refusing antibiotics. Not alot the club can do about that. Should be pissed at Per, not blaming Wenger.

  12. Interesting Mert do not want to take his meds because he does not like them, REALLY, what better chance to show Mert the he is Jeopardising his place in the starting 11 by starting Gab for the rest of the season, now that would be interesting

  13. Although antibiotics can be useful, they can also weaken the immune system and lead to issues with gut flora imbalance and should therefore be a last resort rather than the first. It seems our medical team know what they’re doing.

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