Wenger reveals that Arsenal don’t just rely on scouts

With the arrival of Gabriel Paulista (by the way his real name is Gabriel Armando de Abreu, Paulista simply means he was born in São Paulo, Brazil), a reporter from the Guardian decided to grill Arsene Wenger on whether Arsenal had used their stats company – StatDNA – to select the Villarreal defender from the array on offer.

“I cannot tell you all but he has good stats,” Wenger replied. “Was that a yes then, Arsène?” “It is not a no,” Le Prof responded warily….

“We look at interceptions, defensive errors, winning tackles – what we call tackles is committing to win the ball,” Wenger continued. “Set piece receptions, these kind of things. The most important thing is through the eye.

“Does this system find players for us? That is what we look for, of course, because it is difficult to watch all the games. But what I mean is that if the numbers confirm the eye, it gives you more.

“If a guy [scout] comes home and says: ‘I’ve seen a good player,’ you can statistically observe this player for five, six, seven games. You send him again, he comes back and says he’s a good player‚ the numbers confirm it, you can say the risk is limited. Though there is always a risk.

“We have our own system [through StatDNA], with qualities we think are important. After that, you have the attitude of the player. Because you can have good stats for a while but if you go out every night until six o’clock in the morning, it won’t last.”

Gabriel is 6ft 2in tall and can also play at right-back and left-back if needed, and has been compared to the ex-Chelsea centre-back David Luiz, but Wenger believes that Gabriel is much more concentrated on the defensive side of the game. “Gabriel is a different style to David Luiz,” Wenger said. “David Luiz looked more like a defensive midfielder than a centre-back because of his level of concentration and his dynamism going forward.

“Gabriel is a more typical defender. He is a real defender, who wants to defend. He’s from São Paulo. He’s a Paulista. You have Rio players and you have São Paulo players. One is a beach area [Rio] and the other is more hard-working.”

So it seems that Wenger does a HELL of a lot of research before he actually decides to make a bid on a player, so it is understandable that Arsenal bought a dedicated stats business which they don’t share with anyone else. Perhaps he could use it to find a cheap DM and a striker?


    1. Twig?
      Lots of research went into buying
      Chamakh Park Bendtner Girvinho
      Santos Ryo Squilacci Flamini
      Arshavin Djourou Sendeross Cygan
      Kalstrom Sanogo Vermaelen Podolski Campbell
      The stats also show Wilshere Walcott Ozil Ox are
      badly injury prone so should never be sold.
      As for DRB well he has only missed 87 of the last 90 games
      so needs to be given a new 3 year contract.

      1. This company was bought end of 2012. I think they start using the data now. Lets see if we can avoid bad buys, but some of the names you mention Dave were from before.

    1. What time is the game for you guys?

      4:30AM my time, Coffee blanket ion the couch and coffee and wake up the neighbors screaming. They are used to it, They say “Arsenal again eh”

      1. Where you from mate?

        I’m currently doing an exchange in the US and have the match at 07.30am, and I thought that’s early!

        1. You are on Eastern time. I am on Pacific time – Seattle.

          I get to watch Arsenal early, then the Seahawks kick ass later.
          Sweeet !

            1. Oh shut your face. Last time I watched Arsenal kick Man City then watched the Seahawks kick GreenBay’s butt. Nice day!

              We watching the balls, we squeezing the balls. No soft balls allowed.

              1. Cool. I’m at TN.

                First time watching American football tomorrow, I guess I’m rooting for Seahawks because everyone else here is too!

                1. The Patriots are like Chelsea; rich owner(like Roman), breaks the rules, do not get punished, because the NFL commissioner is his golf buddy. They have a very expensive all star team.

                  The Seahawks are better athletes, leaner faster and have the same pay ratio that the Gunners have to the over paid plastics at Chelsea. Tom Brady is on 14MILLION a year. Russell Wilson $600K/year.
                  The Patriots cheat, they have been caught secretly taping the opposing teams practice. And now deflating balls. In other words; plastic scum.

                  I am a Seahawk fan and an Arsenal FANATIC. Plastic is plastic regardless of the continent.

              2. You forgot to mention that Brady’s
                first rookie contract was 231,000k
                30% of Wilsons contract.
                Bradys first veteran contract was 32 mill
                Wilsons first veterans contract is
                predicted to be up around the 200 mill mark.
                The Pats have made 14 of 15 play offs since Brady started only missing one when Brady was injured. Lets see if the Hawkes can
                go 15 straight before we start comparing huh. Why are you so angry? Learn to debate without such childish hate. Both sides deserve to be there. Lets hope for a good game. Enuff said.
                I am a long time Gunners supporter much much longer than you young fullah.

