Wenger reveals BRILLIANT Arsenal transfer policy…wait

If any Arsenal fans out there are friends with, or know anyone who is friends with, or has the telephone number of, or knows someone who might bump into, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Edinson Cavani, Paul Pogba and the like, have a word will you.

Because it appears that Arsene Wenger is ready and waiting for them to pick up the phone or knock on his door and ask for that dream transfer to join the Gunners. The poor old prof is not even sleeping apparently, just in case he misses that crucial call.

Well judging from the latest comments from the Frenchman, reported by the Arsenal website, that seems to be our brilliant and proactive policy on transfers (sarcasm overload). Let´s not be sheep and follow the rest of the Premier League clubs by actually going out and bidding for players, let´s wait for them to come to us.

Wenger said, “I am always confident that a last-minute situation or solution is available, because the transfer market is especially moving in the last four or five days. But at the moment I cannot promise you that.

“We have specific targets but sometimes you get an idea from somebody because you didn’t know that the player you like was available and if you get an opportunity you do it.

“We work very hard, you know I have a team around me who work day and night to find good solutions. I am 24 hours available per day, so I am involved in the decision of course, but at the moment we are not close to signing anyone.”

It is my wife´s birthday next week and I have not arranged anything or bought her a present yet, but I reckon that someone will come up with a brilliant idea for me soon and surely some traveling salesman will come and knock on my door with the perfect present. If not, I an sure that she will accept that her awful birthday is not my fault, no?


    1. Bayern………..oLympiacos……….Dinamo zagreb…. Way to go bingo!…….. How are we going to top that group????

        1. Positives: now we can’t face Bayern in the last 16

          Negatives: we will now face Barcelona or Real Madrid

          1. u an i both know this tournament is a money spinner for the brand of arsenal fc-nothing else

            i want an actual trophy!
            lets go for the europa league!!

      1. we don’t have a chance against Bayern. but at least they have never done a double against us.we will loose and draw against them,finish number two,avoid them in round of 16,play barca as usual…ooh God.why always us?same old story always.late transfers always,playing Bayern always.playing barca always.finishing number four always..early injuries and loses always.good second half always..elimination in round of 16 always. reaching FA Cup finals always. say that if it were not for injuries we could have won the title always.

    2. champions league
      Group F: Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Olyimpiakos, Dinamo Zagreb.

      let me help u guys with the ‘script’

      we will come second in the group…few of us will say -luck of the draw guys we can win it 🙂
      in the round of 16 if we dont get barca its irrelevant cos we will get a nosebleed an lose to away goals cos hapoel tel aviv ‘are actually really good’

    3. Bayern knows about Karma…….. Will they sell us Lewandowski now………who would come back to haunt em in the champions league?…… L()L

  1. Wenger should Just shut the f*ck up and reach for the wallet already……. There’s no transfer he’d make this window that will surprise me…….

    1. Mr. Bean (Wenger) aka Robert Mugabe used to say arsenal had no money.now that there is money he says there are no quality players in the market..I tell you with the right price you can buy anyone including messi…activate his buyout clause,hype his pay and Barca will have no option!
      I think Wenger is afraid of buying and then fail to win.just that.afraid of using the cash,getting WC class players and fail us..
      from now on,let’s all include a WENGER OUT footnote in our posts.
      #Wenger out

      1. I can’t believe 13 people have thumbed up your comment regarding Messi, are people really that stupid on here to think he would come to Arsenal even IF we could afford him, which we can’t.

    1. me too! be great to watch actual european contenders for a change.
      im joking . we have beaten them a few times
      we only seem to produce when the pressures off in europe.
      once weve been anihiliated in first leg etc

      its the mentality- we need a motivator- timmy mallet perhaps? pee wee herman?

