Wenger says Arsenal could have Debuchy back SOON

Obviously it will not be any use to Arsenal tonight in the Champions League away to Borussia Dortmund, or the Premier League game at Aston Villa this weekend, but Arsene Wenger is optimistic that the injury to our French right back may not be nearly as bad as first feared.

Speaking in the pre-match press conference, as reported by ESPN, the Arsenal boss revealed that the 29-year old France international is due to have a scan today on his sprained ankle, but the club is hopeful for a good result. He also played down the so-called defensive crisis that has ruled out Nacho Monreal and made young Calum Chambers a doubt as well.

Wenger said, “”I don’t feel we are stretched. The Debuchy [ankle] injury put us in a position where we do not want more and hopefully we have good news after the scan that he can be back soon.

“”We have Chambers who can play in different positions, Monreal who can play centre-back and Hector Bellerin, who I think now is ready to play.

“He’s a boy with personality who isn’t fazed by the pressure. That’s a very important quality when you’re a young boy playing at a big club. His transition game is fantastic. He’s very quick and his final ball is good as well.

“He lacks a bit of experience as a defender, but he’s very dangerous going forward.”

It sounds like Wenger is ready to throw the young Spaniard in at the deep end, but he does have more defensive options in Mathieu Flamini and Francis Coquelin, the two French midfielders who have both played their on occasion. But if the news on Debuchy is good, it will be a real boost for us, especially if he is back in time for the Tottenham or Chelsea games in a few weeks time.

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  1. Lol, what a W%nker. Like he said, Bellerin is a boy, only a boy, so what can we expect from a boy? Do you people remember the time we played against Manure in the Cl, when Gibbs slipped and Ronaldo Raped Arsenal in the A#rse? Thats what you get when you fill the team with inexperienced kids.

    When Wenger says he will be soon back it usually means longer as the news have predicted. Wayyyy longer.

    You should have bough more cover you dense old senile fack.

    1. Gerard almighty slipped and gave the title to Citeh. Sometimes I can’t help but just live with the fact that this site is full of retards. There is a squad of 25 where there is a limit on non grown. Also, you do want young guns to taste what is it like the EPL against the likes of Chelsea or Liverpool. Or even UCL. There’s no inexperience kid anywhere. Remember Deulofeu? He was 18 but he scored against us. What other kid do you see in the potential team? I doubt Hayden will play but if needed, hell! Throw him in! This is their dream , this is the moment every young player dreams of. Remember Walcott? Or Wislhere? Or Ramsey? Or Gibbs? Or Jenko? Or Chambers? Or Welbeck? Or Shaw? All of them were inexperienced when they were put in the spotlights. And look at them now. Buy cover! Buy us cover old man! Splash the cash and break the bank. Doesn’t matter if the locker room will not be an easy place to live, doesn’t matter if we may end up in the same 4th spot. At least we spent! Money we don’t have but fu ck! We spent.
      You know, it is OK you don’t trust this team. At least I will laugh my arse off when you will come back here and praise one of these guys for the game they had. Be sure I will be here pi$$ing on your parade.

      1. You cant put young guns in the deep bec the end result will be 6:0, 8:2, 5:1, 6,3.

        This is not a dream but a nightmare for the young players. Do you remember the look in Gibbs face when he made that mistake, standing there looking all sad and emty?

        Defelou played only for 15 minutes and he is by far not used as a starter at Everton.
        Shaw is overrated and isnt playing. Walcott was used back then mainly as a sub. Wilsher and Ramsey played early one before this they got burned out and picked horror injuries which slowered their process.

        I dont trust Wenger. I stand by this team but i dont trust him. Last year we had a good shoot for the tittle and besides being in the need for some player, Wenger instead bought only Kalstrom. The end result was us fighting to the death with Everton.

        Keep you mouth shut you facking puppet and realise that Arsenal is not an academy club and that we are more then a stepping stone club for young players.

        1. Im pretty sure Wenger has managed Arsenal for 18 years. These years included our legendary 49 unbeaten streak, golden premier league and fantastic moments in the UCL. Don’t forget the emirates and the financial power he developed.

          Have some respect. You can post your opinions everywhere, it is alright. But we dont appreciate a person who keeps swearing and cursing at our manager. Legendary manager.