                1. That “shut your face” was not in anger. Just an expression when you talk a supporter of ^%$# team. I say that to Spuds fans all the time, or to the $#$$#@ Patriots.
                  Not a young fullah. Old enough to have seen Pele play!

  1. As with any signing of a player i havent heard about, i let my excitement wait untill i’ve seen him in action for the gunners. Some of these ‘unknown’ carbon based life-forms turns out to be a diamond, others graphite.

      1. Is todays top X1 as good as this X1 ?

        62 David Seaman
        80 Cashley
        78 Lauren
        74 Sol
        66 Tony Adams
        75 Gilberto
        76 Vieira
        69 Dennis
        73 Robert Pires
        777 Fredrik Ljungberg
        77 Thierry Henry

          1. When fit the top X1 is
            Debuchy Koz Mertz Gibbs.
            Arteta Ramsey
            Walcott Cazorla Sanchez

            Ospina Clark Coquelin have not played enough
            games (20 starts) o be judged fairly
            to be judgedfairly.

      1. @Alejandro, thanks

        @Muffdiver..you are too funny! I hope to come to England one day and hopefully meet up with some of you guys. I’m from New York state.

        1. @georgie b
          Where upstate are you from Bro???
          I’m from BedStuy Brooklyn, now rollin deep in N. London…

          1. @NY_GUNNER..I’m from Poughkeepsie. I can figure out how to meet some of the London gooners. We have a great bagel place in Wappinger Falls. the owner is from the Bronx..whoops I mean duh Bronx! cheers to you Gunner and victory tomorrow.

            I can tell all my fellow gooners, my heart fills with joy and pride when the Gunners come out of the tunnel. And Tomas Rosicky…nuff said.

          2. BedStuy?? How fast did you run out of there? I lived in Crown heights, escaped my first chance. Whoooosh! left burning rubber leaving.

          3. Where do you watch your games? Hopefully a pub. Im hoping to come out to watch the game one of these days. I stay on Linden Blvd

  2. i rate gabby- reminds me of lucio- a no nonsense defender.
    the yellow subs have had great defence this season- he was big part of that

    wenger making takin a jab at all u armchair managers who assume scouts do all the work an he just checks a dvd an out comes the chequebook.
    wengers far too anal for that

  3. I see chelsea looking more vulnerable, i see mancity as a team that lacks something( dunno what they lack) i don’t see soton making the champions league, i see man u as a weak team, i see arsenal as a team just beginning to grow into the competition, i have this feeling we could shock England or even europe

    1. “i see mancity as a team that lacks something( dunno what they lack) ”

      Yaya Toure is what City is lacking.

    2. i dont.
      chelsea were exhausted today after 120 mins on 3 days ago vs liverpool
      man city without yaya are not the same team.
      man u look weak but still beat us consistently

      your feeling sounds like stomach indigestion…try gaviscon

      1. Are you saying it could be something he swallowed?
        I am never afraid of Arsenal playing Man City. For some reason Chelsea has our number regardless who Arsenal puts on the field.
        I just wanna shut Jose up one day. Just STFU Jose.

        1. arsenal with sanchez,ozil,walcott,coq can beat chelsea. now in the summer buy a WC striker and backup to coq and we’ll be cooking next season.

    1. Paulista is NOT his name. Brazil nicknames, Gabriel Paulista just means Gabriel from Sao Paolo.
      That is like calling Chezzer Warsaw.

      Muff wants to call him Angel Gabriel.

      I say we call him Lord Of the Overbite

  4. It is good to see plenty of our players coming back from injuries like Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey,
    Ospina and Giroud. We are in good position to end the season than any other season. Hopefully Alexis will be fit against Spurs. I expect atleast UCL semis, third in EPL and FA cup win Coyg.

  5. I remember Lehman coming out, advising Wenger to buy Reus, saying that he would be one of the best German players ever. But, nooooo, Wenger said i want Mr Forehead. The rest is history.

  6. Man City are half the team without big Yaya Toure, Chelsea looks like a team that can only play by parking the bus then distributing the ball to hazard so he can wreck havoc. Man U are always waiting for van persie to do something special for them to look half decent.

    I honestly believe we can get going if we play like we did in city, Ozil/walcott look bigger and more confident. Rosicky looks like he’s rewinded the clock in his career he’s playing like a 25 year old not a 34 year old and let’s not even talk about cazorla/sanchez, cazorla specifically is playing like xavi in his best year (sanchez is sanchez). Lastly, Giroud looks like he’s found the confidence to score against the big teams and welbeck is a capable back-up.

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