      1. Have we ever been annihilated by them? Didn’t think so. That 3-1 game they were better but that 2-0 game was bull shitt if ozil just made that pk

  2. What is it with this club?
    You have the board telling the world there is £200 million to spend on players.
    And you have a manager that has so little ambition to make you think they were lying all along.
    Either way, for a club that has been talking up a “title challenge” we have actually fallen further behind our competitors.
    Fourth place here we come once again…

    1. Fourth place at a scrape, I can see us finishing outside the top four this season unless there are a couple of quality additions made. We always seem to make it on a wing and a prayer, our luck can’t hold out much longer.
      To be honest, the only thing that bothers me about finishing outside the top four is the prospect of the Europa League, a complete waste of time unless you win it. Why I say I’m not bothered about the CL is we’re not going to win it with the current squad, and the board are happy pocketing the millions earned from qualification, and while that happens things won’t change

  3. If we lose to Bayern again at HOME then we haven’t progressed or learnt anything from past games as far as CL is concerned. I expect at least a draw at the Emirates this time around realistically to end that shame like we ended the shame against Mourinho’s Chelsea at Wembley earlier…

  4. “sometimes you get an idea from somebody because you didn’t know that the player you like was available ”

    I’m sorry, what the hell are your team around you doing if you don’t know whether your targets are available or not? Surley you should know if your TARGETS are available or not Wenger. Ffs…

    1. No doubt that that news he gave sounded very ominous. I’m scratching my head to be honest, but I can only go back to who at Arsenal is making our bids if any and who is it that sits down for the negotiations. I’m hoping that that news Wenger just told is a ploy by him so the whole club feels pressure to get these deals done and not just Arsene taking the slack. We are a club after all, a family, so we need everyone to be on top of things and not only blame one man. One man who seems to take the slack for everyone’s job inside Emirates including his own.

  5. 2nd place incoming b####es.
    As optimistic as we want to be there is no way Bayern Munich will finish 2nd in this s##t group

    Wenger needs to get the chequebook out and sign some players

    I have faith in this team but no way in hell is this team beating PEP bayern munich..

  6. been saying this for 3 years:

    this tournament is bonus money an exposure for us-nothing else
    i hope we dont get past the group stage:

    why? we have a decent shot at the europa league

    1. Hell muff……..all year i’ve been thinking the same Thing……. EUROPA! ….. Then we won’t have to worry bout 4th place anymore…… Liverpool can have it……. We’d hit 10th n still make champions league ….L()L

  7. What is quite hilarious is that if our goal against Liverpool had been allowed (as it should have), we would be sitting near the top and no one would be moaning. Yet, because of a f*cking linesman in serious need of new contacts, most of you are calling for Wenger’s head. Also the transfer window has not closed just yet and need I remind anyone who we signed on the last day 2 seasons ago?

      1. I don’t agree with his strategy but I also don’t think you can call it panic buying. I’d describe it as a misguided belief that the pros of getting a last minute unexpected surprise is greater than the pros of possibly spending a bit extra and getting players in early. We get clearly panicked a few years back after the ManU mauling but not since to any great degree unless you categorise Ozil and Welbeck as panic buys because they happened on the last day (which I wouldn’t)

        1. @Tradeau……u have to agree with me that panic buying has become a tradition with wenger……if u have a target, you work towards it earlier…….. It won’t take u even a month to conclude deals…… But nah…. Not the case with wenger…… We all know he loves to gamble

          1. I think we agree that it’s not the right strategy. Maybe it’s semantics but I wouldn’t call it panic buying. It’s a deliberate ploy on his part to wait and wait and wait to see what develops on the last couple of days. I don’t see Wenger panicking (unlike the rest of us!)

        2. Buying Kim Kardashian…oooops… Chelstrom/Karlstrom….. is panic/ blindfolded BUY… If u ask me… How do you buy an injured donkey n Giroud then hop they’re gonna turn into world class…. You know l still feel bad about leaving Arsenal for Chelski cash…. l hate it now… even Roma sent me packing….. Wenger is now old n stubborn like his African father …..

