Wenger rules out Pogba and Bale but not Petr Cech!

Arsene Wenger seems to be enjoying the accolades after winning the FA Cup again, but it seems the press is much more interested in the latest Arsenal transfer rumours than talking about the Aston Villa demolition.

The Gunners have bought Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in the last couple of summers, and many Arsenal fans are begging for Wenger to go one step further and buy superstars like Gareth Bale and Paul Pogba, who are both likely to be sold for astronomical amounts in the coming window, but Wenger has announced that he will still be a little more prudent than that!

Wenger said: “We have not spent that kind of money.” “People forget that for years we had to sell our best players, people forget that. It was a very difficult period for us.

“That is the reality. Since we start to buy again we improve. “People start talking about stratospheric numbers. We will not be in that market for financial reasons.

“I have not made a clear decision of what I will do, but don’t rule anything out or tell you how much we spend.

“Santi Cazorla was voted man of the match; he has not cost £150million. Coquelin was one of the best players on the pitch. It is not all about money.”

But the Frenchman refused to rule out the possibility of getting Petr Cech from Chelsea, even though we had just seen Wojciech Szczesny perform reasonably well in the Cup Final. “Our goalkeeper was very good today,” Wenger said. “It was a good decision to go with it, if it didn’t work I would have been criticised.

“If you look at the stats, Ospina is the best goalkeeper in the league. You might not share that opinion, but in the mathematics he is.

“I don’t know what is happening with Petr Cech, we have just won the cup and so I can’t come out and say anything straight after.

“You will see what we will do by the end of the transfer window.”

Hopefully we will see what you can do long before the end of the window, Arsene! Okay maybe Bale and Pogba may have been aiming a little too high, but the likes of Cech, Vidal and Martinez are well within your prudent boundaries….

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. I say no to Cech! his expiry date is nigh..if not past 🙁

      1. You guys need to look at the records of the best goalkeepers. A GK can play up till 40 and statistically they are best from 32 to 37, that’s three years of his best. David seaman played until 40… nuff said.

        1. @MDOwn exactly. Goalies don’t have the same kind of physical demands as the field players do every single game, so their careers can be longer than a field player. A 34 year old goalie is comparable to a 26-27 year old field player. Also guys, I don’t understand when people say Cech is too old, we signed Jens Lehmann when he was 33 turning 34 in November and he assisted us through the invincible season. Not to say this will happen again but last time we won back to back FA cups we did go undefeated and then we signed an experienced world class goalie (even with his few crazy moments) so maybe history can repeat itself once again. We are The Arsenal anything is possible.

  2. I think we should be concerned about our other 2 needs before we even discuss the goalkeeping position. Bring in a DM, and a ST if Walcott will play as a winger or a winger if Walcott will play as a ST and we are set.

  3. Maybe it’s my eyes, but I just don’t see why many folks masturbate to the prospect of having Pogba at Arsenal. I really do not mean to exaggerate, but I’d go with Coquelin at the moment. The truth is that Pogba is not a defensive midfielder, neither is he in any way a creative one. I guess he’s the type some here will call “box-to-box” (whatever that means).

    As for Bale, I think he’s a very fantastic player that will certainly flourish under a coach like Arsene. But, hey, wake up!!! WE WON’T GET HIM!!!

      1. B2B??? Lol!!! At the moment, what’s Santi’s role at Arsenal??? Some will say “a deep-lying playmaker” (not a bad descriptive term), but just like Francis, he (Santi) rarely goes forward and defends a lot. Even Francis goes forward every now and then, but that does not make him a “b2b”, does it?

        1. Pirlo is ideal to describe a deep lying playmaker. A playmaker in front of defenders. He keeps the deep of team defense while arrange attack from distance with his long passing. However, there’s no rigid form in modern football. So, a DLP can also be B2B at the same time (like Santi does). But most of the game he’ll stay deep. Coquelin isn’t a playmaker by any mean. We all know what his main duty.
          Now, we’ve bad ass B2B in the name of Rambo and Wilshere but none of them are discipline enough and accurate enough to be DLP. They both are tending to bring the ball with them up front rather than make quick pass to trigger pacey counter attack. That’s why AW has been pushing Santi behind to do this role. That’s also the problem, Santi is the only DLP who fulfill our team requirement. I’m not sure about Vidal (Pirlo is ruling Juventus DLP) also play DLP, but Ilkay Gundogan is a ready made DLP. Can’t wait to see who’ll be our new gunners.

  4. The last time we won the FA cup back-to-back (2002-2003) we went ahead to do the INVINCIBLES in the next season. Wonder what we will do next. Champions League ?

    1. I cant understand why most supporters want Wenger to splash cash on useless additions. Spending 60 million or 100 million on a player or players does not guarantee trophies. When are fans going to learn this. Sir Alex never done this and so not Wenger. What Sir Alex done well was buy players that complimented each player in the team. They understood their role and how to play as a defensive team and an attacking team.

