Wenger risking loss of Arsenal star with contract delay?

Does Arsene Wenger want to keep the England international attacking star in the Arsenal squad I wonder? That must be the question that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is asking himself at the moment, because even though the Ox was one of our top performers in the strong end to a disappointing season and has entered the final year of his current contract, there has been no contact with him or his people about a new deal.

According to a Daily Mail report the dynamic and dangerous 23-year old had been led to believe that the talks over a new deal would be done quickly, but with the season ending weeks ago the Gunner is beginning top wonder what the delay is.

The report goes on to say that there are a few of our big Premier League rivals keen to snap up the player so it seems pretty odd that Arsenal and Wenger are giving him any reason to consider whether it might be better to move on. It did seem as though the manager’s cautious use of such a promising talent was finally over but this contract delay could have Chamberlain wondering about that as well.

Do you think that Wenger and Arsenal are at risk of losing our player with this contract delay or do you think they may just be getting some other transfer business wrapped up first?



  1. I am not a Wenger out but his incompetence at getting new signings and renewing contracts maybe they do need a sporting director to get things done so many players in final year

  2. It’s About time you covered this news lol ?

    Maybe the rumours of Liverpool willing to offer £40 million for the Ox made Wenger & his gang backtrack from offering the player a new contract?
    Or Maybe they were waiting to see if they could sign Mbappe first,then sell the Ox to recoup some of that £100 million back lol and if they fail to sign the 18 year old wonder kid they would then turn around and offer the Ox a new contract? Something isn’t right here, that’s for sure.

    1. still trying to sell our players? It’s well known LFC are moving for Salah and that transfer has way more reliable sources and is way closer to being reality than the Ox rumours that are just random papers. Anything to get likes and cause a panic on this site though.

  3. Without pointing fingers at any one specific person within the club, it seems to me when it comes to managing the business side of things we are pretty awful.

    We let player’s contracts run down resulting in bad situations and loss of bargaining power (Sanchez, Ozil, RVP, Ox). This seems to be a recurring theme.

    We are indecisive in the transfer market. Usually resulting in missing players we appear to target. And desperate last minute buys who miss all of the preseasons.

    And now we risk souring the atmosphere with Ox and losing him to a competitor whilst it seems pretty clear that if we really switch to 3 at the back, Ox will be a key player for us.

    It seems we can not multi-task. We can not deal with Ox’s contract and be landing our transfer targets at the same time.

    Will anything ever change at this club under Kroenke?

      1. Meant fault and not report. LOL working too hard this summer to try and sign a striker

  4. We can replace Ox with Sidibe

    Sidibe and Mendy are very good crosser of the balls

    They both have great pace and are strong

  5. Utd have made an approach for Lacazette lol
    ?? Chelsea have apparently signed a mystery player and they won’t announce him until July the 1st. Well that sounds Interesting ?? the date gives a clue that the transfer window hasn’t officially opened from where his coming from… Surely it’s not Ronaldo ?? £350 million?

  6. Ox is currently on holiday porking Perry Edwards, I doubt there is any truth in the report, and it was written by Sammy Mokbel who is a proven writer of cr@p.

    1. but but, Sanchez is “days away from joining Man City!” ?? People love to believe every single summer rumour it seems, even when they are from unreliable sources. Glad some people are willing to actually wait for solid news instead of panicking over nothing.

  7. Why are we not after Douglas Costa? The guy is available for around £26 million and would definitely improve our team. Wenger you truly have passed it

    1. Really wanted us to sign Douglas Costa, we need a wide man that hugs the touch line and beats players. Douglas Costa is closed to signing for Juventus for around £35/40 million. If only we conducted our transfer business like them- they’ve already signed Benatia and Cuadrado permanently, signed Caldara (one of the best young Italian defenders) in January, close to signing Nzonzi, Costa, Szczesny and Patrick Schick (quality young striker, reminds me of RVP).
      Wouldn’t surprise me if we were bargain hunting and penny pinching on transfer deadline day.

  8. Fellas, it is not Kroenke’s fault we are stuck in the transfer market. It is Mr Wenger and his way of dealing with business. Arsene does the same in every single window so we will end up disjointed and disappointed again. Even everton started getting the players Koeaman considers will making a top 4 contender. ( Keeper – CM and ST ) and he stated the need for 3 more players at the mean time we got the freebie from Bosnia. We eneded outside top 4th last season and arguably the way it goes If our realistic chance will be 4th – 6th place as deadline day will come and we get a panic cheap addition. It is so frustrating and everything falls into one person, WENGER. Do not come pro Wenger and said it is just June because every year is the same. Big teams seal deals before pre season starts so players can adapt for at least 5 weeks with new tea mates. I lost faith in the big signings promised year in and year out. i just pray we do not fall deeper into disgrace.

  9. If there is any truth in the transfer sums mentioned for OX, then I think it would be a good idea to sell. It wouldn’t really be much of a loss to our team, and I really don’t see how he will strenghten any top teams.

  10. Why does it take us so long to do any negotiations, this Ox thing should have been sorted ages ago, offer him a contract and if he doesn’t sign then get rid. Everton have just done 3 deals, no fuss, no lengthy discussions, just get the buisness done so they can integrate in the team before season starts. Maybe it is because they have Steve Walsh doing negotiations and not the manager. Wenger dithers too much and then wonders why other clubs come in for the players he wants.

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