Wenger reveals why Burnley in FA cup is huge for Arsenal

I might be wrong but I think we are going to see a very strong Arsenal side in the FA cup today and I am also expecting them to put on a strong show to give Burnley a proper taste of what the Gunners can do. Arsene Wenger certainly seems to be determined to see his Arsenal side progress to the next round, although progression in the cup does not appear to be foremost in the Frenchman’s thoughts.

From what he said to Arsenal Player this week I got the sense that the manager, and most probably the players as well, feels a strong sense of injustice right now. It is hard to argue that Arsenal have got what we deserved over the last few weeks, with that late goal by Liverpool denying us a well deserved win and with the injury problems we have had all season finally hitting us hard.

But the sense of injustice after seeing another Gunner sent off against Chelsea and having to swallow another defeat to the knuckle draggers from across London has really sharpened the manager’s mind and that is why he is so determined to get us back on track as soon as possible, starting with the visit of Burnley today.

Wenger said, “We have to swallow the difference between what we could have achieved and what we have achieved, and learn and respond very quickly from that.

“We are still in a very strong position but we have to be objective enough and analyse enough that we didn’t get the number of points we could have got out of these three games.

“The secret is that you are rewarded for your consistency of the attitude and your focus at the end of the season.

“The fact that your perseverance comes out is why I’m positive, because I feel this team has been on board since the start of the season. That will become stronger in the final part of the season.

“The squad should all feel more confident and they should also feel more competition for places. My problem for selection will be bigger but when you look around you, you have players on the bench who can change the course of the game. That makes the squad stronger.

“The squad has responded remarkably well to play so many big games and win them. The fact that we suddenly have more choices at this crucial point in the season means that you can sometimes rest a player who needs a breather and that is an important luxury to have.

“If we want to compete on all fronts, that will be very important.”

So will today be an important day for the Premier League title challenge as well as our defence of the FA cup trophy?


  1. I’m starting to wonder.. is mr wenger starting to show signs of senile dementia? ?

    Vote now!

    YES ?or NO ? ⤵

    1. Your showing your age, don’t worry, those pimples will clear up when you come out other side of puberty.

      1. Hahaha. .. I wish mate ?
        Oooh the good old days! ?
        And nope… I’m a full grown schizophrenic ?

    2. Repost of eloaking’s post…

      Arsenal can’t be the only right team in the world and then all other teams are wrong. Sticking with Wenger for 20 years has not made us the richest club, we are not the strongest club, we have not produced the best players, it has not earned us the greatest trophy, and it has certainly not made us the biggest club in the world today. Meanwhile other top teams are gearing up to expand their stadiums, and if they achieve that without going down, I wonder what we will still hold onto as Wenger’s legacy.

  2. We can’t afford to take Burnley lightly,
    They will be up for this.

    In our last 3 Home meetings against Burnley,
    We have won 3-0 (twice) and 3-1.

    Burnley were in 7th position in the championship,
    At the time of being drawn againsts us,( in the Fa cup)
    and now they are currently in 3rd place, just 5pts off the top!

    They are on a unbeaten run, Winning their last four games!
    Scoring 14 and only conceding 3 goals.

    Burnley 4 Derby 1
    Brentford 1 Burnley 3
    Mk Dons 0 Burnley 5
    Middlesbrough 1 Burnley 2

    And our old foe… Joey Barton is plying his dirty trade their!

    1. It is our divine right to win the FA cup! I mean after all they named the competition after our main sponsor!

      Lets break over a century old record and win it 3 times in a row!

  3. if we lost to burnley…what would you do?

    a) laugh alot…..when everyone leaves…. cry

    b)take out all that tension in a romantic way on your missus/fella/dog

    c)smash your 4k smart 60″ tv into the future with one swing of your timberland boot

  4. wengers reveals what we already know. every team, small or big, can make a finale out of match played with arsenal. no big news to us.

    do you job and get us some quality in, you old senile fart

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