    1. Okay yes fair and fine …..but the way i see it is that if we wait till Deadline Day we will Probably sign 1 Player(a Striker or a CDM) when in this case we actually Need Both!!!!!!
      Theres no Point in signing Suarez on Deadline Day and yet leave the obvious CDM Position empty …just like we’ve been doing for the past years…We signed Özil on Deadline Day and that was it……which shows that when you sign a Big Player on the last Day thats most likely going to be the only Business you do.

    2. @Big gun
      is the last buys a behaviour? Last minute opportunistic buys simply bcz teams want to balance books?. forgive me to say we better have bought Dzeko than that welbeck..Ozil was not worth £42 but £32.

  8. hahahahaha!! Bayern Munich three consecutive season..sweeeeeeeeet!! wooooooh!! this is what we need, to be tested every time, we cant be the best if we don’t beat d best. giroud leading our attack against them means they’ll chew us and we can’t chew them. good for bayern, good for us, only wenger supporters will whine bout us getting bayern, we fans do know we can handle the with WC additions,but nah we ain’t getting any WC addition.. with what wenger said, its clear we’ll sign an average player before the TW close.. cheers gunners!! here’s to bayern, here’s to us.

  9. wish we could have been drawn with Bayern and another Top Top side………so we would be under real pressure….. We must start taking the bull by the horns……. And stop taking an easy ride on a carmel’s back

  10. Arsenal are reactionary in the window, Ozil and Sanchez both bought in reaction to what other clubs do, we do not make the first move, we react.

    1. There is truth in what you say, evidence suggests so. Its not the only way we do business but it seems to be the only way we have of getting the games top players. I really cant understand it though. Is it the Owner not fully aware of what is expected or is he happy only for profit. Or is it Gazidas not doing his job, Dein as we know done that job brilliantly so Gazidas has to take heavy responsibility. Unless he is doing his job only too well in Kroenkes eyes. Or is it Wenger, for not demanding that we get certain positions filled and for not coming up with bigger lists. I don’t know who deserves the most blame when it comes to the transfer market, we are a club so it is maybe right that they all share the blame. I understand the situation with finding a striker, its a difficult one. What I don’t understand is how we have not been bidding for other outfield players. I’m sure we do have other targets so I cant understand the wait.

      1. Dein was an Arsenal and football man as well as a business man, he understood the club and football, Gazidis is a business man full stop, therein lays part of the problem.

      1. well no look at last year – we were pot 1

        look at the groups chelseas had last few years- coincidence?
        stop defending them

          1. Hahaha ???
            Nice one money ?
            it’s good to see that your sense of humour has come on leaps and bounds in the last year ??

            Who said money can’t buy you love?
            It’s certainly works for Chelsea ?

        1. Thats right.
          Luck is on their side and not ours.
          But I kind of blame Wenger.
          We ALL know that luck is NOT on our side, so we have to do MORE tan LUCKY teams.

          1. Wenger’s comments makes me hate him more. He never accepts mistakes, silly
            mistakes every season not buying DM and ST. Its been long time since we had a top striker and DM. He cant even find a good DM when the likes of Vidal,
            Khedira, Kondogbia and Schneiderlin have joined other teams. There are also
            many DM who could improve the team but he doesnt know who is good.

  11. I hope we finish 4th in champions league group stage by losing every game and we finish 5th or
    6th in the league. If the same mistakes keep happening every season we will finish outside top 4 and this could be the season. FIFA should take legal action against Wenger because he is fraud
    and corrupt. Wenger is the richest manager in the world. Im sure he is taking money from our club by stealing from our cash reserves.

    1. @moneytalks.
      hahahahahahHHH..ooh..you killing me..I understand your frustration. ooh my ..money talks no more? hehehehehehe..have never seen a post so funny on just arsenal before…post of the season

        1. Noooo way… ???
          Your just too funny mate ??
          you have been cracking me up lately… well done ??

  12. Wenger’s press conference really tells about how he operates,waiting for targets to identify with them and telling somebody that they are available,I just can’t believe that statement really came out from Wenger. Is he still interested in football? …….its really shameful. About the UCL draw,if we something doesn’t change around this our beloved club,we might have Bayern dealing with us in a bad way.