      Now for years we have been asking Wenger to do the same. This year I think he has done that and the rewards has been shown. We dominated the league after January when Wenger finally realized that we cannot play football without a proper deep laying DM. For me Coquelan and Opsina has made our defense and attack very balanced.

      I agree totally with Wenger. Why spend Big when you can spend smart. If it cost 10 million but the right players are bought we will win this league. Leagues are not won with how much money you spend just asking United fans and Real madrid fans but on players that compliment each others strengths and understand each others weaknesses. Just look at Juventus and Althetic Madrid. And before some says Juventus have super stars then please think again. Pogba and Vidal where not SUPERSTARS when they were bought.

      So I trust in Wenger. The last thing I want is for a team that are playing really well together to be disrupted because of one big headed superstar.

      Trust me MR MOURINHO is very afraid of us as he knows we have a winning formula and are his biggest threat.

      1. “We dominated the league after January when Wenger finally realized that we cannot play football without a proper deep laying DM.”
        So wenger who bought and develop Francis for that role did not realize that we cannot play football without a proper deep laying DM? What role did Song play for Arsenal if not DM by the way? What role do Arteta and Flamini play if not DM? With your profound knowledge about football have you applied for the vacant job at Real Madrid and Dortmund?

  5. Damn… Two days after winning the Cup and transfer speculation is back in full swing!!!
    Reading into Wenger’s comments on transfer dealings is about as reliable as caughtoffside…
    Season after season his comments relate in no way at all to what’s actually going on! This is the man who was asked DAYS before he signed Cazorla if the rumours were true and he denied even knowing who he was.
    Just sit back, watch some Sanchez and Ozil compilations while the silly season’s on and trust the man to do what’s needed. Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless dreaming, but trying to read into what he says is about as useful as trying to read the elephant man’s poker face….

  6. “Sky Sports sources understand that Manchester City and England midfielder James Milner has held talks with both Arsenal and Liverpool.”

    I cant understand Wenger’s logic behind this.

    1. Simples his thinking is… a younger Milner would go for about 25 to 30 mil, but not only is he cheap but he is free. He is thinking with Milner you know what you are getting, you are getting a good quality of football, a high work rate… adaptable player. Great experience and is English, furthering Arsenals case of best British contingent. You are also getting a strong minded/willed individual who is a damned good useful player.

  7. I would love to have Vidal but can he really play in the controlling DM role? Now that Flamini and Rosicky are likely staying we still have a LOT of midfielders. I wouldn’t pick Vidal over Schneiderlin honestly because Morgan is Premier League proven (been leading the league for multiple seasons in certain defensive stats like interceptions).

    Signing Cech will 100% depend on Szczesny leaving or not, can see Emi Martinez getting a loan spell next season aswell.

  8. I think what fans really want to know about Wenger and the team is why we can do so well in both commitment and tactics in some games, yet other games we are truly dreadful. It’s not a case of things going against us, because you know in the first 5 minutes if it’s going to be one of ‘those games’ as most of the team seem mentally and physically switched off. Even the TV pundits talk about us being one of the best teams in the EPL, if we turn up. If we lost, yet fans could see some effort had been put in, the backlash would not be so harsh against Wenger et al. I cannot see any justification for the total difference in performance in the 2 legs against Monaco, considering essentially the same teams were playing in both legs.

  9. U don’t have to buy one player for 80mil to ve a proper squad. I’m quite sure non of Juve’s players were brought in for up to 45mil, but they r going for the treble. Its all about getting d right player and players dat complement each other with decent quality too. Chelsea only strengthened their weakness last summer and non of players cost them up to 40mil. I believed by getting proper competition in d CB, DM and ST position, we are good to go. Our flair and creativity already is second to non in d league, and dats what scares mourinho and what he wishes for, and deep down in his heart respect Wenger for.

  10. He is right.

    We can spend more than Eww did fir the past decade but we Still have a budget. Also FFP rules.

    We can’t spend £70-100 million transfer fee and £300k on salary on likes of Pogba, Bale, Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo

    We need to work within our budget. Also you don’t need to spend a lot for quality

    Schneiderlin and Jackson Martinez for example would cost approx £25 million each in transfer fees and approx £100k+ per week in salaries. That’s reasonable for our budget and we get quality

    We spent £43 million on Ozil and £37 million on Suarez. It’s possible we could sign a player for similar like Reus, Vidal but not required as we have a top notch team and can sign playersa like Schneiderlin, Martinez, Pedro, etc

    Anyway lets see what Wenger does this summer

  11. Look Wenger got 3rd place in the Premiership , the FA Cup and a place in the Champions League. By all accounts a good season, BUT this is the full limit of WENGERS ambition.
    Arsenal will never win the Premiership or the more important Champions League as long as Wenger is in charge. WHY because he won’t buy the TOP TOP Class players Arsenal need to take the next step towards greatness.

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