Wenger says Alexis is not fat, but not quite ready either

The Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez went away to play two World Cup Qualifiers for Chile, but was hardly fully match fit and his country lost both matches and could now struggle to reach the World Cup Finals next summer. After those games one of his former coaches said that he was fat and unfit amongst other things…

Arsene Wenger only played Sanchez for the last 15 minutes against Bournemouth on Saturday, and admitted that he is not quite ready to play a full game, but denied he is anywhere near ‘fat’. “He is disciplined, serious and committed,” Wenger said after the game. “He is focused. He told me he is focused on the Premier League and Europa League. On top of that Chile had a bad experience, but he came back full of desire and was ready to play.

“He is not fat. His fat percentage is under ten, so that’s not fat, but you know how it is when you don’t win, people find every problem for you.

“He was not completely physically ready to start three games in a week and certainly for Chile he was not completely ready as well.”

I wonder if Wenger will give him another half-hour against Koln on Thursday to get his match fitness up, because we really need him to be firing on all cylinders by Sunday!

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Even a fat, injured Sanchez, operating at 50%, is still a better option than almost any other one of our players. So there isn’t any issue physically.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, but to be honest, he looks fatter than when he came to Arsenal three years ago. But he still has superior vision and skills to the other Arsenal forwards.

      I’m sure he will play against Koln, at least for twenty minutes. He is still the best player in Arsenal.

    2. waal2waal says:

      by comparison where a boxer fails to make weight he’s discredited (his title taken and given away; in football the principle must reflect the same. turn up fighting fit otherwise you discredit yourself, you discredit your team and you deserve to be overlooked, really.

  2. tom says:

    Good win at the weekend for AFC. A lot has been said before and after the Transfer Window. If this group of players stay focused, why can Lacazette, Welbeck, Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott…not have a great season? Why cant Kosinac, Koscielny, Mustafi, Bellerin not have a great seaosn? Why cant Xhaka, Ramsay not too…

    Lets support the football and question the board respectfully, and intelligently.

    1. arsenal_championes says:

      Why can Arsenal players not
      have a great season?
      I honestly have no idea.
      Certainly no fault of the Owner CEO or Manager.
      Interestingly talent laden Arsenal sides
      over the past decade could not win the title?
      I am completely bamboozled.
      Maybe it has been just plain bad luck and as you say
      we should continue to back the Arsenal management 113%
      and in no time we will be winning championships for fun.

      1. tas says:


        ” why cant Arsenal players not have a great season? ” ill tel you why from life experience,
        its because no player gets replaced if they don’t do well, as long as they have a few good games a season they are considered irreplaceable where other teams you have a bad game or two your questioned or benched, take Mourinho’s comments just last week about Mkhitaryan that he is still monitored whether he will be starting or he will be on the bench, at Aresenal we would star to build a statue outside the stadium,

        the reason i have said from experience i’m in a work that we cannot replace required skilled workforce and the remaining workers knowing this are massively under performing and taking advantage, its the same with Arsenal no one gets kicked out only the good players leave and the few that comes in use Arsenal as a springboard

        1. tas says:

          and that’s why its the boards the CEO’s and the managers fault and not the players who only function to human nature

  3. arsenal_championes says:

    I doubt Sanchez is unfit physically.
    Just a little deflated and grumpy
    because he did not get his transfer.
    Sanchez was among the most influential
    players in the EPL last season so managing
    his successful reintegration into the starting line up
    is a very important task facing Arsenal.
    Thankfully we play Koln the team rock bottom
    in the Bundesliga so we can play Sanch as much or as little as we please.
    PS. I wish I was “fat” like Sanchez .
    Just need to lose a stone and a half 🙂 and do 300 gym sessions.

  4. 1886 says:

    hes not fat , hes just big boned

    its glandular

  5. tas says:

    We are fortunate that we are playing home next three out of four game and the one away we are just down the road to Chelsea, in my opinion Sanchez should get a start against FC Koln but not for 90mnt give him a runaround at least 60Mnt to get him match fit for the Chelsea game

  6. Nothing changed says:

    I think it is normal for Sanchez not be 100% ready after a summer break which started late. I have no worries on that front.

  7. waal2waal says:

    days in advance before you pull up to the emirates to don the arsenal shirt as a player regardless of popularity: you shouldn’t need reminding that its time to be professional, time to think as part of a team, time to repay the fans and that its time to act right – fans won’t appreciate a player if he don’t know the drill.

  8. Coldzero says:

    Stick him in the reserves for a bit and let’s see if that helps the drama queen focus a bit.

  9. Simon says:

    Without Ox, and Gabriel we do t have a backup RWB. Will need to try an option in that position against Koln

    My best guess is Chambers but not his best position.

    Any other suggestions?

  10. waal2waal says:

    ..only an 1hr training and AOC says how he could see Klopp making him a better player and how there’s a love and togetherness (up at anfield).

    Thierry: Are you telling us you didn’t have that at Arsenal? You have to bring something on the table. I have been watching him for a very long time and I still don’t know what he’s good at.

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