  13. Bayern is a nice fixture for us to get. Yes it means we’ll probably finish second again but it should make for a good game for us fans to watch. Both teams have changed quite a bit since we last played Bayern. They’ve lost Kroos and Schweinsteiger from the heart of their midfield and Ribery seems to have faded with age. But they’ve added Vidal and Alonso to their midfield and Lewandowski is there now instead of Mandzukic. On our side we’ve added Alexis Sanchez to our attack, we have Coquelin in the midfield instead of Flamini and we have a world class keeper in Petr Cech. Bayern are favourites of course but it should make for a good, entertaining game nonetheless.

    1. There’s only one way to play against Munich and that’s by playing 4-4-2 with all our defenders playing at the same time.
      Debushy kos meatysucker Monreal
      With Bellboy and gibbs on the wings attacking and defending
      Gabriel and La coq as DM
      And Sanchez and Walcott up front

      I bet we wouldn’t lose with that line up!

      If any smart ass says what if one of the defenders get injured. .. well, there’s nothing new with injuries but there will be enough cover on the pitch for one of the other defenders to drop back and then bring on Cazorla /Ozil or Ox

  14. Article is spot on.

    His comments wreak of ‘it will all just fall in my lap’.

    Like I always said, he is reactive as opposed to proactive in his transfer dealings. As for the scouts who work night and day they must take 5 hour lunch breaks and 30 minute a piece tea, cigarette, kitkat and toilet breaks seven times a day.

    Bloody farcical comments!

  15. I predicted that group for us except had Barcelona instead of Bayern.

    Any feint hope of signing Lewandowski or Goetze are gone now. If you hear antyhign regarding Arsenal and those player in the papers you know it’s rubbish now.

  16. As an Arsenal Fan, I hate it when we wish for the team to get knocked out from the champs league group stage or lose out in that Top 4 in the league but thats what Wenger has turned some of us into,….Like when things aint going on well, then the team jumps for panic buy.

    Then again, i doubt wenger will change his attitude in the transfer window or policy even if we lose out in the champions league.

    I suspect No one knows when He will resign and Wenger wont get the sack, I also dont want Him to be sacked(You see what am saying)

    Lets see how this week goes till the Window closes then we support the player and Wenger until He retires….In Arsenal We trust.

  17. Arsenal season ticket holders and merchandise buyers please stop injecting money to the club
    until they bring 3 world class players next season. I feel sorry for them having to pay the highest ticket prices in the world and getting 4th place trophy in return. Signing just 1 good player every season is not gonna help us win trophies. We need top CB, DM and ST in one season then only we can challege for trophies because our team isnt good enough.

  18. He is then lost.
    He lives in denial.
    What he said it is simply an excuse.
    I have defended him, but if he comes out empty handed he will only make it harde on himself, because it would mean that he has to motivate his squad to win win win.
    Good luck to him.
    And a Little prayer for us and the players who might suffer from all this.

  19. Wenger should just resign this season. It well be famous for the season he finally beat Mourinho in a match.

  20. @SoOpa Aeon, I have forgiven You even before you told mi to shut up….Seems like You are unhappy with Wenger or my comment. Take it easy bro….

  21. City are confident they have agreed a deal with Kevin De Bruyne for £54Mil..

    Cos they are in dire straits without him!:(


  22. im start thinking if the truth is wenger wants to buy , but the board didnt want to give the cash. only give him little cash to spend just for entertain fans in the end of transfer windows. buy buying unknown or some say young best talent ,young world class prospect ,etc ,etc
    just to calming down fans anger.

    there is another tought now i realize why wenger forcing player to play not in his natural position, because the board didnt want splash cash for buying, wenger using this method to criticize the board indirectly. so that they can see that AFC is urging, desperately needing new addition. but in the end the board saying ” we already pay you high wages for this job, so if any problem there, you better solve it yourself”
    who knows what happened inside there ,behind the door

    we will never do transfer policy like chelsea,manu,man city does. their board their owner buy football club for hobbies, having fun, spending money for pleasure. not business

    that doesnt belong in here because some boards buying club for business,profit,investment
    now after arsenal has new great stadium in london ” dream+luxurious city”
    why we would thinking peeps like kroenke want to sold his brilliant investment+Profitable money making machine.never.