          1. Its my choice who to respect and not. And i am not interested to please people with false posetivities. We are becomming like Liverpool who remember only past times.

            A legendary manager who was lucky enough to find a good team to work with and having a man like Davin Dain at his side. Beside that no one can denny the fact that Arsenal had only one team to play against and that was Manure alone. The moment competition kicked in, he sucked.

            1. You must be very young. None of the invincibles were in the squad when he took on Arsenal (except maybe Parlour and Keown who were not first team players anyway). To accuse Wenger that he inherited a good team it is really dumb.
              You probably also don’t know the game who ended our unbeaten run, what was at stake and what it took FA to bring down Arsenal and give Manure the golden years just because they were English core.

              1. What about the best player of all time Dennis Berkamb? Adams maybe? Old age seems to get into you head. Just as it does to Wenger. Manure has enjoyed all this glory bec of a football genious named Ferguson. Yes Rooney dived, but can you do, thats a part of football we cant change.

                1. Bergkamp was brought just before Wenger having an atrocious season led by Bruce. Who benched Wright. Adams was not in the invincibles first 11, in fact he left Arsenal on 2002.

                2. Uh, comes to mind also that Bergkamp also had a bad spell at Inter as well after the 1994 WC. At that time 7.5 mils were a lot of money for a player living only on his fame. Coz he was famous, oh yes!

                3. We are tllk about Wenger finding a good team to work with. You said he had nothing and i am telling you he had enough.

                  Here you are tllk down the best player we ever had only to make a point that Wenger had not a good team to work with. You akb’s are way to retarded.

                4. Bergkamp best player we ever had? Many rate Charlie George above 90% of the invincibles. Bergkamp was genius but not our best player. He is in top 3 in my list anyway. He will never be better than the one and only Henry. Gap is too big between these two. Not to mention Bergkamp was just as inconsistent as Ozil. Both geniuses but only when they feel like.

        2. Last year you were saying the same : poor transfer window and no chance at the title. Although that was true you come here today and say the opposite. We never had a chance last season. I remember that I have said that we will fight for the title until the last day, which was clearly wrong after the draw against Swansea. I hoped at least for the title.
          What’s wrong with Arsenal being an Academy club as well? No patience? Did the sheik$ and the soviets pi$$ed you off with the money they splash? It will take at least 20 years for Chavs and Citeh to equal the number of trophies we gathered along the years. I am pleased I took part in celebrating some of the best victories from ’86 until now. I understand the young supporters from today when they look at how the money have no value anymore when teams with no history in the top flight buy them trophies. Don’t you think I want the same? Or anyone else? Would you remortgage your house just to buy the latest IThing every year for your kids? Because I for one think that’s stupid unless you are stinkin’ rich.
          There it is. I won’t keep my mouth shut because you said so. Pi$$ off already.

          1. We had a good chance if Wenger would have listened to the world and bought a striker, dm and some cover for the already injuried Walcott and Ramsey ( main players). For the mayority of the season we stood in the first place. So dont come up with this bs of excuse of money.

            Patience i have, but i am against developing players only to see them gone for the sake of the board getting richer and the manager aswell.

            2008 was the time Wenger lost plot, so if you want to support him still then do so, but dont tell people to pi#ss off only bec some of us dare to tell the truth. Mother F^cker

              1. You simple dont lose the tittle leading 5 points, only to see the club cramble in the end bec of an injurie of player. That was simple incompetence at his best.

                1. Really? These 5 points you talk about were due to the fact that Manure had to play over weekend. And that was week 14 !!! Not even the half of the league. By Boxing days we were on 2nd position losing only one game against Middlesborough (winning 1-0 against Chelsea though) . How about Chelsea this year having 5 point up and finishing 3rd? How about Liverpool being 6 points up in week 35? You don’t lose title my a$$. And he speaks about week 14th !

                2. Admit it we screwd things up bec our captain and manager could not beer the pressure. The famous Gallas sitting in the middle of the pitch. Go watch it again mr Akb retard.