  23. Waiting for Ozil to do this:


    Still berkgamps hole not Ozils orifice!

  24. I don’t read this optimistically with the thought that Arsene will purchase anyone. This rather stays with the belief that he intends to do nothing, and goes right inline with the cycle of ideas he puts out in different stages of the window.

    End of previous season prior to window opening:
    “we will be acitve in the market if we feel that the player is out there to improve the squad. We’ve got a good feeling in the team right now. There won’t be a lot of action in the beginning of the window.”

    Middle of the window:
    “We are still actively observing the market, but haven’t identified anyone quite yet. We still have (insert name here) coming back, and (insert name here) coming back, so we’re not hurting for players. I would think that there will be a lot of action at the end of the window.”

    End of the window:
    “It is not easy to find the players that we need. We won’t just spend money to spend money. We still think the right player may be out there, and if he is we will find him. I suspect there will be a lot of movement on the final day.”

    Don’t get your hopes up Arsenal fans. It’s the same Groundhog Summer every summer. We have a team that is a player or two away, the manager refuses to strengthen in those areas, waits on players to get healthy and plays players out of position, we scrap for 3rd/4th with a brief shot at 2nd.

    1. Wow, that is seriously depressing reading
      Seeing how similar his statements are, every frigging window.

  25. Wenger is negligent. Early in the transfer window there were great players available. Kondogbia, Carvalho, Schneiderlin, Khendra, Imbula, Vidal. We could have signed Benteke, Dzeko, Llorente. Has Wenger been sleeping? He should have had his new players sewn up by now. We could have had a more confident start to the season. He has really screwed it up.

    1. kongogbia and dzeko would have been sufficient for a title charge an both for less than 40 mill

        1. ur stupidity is limitless- he cost 25 million pounds.
          i said 40 million pounds as im in the uk who said euros
          25 for kondog 14 for dzeko- 39-maths mate

          u being consistently stupid impresses me alot.
          stop replying to me ur iq lowers mine

          1. Hahahah not only are you salty your pretty stupid too not one place did you mention pounds hahah idiot

  26. The diff between managers like Moro, Klopp, Van Gal and Wenger is this.

    Moro- We played good but the opponent played also very good, i am angry with Eva Carneiro, she has T*tts and such, which is kinda confusing. I am not in form my players are not in form, we need to do better. Kicks fans favorites like of Mata and Luis out bec he knows they dont fit in the team.

    A manager who does everything to distract critisem and blames oftenly himself first before his players. Winning mentality overload

    Van Gaal- This team is garbage. Give me money to spend. Money is given to him. Rotates players a lot to see if they fit in the team or not. Some do not. Next transfer window he spends and sells deadwood. ( welbeck cough, cough) and co. Winning mentality.

    Klopp- This team has no balls and i cant force them to play better. We play like Sh*t. Realizes that the club cant give him the tools he needs to work with, rather then doing a Wenger on Borussia he moves out by winning the cup as a gbye present. The bvb would never ever sack him, if it wasnt for him alone to resign. Great personality. Great manager. Overload winning mentality

    Wenger- Stubborn. Arrogant. I dont know why Arsenal loses. According to the mentality and cohesion, we should be crown champions by now. Its not my fault that others are more competent then me. Dont tell me what to do. I manage this club for 20 years by now and i know best. This team can archieve everything. With imagination everything is possible. Ramsey is Zidane, and i love him like my own child. And Giroud??? Well he is handsome and all of you are ugly. Points finger at Diego Costa.

    Loser mentality overload.

    Jk aside. This is the impression the football world has on us.

  27. Hey Bob
    you best buy those flower’s and chocolate otherwise you will find your dinner in the Dog ?

    what happened to my last comment ?
    It was a good idea…. wasn’t it? ?
    Did it end up in the Bermuda Triangle or in your next article?

  28. What a bunch of pessimistic pussies we have here.
    Come on, we can get out of this group easy, even top it!

    1. There’s a big difference between pessimistic and realistic,
      Just like deluded and optimistic
      and you my friend are completely deluded
      if you think we will top that group! ??

    2. @Bolly from Bollywood…….just so u knw, we don’t do bats or wickets ere!…keep wallowing in the deep pool of delusion!

    1. Hahaha ??
      Oooh I get to kiss your arrogant arse and you walk off scot free?
      Naah mate. .. that’s not a deal bolly boy ?
      You can kiss my Fat hairy ass too ?

  29. Oh soopa I see you have joined the party.
    I don’t do bats or wickets either pal, the title belies the person!
    But someone like you can’t work it out eh? Ha ha
    you will see, you will see

    1. @Bolly from Bollywood…….. Really?……..borehamwood?……..ya delusion is taking a serious Toll……. All i can see in ur sobriquet is a “Bolly from Bollywood” not Boheramwood…… U are so full of balderdash and Boo boo

  30. This is no joke guys, if Wenger didn’t buy a World Class striker this season and we ended up not winning the Epl or Ucl, I say we circulate “WengerOut” in all the matches until something promising starts happening. Enough is enough. We are tired of seeing other teams progressing and we are not, simply because we have an economist for a manager. #WongerOut#WingerOut#WengerOut#VengerOut#VingerOut#VongerOut. Whichever way you want it.

  31. Wait is not a bad thing…sometimes waiting & being patient will bring a better/cheaper/easier/simpler way to go. But in AFC case that hasn’t work so well has it? Sure Ozil came on deadline day and Sanchez came late in the window last summer they both are a success and clearly a plus to our team when both are on top of there game (The Liverpool clash 4-1 is an example).
    But the opposite could be said as well with Welbeck looking like a costly investment at the moment. Waiting has worked less in AFC favours!
    When a great player is available you don’t take weeks to discuss the price. If he is interested like some of our targets both in ST & DM position which would’ve & could still be an upgrade over what we have you don’t take your time you go for it before they change there mind or in the case of Pedro with Man U another team comes and simply lay down $$$ without thinking too much (it is also a way to show how much you need & value the player. We know top players have egos to flatter & that teams like to get the deal done early to bring a replacement.
    With 4 days to go now all there is to do is wait and see in the meantime hope that we can register another victory this Saturday.

  32. If it brings in griezman draxler and a strong DM I will forgive him …. otherwise want the colonel out by Xmas

  33. 19/20 premier league teams have identified and bought in players they need. Wenger is still waiting for them to become available. Why not show the money, then you will see them become available. He should be getting Higuain now or even huntelaar (age 32) for a couple seasons would be good for us.

  34. Todays UCL draw, did you see the legendary players that appeared Maldini, Zanetti, Puyol. These are recenet legends. Our legends will be composed of overhyped British player in the near future.

  35. You can get Huntelaar for cheap, Schalke are not in UCL this year, and Huntelaar would like to play in UCL guaranteed. This guy is a better finisher than Giroud.

  36. We are probably not going to sign a top player this window. Welbeck should lead the line this season IMO we should sign wanyamma and i think we are good for 3rd

  37. Wenger NEVER said we were going for the league title, never…
    The pundits, may be based on last season results and game forms, tagged us with the premier league title contender tee-shirt…!!

    Again, WENGER NEVER SAID WE WERE TITLE CHALLENGER… Do you see where I am getting at??

  38. Did anyone fo***ng sitting there giving a thumbs down to the poster that post the comment that says that we should start post on our comments & say Wenger out we nee all thumb up for that the old full needs to vacate from Arsenal fc is not just a one man club ok.

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