                3. What the fu ck are you on about? Gap was always 2-3 points and always too close to call. The only weekend when Manure had to play Monday we went 5 above 2nd. But it was just a question of time. And after that we lost ONE GAME. ONE GAME which put us in the 2nd place. Pressure? What pressure you talk about? We had no pressure, as our best players left (Henry,Ljungberg,Reyes etc) so no one expected miracles.
                  I believe you dont remember the game when Gallas stayed on the pitch. It was when Taylor broke Eduardo’s leg. He was absolutely shocked. Not the pressure. And lets not forget the easy penalty given to Clichy who ended the game in draw.

      2. Some people talk like they know better than every top level coach. The best thing to do is to ignore them mate

        1. Speak for your self dude. The best coach in Englad beside being a massive arrogant douche claims that Wenger is a specialist in failure. What makes him say this you ask? Maybe the fact the Wenger has never be able to beat him once in his life.

          1. I did not address you.

            And you said yourself. An arrogant douche.

            He is not a specialist in failure. With the resources he was given in the last decade, I firmly think he has done a fantastic job. I also dont think that any manager could’ve done what Arsene had done.

            1. I think that you are wrong bec you simple cant know. Managers like Klopp and Simoene can prove you wrong.

              He is a specialist in failuare bec, football is not all abut buying players, but using a team to the fullest and creating tactics which can lead to success. Wenger is simple incompetente and deluded.

              1. Does that mean you can win the treble with YOUNG 18 year old players if you use fantastic tactics and game plans?

              2. Oh, so now is not money. Didn’t we knew that all this time? Klopp and Simeone are world class managers. Both of them won the title when their main rivals were rebuilding (which does not makes them less worthy) and could not confirm after that. Sign that you do need a bit of financial discipline. Which we had under Wenger. To pay for a home like we have now in less than 10 years is a feat by all means. In the middle of London, mind you. Even the Spuds realize now that you need infrastructure to build upon. Why Abramovich can’t invest in a new home? Maybe he won’t be around for long losing money. City at least have done an awful lot for the poor community around Ethiad, miles more than their city rivals. They are not as arrogant as Manure either so I have only respect for them helping those poor neighborhoods.

              3. It means that our team is good enough to archieve success but Wenger as a manager is to incompetente to archieve it. And we all know it as history has told us.

    2. And how old is Luke Shaw who all your media calls the best left back in England, or Sterling or how old was Wilshere when he was the best central midfielder in 2010/11??

      1. Wilsher was never the best. And Shaw is overrated. Sterling is a fine player but he still has to go a long way.

  2. come on, “da-Butcher”, get better asap!

    Currently living in Germany, nothing better than going to a bar full of black and yellow shirts and flashing a smug smile at the end of the day, was awesome when we won last season.
    (Let’s not trash em too hard, I don’t want to be fearing for my life) hahaha

    1. Flamini is getting old. I have seen him in the last 15 mins against Citeh. I reckon that was the reason Wenger changed him. He was exhausted. Those pacy players Citeh brought against him must have killed him. I have to admit that I am pretty impressed on how he kept going for like 80 minutes. Didn’t expected he will be there. But one must say this : without Wilshere and Ramsey he’d be dead last Saturday.
      I have seen the U21 against Villa and Coquelin looked pretty solid but not so precise as Flamini. He miss timed some tackles and passes. But I think he can replace Flamini when needed. Difference is not so big but we have to say that Flamini have a load of experience. Which can save your skin when $hit hits the fan.

  3. good that he can be back soon… but please dont rush him.. hope the young guns perform and fill the obvious defensive void

  4. I rate coquelin. He was a real talent before he left, composed, quick, good tackler, good passer. I think he needs a run of games in DM for me. Remember that ball he put in to the box when we won 7-5 against reading?

  5. Ks gunner thank u for saying d truth, You can’t win trophies with kids and injury prone players. We are already 4 games in and close to half of our first team players are out injured and d manager refused to reinforce, also we are yet to keep a cleansheet and some fans are happy with d way things are going at the club

    1. From which angle are the likes of christian atsu, lucas piazon, tomas kalas, gael kakuta, and josh mceachran world class? Was that meant to be a joke?

  6. Bellerin although lacking in experience has enough to talent to do the right back job and i have all the confidence in the world he will do a great job. If Coquelin is chosen i would not be surprise either, he has played that position before and could actually make it is own if given a chance.

    I feel we are well covered in the RB position and therefore should be ok for this game

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